the object enthusiast


At S+F, my main focus has always been to seek out and showcase emerging artists and designers. It’s our passion to give an outsider artist a chance to expose their process and work and vision from the beginning stages in a small independent boutique. Case in point, Simply gorgeous new ceramics from Wichita, Kansas artist Emily Reinhardt,AKA, the Object Enthusiast. Emily made her Portland/World debut in a brick and mortar retail setting showing her latest ceramic works here at Sword+Fern, and we are so happy to have her pieces in for fall. From Emily’s blog:“…i am emily and i am an object maker. i love to make objects that other people want to spend time with. i am a ceramic artist living and working in wichita, kansas…today i make most of my ceramics using yoshi ikeda’s shimpo. he bought it in 1981 and gave it to me in the spring of 2012. he is the reason i studied ceramics in school, and now i’m making my work using the wheel that he used for nearly 30 years. he said, “emily, i would only give this to you. you work hard.” i will never be able to fully express how much my wheel means to me. i’m inspired every time i sit down at that wheel.” Come see Emily’s pieces before they’re gone! images courtesy Emily Reinhardt