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“You Got 7 Uncles” (Youngjae x Reader)

“Do you think you can write a scenario like you did to the mark “newborn” one, but with youngjae this time? >.< I would really like to see how youngjae’s would be! :o”

Name: “You Got 7 Uncles” the pun i can’t

Character: Choi Youngjae (GOT7)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,482

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“Youngjae-ah” you called. You watched as your husband fumbled around the house nervously. His eyes shot up to lock onto yours. “It’s just the guys, why are you so worried?” you asked gently, walking towards him. You cupped his face in your hands. You couldn’t help but push his cheeks inwards which forced his malleable face to form into a rather odd expression. “Ah, (Y/N) why are you like this?” you managed to make out from his face being squashed. You let go of his face. Instead, your hands trailed down to his shoulders. “You’ll be fine,” you uttered slowly. You carefully placed emphasis on each word. He beamed; rays of light shone from his expression. “Thank you (Y/N). I honestly don’t know what I would do without you,” he replied. You placed a gentle kiss on his lips. “You’re so greasy,” you chuckled. That infamous laughter slipped out, infecting you with the pure sound that you had fallen so hard for. The two of you were suddenly interrupted by the door bell ringing. It echoed through the house. Youngjae’s eyes widened. He almost tripped over himself running to answer the door before you placed your hand on his shoulder. “It’s just your members, don’t worry,” you whispered sweetly. He nodded through smiles and ran towards the door. The doorbell was being repeatedly hit, most likely due to the likes of a certain maknae.

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Any headcanons for what it's like cuddling with Roman or Ozpin?

(I know this wasnt a gif headcanon request but nobody has asked for one yet so I just did it ;o;)


  • never really a big spoon/little spoon thing, its usually the two of you facing each other because Ozpin loves seeing your beautiful/handsome face 
  • lazily talking about each others crazy workday, usually him doing most of the talking because as headmaster he sees a lot of interesting stuff
  • lightly caressing each other the whole time and whispering cute compliments to each other
  • Ozpin constantly kissing your forehead


  • he holds onto you very tightly because he doesnt want you to leave
  • you usually end up on top of him with his chin resting on top of your head
  • he doesnt talk much, but he loves listening to you talk. Its the only time you’ll ever see Roman so quiet
  • doesnt happen very often because he prefers other activities, reallu only happens if he had a stressful day with work and just wants to relax

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Would would Red's S/O need to do to gain UF! Papyrus's acceptance and approval?

Be themselves without backing down.
Boss will test them, and he won’t hold back. He will point out every single one flaw he can find in them and tell them straight to their face. He will constantly seem to disapprove and vocalise everything he dislikes about them.

What he wants to see is resistance. He wants them to continue to blatantly be themselves despite his constant criticism. He wants to see that they have strength and confidence in themselves. Bonus if they blow up in his face and tell him to back off. The worst thing Red’s S/O can do is actively suck up to him and change themselves to gain his approval. 

He wants them to not need his approval. Ironically, that is the best way to gain it.

See, he doesn’t care if he dislikes everything about his brother’s S/O. To him, as long as his brother is happy with them and he likes them, Boss can hate every single thing about them and it shouldn’t matter. Boss firmly believes that the only person Red’s S/O should be trying to gain the approval of is Red. He wants to see them fight to stay with Red and not care what anyone else thinks.

It’s only after they pass this strange, backwards test that he will drop the act. Still, he is a very forward person and won’t censor his behaviour whether he genuinely likes the S/O or not. It shouldn’t matter in his brother’s relationship anyway, if the S/O passes the test.

bedtime brat✨

louis walked out of his office to see his sweet baby sprawled out on the couch with his thumb between his strawberry pink lips and eyes glued to the t.v. an episode of dora playing that he’s sure he’s seen one too many times.

he knew what was coming, but it was 9 o'clock, this was the most difficult part of the day and it never got any better.

“baby” louis said sweetly walking towards the sofa and kneeling down so he could be face to face with harry.

“yes daddy?” he responded around his thumb. his eyes were big, innocent, and the most vibrant shade of green louis had ever seen.

“how are you pumpkin?” louis asked with a faint smile tugging at his lips. he used his hand to push the long curls off of his boys forehead.

“daddy, cant see t.v.” the boy whines.

“baby its 9:08, its…” and louis knows. he just knows whats coming before he says the words, he swallows “…its bedtime.”

“daddy, i don’ think so” harry says taking his thumb out of his mouth and shaking his head.

“harry… not tonight please. daddy is very tired, please be a good boy.” louis pleads with desperation in his voice.

“i know but- but dora.” harry says slouching his shoulders and pointing towards the t.v.

“you’ve watched enough dora for the night little one.” louis says standing up and reaching out for harry to grab his hand.

harrys eyebrows furrow and his lip is quivering, when he looks up at louis there are tears welling up in his eyes.

“but- but harry dosnt wanna…” he says letting out a choked sob.

“no crying bubba, c'mon.” louis begs, taking harrys hand trying to lift him off of the couch.

harry snatches his hand away and turns his back to louis.

“none of that.” louis says sternly. “good boys don’t turn their backs to their daddy, ye? harry take my hand, we’re going to get you into the bath and then I’m going to tuck you in.”

still harry dosnt budge. he only huffs at louis, he’s heard this all before, and he’s always managed to get his way.

“harry” louis warned placing his hands on his hip.

harry still sat frowning with his nose turned up. his eyes widened when he heard louis begin to count.





“harry dont let daddy get to 5”

“4 and a half”

harry quickly spun around “daddy, harry dosnt want to be a bad boy but harry dosnt want bedtime either.”

“harry, dont tell daddy what you want to do. youre to do what youre told. now take my hand and lets get in the bath.” louis says trying not to raise his voice. even though he hated how bratty harry got, he would never want to hurt his boys feelings.

“my legs are broken” harry whines pouting and kicking his legs in front of him. “carry me please?” he asked politely.

“alright, anything for my baby boy.” louis smiles softly. and he carries his boy to the bath, he struggles but he does it. anything to make harry happy.

louis smiled, patting harry’s bum as he set him on the floor. “let daddy draw the bath for you. do you want your toys to play with?” louis asked.

“yes pleaseeee!” harry responded cheerfully. “aaand can we use bubbles?”

“yes, baby.  lots and lots of bubbles.” louis replied, filling the bath with bubble bath. he placed harry’s rubber duck and boat in the water, then turned around and helped harry strip.

“daddy wait!” harry says holding the waistband of his baby pink, silk panties.

louis halted his movements. “what, darling?”

“close your eyes- you cant look at my little boy parts.” harry says placing his hands over louis’ eyes.

louis smiled softly, covering his own eyes. “right, lovey. daddy’s eyes are covered, I promise.” louis said. he didnt know what it was about harry, when he’s little, makes him so shy. but he plays along, he always plays along.

harry quickly pulled his panties down and sat down in the warm water of the bath. “okay, daddy you can open now.”

louis opened his eyes, sitting down next to the bathtub. “okay, baby. play with your toys while daddy washes your hair.” louis said, wetting harry’s hair with a cup he filled with water from the tub.

“daddy…” harry whines wiping the water from his eyes.

“no whining now, baby. you have to be a clean little boy, yeah?” louis explained, scrubbing some tear free shampoo into harry’s hair. “play with your toys and the bubbles, little love.”

“i dont like these toys that much anymore. i want to play with something else daddy.” harry continues to whine and move around in the water.

louis sighed a little frustrated. “what toys do you want? daddy can go get you something else out of your toy bin. H, baby, stop moving. daddy has to wash your hair.” louis said, a little sterner now.

“daddy…” harry said pouting but sitting still nonetheless.

“none of that pouting. happy baby, right? my happy little boy.” louis said, rinsing harry’s hair.he then put some conditioner in, and grabbed a wash cloth and added some body wash. “want daddy to wash you off or do you want to do it all by yourself?”

“can daddy come in the bath with me please?” harry asked politely.

“yeah, daddy can.” louis said, immediately starting to strip.

harry smiles up at louis crinkling his nose and making room in thr bath for him. louis slides in across from harry, tickling his feet as he got in.

harry giggled, pulling his legs up to his chest and splashing some water towards louis. “daddy can you wash me please?”

louis laughed and rubbed harry’s calves. “yeah, course.” louis nodded, wetting the wash cloth again. he began at harry’s feet and worked up his legs.

harry watched louis’ hands washing his legs underneath the water. “um daddy?” harry says a little hesitant.

“daddy has to clean you down there.” louis said. “gotta be a clean boy.” harry blushed and moved closer to louis looking down at the water. “okay.”

louis slowly moved up harry’s leg, and then slowly began to wash his cock. he looked up at harry, and harry looked at him with glassy eyes, his thumb in his mouth. harry began to grow hard in louis’ hand.

“baby, are you feeling naughty?” louis asked.

“mhm” harry whimpered around his thumb, nodding.

louis continued washing him with the rag, keeping his eyes on harry. harry started to softly grind his hips into louis hand, quiet moans falling from his lips.

louis ignored harry’s moan, moving up to wash his tummy and chest. he tickled harry’s tummy gently, splashing some bubbles towards his chest.

harry frowned and crossed his arms. “daddy that wasnt very nice.”

“i’m sorry, pumpkin.” louis pouted. “i thought you’d wanna play with the bubbles. silly daddy, I was wrong.” louis said softly, rinsing harry’s hair out one more time. “bath time all done!” louis said, smiling softly.

louis got out of the water to retrieve the two towels hanging on the back of the door. he wrapped one around his waist, helped his baby boy out of the bath, and placed the other towel over harrys shoulders.

“time to get dressed for bed little one,” louis said leading harry into the bedroom.

harry whined but didnt dare protest. he did want to get his way but he didnt want to make daddy upset with him. and to tell the truth he was getting a bit sleepy.

louis bent down to open up harrys pajama drawer. “what do you want to put on little one?”

harry pointed to his dinosaur sweater and dropped his towel to the ground by his feet.

“panties or little boy shorts?” louis asked looking up at harry.

“panties please. the one with the blue bow on the front.” harry said rubbing his eyes.

“okay baby. arms up.” louis instructed pushing his fringe off of his forehead.

harry lazily lifted his arms and helped louis put the sweater on over his head and torso. the sweater reached just below harrys soft milky bum, just the right length so you could see harrys cotton panties.

“lay down so we could put these on.” louis gestures to the bed.

harry does as he’s told, lays on his back, and plays with his curls while louis lips his undies up his legs.

louis can tell harry is tired. he’s so quiet and his eyes are so low. he cant help but lean down and kiss the exposed skin of harrys hips. “i love you so much” he says sweetly.

“i love you too daddy.” harry replies through a yawn.

“go ahead and get under the covers” louis tells him before flipping harry over on his tummy and smacking him lightly on the bum.

“daddy” harry whines, crawling to the the top of the bed and slipping under the covers. he watches as louis slips on the his grey sweatpants, the ones that hang really low on his waist, harry loves them.

louis gets walks to his side of the bed and gets under the covers. “lights out” he whispers turning off the lamp.

he wraps his arms around harrys tiny waist  before kissing him on his neck. “goodnight baby”.

“goodnight daddy.” harry replies barely audible.

“it actually wasnt so bad tonight” louis thought to himself. the thing is that louis didnt really mind harrys fits, it was all worth it. to see the smile on his boys face when he got his way, and his pouty lips when he didnt. to see his boy being himself and being able to smell the faint scent of strawberry lotion and green apple shampoo and kiss every inch of harrys beautiful body. this was his boy and he wouldnt trade him for anyone.

i know it took me a long time to post lol! i had difficulties. id also like to credit bailee because some of this is from our rp we did in december! i hope you guys enjoyed it!

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Imagine Mycroft's s/o called him daddy in front of Sherlock and Sherlock kept asking why to annoy Mycroft

“Sherlock, for the last time, it was a slip of tongue,” Mycroft says sternly as his girlfriend’s face is still burning from the incident just as strongly as his ire.

the visit was supposed to be a quick one to Baker Street to see why Sherlock had been buying tubs of ice cream as of late but thanks to one misstep by his girlfriend now this had started.

“Oh was it?” Sherlock asks tauntingly his eyes are bright in mirth. “Tell me brother dear, just what sort of activities do you engage in that prompts her to call you daddy?” he inquiries fringing innocence whilst twirling his brolly.

Mycroft can already tell that Sherlock won’t let this go until he’s had his run with it but is surprised when _____ speaks up, “He ties me up and spanks me.”

Caught off guard Sherlock can’t hide his shock and looks to ____ as does Mycroft.

What is she doing Mycroft thinks as her face is still beet red but looking a little less embarrassed.

“What?” he parrots dumbly.

“I said your brother ties me up and spanks me Sherlock,” _____ now repeats even louder with more confidence this time causing Sherlock to whiten and Mycroft to blush.

Sherlock tries to brush it off, “Well, isn’t that dull-anyway dad-”

“He also uses his umbrella to fuck me while I’m tied up on the celling until I’m on the cusp of cumming,” _______ interjects making Sherlock throw Mycroft’s brolly to the floor like it had been cursed.

“Why would you even-” Sherlock starts but _____ cuts him off again.

And when I call him daddy just about anywhere it gets your brother so hot and bothered that he’ll fuck me just about anywhere,” ______ she says even louder as Sherlock starts to play his violin poorly to drown her out but its no use.


Sherlock screams like the sanctity of his kingdom had been desecrated and flees leaving Mycroft and _____ alone in the living room.

Crossing the room to sit on the now gob smacked lap of Mycroft ____ says a bit exasperatedly, “Well, at least he won’t be thinking about you being called daddy for a while.”

Mycroft’s mood lightens as he catches his girlfriend’s ploy and smiles. “Oh yes, I think Sherlock will avoid bringing that up for a long time.”

_____ gives him a smirk, “Whatever you say…daddy.”

“FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEAVE ALREADY,” Sherlock shrieks from his room.

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S3 is about B+I facing their fears of the future together. I could see another proposal or a lead up to one that happens after Barry defeats Savitar. 120 WA's future is revealed in the future newspaper. 220 Iris tells Barry she wants to see if she has a future with him. 320 will reveal what they both want for their future. It will be them against the world. A love scene would be nice, but is not necessary. WA is not O/F. I wish people would stop comparing them!

This show does love its season parallels, I think the new proposal could be 2x22. 1x22, Eddie dumps Iris, 2x22, Barry asks Iris to “give this a shot”, 3x22 could be real honest to God proposal that’s not based on fear. 

Min Yoongi x Reader: Book Store

Member: Min Yoongi
Genre: Fluff/cute

You were in your favourite bookstore, sitting in the isle that held your favourite book genre. You were poking around, searching for an authors name, when you bumped into someone.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I-” you said, at the same time the man apologised to you. You looked up, seeing a familiar face, though you couldn’t pin it.

“Ah, no worries. Just, try and keep your voice down, no one can know that I’m here” the man said. You knew he wasn’t shady, but with his black face mask, and black hood up, you couldn’t help but feel that there was something off. His eyes seemed familiar…

“O-oh, okay. Well, uh, what book were you looking for?” You asked, trying to start small conversation. He seemed to smile under his mask.

“Nothing in particular, I just like the genre. I’m always looking for new books, plus I have a friend who’s keen on reading. He has an IQ of 148” the guy said. Your eyes widened at the large number, wondering what kind of person this had to be to have a friend with an IQ of 148. Certainly not a normal citizen.

“Sorry if this is rude, but who are you? You seem familiar” you asked, suddenly incredibly curious. You were sure by now that you had seen his face multiple times before, but you couldn’t figure out where from, or what his name was.

He looked around multiple times in each direction before pulling his mask down around his chin, exposing his nose and mouth. He pulled part of his hood back to reveal mint green hair. You were definitely right that he was familiar.

“Min Yoongi from BTS. Nice to meet you” he said, holding out his hand. You shook it, not sure what to say. It wasn’t like you were obsessed with the band, but you had watched their music videos, and their songs often came up on shuffle on your Pandora. Normally, you weren’t paying attention to the music, because it was always on in the background of you reading a book, and the book was always #1 priority on your mind.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise. Nice to meet you, too” you responded. He smiled a bit at your apology, putting his mask back onto his mouth, covering most of his porcelain skin.

“No need to apologise, it’s nice to not be recognised for once. I’m supposed to be picking up coffee for that friend I mentioned, but sitting around gets boring, I figured I’d pick up a book as well, to keep me occupied, you know? And I guess I made the right decision coming here, because I was able to meet you” he said in an almost whispery voice. His speaking was crackly almost, but unbroken. He spoke very clearly, but very raspy as well, and only just now had you realised how sexy of a voice he had. And what he said was so incredibly cheesy, that it made your heart clench, even if you had only just met him five minutes ago.

“Well, Min Yoongi, maybe we can go grab that coffee together? I’d love to get to know you better” you said, looking him in the eye and giving him a half smile. His eyes curled up and you could tell that he was smiling, even before he pulled the mask off to reveal a gummy smile that showed all of his teeth. He had a beautiful face with skin like sugar, which you knew was a variation of his stage name, now that you knew who he was. His minty hair contrasted his honey skin tone, but the black hoodie gave an interesting comparison as well, making his skin look lighter than that of the typical Korean.

“That sounds nice- oh, sorry, I didn’t catch your name” he said, sounding a bit more confident than before.

“(Y/n)” you told him. He smiled at the name.

“Well, (Y/n), coffee is on me” he said, holding out his arm for you to link with yours. You both walked away together, completely disregarding time and people.

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Ello~ I was wondering if you could do Starish, Heavens and Quartet Night reacting to if their S/O woke up from a nightmare and woke them up because S/O was scared

(( Nightmares are the worst. Especially those ones about bad things happening to people you know and care about? Ugh. Also, first official Heavens request! -Mod Finny ))

Natsuki: “Wha..? It’s still dark…” he mumbled as you shook him. When his vision focused to see the scared look on your face and your trembling, he immediately pulled you close. “Did something happen, ___-chan?” he asked. You explained that it was a nightmare, and you were pretty shaken up over it. “Well, you’re safe in my arms. I’ll make sure nothing harms my cute little ___-chan!”

Tokiya: He wasn’t thrilled to be woken up. His eyebrows furrowed as he squinted at you. “It’s like three in the morning,___. What is it?” he asked. You apologized profusely for disturbing his sleep, and despite your jitters, you tried to pass it off as nothing and lied back down. Tokiya ran a couple of fingers through your hair. “It was a nightmare,” he murmured, having connected the dots. You nodded. After giving you a tender kiss, he wrapped an arm around you and quietly sang you back to sleep.

Cecil: It was a little hard to wake him up, and as you were about to give up, he opened his eyes and yawned. “Is something the matter?” he asked. You nodded before telling him that you had a nightmare. The look on his face was a mixture of concern and confusion. “I have no idea why someone as wonderful as you would be so unlucky as to have a nightmare,” Cecil said. The way he phrased that made you giggle a little. He pulled you close. “How can I help you sleep again, my princess?”

Ren: He grunted as you shook him. “Mm…lady, what is it?” he asked, clearly groggy. You hesitated before telling him, a little scared that he’d think your reason for waking him up was stupid. “Well? Would a kiss loosen those lips?” he offered. You smiled a little and told him it was a nightmare. A small smirk formed on his lips. “Maybe if I whisper sweet nothings into your ear, it would chase away those bad thoughts.”

Otoya: When you woke him up, he sat up with a start. “What’s wrong? Why are you waking me up? Are we getting robbed?” he frantically asked. You assured him it was nothing that bad. “Then what’s wrong?” he asked. You explained to him that you had a nightmare. Before you could ask for a hug, he beat you to it. “That’s terrible! Is there anything I can do to help?” All you needed was a little cuddling to curb your nerves, and he happily gave you such.

Syo: He opened one eye to look at you, groaning. “Is it so urgent that it can’t wait till morning?” he asked. You felt bad for trying to wake him and muttered a good night. He sighed. “I’m up, so you might as well tell me.” You bit your lip, but finally told him what was going on. “Come here,” he said. You scooted closer. He pulled you into a hug and kissed your cheek. “I’ll keep you safe. Those bad thoughts will have to fight through me before they bother you again.”

Masato: He wasn’t hard to wake up. After a couple of shakes, you had his attention. “Is everything okay? You’re trembling,” he pointed out. You told him about your nightmare, and that you were having a hard time getting back to sleep. “If that is the case, I will help you in whatever way I can,” he said. All you wanted was a cup of water, which he provided to you. He embraced you firmly as you tried to drift back to sleep.

Ai: He had a very neutral expression upon being woken up. “Is there a reason why you interrupted my slumber?” he asked. You told him that it was a nightmare. His expression didn’t change. “Is that all?” You nodded, and he blinked at you. “Was there something you wanted me to do about it?” he asked, not quite able to understand why it made you feel so distressed. Feeling like you were getting nowhere, you decided to drop it and go back to bed, but not before he said, “I hope you feel better.”

Camus: You had no intention of waking Camus up, but your heavy breathing and shaking didn’t go unnoticed by the count. He woke up and turned towards you. “What are you doing?” he asked quietly. You jumped at his voice and explained you were coming down from a bad nightmare. “That’s unfortunate. Are you okay?” he asked. You were a bit surprised by his reaction, having expected him to be mad. You said that you just needed to take your mind off it, to which he offered a conversation until you fell asleep again.

Ranmaru: In a rational state of mind, you would never wake Ranmaru up unless it was important. After the nightmare you had, though, you weren’t thinking rationally. You shook him awake. “It better be important,” he muttered. You sheepishly stated that you had a nightmare. “You woke me up because of that?” he asked, clearly irritated. You apologized and tried to get up to leave. He held your arm and pulled you back to him. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. Nothing’s going to hurt you as long as I’m here, alright?”

Reiji: While waking Reiji up took a little longer than you anticipated, getting his attention was almost immediate. “It’s still dark out. What’s up?” he groggily asked. You explained to him that you had a nightmare. He looked concerned. “Is there anything you need?” he asked. You shrugged, honestly not knowing. “Hmm…how about a short ride in my car? Car rides are supposed to be soothing,” he suggested. You pointed out that it was a little late for a ride to which he laughed. “It’s never too late for a car ride.”

Eiichi: “What?” he bluntly asked, squinting at you after you woke him up. You explained to him that you had a pretty bad nightmare as he reached for his glasses and put them on. He glanced back at you as you finished your explanation. “And exactly how would my angel like me to help?” he asked, a little softer than before. You asked for a distraction. He smirked and pulled you close, immediately kissing you. “I think I’ve got the perfect distraction in mind.”

Kira: He didn’t say anything when you woke him up. Rather, he just looked at you curiously. You apologized for the inconvenience before explaining that you had a nightmare. He examined your features, taking note of how distressed you looked. He let you hug him. He wrapped his arms tightly around you. “It’s okay,” he murmured. While it wasn’t much, it was all you needed.

Nagi: “Whaaat, you had a nightmare?” he asked before frowning. You nodded and proceeded to explain how terrible it left you feeling. “Well I get nightmares too, but I just ignore them,” Nagi stated. His blatant lack of sympathy stung a little, but you also couldn’t blame him since you did interrupt his sleep. You apologized. “Well it’s okay. I just don’t get how it really could have been that bad. I guess I can hug you if you want,” he said. You nodded and he proceeded to give you a tight hug.

Halloween #1: Stories For My Daughter

Story length: Long

I know they say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but for me it’s Halloween. I deck the hall with cobwebs and fake spiders. It’s just such a special time.

Autumn is here and the leaves are beginning to fall. It’s a time to for dressing up and suspending reality. We sit in our cozy homes with our jack- o’- lanterns and candy, scaring ourselves, and almost will ourselves to see something other worldly.

My daughter has always loved scary Halloween stories, and last year was no different. We were at the kitchen table, hollowing out our pumpkins and drawing scary faces on them ready to carve. As we scooped the stringy seeds into a large bowl on the table she asked,

‘Is it time yet? Time for stories?’

'OK’ I smiled at her. 'Where should we start? How about the monkey’s paw?’

'No no, that’s an old one’ she grimaced 'Tell me something new’

'OK OK’ and I glanced out of the window and saw the moon disappearing behind a cloud. 'Right, I’ve got one for you.’ and as we scooped and carved this is the story I told her…

Once upon a time, long ago there was a boy named Jacob, and he lived with his father in a house on the outskirts of a forest. One night his father roused him from a deep sleep.

'My son’ he whispered 'I have to go out. One of the women in the village is about to give birth and I must be there.’ Jacob’s father was the village doctor and much respected.

'But father’ Jacob mumbled sleepily 'What about the wolf?’ There had been sightings of a large wolf around the edges of the village and the forest and the villagers were living in fear.

'Don’t be afraid son’ his father reassured him’ I will lock all the doors and windows and you will be perfectly safe.’

The boys chin trembled, but he trusted his father and agreed to try and go back to sleep. Once his father had gone out Jacob couldn’t sleep. Every noise and creak in the house seemed amplified. He took his blankets from the bed and curled up in front of the window, waiting for his father to return. He saw the full moon through his window and was comforted by the light. Smells of the night forest wafted through his window and he dozed fitfully.

Eventually he saw the lights from his father’s car coming back up to the house. He was so relieved he ran to meet him.

Jacob’s father saw a huge wolf bound out of the house towards his car, but before he could do anything he heard the sound of a shotgun, and the wolf fell to the ground. From the edge of the forest a group of villagers appeared. They had formed a posse and been out hunting the wolf. At first they didn’t understand the doctor’s anguished cry.

'What have you done?’ he yelled, and he ran to the spot where the wolf had dropped, grabbing it’s body and cradling it in his arms. As it took it’s last breath the villagers were horrified to see the wolf’s massive furry body transform back into that of a child.

'So the doctor’s son was the wolf?’ my daughter asked, her brown eyes wide. 'That’s a sad story mommy’

'I guess it is sweetheart, but sometimes horror is sad as well as scary. Anyway I think these are ready to be lit’

Our pumpkins were finished and we carried them into the living room. We put them on the low table in front of the TV and lit candles in them. Tradition dictated now it was time for spooky cartoons.

She’d seen them many times before and quickly got bored. She picked up a dusty pack of tarot cards from the table.

'Tell me my future mommy?’

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Better Off: I Still Love You

Bucky x reader modern au

A/N: well here’s the second part as requested.  Hope you guys like it, feedback is much appreciated.  There’ll be one more part so hang in there!

Words: 1,282

Warnings: One curse word? Angst I guess (not as much as the first part)

Better Off

Bucky’s POV

“Bucky?  Babe, what’s going on?” Jill asks.  She tightens her grip on my forearm and begins to look around to try and find out what I saw staring at.

Of all things to happen today, I didn’t expect to see Y/N across the street with tears running down her face.  It broke my heart all over again when I saw the hurt in her E/C eyes.  Everyone assumed I had gotten over her when I started seeing Jill.  The truth was that I had never forgotten her, I mean- how could I?  She was the one bright thing in my life.

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zaraisthatonegeek  asked:

Hello! Feminist reader person here! I was thinking maybe s/o has some sort of hobby (like photographer for example) and someone says something like "your photos are good, for a girl". Proceed to s/o going crazy and Lance having to calm them down, or cheer for them in the background. Buuut if that's not good then do whatever! I love your writing nevertheless! Have some love! 💗💗💗

Better! Thank’s friend! ;D 

WARNING: One piece of foul language (In the very last sentence) 

The camera went off with a click and snap, absent it’s usual flash. The girl behind the camera unwound herself, stretching her back as a smile grew on her face. A familiar hand laid itself on her shoulder. She turned to see her boyfriend Lance, smiling. 

“Did you get it?” He asked. She nodded, still smiling. “Yep, it’s pretty good too- a picture of the sunrise. Worth getting up early for?” She asked. He chuckled, yawning. “Yeah- let’s let someone else be the judge of that- I’m too tired.” He replied jokingly. 

A little over two hours later, they were half way home. They had walked mostly in silence, watching as the early morning walkers began to come out. One of these people- a man with a jacket and large boots -bumped into them. 

(Y/N) stumbled, and would’ve fallen had it not been for Lance grabbing her arm. Instead, her camera clattered to the sidewalk, though luckily her bag cushioned it’s fall. “Oh my gosh- I’m so sorry-” Said the man, getting to his knees and picking up her camera. 

“Still tired I guess.” He chuckled, handing (Y/N) her bag. There was a pause. “Oh… do you mind if I look at the pictures? I’m- kind of a photography buff.” He said. (Y/N) chuckled, nodding as he got up. He took a look at the picture she had taken, and let an impressed look appear on his face. 

“These are pretty good.” He admitted. “Thank you.” (Y/N) said with a smile, before he said, “Well- for a woman I mean.” With a laugh. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow, taking her camera and stuffing it back into her bag. 

She laughed, though there was a familiar yet dangerous edge to her voice. “What do you mean by that?” She asked. Lance begged the man with his eyes not to say anything, but it was too late. “Just that-”

“Just that woman can’t take photo’s as good as men can?” She finished. He nodded, chuckling lightly. She nodded before shoving her bag in Lances arms and slugging the guy right in the face. He yelped, falling back. “(Y/N)!” Yelped Lance, dropping the bag and grabbing her arms.

“Sorry sir! We-We’ll come for the bag latter!” He said, dragging her back while she yelled at the man. “Let me at him! I’ll show that bastard what a woman can do better than a man!” 

pizzawotabemasu  asked:

hey! could I ask for aomine and kagami having a really artistic s/o and she's always doing weird art stuff like asking them to pose for something or accidentally drinkin her paint water instead of her coffee or something? xD

I’m assuming you want them separate? But if not tell me and I’ll re-write it!

Using she/her pronouns as requested.


  • gave his girlfriend separate mugs (complete with the heart handles because he’s a softie) for coffee and pain water after he witnessed one accident. She made such a scrunchy and adorable face that he cooked her favourite dish, but he secretly wants to see that face again;
  • really admires her love for art and thinks it’s nice that she loves something just as much as he loves basketball;
  • ^^^ is really supportive when there are exhibitions or art contests. He’ll often encourage her to finish something and show her art to the world. He wants everyone to be as proud of her as she is.


  • honestly doesn’t mind posing for his girlfriend as much as he claims to. He’s just being a drama queen, but he loves the attention he gets and how focused she is whenever she looks at him.
  • is a secret tsundere so whenever there’s an exhibition he knows she’ll like he’ll buy the tickets and casually mention it to her like he just didn’t go out of his way to buy it;
  • doesn’t really understand art very well but lets her ramble about it whenever she wants to because he loves seeing that light in her eyes; it reminds him of himself whenever he thinks about basketball.
Kid, Crocodile and X-Drake reaction to accidentally hit their s/o.

Once again i fucked up using mobile and accidentally deleted the ask -_-

Eustass Kid:

  • Kid completely freezes and mentally face palms himself. “Fuck” was all that he could say at the moment His s/o had been right behind him when he swung his arm back for a punch towards an enemy, and he ended up elbowing his partner right in the face. He went over to them while he made Killer cover for him. he can see his partner lying on the ground with a nasty nosebleed. “Is it broken?” Kid asks. His partner shook their head no. “Idiot, don’t stand so close to me like that. I could’ve seriously hurt you!” Kid says in distress. His s/o mumbles a tiny sorry. Kid looks at his s/o and picks them up princess style saying, “You’re going back to the ship’ while heading back to the ship. After the ship’s doctor takes _______, Kid goes back outside to fight alongside his crew mates, leaving his s/o to rest in bed. At the end of the night in bed, Kid makes sure to mumble an apology to them while cuddling his s/o good night.


  • Crocodile and his s/o were on a peaceful walk together until they ran into some enemies. Crocodile is so irritated at this point and just wants to be at peace with his s/o, so he quickly tries to dispense the small fries. Crocodile decides to go big and pull out a more powerful move to wipe out all of them at once. He whips out a huge ass sandstorm. He turns away to walk away from the defeated enemies, but he notices that his s/o is missing. He looks all around him, and they are no where to be fou- AND HOLY SHIT THEY ARE IN THE FUCKING SANDSTORM. Crocodile immediately rushes to the rampaging sandstorm and sees his s/o about 50 feet in the air, rapidly falling towards the ground. He rushes over to catch their sandy body just in time. “Why the hell were you in there?” Crocodile hastily asks. His s/o can’t answer him because they are so shaken up from the terrifying situation, and you know damn well Crocodile feels pretty bad for it. “Just be more careful next time,” he says. His s/o nods in response. To make up for the incident Crocodile gives his s/o a piggyback ride all the way back home which was an adorable sight to see. 


  • X-Drake and his s/o are surrounded by a swarm of bounty hunters. X-Drake goes all dino and transform into his t-rex form while his s/o and crew fights alongside him. As they are fighting together, he swings his tail around to wipe out surrounding enemies. However, he doesn’t realize that his is RIGHT THERE and slams them with his tail along with the bounty hunters. He immediately turns back into his original form and rushes over to his s/o who is laying unconscious on the ground. He rushes to get them help from the ship’s doctor. He starts to panic and think about all the things that could go horribly wrong, but thankfully, they are just fine. They wake up to find him next to their bed, and he sighs in relief and gently hugs them, afraid of breaking or hurting them even further. He apologies like 3 times and his s/o giggles and tells him its alright.They just make him buy them ice cream to make up for it.

anonymous asked:

Imagine ur Shiro's s/o and u love that he always tries his best to support the others emotionally and let's them know he's there for them and just does anything he can to help them w/ emotions,, but one day you walk in to ur bedroom and see him just sitting on the bed w/ his face in his hands trying not to cry,, you ask him what's wrong and he tries to say he's fine but gives in and says he's tired and feels like even tho he's there for everyone, no one is there for him,,,,

Okay so I never really do these “imagine this scenario…” or “headcanons for ___” typa things cos I don’t feel comfortable with them, but also because I ship Shiro with Allura not myself. But like… I can absolutely imagine this scenario between Shiro and Allura. I can actually picture it in my mind. And it’s one of the reasons why I love shallura as much as I do: I feel like Allura is the one character who has shown a consistent willingness to do emotional labour for Shiro. If you look at their relationship, they perform that sort of emotional labour for each other almost automatically. There’s never an expectation of it, on either side, and Shiro never asks or demands that labour of Allura… but she gives it anyway, and it’s really sweet. And he also does the same for her, without her asking for it… “You should be resting” being the classic example, but also “I’m so sorry about your father, Princess.”

Anyway sorry I didn’t do the scenario thing (it’s just not my jam, personally) but yeah i have Feelings about Shiro and emotional labour so uh… yeah.