the oc: s4


OCS: Bea Chandler & Lee David

Story Origin: Loving Bea

I did a thing…

Love Your OCS Tag created by @theartofqueenie

Many of my followers know how much I’m obsessed with these two kids. I wanted to make a tag of this because ocs are actually very meaningful. They can make us happy, sad, and make us believe in anything we want to. It may sound stupid, but these two just make me smile like a huge idiot.

Rules: Take a picture of your OCS (doesn’t have to be a couple) and one group shot. If you have a couple take a picture of the two together and then their wedding pictures or future wedding pictures. If you don’t feel comfortable or something with wedding pics, just take a second picture of your sim(s) of anything you want. Maybe even include a background story if they don’t have a story of origin.

Idk if this is stupid or not, but I’m just soo obsessed with these two it’s unreal. And make sure you tag this ‘love your ocs’ so i can see what y'all do!

I tag: @our-dazed-sims , @blursims ,  @pxelmango ,  @pearlescentsims ,  @sim-bubble , @wanderlust-sims , @maimouth , @bratsims , @kismet-sims , @malcolmlandgraab , @simwithsparkles , @linds-sims , @tea-sims , @tititatatoot , @suzychi-sims

If you have a group and you don’t want a couple thing going on. Just take one group shot of all of them together.

I’m sorry if this tag doesn’t make sense or is really dumb. I just love everything about ocs and I think they need to be appreciated! :)