the odds are ever in your favor

So to thank you guys I’m going to be doing a raffle, giveaway thing… idk really

Who ever wins gets to have a wallpaper that I make from the choice of their pokemon! And I can add extra designs to make ideal and unique to you! 

All you have to do to enter is reblog this! Then I will choose randomly by putting all the usernames into a random generator! And you can’t bribe the generator, that would be cheating.

Otherwise you can send me an ask if you having any questions about this! And thats it, Good luck!

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Happy Unattached Drifter Christmas

May the odds be ever in your favor…

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Cable vs Deadpool: May the odds be ever in your favor!

Before Cable & Deadpool were a comic book marriage pairing team-up, they were blood enemies!

Let’s recount their not so endless battles.

Let the best man prevail!

Round 1!  New Mutants #98 (pages 12-18)

Cable gets some good hits in, but Deadpool is sweeping the floor with him and the New Mutants  until … ding ding ding!

Domino wins!

[V2 Deadpool #17, page 9, panel modified]

Round 2!  X-Force #15 (pages 6-10)

Cable knocks Deadpool down and out, but Deadpool returns almost immediately to put Cable on the ground for the killing blow until … ding ding ding!

Domino wins!

[V2 Deadpool #17, page 9, panel modified]

Round 3!  V1 Deadpool #22 (pages 10-12, 15-16, 18-21)

After having been nearly defeated the last two rounds and then rescued by Domino, Cable is sulking.

Deadpool, meanwhile, has lost all sense of self-respect.

[V2 Deadpool #22, page 7]

They don’t even fight in the house like real foes.  No, this time, they’re hiding out where Domino can’t find them!

Then they fight.

Not exactly an epic battle.  They both get a few blows in.  Deadpool has the advantage in the hit count until … ding ding ding!

Cable wins?

… by knocking the box off Deadpool’s head.

Cable, your dignity is NOT restored.  

You just fought a guy with a box on his head.

You BETTER have freaking won that fight.

Then they talk each other to death don’t shut up fight with words for four pages.  It’s all very anime and manly.

Despite Deadpool’s natural advantage with regards to talking … ding ding ding!

Cable wins!

Finally!  I thought he would never win.

He even gets the last word.

Final Scoring:  Domino Wins!

Cable is lucky he has Domino to protect him.

[V2 Deadpool #17, page 9, panel modified]

Good Luck with the ticketing!!!! Hope for the best~ Have like other options for tickets you’ll get if you didn’t get what you initially wanted!! May the odds be ever in your favor~~ I really hope you all get to buy tickets and get to watch bangtan and party with them and ARMYs.

malia tate + stiles stilinski || thread based aesthetic meme 

‘ may the odds ever be in our favor ’

‘ — do you remember when we were kids & we use to go out to the woods, we found that old abandoned jeep – the one with the forget-me-nots growing inside, remember? we thought it was ironic ‘cause it was FORGOTTEN & we use to hide out there for hours til it got dark. well; i was too afraid to say it back then, & i’m still afraid, but the last few weeks, training with you — god you’re so brave malia — & you’ve taught me not to be so afraid anymore. so, i’m gonna do something, & maybe it’s stupid, but i  want to do this before i die, and y’know that’s a pretty big possibility come tomorrow  —so this is me doing it — i love you malia, i’ve loved you for as long as i can remember, and i just, i wanted you to know, you should know — ’  

( @facetiious well fuck me up this hurts. )



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