the oc reunion!

anonymous asked:

Ahem, I saw on an old post you have OCs :0? Can we hear about them? :0

Oh boy. Someone actually wants to know.

Alright so long story short: I’m the most self-indulgent piece of shit ever, and I gave into the desire for a next gen AU that no one wants except for me.

I repent my sins, I promise.

Everything below the cut because I’m ashamed.

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i truly believe that if The OC were to come back it would be just as much as a success as it was almost 11 years ago. with such amazing story lines, music, and characters, those writers gave hope to everyone. this show had such a great impact on it’s audience and it was all for the better. to this day this show still has an immense fan base around the world. it’s crazy to read all over social media how much it is still missed. The OC’s phenomenal message will live on forever, guaranteed

Love always,