the oc alphabet

clive ref!! he’s my third oldest after peter and jeff and hes boring. i need to spruce him up

- carries a bag of sweets around w him wherever he goes because why not??

- grape scented felt tip + notebook because he likes having things to draw on when hes bored

- i need to make up a name for a fantasy ipod because i cant keep saying “fantasy ipod”

OC Alphabet Prompt
  • In an effort to encourage more profic, send me a letter and I'll write a short fic (~100 words) using one of the corresponding words using my OC's.
  • A: Awkward, Art, Attack
  • B: Beautiful, Bare, Bored
  • C: Cruel, Cool, Calm
  • D: Death, Dream, Dare
  • E: Earth, Explore, Easy
  • F: Fire, Father, Flight
  • G: Game, Grace, Grab
  • H: History, Heart, Heal
  • I: Inspect, Idea, Intellect
  • J: Jump, Journey, Justice
  • K: Kindness, Knife, Kill
  • L: Love, Life, Liberty
  • M: Mother, Magic, Mark
  • N: Nightmare, Naked, Neck
  • O: Oath, Obsession, Offer
  • P: Peak, Play, Pray
  • Q: Question, Quote, Quarrel
  • R: Race, Raw, Repair
  • S: Sacrifice, Survive, Sleep
  • T: Tear, Thunder, Trophy
  • U: Unity, Underdog, Unlock
  • V: Vacation, Valley, Victory
  • W: Wave, War, Wish
  • X: Xenophobia, Xenophilia, Xyst (covered garden)
  • Y: Young, Year, Yell
  • Z: Zone, Zen, Zoom

pyrotheatrics  asked:

can you sum up all of your ocs in one sentence?


Adrian: Firey trickster son of Loki who imagines too much about being able to settle down and not have shit explode.

Beliara: Sweet sinnamon roll who is too gay for this world and is a quintessential angry smol

Brakken: evil bastard who should become a fire dancer instead of terrorizing people

Canus: evil shrimp/vampire lady who is far too devoted to her master for her own good

Calescence: Sociopathic huntress who loves all kinds of weapons, machetes especially

Cole: Tortured soul who should probably listen to the voices in his head and make friends that aren’t them

Elyari: Pyromaniacal magus who has far too many fundamental disagreements with their sword

Eth: Big ol’ ogre with a massive protective instinct with Batman powers and a dog’s countenance

Ezekiel: Werewolf who spends too much time online to connect a ton with people, knows a lot and has anger issues

Harry: Formerly dead person who didn’t get the memo, could probably use a hand not dying again.

Kayla: Artist werewolf who needs to focus on not getting caught by police too much and instead actually solve real problems

Mordek: Chaotic coffeemaker who needs to stop using molten pocket sand to solve his problems

Nalla: Trans cyborg who is really trying to find a full set of replacement parts but it’s actually an uphill battle because she ends up frying the parts she does find

Neasa: Adorable smol who is too hopeful for her own good, should probably kick out her problematic roommate

Orlaith: Adorable tol bb who is too pure for this world, they should probably start helping others with their injuries

Solanum: Gender fluid tree person who has a massive poison fixation and too much time on their hands

Talia: Huge literature nerd mage, could probably use a teacher so she doesn’t blow herself up one of these days

Trent: A man who spends way too long in other people’s dreams, he tries to help and heal their wounds but is too close to becoming like the monsters that made him

one of my fave things about my exalted character is that since he went from being a peasant in an isolated area to being a multilingual necromancer with lore score 5, you know that one of the first things the Mask of Winters had to do with him, this newly minted, destructive demigod henchman, was to just get someone to sit him down with one of those little learning easels and teach him the super dark abyssal art of…learning how to read