the ocean and benedict

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again im sure i've sent u stuff for this before but idr who so im just gonna pick some @ random: ana de armas, casey deidrick, hayley kiyoko & tom maden


This is gonna be so boring because I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever RP’ed “~properly~” with one of these faces? But I’ll get into that…

ANA DA.  I feel like I’ve been in a group or two where people have used her face, but for whatever reason the group or that character or my muse just didn’t last? But she is so pretty and has resources available for so many different looks… I remember seeing @carriefisherwrites talking about using her for same FC (but different hairstyle) twins – or was Ana the triplets idea? Either way, I’m into it! I was gonna use her as the estranged daughter of Terry Benedict in a next-gen Ocean’s mumu and will probs pull elements from that idea if/when I do end up playing her in the future. But that’s really all I’ve got, which is pretty sad really.

CASEY D.  I think I’ve been in, like, a town or city or maybe even apartment RP with a Casey before? But it was a while ago and I never had a thread with the character and the interactions I did see of them on the dash were just…not nice, the character made me uncomfortable. In general I’m just…neutral? Like, I don’t have an opinion on him at all as a person, actor, or faceclaim. I’m not against playing opposite him but he’s not near the top of my wishlist either, but then again I guess it might be nice to have someone swoop in and give me something better to associate with his face that that one skeevy character.

HAYLEY K.  Just real quick I’m gonna give a shoutout to @zendcya because Kassie told me all about her Hayley FC for another ask meme a little while back and I adored her! Haven’t RP’ed with that particular muse, but I’m sure it’d be fun! And as for my actual roleplaying experiences… The one memorable muse I’ve had the pleasure to RP with is @bchindthewords‘ Art Hoe daughter of Queen Elsa, Miss Romi Arendelle! An absolute fuckin’ delight! She’s got a big personality and all these insecurities and is really fuckin gay and in love and honestly I just! Love to read all her threads, even if they don’t involve my muses. I’m totally blanking on what to say but? I love her, that’s all you really need to know here and now!

TOM M.  A babe!! I’ve literally never, ever seen anyone use him as a FC? Ever? At all..? Disappointing! I should use him! Everyone should use him! Let’s make it happen!

Imagine going into a fan shop for lord of the rings and ‘The Hobbit’ just one day after seeing ‘The battle of the five armies’ and falling in love with Smaug, espiecally with his voice. Sure you know it is Benedict Cumberbatchs’ which makes it even better because of his appearance, I mean, is there a man being as gorgeous as Benedict? Anyway,m while you are looking at the smaugh actions figure, consedering if 45$ are too much, you hear someone saying: “Come on, don’t be shy, step in the light!”, wait… that can’t be! It must be a pretty good imitator cause it sounds exactly like Benedict  Cumberbatch! You laugh and turn around just to look directly in eyes as blue as the caribbean ocean. “Benedict Cumberbatch?”, you shyly ask. “Well, yes! The voice af smaugh!”, he laughs. “Hey, wanna grab a coffee?”, he asks in his Smaug voice and smirkes. How could you say no?

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9, 12, 16, 18

9. What’s your aesthetic?

fuck i don’t know man I guess like… sweaters and friendship bracelets and stuffed animals and ice cubes?

12. Does time go by fast or slow to you?

F a s t  I swear to god like unless I’m doing something really boring it’s just like boom time is over no time left

16. Space, Ocean, City, or Forest?

I guess space??? I mean I hate the city and I only like the forest in theory and I have vague bad memories of the ocean and space is pretty rad

18. Comfort book?

The Mysterious Benedict Society. It’s just such a good book and I’ve read it like five times all the way through and I’ve read both the sequels at least twice and it was recommended to me by one of my favorite school librarians ever and also I read it with my dad so idk it just has a lot of positive associations

We watch a lot of nature documentaries around here, since I have a 6yo boy who is currently obsessed with sharks. This afternoon he was quoting various facts about the Pacific Ocean, and then he suddenly lowered his voice and changed his accent, and starting reciting what could only be the narration from one of the docs we’ve watched.

And then I realized that it was Wild Pacific, and that my 6yo son was doing an impersonation of Benedict Cumberbatch.

That was a proud parenting moment, I have to say.

Men at the Met Gala aka Eye Candy in a Tux

Andrew Garfield

Bradley Cooper in Tom Ford. Looking like he’s about to burst out of the suit. That is one muscly neck!

Benedict Cumberbatch in Ralph Lauren

Matt Bomer in Calvin Klein

Bryan Cranston in Clavin Klein

Douglas Booth in Burberry

Frank Ocean in Gievenchy

Chiwetel Eijofor in Dolce and Gabbana

Ryan Reynolds in Gucci

Jay Z in Gievenchy