the oc: s2


Last night dream. Allura and Coran discussing with Paladins how they should start keeping in mind of choosing potential substitute pilots of their lions and then..

Hunk: Like, we can choose anyone we think has potential?

Coran: Yes Hunk, like I sai-

Hunk: *slams hands on table* SHAY


Here are my lovely sons Kazuki and Aki. Click the link for an info dump and a cute doodle of them as kiddos pls

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BBC Sherlock Novel-Length Fanfiction Recommendation Summary Post

This post lists all the BBC Sherlock fanfictions longer than 70.000 words that I’ve deemed noteworthy. Since I quit the fandom in 2016, this post will not be continued.

I am very much open to pairings of all kinds and other protagonists. To me, plot and writing style count more than personal squicks. In general, I do not comment on whether the stories contain explicit content, be it violence or of sexual nature.

The list is about quality, not themes or quantity. Since Sherlock had been my favourite character, he features quite heavily. The stories are sorted based on their relation to the canonical timeline.

Unplaced / Starting Pre-Series:

  1. Breakable by MissDavis (Johnlock, Hurt & Comfort)
  2. Dark Ripples Series by Nagaem_C (Lestrade, Sherlock, parental Lestrade, drama)
  3. Mise en Place by azriona (Johnlock, Moriarty, romance/drama, foodlock, AU)
  4. Performance In a Leading Role by Mad_Lori (Johnlock, romance/drama, AU)
  5. Tennis Series by Jupiter_Ash (Johnlock, romance, AU)
  6. The Cold Song Series by Eldritchhorrors (Johnlock, BDSM, case fic)
  7. The Illusion of Free Will by leopardwrites (Johnlock, romance, crossover)
  8. The Prize by Trillsabells (Johnlock, Mycroft, post-apocalyptic, AU)
  9. Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer (Johnlock, action case fic, AU)

First Season:

  1. A Story in Lullabies by shooting-stetsons (Johnlock, femlock, baby fic, s1)
  2. Colors by Quesarasara (Johnlock, romance, AU, s1)
  3. A Waste of Breath by Chryse (Johnlock, Moran, drama, post s1)
  4. The Green Blade by verityburns (Sherlock, John, friendship, case fic, post s1)
  5. We are all each other’s consequences by NyxUnderwood (Johnlock, romance/ptsd, post s1)

Second Season:

  1. The Untranslatables Series by tunteeton (Johnlock, Mycroft, romance, AU, s2)
  2. If You Can’t Move Heaven, Raise Hell by splix (John/Sherlock, Ian Adler/Sherlock, Moriarty, action, case fic, s2)
  3. 4.916 by nmqttps (John & Sherlock friendship, action, post s2)
  4. A Case of Identity by jkay1980 (Johnlock, romance, case fic, post s2)
  5. Be Here Now Universe by Todesfuge (Johnlock, Irene, Moriarty, Mycroft, drama, injury/illness/amnesia, return, post s2)
  6. Crazy For Love by prettyvk (Johnlock, OC, drama, child fic, post s2)
  7. Given in Evidence by verityburns (Johnlock, romance/case fic, return, post s2)
  8. Lucid by dr_girlfriend (Johnlock, Moran, Mycroft, return, angst, post s2)
  9. Making It Better by sideris (Johnlock, Moran, drama, return, post s2)
  10. Memory by ImpishTubist (Viclock, OC, drama/mystery, case fic, illness fic, post s2)
  11. Nature and Nurture by earlgreytea68 (Johnlock, OC, romance, child fic, post s2)
  12. Safe Distance by merripestin (Johnlock, romance/case fic, post s2)
  13. Seven Devils by GirlsinGlassCages (Johnlock, Irene, Moriarty, action/drama, post s2)
  14. The Bare Edge by saizine (Johnlock, return, injury fic, case fic, romance/drama, post s2)
  15. The Fall of Gods by ImpishTubist (Viclock, drama, illness/injury, character death, post s2)
  16. The Good Morrow Series by greywash (Johnlock, Mycroft, Moran, drama, return, post s2)
  17. To Where You Are by Witch_Nova221 (Johnlock, Mummy Holmes, OC, romance, journey fic, post s2)
  18. Whatever Remains by boomsherlocka (Johnlock, Sherlock/OC, drama, crossover, post s2)

Season Three:

  1. Love Ballads for the Nonbelievers by siennna (Johnlock, return, s3)
  2. The Adventure of the Silver Scars by tangledblue (Johnlock, Moran, case fic, drama, post s3)
  3. The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie (Johnlock, case fic, post s3)