the oc reunion!

Reunions, Of A Sort

A MHA fanfiction. One-shot.


Summary: A museum Class 1-A visits has an exhibit for older heroes. Toshinori takes a look at the section dedicated to his predecessor, not expecting a comforting talk with a stranger.

The building was large, a high roof making the main area feel more like an indoor stadium than a functional museum. Toshinori had to give a grin when several of his students just stared upwards, some so engrossed that they nearly fell backwards.

“Now that’s how you build a dome,” Sero said, awe in his voice.

Bakugou snorted. “We practice at USJ, and you’re still baffled by a fucking building.”

“Dude, chill,” Kirishima said, grinning and throwing an arm around Bakugou’s shoulders. “It’s never a bad time to appreciate the finer points of, um, architecture.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes.

Aizawa shuffled to the head of the class, hands shoved in his pockets. Everyone quieted down when he raised his voice. “The first and second floors of this building get few visitors on days like today, which should give you the privacy you need to conduct your research.”

Toshinori nodded. “Most of what you need will be here on the first floor, so be sure to look at everything before going up to the second.”

Aizawa waved his hand and the students broke up into groups, several heading directly into the depths of the museum while others consulted a directory. Toshinori watched as the other teacher found a convenient bench and stretched out, pulling a sleeping mask out of his jacket.

“I think I’ll wait on the second floor, if that’s alright,” Toshinori said, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

Aizawa just grunted and propped up his feet, slipping the mask over his eyes.

Toshinori smiled and shook his head. It didn’t take him long to find his way to the stairs, and he was happy to see that they were wide and well spaced. Normally he would hesitate to use stairs if another option was available - his left hip was warped enough to give him issues shifting his weight - but he was feeling good today, and didn’t want to waste his chance.

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A Reunion with the Devil, Jonas Nightingale Chapter 1

Good Afternoon guys! So this is actually my first Jonas Nightingale fic. Did this even though I should be studying for an exam. Hope you guys like it. I plan on maybe doing a storyline for it. 

 Never in a million years did I imagine I would ever see him, but here he was. All glitzy with that fucking disco ball patterned blazer of his. Pretending to be a good servant of the Lord. 

 You would think that as a claimed Christian man, Jonas Nightengale would at least have the decency to take me out on a date after fucking me in a church bathroom and making me call him Father multiple times. 

Our Ronde Vu was going on for almost a year until it ended when he told me that he was leaving for some gospel tour he was doing, 

“Sweet pea, this was all fun and games, but I have to go on and preach the Lord’s word to the rest of the world.” 

“I don’t understand, can’t you just stay a little longer?” 

“Don’t be selfish now. After all,  you were just doing your godly work by helping me out. Not like this was goin’ anywhere between us.”

Feeling my heart sink to the bottom of my butt, and possibly to the ground, I knew something horrible happened to me in that exact moment. I fell in love with him, Jonas Nightengale, the King of Sin. 

Later that night,  personal raindrops fell on my pillow expressing my feeling for the unholiest of the unholy. However, the worst, yet the greatest, thing that could’ve happened to me since Jonas left. 

I got pregnant with, that right, twins. After not seeing the reverend for a year, I gave birth to our children: Mila Elizabeth and Holden Robert Nightingale. I gave them Jonas’ last name since I felt like they should know who their father is. It’s been three years and they still don’t know who he is.

“Well would you look who it is, how are you doing Y/N?”

My heart flutters as I turn around and see him, Jonas Nightengale, the King of Sin, the man I still love, the father of my children. 

“Reverend, nice to see you too. I’m doing quite well thank you.” 

“What brings you arou-” 

Interrupted, I hear the wailing of a child. I see Holden running towards me,

” Mama! Sissy hit face hard.” 

I pick up my baby boy and coo him. I see him and I see his father’s features; hair, nose, eyes.

 “Mama, I sowy. I no mean it” Mila shyly said as now both her and her brother take in the fourth figure that is present.

“Sister, you have children now. Who’s the lucky man” Jones says in a startled yet curious voice,

 “He left a long time ago. Before the twins were born” 

I responded, hoping he’d take the hint. After giving he a response to his question, there was silence. His face looked as if he saw his life disappear in front of him. He finally understood. He was their father.


i truly believe that if The OC were to come back it would be just as much as a success as it was almost 11 years ago. with such amazing story lines, music, and characters, those writers gave hope to everyone. this show had such a great impact on it’s audience and it was all for the better. to this day this show still has an immense fan base around the world. it’s crazy to read all over social media how much it is still missed. The OC’s phenomenal message will live on forever, guaranteed

Love always,