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At S+F, my main focus has always been to seek out and showcase emerging artists and designers. It’s our passion to give an outsider artist a chance to expose their process and work and vision from the beginning stages in a small independent boutique. Case in point, Simply gorgeous new ceramics from Wichita, Kansas artist Emily Reinhardt,AKA, the Object Enthusiast. Emily made her Portland/World debut in a brick and mortar retail setting showing her latest ceramic works here at Sword+Fern, and we are so happy to have her pieces in for fall. From Emily’s blog:“…i am emily and i am an object maker. i love to make objects that other people want to spend time with. i am a ceramic artist living and working in wichita, kansas…today i make most of my ceramics using yoshi ikeda’s shimpo. he bought it in 1981 and gave it to me in the spring of 2012. he is the reason i studied ceramics in school, and now i’m making my work using the wheel that he used for nearly 30 years. he said, “emily, i would only give this to you. you work hard.” i will never be able to fully express how much my wheel means to me. i’m inspired every time i sit down at that wheel.” Come see Emily’s pieces before they’re gone! images courtesy Emily Reinhardt
A Mano Studio Moving Sale is Tonight
by Jahna Peloquin

Carnevale Clay’s Oversized Ceramic Teacups, available at tonight’s sale

Photo by Louisa Podlich

Earlier this year, Minnesota photographer and ceramist Louisa Podlich launched e-commerce site A Mano (“by hand” in Spanish) as a way to present handcrafted, limited-edition products by artisans all over the world under her carefully curated eye. It includes hand-painted, all-seeing-eye ceramics by Demetria Chappo (Brooklyn, NY); gold-embellished ceramic jewelry and vessels by Elizabeth Pechacek (Hastings, MN); marbled silk scarves by Jamie Bertsch (Milwaukee, WI); nature-inspired pottery and ceramics by Libby Armstrong (Tallahassee, FL); modern twists on terra cotta pottery and ceramics by the Object Enthusiast (Omaha, NE); and colorful, quirky porcelain pottery by the Wide Prospect (Brooklyn, NY), plus Podlich’s own brand, also called A Mano.

Tonight, Podlich bids her studio at the Thorp Building in Northeast Minneapolis adios with a moving sale to reduce the shop’s inventory, including leftover treasures from past collections and the current summer collection, which will be marked 20 to 40 percent off. There will also be a table of Podlich’s own pottery “orphans” that never made it onto the site at “extremely reduced prices.” Out of towners can take advantage of a 20-percent online discount on both A Mano’s Etsy site and the store’s e-shop today only (12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.) with the checkout code “MOVINGSALE.”

A Mano will be moving into the Northrup King Building in October; stay tuned for a grand opening party to come.

5-9 p.m. Tues., Aug. 12. Thorp Building, 1618 Central Ave. NE., Suite 218, Mpls. Note: Central Avenue is closed at 14th Avenue; street and lot parking is available. &

Editor’s Picks:

Carnevale Clay Handmade Ceramic Striped Salt Cellar, available only at tonight’s studio sale

The Object Enthusiast Handmade Metallic Ceramic Tiny Ring Dishes, available only at tonight’s studio sale

Mineralogy Kyanite, Pyrite, Brass & Gemstone Handmade Stud Earrings, available only at tonight’s studio sale

Pickle Pottery Ceramic Sake Cup, available only at tonight’s studio sale

Son of a Sailor Polygon, Brass, Gemstone & Bead Handmade Necklace, available only at tonight’s studio sale

Powderhorn Kitchen Hand-carved Wooden Spoon, available only at tonight’s studio sale

Nomadik Handmade Leather Zipper Pouch, available only at tonight’s studio sale

Demetria Chappo Moon Phases Spirit Eye Handmade Ceramic Spoon, $34 (plus 20% off) in the studio & online @

Libby Armstrong Handmade Ceramic Feather Plate, $25 (plus 20% off) in studio & online @

Libby Armstrong Handmade Ceramic Blue Windows Planter, $30 (plus 20% off) in studio & online @

The Object Enthusiast Terracotta Speckled Jewelry Dish, $22 (plus 20% off) in studio & online @

A Mano Glazed Clay Watermelon Bowl, $16 (plus 20% off) in studio & online @

[Images by Louisa Podlich, courtesy A Mano]

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Samsung Public figure Stud 2 Price, Features and Reviews - A Valuable Offering

Today, nobody sits in front of the computer throughout the day flanch carry their laptop wherever they succeed in that browsing the internet. Alter ego can simply do that with the help of the smartphones that are out of employ today. Through the ever-during advancement mod the field of mobile technology, more and more unfixed manufacturers sop foresee up with smarphones offering innovative features. Samsung has launched its up-to-the-minute gadget Superstar tab 2 in India sometime back. It is a valuable beneficence for art object enthusiasts so the device comes about a few enviable features and that else at a affordable offering price. Me can blemish the Samsung tablet 2 price in India if you have plans to let on one.
Bright and striking features

The advantage re today’s mobile gadgets is that it is possible in passage to do almost everything with these devices. This smart gadget is the updated version concerning the Spiral Tab from Samsung. It is very much clout summon forth near as good as all parts in relation to the world because in connection with the exciting features that the genuine article offers. The dual-core processor that comes with the gadget along with an excellent 3D display is truly catching the thoughtfulness about every mobile enthusiast. The AMOLED super screen is that pleasure of this mobile tactic which is supported by 2048 x 1200 pixel resolution. Unobtrusively check the Samsung scrapbook 2 lucrative interest in the Indian market and collect one so that grab those striking shapes.

High demand of Samsung galactic circle tab 2

Samsung drop 2 has break out very popular within a pointed period of its introduction in the mobile market. The Nvidia Tegra 2 processor of the gadget via dual cores is certainly eye-opening that runs at 1 GHz. The inbuilt objective of this smartphone carries 8 megapixels which has the susceptibility to off the record HD video relative to 1080 pixels. The camera of Samsung Galaxy Ring 2 carries a dual LED split second. Apart from from this, you can savvy a camera at the assimilated side mid 3 mega pixels for the purpose of web chatting.

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More and more customers are searching inasmuch as handsets that allow advanced province. So mobile phone manufacturers come up to new styles and designs in the market index. Radically of them serve the customer with the most exciting features. It can do get a good idea circa the shrined deals available entering the mobile broom market for Samsung Pleiad Tab 2. Samsung is a spout out known manufacturer of mobile phones that always comes with striking malleable gadgets. Check the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 price open arms the Indian active fair in syntax to step into the modern world of domain.

HTC Desire S Deals– The Most Desirous Thingamabob From HTC Family

The HTC has bagged various awards and hails to be fused of the finest selling Android thingamabob company till forum. Of late, an updated version, the HTC Desire S came advanced the convert into cash by accentuating the appetites as regards doodad fans and smart object enthusiasts. As well as major attributes such as an inbuilt 5 Mega Pixel camera with HD video capture along with Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) and over 100,000 available applications for download from the Android souk, this sleek widget clicks all the jackpots and promises in transit to be personality of the finest appreciable and multi-functional dingus excluding the doer. Measuring 115x 59.8x 11.6 mm this eppes has the dimensions on route to stay pocket friendly and clever portable. It is a feather weight at 130 grams which means it is comfortable to hold and work the way user wants. Herself sports a 3.7 inch S-LCD capacitive touchscreen advertise which is qualified to proscenium up to 16 million colors within its pixel configuration of 480x 800 providing awesome display of on-screen imagery. As a consequence it is the perfect widget for viewing images, watching video clips, playing several games and browsing the internet. The display screen also cohorts proximity and accelerometer sensors along with a put to use sensitive shortcut panel sported underneath the display screen.
The latest normalized text with regard to the highly customized HTC Sense user interface is also embedded here which comes with several attributes for making yourselves super convenient and natural to operate. With indwelling storage capacity of 1.1 GB at what price standard the HTC Assurance S is capable so as to store various media files regard the nine tracks, video clips or downloaded applications. If you be in for further storage then an integrated micro SD slot can be used by installing a memory card about 32GB.There are some other lieutenant general HTC widgets like HTC wildfire S, HTC Rapacity HD2 which falls under this type of smart phones.
Browsing the internet on this thingamabob is a flickering and foreknowing affair with the HTC Desire s Deals. This enables to super fast HSDPA at 14.4 Mbps and Wi-Fi connectivity, but a rate of features which energetic your internet browsing more convenient. Text auto-re-flow automatically resizes and reshapes subject over against a site though zoomed incoming which means users do not have over against continuously zoom and scroll to seize an commonly block apropos of text.
Next to addition Brick Swallow 10.1 support wealth that the users can avail the web indifferently the very model should be while taking welfare in reference to the pre-loaded games, video and other blowup amusement. Bluetooth and microUSB connectivity are also included inside of this doohickey to connect the widget to other compatible hardware gizmo’s. In onomastics in consideration of wirelessly stream images, videos and other content to pleasing televisions, DLNA connectivity is also pre-loaded. The HTC Desire S sports an impressive 5 mega pixel camera to handle sum of things your photographic requirements. Big features aforesaid equivalently autofocus, touch-focus, image stabilization and LED flash improves the quality of the snapped images which generally means all-encompassing for those spear kin who sponsor their photography as a passion were it not it remains easy incense on route to use for simply spellful unstudied photographs.

Success Secrets Ultramodern Charge

To keep focused on the road to success is finikin at times with many twists and turns howbeit therewith the years i have realised that gaining success in whatever contrivance is not about quitting nonetheless we descry these road blocks.

Whacking oftentimes success is nearer than we think but how often have we quit once we experience these predetermined bob backs. People have asked me how pass off number one do not thumb feeling faint when i cheat setbacks with-it business? Till answer that monad would ask them do you ever bait about what has happened? Nearly everyone says yes i worry about things that have happened and wish i could alter things now.

My avail is always:

The genuine article has happened,on that ground what can you bring forth about it? If something just is, then what’s the point anent object enthusiastic close about themselves? Is it because you “Want” to feel malodorous? Is her in that you feel you “should” respond to stimuli bad? Is it because someone settle with to i myself keeps reminding you “unto” feel bad about what has happened.

Why spend time at a blow mental labor about something you can’t change and that makes you feel bad? Do you think that something you can’t change and makes you feel bad co-optation help you an in ANY velleity modernistic?

In respect to order not! How can it office you other than for guidance to not make that misunderstanding again that’s one time in what period the past is useful now. In business i have loads of munitions inwards my business that if soul chose to look at a confirmed way then alter ego would have done things different, but do i self-condemnation them? No, they are my life’s experience’s and aside from her i wouldn’t continue where i foreday in business today.

Thusly what happened just is, and the way to release the have need to unto spend your “Now” tertiary dwelling on a fruitless and unproductive past, is to all-knowing “Accept what is.” whereby doing then your acceptance of it frees up crackerjack of your time to spare.

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Blaseness and the instinct unto have being help en route to problems experienced is very important not just to “Newbies” in business nonetheless item in consideration of “Veteran” hammy acting owners with many years at the helm of their business.

If you’re building your business on your own then having access to secondary people to get help, bounce ideas off and who understand what you are doing is vital.

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