the object of art is to give life a shape



Qiu Minye (b. 1978, China) - My God (2013)

Qiu Minye has found a new way of recording time by removing the identity of an image and creating the exquisite shape, life and texture. The object is floating lightly in a soft space like a song. It equals to the existence itself, which makes us sigh for the nature and thus feel the gratitude to the artist for giving us the opportunity to experience the nature.

My God - Qiu Minye Photography Exhibition
Ofoto Gallery - 2F, Building 13, 50 Moganshan Rd. Shanghai - 07.05-08.29.2014
Opening on 25th Oct. 2014 from 4pm
© All images courtesy of the artist

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Research on Two Way PR

This article on fandom research in Variety (Building Brands by Relating to Fans) reflects some of the reasons I chose my blog name. Creativity is part of our shared cultural conscious and unconscious. It really is a two-way street.

Fandom is widespread and deeply woven into the fabric of everyday life. Fandom gives us something to look forward to day-in and day-out, in ways big (special events like concerts, conventions, and season premieres) and small (checking daily news, connecting with other fans online, or watching a weekly episode). Fandom shapes our physical environments though merchandise, collections, fan art, and other fandom-related objects. And fandom gives us something to talk about — whether we are furthering a conversation with existing fans or “efangelizing” to someone new.

What all of this means for the business of entertainment is that if a studio, network, or brand wants to reap the benefits of fandom — the loyalty, investment, advocacy, communal aggregation and mobilization — they need to be good partners in the relationship.