the oak and the ax

Headcanon: What Pokémon characters would smell like

Professor Sycamore: A cafe, pastries and a hint of Cigarette smoke.
May: Aeropostale perfume and grass.
Archie: The Ocean.
Maxie: Burnt wine.
Professor Oak: Hard candy and the Wal-Mart produce aisle
Red: Air.
Blue: Axe body spray covering sweat.
Professor Birch: Firewood and Distress.
Professor Elm: Pencil shavings and baby wipes.
Professor Rowan: Original Old spice, Rum and old books.
Brock: Playground rocks.
Wally: Hand sanitizer and Laundry detergent.
Misty: Chlorine.
Giovanni: Cats and cigars.
Barry: Five Alive.
Hugh: Weeb.
Professor Kukui: Coconut sunscreen.

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A bit of axe work to rough out a new Oak Raven spoon.
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My Animal Crossing Villager photoshoot!

Featuring BIG Darkmindedsith as Professor Oak and Todd Snap (behind the camera)

Also there’s supposed to be a spider on the ledge in the net photo, but it didn’t come out as well as I thought D:

anonymous asked:

So Magnus, is Raphael like your adopted son? Did you give Simon that tough dad talk when they got together?

Magnus - Yes, he is, and I wouldn’t say it was a “tough” dad talk. More of a polite conversation about Simon’s best interests.

Alec - Babe… You showed him your viking axe.

Magnus - It wasn’t a viking axe, it was a horseman’s axe and it was made from oak wood.

Alec - …(By the angel.)


The Earth is my mother

The Sky is my father

The gentle rain is my sister

The raven is my brother

My colors are blue and gold

My card is the Magus

The axe is my weapon

My shield is of oak and iron

My blood runs red in my veins

I am prepared for battle

Meet me in Valhalla this day

We shall drink with the Gods

there will be days where the sky is full of smoke and you won’t be able to breathe and you’ll stumble over your feet and your words but these days won’t last. you are strong like an oak tree and you cannot let that boy put an axe to all that you are. you are painted magenta and smell of sunflowers and your beauty knows no bounds. please don’t forget that. his opinion doesn’t matter but you do.
—  you’ll be okay