the ocean is six miles deep

if there is anything that I have learned from watching the movie based on the book “Submarine”, is that YEAH, marriages fall apart because sometimes two people aren't meant to be and you end up learning from them. and maybe they work themselves out or they dont, either way there isnt much you can do even if your thoughts/actions/or feelings are pushed into the situation, those two people will decide in the end what the best is for everyone, especially for themselves. The 2nd thing I learned from this movie, is no matter how naive you might be like Oliver’s character who doesnt know what hes doing half of the time, you can meet a girl who treats you like absolute shit, weather you become their best friend and are ignored and are told not to involve emotions because they are “gay” (which doesnt sound like a bad idea actually), you end up trying everything to make them happy even if they blow everything off that you do for them, even if you are there for all of their problems and try to help them out, even if that involves straying away from them so they can figure themselves out. If they actually wake up, see and realize what another person has done for them, and is willing to keep doing for them no matter how much it hurts, if that possibility is there to make things right… then maybe it wont matter so much what they do for them, but that they are there to make it right, and are there to be with you till the very end.

but then again, maybe I wasnt supposed to get this kind of message from the film. Im pretty sure most people will say that the story doesnt give of this kind of vibe at all, this is my opinion of it tho, along with a phew different ones. I guess you’ll just have to watch it and give your own different thought on it.

you can keep walking into the ocean, ill take one step ahead of yours just to show you how far im willing to go into the deep for you.

the last scene made me think that.

What Lies Beneath

Shallura Week Day 1 - Recovery

This is a really slanted take on the prompt, but I think it works. Sort of. Just read it. I quite like this, actually.

Shiro and Allura get stranded after the Black Lion crashes. A bit of cosmic horror, some character exploration, a lot of Shiro being completely smitten.

When Shiro wakes up, everything is blurry. His head is pounding, his whole body throbbing, the only solid sensation that connects him to reality is his back against metal. He attempts to move, but that just sends a lightning bolt of agony throughout every nerve in his body. He lets out a deep shout of pain, squeezing his eyes shut. His torso feels as if it’s on fire.

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Imagine you’re underwater.
Imagine you’ve got a tower of hearts–
one stacked on top of the other:
every soft-smile-on-the-subway you ever loved.
So the ocean is six miles deep,
and you’ve got this lifeline
straight to the surface.
But the catch is,
you have to touch them.
The catch is,
you have to hold that love in your hands
for the first time since the last time
you swore you got over it.

You would drown.

The thing about heartbreak
is it feels too big for your body.
You become cavernous–
a walking Mariana Trench.
Nobody knows how deep you go, because
the pressure is heavy enough to fold skeletons
into paper cranes, and naive enough
to call this beautiful.
All those people who tried
to love the empty out of you,
they didn’t know they were kissing
deep sea monsters–that you had giant squid
in your belly, that your lips were the lure,
that your hands were the teeth,
that you could blue ringed octopus
your arms around them and drag them
to the deep.

So you loved more like a pelican eel
than a person. And you’re still trying
to outrun the heartache that your heartache
set fire to. But this is a burning house with
no doors, and
no windows,
suspended in the middle of all that empty
in your chest.
But you will put that fire out
with the oceans on your tongue.
You will put it out if it means
jumping headfirst into the hurricane–
you will do it even if it means a lifetime at sea.
You will do it if it means saving yourself,
even when you had no intention of surviving.

I am ready to go down with the ship,
but I will not take you with me.

—  SURVIVOR’S GUILT, by Ashe Vernon

Oliver: Ask me how deep the ocean is.

Jordana: Shut up.

Oliver: Come on, just ask me.

Jordana: Why?

Oliver: ‘Cause I know the answer.

Jordana: Oh! Do you?

Oliver: Yes, I do.

Jordana: How deep is the ocean?

Oliver: I’m not gonna say.

Jordana: I’m brokenhearted.

Oliver: The ocean is six miles deep.

Jordana: Good.

—  Submarine