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Headcanons for mcree/gengi/hanzo/reaper reacting to their s/o asking to sit on their lap

I just need all these men to sit in a row so I can lay on all of their laps, okay.


  • Uh, YES
  • His s/o probably wouldn’t even have to ask he would already have them on his lap or be in the process of pulling them to him
  • His s/o cannot walk past him while he’s sitting without an arm snaking around their waist and getting pulled to him
  • On the rare occasion that his s/o does ask though he’ll grin like a fool
    • If his s/o is blushing as they do it he is 10x happier
  • Will put everything aside (paperwork, food, ANYTHING) to make room for his s/o
  • He’ll pull them right against his chest, squeezing them and inhaling deeply
  • Once on his lap there is little chance they will be leaving anytime soon


  • A little self conscious about having his s/o sit on his lap
    • His body is pretty solid, so wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for them?
    • Will need some convincing to let it happen
  • Isn’t sure if it’s a sensual thing or sexual
    • In his younger days he would pull women onto his lap in the clubs because it made them giggle and he could feel them up easier (he was a playboy after all!)
    • But now with his s/o it’s more than physical so he’s not sure what to expect
  • Isn’t clear on where to put his hands–waist, back, hips, thighs???  
  • His s/o will have to take the lead and place his hands somewhere
    • One hand wrapped around their back and resting on their hip, the other doing whatever Genji wants
    • Hair stroking, resting on the thigh, running over their arms, etc.
  • Will be asking if they’re uncomfortable for a while until they nuzzle into his neck and pull him close
  • He’ll be glad they can’t see his face, because he’s a blushing mess
  • Once comfortable with it he’ll fall back into the playboy days and get flirty
    • His hands will glide over places they probably shouldn’t in public, but only when nobody is looking
  • LOVES to make his s/o blush or laugh
  • Will tickle them a bit


  • Wouldn’t reply right away when his s/o asks
    • He’s not one for PDA or large physical gestures, so he isn’t sure how to answer
    • He’s not saying no, he’s just trying to sort through his emotions because he would love to be close with his s/o like that
  • But he remembers seeing Genji do it all the time with his dates, and so casually too, but that’s his only real example of it
    • Does he have to be as handsy as his brother?  He’s nervous others will look down on the display
    • Remembers what others would say about Genji’s carefree attitude as well as some of the nasty things they said about his dates and doesn’t want anyone saying that about his s/o
  • It’s a no-go publicly.  Privately though???
  • He’ll have his s/o in his lap during some downtime
  • If he’s reading in his room he’s more than happy to have them there reading or doing something quietly as well
  • He’s grateful his s/o asked though he wouldn’t necessarily say that out loud
  • Those moments have become some of his most treasured


  • Prefall he would be pulling his s/o into his lap just like McCree
  • Isn’t scared of ruining a tough guy attitude by giving some affection to the love of his life
  • Would love to make them ask though, purposely going out of his way to make it difficult to sit on his lap until they are forced to request it
  • Whispers sweet-nothings in his s/o’s ear
  • After the fall he would never offer it up like he used to
  • It wouldn’t really occur to him until he and his s/o are alone and he’s going over some potential Talon targets and plans when his s/o asks
  • He’ll wish his mask was on because his eyes widen as he looks at them
  • Will slowly nod and open his arms up
  • When his s/o is in his lap, cuddled up, he’ll actually blush
  • He’d forgotten the feeling of having someone close like that
  • Having their weight on him, their body heat and scent surrounding him
  • It gets hard for him to focus on work and eventually he’ll shove the papers away and start to do what he used to
  • Whispering sweet nothings, and sometimes something dirty to rile his s/o up
  • Runs his fingers through their hair or over their face
  • Peppered kisses along the jaw
Imagine Teasing Tom in an Interview

“No WAY!” Tom exclaimed, his voice getting high pitched and making you throw your head back in laughter, “Spiderman is WAY cooler than Batman!” he defended his superhero persona as the interviewer smiled nervously, “I’m just a bigger fan of batman that’s all,” the interviewer says nervously as you and Tom gasp in shock, “How dare you sir!” You mock offense, a hand over your heart as Tom laughs slightly, “Spidey is the!” you exclaim as Tom snorts, “The” he asks, a weirded out look on his face as you give him an amused smirk, “Yeah,” you say, “Do they not have that term in England?” you ask jokingly as Tom rolls his eyes, “We DO,” he defends, “But only the non-cool people say it.” he says sassily, crossing his arms across his chest as you glare playfully, both of you forgetting about the interview, “Are you saying you’re cool?” you ask playfully as Tom smirks, “I am cool.” he declares, pretending to dust dirt of his shoulder as you scoff, “Only non-cool people say they’re cool!” you exclaim, lifting yourself up off your seat and lifting yiur chin up as Tom glares, “So you’re saying Spiderman isn’t cool?” he asks, knowing he’s got you trapped. You freeze, contemplating before sighing in defeat, “Spiderman is the coolest person in the entire world.” you decide as Tom smiles smugly at the interviewer, “And that actor that plays him is so hot!” you declare, making Tom’s eyes widen in surprise as his cheeks flush, “O-oh yeah?” he asks you, trying to smile through his embarrassment as you nod at the interviewer vigorously, “Yeah, he’s so cute and talented!” you go on as Tom’s smile grows, thinking you’re boosting his ego as you continue, “Whenever I see him I just can’t control my overies!” you try to say with a straight face before you and Tom burst into giggles and you struggle to go on, “Yeah he’s one attractive british son of a bitch.” you say as Tom smiles at you with admiration, “Yeah he’s BY FAR the best Spiderman.” you finish as Tom gushes at you, “I sure do love Andrew Garfield.” you declare, bursting into laughter as Tom’s smile falls and he gives you a glare. The i interviewer joins in on your laughter and stare at Tom’s bewildered face as he stares at you with a shocked glare. Eventually your laughter dies down and you look over to see Tom pouting like the little kid he truly is. You lean over and plant a drmatic kiss on his cheek to show your affection. He can’t help but the gigantic smile that moves across his face as you pull away, his cheeks pink as you return the smile to him. “Thanks babe.” he says cheekily as you roll your eyes, giving him a playful shove and accidentally making his chair topple over, causing you to laugh at his expression after seeing he wasnt hurt. He joins in on your’s and the interviewers laughter as you decide that this was by far the best interview you’d had with anyone ever.

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I like the interesting new face design you gave Genji. If I am to be honest I still like the old lower jaw design but still. :) Good stuff! If I may ask, what caused you to draw that face that way? Is it because of the mask details on his Blackwatch skin?

i’m amazed you noticed, thank you!! Thought I’d give it a redesign. Don’t worry I’m a lil attached to my old one too ;o; But yes its def because of the mask details on his Blackwatch skin! 

I’m not too sure if I’m satisfied with this new current design I’ve done yet.. we’ll see. 

Deaf Lance (Klangst?)

“I can’t understand him. What’s the point in trying to communicate?- He’s just going to get frustrated and then walk off!” Keith hissed. He was in the living room talking with Shiro.
Shiro exhaled sharply, “Keith- at least try to learn sign. You don’t know- you might find out that’s he’s quite interesting to talk to. I’m learning- we’re all learning. You can’t always just look to Hunk every time Lance signs something.”
  Keith crossed his arms over his chest, “Its hard to learn what he wants when he purposely covers his hands!”
  Shiro rubbed the back of his neck, “Just try understanding one another- ok?”

Keith sighed and he walked down the hall but surprised to see Lance standing there. The tan male had a face of annoyance, and a slight pout in the corner of his lips.
Keith started to walk past him but Lance put a hand on his shoulder. Lance opened his mouth and grunted softly. He then formed a fist and rubbed his chest, his expression softened.
Keith only stared, “Does that mean please or.. Sorry..?” He asked, those two signs always confused him. Lance sighed and he began to finger spell “S o r r y”.
  Keith exhaled sharply, “Sorry? For what? You did nothing. Nothing’s wrong.”
  Lance frowned and he shook his head, he knew he was lying. He knew something was up.

He pointed to himself and then formed a fist with his thumb out. He placed his fist under his chin, letting the thumb touch and then he pulled his fist forward. While doing this he shook his head. Lance then made a “V” and placed it on his forehead. His palm faced away from him.
  Keith rose a brow, “Not.. Idiot. Oh- no one said you were! W-wait maybe you can just write down your thoughts. That would help a lot with this conversation.”
Keith took out a small memo book from his back pocket and he took out a pen from the other. He handed both to Lance.

   Lance scoffed but began to write with haste, he handed it to Keith.
/ I know you were talking about me with Shiro. Hunk wouldn’t tell me exactly what you guys were talking about- but I’m pretty sure its about how I’m stupid right? Just because I’m deaf right? I’m not stupid. /

Keith wrote down his thoughts quickly and handed it back to Lance.
/We don’t think you’re stupid! Its just difficult to talk you. I’m not very good with sign and.. Yeah. But you are not stupid./

Lance wrote with lightening speed- obviously very upset. He jabbed the memo book at Keith to read.
/Then don’t treat me like I’m stupid! I know that I might not be able to hear or listen to music or conversations- but I still have feelings. /

Keith scribbled back and handed Lance the memo book back.
/Lance, please calm down. That’s not the problem. Its just you keep a lot of things to yourself. A lot. You don’t even bother trying to teach me sign or anything! /

The passing of the notes continued.

/Its because I think you hate me. And that you think I’m incapable of doing things by myself. Just like everyone else. I’m not a baby. I’m perfectly capable of living life. So what if I can’t hear the rain? That’s not effecting me or the way I live. I’m perfectly happy. /

Was Lance really happy?

/Are you? Hunk told me that you wanted a cochlear implant. He told me that you wanted to hear the birds twittering in the early morning. Or hear the sound of someone cooking bacon on a pan. /

Lance was now even more upset.

/Hunk?! Hunk told you this?! I told him to keep it a secret! No no no I don’t want a cochclear implant. No. I’m happy. Yes its frustrating when people don’t understand what I want but I’m not going to change myself just because someone won’t take the time to at least try to understand me. /

And that was final. Because Lance had stomped away. Frustrated. Just like Keith had said.

BTS Reaction #27 - They see you (their future s/o) for the first time

@praisefandoms asked: BTS and Got7 reaction to seeing their future girlfriend for the first time. Have a good one.

*You can find the Got7 Version >>Here<<*

Seokjin: You were at a small fan meet and the boys of BTS were playing a game. They were split into teams and the MC told each team to find certain items, and the fans would give the items to the members if they had them. Jin had given you various glances throughout this game, always asking you first if you had the item the MC was asking for.

“An angel plushie or keychain!” the mc called next.

Seokjin shot straight to you once again but instead of asking you for an angel plushie, he grabbed your arm and helped you up.

At your confused look he smiled, held the mic up to his mouth and said, “I didn’t find an angel plushie, but a real life angel! I believe I’ve won this round MC!”


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Yoongi: You were walking back to your allotted office space where you were writing lyrics for your groups debut when Yoongi caught your eye from across the hall. He was looking at you with slightly widened eyes when he realized you were looking at him too. He instantly gave you a shy smile (like in the gif) and you started walking towards him without realizing it.

You: “Hey, you’re…You’re sort of a mad genius with lyrics do you know that??”

/why did that come out of your mouth first thing??/

He let out a puff of air and laughed, “Yeah I kind of am aren’t I? Are you in a new group here or something? I’ve never seen you here before.”

Still embarrassed from blurting out the first thing that came to your mind when you saw him you said, “Yeah actually… I was just on my way to write some songs for our debut…”

“Ah, well,” he smiled at you even wider then before, “I look forward to the next lyrical genius emerging from the rookie groups. And… If you ever need some pointers just seek me out. I’m here all the time I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”

You did see him again. And you did ask for pointers, but only so you guys got to spend more than a few minutes at a time together.

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Due to each reaction being a mini-story (I’m sorry for getting carried away again) the rest of their reactions will be under the cut

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Game Day

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2263

Authors Note: I wanted to make a Stiles imagine for @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski‘s Lacrosse Week, so here it is! I hope you guys enjoy. I want to thank @dylanobsessed for editing it for me! 

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i want to see/know more about your OCs!! if you have time, could i request #28 for Venn? i love his hair & grouchy expression 😍😍😍


Crazy In Love

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Reader catches the eye of a curious Poe Dameron.

Warnings: Oral smut, Unprotected Smut (please use protection though aghh), cursing

A/N: This is inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey version of Crazy in Love by Beyoncé. Yes, I know shame on me for these thoughts.

I do not own anything!!!

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The Swear Puncher

Here’s a little background to the story; My school’s principal is a former navy veteran and wants to set a good impression for visitors. There are these 2 guys who get in trouble for fighting. One is my friend who I’ll call W, and the other, I’ll call O. Anyway after their suspension was over, the principal, who I’ll call Mr. H asks W to allegedly punch anyone he hears swearing and report back to Mr. H. Seeing someone getting punched in the face is a far better impression to visitors than people swearing at each other.

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Your writing never fails to put a smile on my face and brighten my day! Do you think maybe you could write Prompto taking his s/o to Altissia for a romantic evening? Sight seeing, a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, and then at the end of the night they both make a wish on wishing birds. After watching the birds land in the statue's mouth they turn to ask him what he wished for, only to find him waiting on one knee. "To spend the rest of my life with you." <3

Wishing Birds

Prompto x Reader

Prompto was trying his best to act casual. He wasn’t sure if he was succeeding, but you looked like you were having a good time, so he tried to push his insecurities to the back of his mind, ignoring the weight of the small box in his pocket.

“Dinner was amazing,” you beamed up at him, lacing your fingers together. The cool Altissian night welcomed the two of you as you exited the restaurant hand in hand. “I didn’t even know food that delicious existed.”

Prompto chuckled, scratching at the back of his head. “Ignis was actually the one that recommended the place to me. Apparently he ate there the other day and said it would be perfect for the occasion.”

You cocked an eyebrow at him. “What occasion?”

Prompto sputtered. “Oh, uh, nothing. Just…you know, I don’t get to spend much time with you anymore now that Noct has us running errands all over the place. I just wanted to take you out for a night on the town because I love you and I missed you.”

You blushed, nudging him with your elbow. “Nice save, Casanova.”

The two of you walked around for a while, making idle conversation and just enjoying being in each other’s presence. It was true—Noctis had been keeping himself and the others so busy helping people with deliveries, hunts and the like that he hadn’t had a chance to see you in what felt like forever.

Truthfully, it had only been a week or so, but Prompto was convinced that time moved slower when he was away from your side. He still called you every day, wanting to hear your voice before he went to sleep. Sometimes if the guys stayed in a hotel, he’d turn on the television and call you, and you’d flip to whatever he was watching. It was a small way of staying connected, even if you were miles apart.

But now, you were there at his side, holding his hand, with a smile on your face like you didn’t have a care in the world.

You glanced up at him when you noticed him staring. “What is it, Prom?”

Prompto snapped out of it. “Hmm?”

“You’ve been acting strange all evening,” you commented, reaching a hand up to brush the blond hair from his face. “Are you okay?”

“Uh,” he stammered, laughing nervously. “Yeah, I’m alright.”

You eyed him strangely, but dropped the subject. You kept on walking until Prompto spotted something that caught his eye.

“Wishing birds!”

He broke out into a sprint and dragged you along with him. You laughed at his enthusiasm, bringing you over to the booth where a man greeted you.

“Care to make a wish?” he asked, gesturing to the paper birds. “It’s an old Altissian tradition, but if you write your wish down on the wings and it lands in the mouth of the Tidemother, it is said that your wish will come true.”

Prompto turned to you. “Wanna give it a try?”

You tapped your finger against your lip, unable to hide your grin. “Okay.”

You each purchased a bird, and the man operating the booth offered you some pens. Prompto turned his back to you, scribbling this wish away, making sure you didn’t see. You rolled your eyes jovially and did the same, handing the pen back to the vendor as soon as you were done.

“Okay, I’m ready,” you called, as Prompto had just finished writing his down.

“Me too!” he replied, rolling his shoulders back dramatically as if his life was at stake with a single toss. Then he wavered. “Uh, you go first.”

You snorted. “Sure.” You reared your arm back and launched the bird into the air. It landed easily into the statue’s mouth, and you clapped in excitement.

“Looks like my wish is going to come true,” you noted. You then turned to your boyfriend, who looked oddly serious. “Your turn, Prom.”

He glanced at you briefly, and nodded. He took aim, brought his arm back, and the bird was in the air.

It landed at the lip of the statue, teetering at the edge. Prompto held his breath as it wavered, and then finally he exhaled a sigh of relief as it tipped into the statue’s mouth.

You placed your hands on your hips, tilting your head to the side. “Hey Prom,” you began, turning towards him. “What did you wish for—?”

Your words fell away at the sight of Prompto on one knee, holding a small velvet box in one hand. You felt the rest of the world melt away until it was just the two of you under a blanket of stars. You barely noticed the small crowd gathering around you as you fixed your eyes on the love of your life.

“My wish,” he finally said, his voice quiet and unhurried, “was to spend the rest of my life with you.” He opened the box, revealing a beautiful white gold ring. “Will you make my wish a reality?”

You blinked back tears and nodded, unable to wipe the smile from your face. “Yes. Yes of course.”

Prompto rose and slipped the ring on your finger with shaking hands. As soon as it was where it belonged, he dipped down to kiss you, and you heard cheers from all around. You pulled away and buried your face in his chest, your cheeks red from embarrassment.

Some people in the crowd voiced their congratulations, and Prompto kept one arm wrapped around you and waved with the other as people started to dissipate. Once you were finally alone again, you looked up at him and kissed his freckled cheek.

“You know,” you said, looping your arms around his neck. “You never asked me about my wish.”

Prompto chuckled, nuzzling your nose. “What did you wish for, babe?”

You pecked his lips, gazing into his eyes. “That you would finally ask.”

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How would reaper react to his s/o calling him crying?

  • He would wait until no one else around before he would begin to calm you down - no on else could know how soft he was towards you
  • Then he’d tell you to just breathe. Just breathe and listen to the sound of his voice.
  • He’d talk about how you’d see him soon and how he’d give you the biggest hug when he was home and how everything was okay.
  • When you started to calm down, he asked you what happened but you said it would be easier to explain face to face.
  • For the rest of the day, he’d do his best to keep you happy: sending you cute texts, stupid photos or anything he knows will make you smile until he could cheer you up in person.
  • When he was finally home, he’d spoil you in telling you how beautiful you were and how much you meant to him. He’d let you cuddle up to him and this would always lead to you falling asleep on his chest.
  • He was just glad you were okay
I’m All Alone - Stiles Stilinski

Paring: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, violence, smut and cussing 

Word Count: 2,510

Release Date: Mar 11, 2017

*I have to, even if it’s not a request. But If you wanna request one, I’m up for it!* - Admin

You had been transported to a new school, Beacon Hills High. But what you never expected was to be escorted out of school by your crush in the six months you had been here. He took you outside into the parking lot, then rushed you into a blue jeep. You sat in the passenger seat with confusion pushing over you, what the absolute hell was going on? You look over at the boy who had this terrified look across his face, his chocolate hair was damp and his eyes were wide, they too looked the same color as his hair.

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97 with tree bros?

#97 “Are you trying to flirt? Because you’re embarrassing yourself”


Evan Hansen didn’t like being a legal drinker. Being a legal drinker meant that Jared dragged him out to clubs. This meant getting hit on by boys and girls alike and Evan did not like getting hit on.

So that’s how Evan found himself in the corner of the bar, looking around and still nursing the same vodka soda for an hour. But Jared was having none of it, Evan looked like a loser and he was going to help

“Flirt with one person tonight Evan, just one and next time I try to force you to a club I’ll allow a no!” Jared’s proposition didn’t seem too bad. A little bit of awkward flirting and he wouldn’t have to go clubbing next weekend.

Evan glanced around the room, no one seemed to catch his eye. Until he saw a man on the other end of the bar. He had long dark hair and seemed to be dressed all in black. Evan took a shaky breath as he approached the stranger.

“You need something?” The stranger didn’t glance up from his drink. He seemed to be avoiding all eye contact with anyone. He was content with looking at his drink from what Evan gathered.

“Um…yeah.” Evan felt the moisture on his hands. He was nervous, of course he was nervous who wouldn’t be nervous in this situation? “Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?” Oh yeah that’s what you go with Hansen, god you’re so dumb.

The stranger turned his head and gave Evan a weird look. “Are you trying to flirt or something? Cause you’re just embarrassing yourself. Especially with that pickup line.”

“Look I’m sorry.” Evan sighed and sat down beside the long haired. man. “My friend said if I flirted with someone tonight he wouldn’t force me to go clubbing with him next weekend.” Evan shrugged. 

“Whose your friend?” The stranger asked. 

Evan pointed out Jared’s frame and the stranger pinched the bridge of his nose, but a smirk was also evident on his lips. 

“Alright tell you what, you get your friends attention and I’ll fucking plant one on you. Get him off your back.” The stranger’s features seemed more sharp as his face split into a devious smile.

“O-Okay.” Evan pulled out his phone, and ‘accidentally’ texted Jared. He made awkward conversation that seemed out of character just to make Jared worried or wonder what was going on.

Evan glanced back at Jared’s figure to see him looking around. Finally he glanced in the pair’s direction and the stranger, true to his word, smashed his lips into Evan’s. The kiss was wild, frantic even but it was not a terrible kiss.

When the stranger pulled back he sighed. “Hope that keeps your friend off your back.” The stranger downed the rest of his drink.

“I’m Evan Hansen by the way.” Evan stuck his hand out. Evan could feel someone’s eyes boring into the back of his head but he assumed it was Jared and opted out of turning around.

“Connor Murphy.” The stranger, or now Connor introduced. He shook Evan’s hand firmly and ordered two shots of tequila. “You’ve ever been drunk before Hansen?” Connor questioned.

“N-no.” Evan shook his head.

“Then you better get ready for a wild fucking ride.” The devious smirk once again gracing his lips.

(dis)enchanting (chapter 1)

fandom: girl meets world 
ship: riley x lucas 
word count: 2,941
summary: in which lucas friar is invisible and spills all his secrets to an online anonymous best friend, jexica. and riley matthews is the most popular girl in school who feels most comfortable talking to an online cowboy. one night, the homecoming masquerade dance is about to change everything .// or the rucas cinderella story au that no one asked for.
notes: so….i’m starting a multi chaptered fic….let’s see how this goes. i’ve had this idea for a while, so here it is. please enjoy and let me know what you think!!! 

read on ao3 


“Lucas! Lucas! Were you listening to a word I was saying?” Isadora Smackle’s voice is loud and disruptive and it effectively snaps Lucas from his daze, and he focuses his attention back on his best friend, who’s staring at him with a cocked eyebrow and an annoyed look on her face. He grins sheepishly, knowing that he’d been caught.

“No, sorry, Smackle. You were talking about your chemistry class though, right?” Lucas takes a sip of his water, desperately trying to keep his eyes on his friend, and now the brunette girl three tables down from them. He watches Smackle roll her eyes, seemingly knowing exactly where Lucas’ attention was, but she didn’t comment.

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Relationship headcanons for Todoroki and Bakugo with their s/o. Please and thank you!

I hope these are the kind you are looking for!!


If the s/o was cold, would probably throw his jacket on top of them. 9 times out of 10 it covers their head and face, and the s/o has to put it on properly themselves

likes seeing his s/o wearing his clothes because it shows they are his. Same with if they had any of his hero merch

walks them home from school, work, etc… whenever he can

If his s/o has periods, he would be the one to buy them pads and tampons if they asked him too. He would complain the whole time, even though he really doesn’t mind doing so

his s/o is hurt? Well whoever did it, better run before he catches them

isn’t good with his s/o crying. He tries his best though, and typically ends up with him awkwardly hugging them. Eventually he will figure out what works best, but give the boy some time

The s/o was most likely the one to confess first, but if not then the confession probably went something like this, “I fucking like you. I’ll pick you up Saturday at 4, and you better be ready because I’m going to romance the shit out of you,” all the while he’s trying to accidentally cause an explosion from how much his hands were sweating.

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He would spend every lunch with his s/o, and if they made him lunch he would compliment their cooking every time he finished it. If his s/o asks if there was anything they could have done different or anything weird with the food, he would answer them honestly

Forehead kisses for smaller s/o’s are a huge thing, while for taller s/o’s it’d be cheek kisses

S/o has a period? he is the best for cuddles because he is like a human heating pad.

His s/o would use him for if it was too hot, or too cold, which for the most part he already is using his powers for himself because of the weather he wouldn’t mind helping his s/o out too.

He is huge on constant contact with is s/o, from holding hands, his arm around them, to holding them from behind. He just likes to know they are there by his side. So it’s not a big surprise he likes cuddling.

S/O was hurt, he would first comfort them and make sure they are better. Then once he knows they are better, he will go after whoever hurt them.

Spends a lot of time over at his s/o’s place, or at least whenever he can.

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hc's for paladins + alteans with an s/o who just casually walks around the castle in their underwear all the time

This is the dream honestly


-At first he is just lack jawed, stops midstep and head nearly does a full 180 when they walk by

-He thinks that they have to be sleep walking or something so he tries to rush to the rescue! Scoops them up and herds them into the nearest room to offer them his shirt 

-Once he realizes this was their choice he feels 1. like an idiot and 2. wow they look super amazing but please cover up

-Hes not trying to do it to be mean or controlling but he is a traditionalist at heart the sweet boy. He just want’s s/os body to be for him and his eyes only. 

-He manages a compromise where s/o will wear a robe, open when no one else is around and closed when there is someone


-Smol bean just doesn’t even notice, just carries on with her life like normal and asks s/o to continue to hand her tools

-Someone else, probably Keith, is actually the one to ask her how she feels about s/o walking around like that all the time (probably after having several heart attacks when surprised by the semi nudity) and she is just like ‘i did not even realize this was a thing’

-Even then she just shrugs and continues on with her life cause its their body and it does get really hot so whats the big idea? They have all been swimming together and they wore the same amount of coverage?

-Would fight any of her friends who tells s/o that they have to cover up because who are they to tell them what to do?

-In the end seeing her s/o be so confident and uncaring she would probably feel more free to go shirtless when she got over heated or when it was getting in the way of whatever she was working on


-Very similar to Shiro in the whole he gets frozen on the spot and he has to pinch himself to see if he is actually awake and seeing this

-When it is confirmed yes he is awake and this is really happening he has to learn how to talk again but it doesn’t really work cause he still ends up mixing his words together and getting them all switched around to the point s/o doesn’t even know what he is asking

-He gets frustrated and beats his head into a wall ‘Why’ smack ‘are’ smack ‘you’ smack ‘practically naked’ and s/o just shrugs and says it has been feeling stuffy which makes him want to scream cause just turn!on!a!fan!

-In the end he is just more confused than anything else, not angry just thinking that this is an extreme and probably also thinks that they were put up to it as a prank by Lance. When s/o explains to them that this just makes them feel more comfortable he slowly unwinds 

-It takes awhile but he gets use to it cause heck if it makes them happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone then its fine. But he lowkey is watching everyone when s/o is doing this cause if anyone tries anything funny he is more than willing to take them down, friend or not


-He keeps walking by without a second though, too busy stuffing his face with junk food to notice at first but then it clicks in his brain what he just saw. He then comes barreling around the corner, face plants then has to crawl over to s/o choking ‘I have a few questions!’ he manages to wheeze out at last

-At first all of his questions are slightly lewd in nature, mostly hinting that they wore it just to get him in the mood, but in the end his voice gets quiet and serious and he asks if this was actually a plan to make him jealous cause if so it would have succeeded

-S/o just laughs and pinches his cheek and thinks he is so adorably cute. But no he wasn’t really a factor in this choice, okay yes they wanted to see his face and to show off for him but he wasnt the only factor. This is just comfortable and if he enjoys the view its all the better~

-Lance is very torn, more so than any of the others, cause on one hand wow s/o is hot but on the other hand now everyone will experience this first hand and though he brags a lot about dating someone so hot this seems a bit overboard. But it does make s/o happy and they are comfortable with it so maybe hes making a big deal out of nothing? He is a very confused babe

-In the end he decides the best way to combat any potentially wondering eyes is by also walking around in his underwear by wears only the tightest and most eye hurting bright colors he can find cause then he knows all the attention will be on him as his team begs him to put something on to cover up


-He sees them and immediately feels like he is having a heart attack but tries to play it off smooth. He blocks their way and tries to make nervous small talk, completely ignoring any attempt to get past him and keeps asking if they want to go hang out in his room instead but first they could totally stop by their room so they could put something more comfortable on

-S/o sees right through this act though and finds it adorable. They ask him if he is uncomfortable with them walking around like this but says that they aren’t doing it for attention or anything, except of course from him. He continues to act like he hadn’t noticed and, very poorly, puts on a look of surprise and says ‘oh I didn’t even notice!’ 

-Once outed he sheepishly admits that he actually is kind of uncomfortable with it. Its not that he doesn’t think s/o looks amazing or that he doesn’t trust them or his friends but well … he likes the idea that he is the only one who gets to see something like that.

-He doesn’t want to control them or their choices so he gets if they feel he is being too overbearing and promises to work on it but s/o shuts him up with a kiss. They don’t want to do something to make him uncomfortable and tells him that they should have given him a head up

-Hunk feels for the 1000000 time that he is the luckiest person ever to be dating someone so caring but he doesn’t want them to dress a certain way for him. So together they slowly work on the idea taking baby steps until they are both comfortable with the idea

naiceliek  asked:

Headcanon MC is a retired super model known in Europe and the Americas, and rfa's (+saerans If possible) reaction? 💗💗🌸

(AAAAaaah~ I had so much fun with this! I hope you like it~ <333)

-He’s always joked that you should be a model you’re so beautiful
-Of course it was always followed by a comment how he didn’t want anyone else to look at you the way he did
-He was cleaning up the house when he found an old magazine and went to take a flip through it
-He had to pause and blink a few times before his brain could process
-Was that his MC on the cover???
-He runs out to the living room, waving the cover over his head
-”Why didn’t you tell me you used to model???”
-You sigh, you knew he’d find out eventually
-You wave him over to come talk about it
-You explain it’s been a long time and assured him no one was seeing you partially nude but him now
-He asks to see some of your old modelling work and tells you you’ve only gotten more beautiful
-It makes you feel so warm since it feels like people only ever say the opposite after a model retires
-Did he just hear that? How could anyone not think you were beautiful?
-He frowns and tells you, that you may be gorgeous but your heart outshines your looks any day
-How fucking sweet is he???
-He never really brings it up again, but he’s even more delicate with complimenting you in the future
-Of course, he’s so happy only he gets to see you now, but, him? dating a super model?? who would have thought???

-He’s been trying to place your face since the day you both met
-It’s not until he finds an old pinup of his that he puts two and two together
-You’d really changed your look and, it’s not like he expected it??
-You both are really able to bond over the experience
-Especially because Zen understands the hardships behind how different people will treat you
-You both talk about how hard it is to try and find people who don’t just like you for your looks or your fame
-It was nice having someone you knew wasn’t judging you for anything superficial 
-You both spent the next hour complimenting each other on things you both only knew about one another
-You signed his pinup for him as well
-He definitely put that somewhere special to bring out on your wedding day
-You both end up doing a little photoshoot together
-It’s actually the most adorable thing
-Of course it was Zen’s idea to do a “couples” shoot together
-You didn’t really take to the idea right away
-But it ended up being so much fun since it was with him
-You both hardly took eyes off one another
-This became something you both did yearly for your anniversary

-You both were out for coffee one evening when someone approached you
-It was absolutely embarrassed and it’d been years since anyone had recognized you
-Jaehee watched in awe as she saw the fan come and go, she’d only even experienced this sort of thing when out with Zen
-She tried her best to not pry but you knew you were caught red handed now
-You explained everything to her and even pulled up a few pictures on your phone
-The light shade of pink across her cheeks was adorable
-Of course she asks if she could see more
-You may just have gained a new leader of your online fan group
-You joke about doing a private modelling session for her
-But she ends up asking if you could teach her 
-She totally wants to take hot cute pictures for you too
-You both spend an evening dressing up around the house and drinking wine
-You may have even sent a few less then safe pictures in the chatroom of you two
-You come home a few weeks later to a note and a special picture of Jaehee just for you~ 

-He always knew you were breathtaking from the moment he saw you
-He loves dressing you up just for him, somedays he can’t stand the idea of anyone else setting eyes on you
-He’s put you in one of his favourite outfits as you’re both headed to dinner with his father who’s yet to meet you
-Of course he knows who you are
-He’s an old man and we all know his tastes
-Jumin almost grabs your wrist and drags you out of there top speed when he sees the way his dad is looking at you
-He excuses himself from the table and asks to speak with you
-You explain you used to model and you can almost see the anger in Jumin’s eyes that other men have laid eyes on you 
-Even though you reassure him it was quite awhile ago, it rubs him the wrong way
-It doesn’t take him long to ask to see some of the pictures 
-He can’t help but think you look gorgeous
-Oh no he recognizes the one that Zen has 
-Luckily he doesn’t put where he’s seen it before together 
-He tells you how much gorgeous you’ve gotten and how he’s glad no one ever has gotten to see you how you are now
-He definitely left marks all over you that night

-Of course he found the pictures during the background check
-He honestly was waiting for the perfect moment to send an old picture of you in the chat 
-But after awhile liked being the only one who knew about them
-You didn’t know he knew until you catch sight of a folder on his computer
-”MC Model photos-do not open
-You frown and exclaim loudly about how he knew this whole time
-And worse he had saved every picture he could find???
-He just laughs and says it was research materiel
-He can see you’re upset so he pulls you between his legs as he sits on his chair and pulls you into a big hug, nuzzling into your chest
-”You’re much more beautiful now, and now, you’re miiiiiiine”
-You can’t help but smile and roll your eyes 
-He chuckles and says how you wish you could pull off a maid outfit like him 
-You both definitely get dressed up and hound the chat about who’s prettier
-Was there any question that they’d side with you?
-Though…Zen seemed to have missed the memo again
-Once again calling dear Saeyoung a hot maid

-Saeyoung was definitely the one who first showed him the pictures of you
-Teased him with “I have sexy pictures of MC you’ve never seen~”
-You can imagine the confusion and slight annoyance mixed with some jealousy on his face
-Little did he know, not just Saeyoung, but lots of other people had seen these pictures
-When you get home he immediately asks why Saeyoung has these pictures
-Now you’re confused as well lol
-You blush and get incredibly embarrassed when you find out they’re your modelling photos
-This poor boy is only more confused to why you’re so flustered
-You explain it to him and you can still see the annoyance 
-”But I’m the only one who get to see you like that now, right? No one else?”
-You reassure him and give him some lovely kisses
-Casually will flip through magazines now and again to see if there are any old pictures of you slotted in anywhere
-He totally blushes if there is one
-Kinda wants to run around the stores and tell people thats his s/o right there
-After a few days weeks he asks Saeyoung for the pictures
-I’m sure you can imagine the smug grin on Saeyoung’s face
-And the grumpy one on Saeran’s
-You end up taking a few ~special~ new pictures just for Saeran
-He feels so special to have them and keeps them close to him

thezerogomez13  asked:

How would Hanzo, Genji, Jesse, and Gabriel react upon finding out that their s/o used to be a very talented ballet dancer and they walk in on them practicing one day.


  • He’s in reverent awe
    • His jaw snapping close as he noticed you were staring
    • He immediately compliments you
  • He’ll ask why you never told him you danced
    • You don’t know
    • Just kinda of stopped doing it
    • and it never came up
  • He would love to see you dance some more
    • just the two of you


  • He feels himself fall deeper in love
    • Completely enamoured with your graceful limbs
    • The way you twirl and extend
  • “ Utsukushii,” he murmurs and you realize he’s there
    • Blush on your face
    • “I’m a little out of practice,” you say looking away
    • He pulls you close
    • “You were beautiful,” he says
  • When you blush
    • He’ll kiss your cheek


  • He’s flabbergasted
    • Just completely out of words
    • He couldn’t describe how graceful you looked
  • You get a little self-conscious with him staring
    • Curling in yourself
  • He immediately reassures you
    • “You were just too beautiful, darlin’.”
    • Rubbing his hands over your arms
    • Praising you until you’re a blushing mess


  • He immediately flirts with you
    • The second he sees you
    • “I see why you’re so good with your legs.”
    • You scowl at him and he just laughs
    • “It’s true”
  • Seriously though
    • He finds you’re a beautiful dancer
    • Asking why you don’t more often
  • Just got a little whimsical today
    • Wanted to dance again
Colors/Soulmate Renjun

Genre: -

Request: Can i get a Renjun colourblind soul mate Au ?

can i request the soulmate thing but with renjun?

So I was intrested in your soulmate stories and would like to request one for renjun Thank youuuu ^^

Hey! I would have a request for your soulmate stories! Could you write one for Renjun?

A/N: happy birthday to this angel & im happy he’s getting so much love?? haha yay i actually did this concept with Mark’s and it was really fun, hope you enjoy reading!


“They resemble the color of chocolate, the cocoa brown strands shining brightly, with a few streaks of caramel-like strands popping from beneath.”

You nodded your head in excitement as your eyes glued to your mother’s mouth, anticipating what she was going to describe next. The woman in front of you reached her hand out and held your small palm in hers, which was huge in size as compared to yours. You smiled innocently at her, and asked with excitement, “Mommy! Describe more! I want to know what other colors there are”

Pink, orange, blue and green. All the colors you wanted to see but couldn’t at all, not until you met your soulmate.

As a child you had always been curious, as you’d beg your mother to describe all the colors she is able to see, as you let your imagination run wild. You were told that your cheeks were of a rosy pink color-a light and calming shade that many loved. Your mother had also told you that your eyes were of a light brown shade, as your rather pale and fair skin made you look even more lovable.

Your mother looked around, then picked up the small rose lying in a vase from the table. Pointing it to you, she smiled and waved, “This is red,”

You nodded your head once again, as you mouthed out the word in fascination, “Red”

She gave a small smile, then continued,“,red is normally seen as a symbol of love and romance. That’s why daddy got me this red rose, do you understand?”

The 8 year old you stared at her in confusion as you furrowed your eyebrows together,“Romance? What is that?”

She smiled and chuckled, then pat your head, “It’s something that happens when you meet your soulmate, you’ll understand later on”

Without saying much, you simply nodded your head and smiled, “Thank you mommy!”


You couldn’t remember exactly when you started to see those, but recently you had been seeing lighter shades of white and colors, but they would only last for a while.

In just a split second you were faced with many different bright and outstanding shades of colors, making it seem more vibrant as compared ti the black&white vision you had been having since you were born. But weird thing was, this sudden outbursts of colors did not last long. Everything would be back to the monotone two colors that you were so familiar with in just a few seconds, and moments later you’d be face by the same highlights again.

You were confused and scared at the same time- what if something was happening to your soulmate? What was going to happen from there?

Coincidentally, all these strted after you met him.

Although y'all had never once met up before, you could tell that he was a genuinely nice person, and was always there for you no matter what.

You came upon one of his song covers on the internet. Although he didn’t show his face, his angelic voice managed to capture your attention and next thing you knew, the both of you were constantly messaging and chatting with each other, as y'all seemed to immediately ‘click’.

One problem though-he lived far away from where you did, coming all the way from China. You cherished him as a friend and it broke your heart to know that there was a possibility that the both of you would ever get the chance to meet.

How’s your day going Y/N ah? -renjun ☆

I’m still seeing these random colors, is this normal omg? have you experienced this before -you

Maybe you’re just going to meet your soulmate soon? and nah, i haven’t met mine yet, everything’s still black and white for me –renjun ☆

they’d be so lucky though, being able to be yours -you

yours would be luckier -renjun ☆

Your heart almost stopped as you felt yourself blushing, you couldn’t be possibly falling for someone whom you’ve never met before, when you already have a soulmate right?


Three months passed but still no one, especially your soulmate, was appearing. You still had the random color ‘strikes’ occuring from time to time everyday, and it only made you more afraid and nervous.

Yet another thing that made you afraid, just last month Renjun had called you frantically telling you that he had seen a few colors that day too, and was similar to what you were experiencing.

He was going to meet his soulmate too and probably stop spending as much time chatting and calling you online. You knew he wasn’t the type to abandon his friends, but you still felt uncertain and part of you wanted to be his soulmate so badly.

You love him.

remember 7pm!! i have great news to tell you -renjun ☆

okay junjun, woah what’s so great? -you

don’t call me that >:-( you’ll know later hehe -renjun ☆

It wasn’t the first time the both of you were going to video call each other, and the first time the both of you did, you were stunned by his beauty and sharp features. The cute and small little smile he’d give when he was giggling melt your heart and for some reason, you could always see a little color whenever you were video calling him, but did not think much about it, assuming that it was part of the random colors you face.

You let your hair fall perfectly on your shoulders, as you looked at the reflection of yourself one last time before accepting his call. You were faced by his comforting smile and soft eyes, as they immediately brightened as soon as he saw you on the screen. He gave a small wave to you, as his mouth formed a small ‘o’, “i can actually see a light shade of colors now wow, anyways you’re looking pretty like always.”

Your cheeks turned slight warmer, as you shook your head and laughed, “don’t be like this renjun- anyways, what was it that you were so excited to share?”

Renjun’s cheeky smile shined brightly on your laptop screen, as he asked you to close your eyes. Listening to his orders, you waited for him to signal you to open them again patiently, as you heard the shuffling through your speakers, followed by his calming voice “Okay, open them now”

You squinted your eyes to read the small slip of paper he held in his hands in front of the camera and you screamed loudly- it was an air ticket to your country. Renjun laughed at your reaction, as he paused to continue, “also, my parents are planning to migrate there. We can finally meet up and spend time together!”

You were so happy you were at the verge of crying, as you jumped excitedly around your room with Renjun giggling at you-it was something you had never expected to happen.


You clasped your sweaty palms together nervously as you waited excitedly in your seat, your eyes checking the numerical digits on the big screen once every few seconds.

Today was the day you were finally going to meet him, your online best friend for more than a year now. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

At the same time, he colors you were seeing had been more defined and of more gradient lately, and they seemed to last longer than usual, was this a sign?

A big group of people emerged from behind the gate, as your eyes darted around the crowd to find that one person you were only looking for.

The young boy looked around confused as he knitted his eyebrows together, also only looking out for that one person.

You saw him, and you immediately shouted out, “Renjun ah!”

The boy turned and his blank and confused expression turned into a bright and happy one, as he made his way running to you, engulfing you into a big hug.

You looked into his eyes, and if felt much different as compared to when you were looking at him through the screen. Almost immediately, you noticed how the light pink color of his lips become darker and that you could see clearly the brown orbs of his eyes-something you couldn’t see ever before.

Everything around you seemed more lively and vibrant, as the colors slowly seemed to take their place. Renjun noticed too, as he grabbed your hand, “This is actually happening right?”

Already tearing up, you nodded your head as you hugged him again, this time the colors did not fade away once, even after a long solid one hour.

He was your soulmate.


“Why do you need so many of these plush toys, you’re 17 this year babe” you called out to him, as you help arrange his big collection of his moomin characters from the big box. Renjun gave a small scoff, then rebutted, “I love moomin shush, just help me in arranging that and we’ll be done for today”

You wiped of the perspiration on your forehead, before plopping down on his bed, lazily calling out to him, “You have so many things to unpack because you’ll be living here permanently from now on, are you sure you can finish doing everything”

Renjun flashed you his angelic smile, then nodded his head, “Yes i will, for now let’s go grab lunch shall me?” As he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of bed.

He then stopped and scurried to his backpack. You looked at him confused, but all he did was let out a smal giggle.

He pulled out a red rose from his bag, then held it out to you, “I saw this at the flower shop just now and i thought of you, i love you”

“red is normally seen as a symbol for love and romance,”

You blushed as you brought your lips to his cheeks, “i love you too”


this is so bad im sorry ;-;

kazumirina  asked:

Can I ask for the boys to react to their s/o jumping out of a window because they were embarrassed by something (you can decide!)


  • His S/O was at Leblanc to visit him one day, and they asked for Akira to make them a cup of coffee
  • They enjoy it so much that they accidentally tilt the mug enough for it to spill on them
  • They’re so red, and in a panic, go to the closest window and open it up, jumping out
  • They break the pots that Sojiro has laying out
  • Akira quickly rushes out through the door, helping them up and with the mess they made 
  • S/O is even more embarassed, but Akira tries to calm them down and tell them that mitsakes happen, and this won’t affect anything.


  • In a relationship with Ryuji, he’s usually the one doing embarassing things
  • And this was one of those times 
  • He probably said something personal out loud, and his S/O’s face went beat red 
  • The only thing they could think of doing was jumping out the window to run from embarassment
  • Ryuji freaks out, thinking they might’ve gotten hurt or something 
  • They didn’t, explaining while blushing that Ryuji shouldn’t have said that out loud
  • Ryuji apologizes profusely, saying he won’t do it again (he will)


  • The only way I could see a S/O being embarassed around Yusuke would be if they were very timid 
  • His S/O would be very easily embarassed, but this one time, they were extremely embarassed 
  • Yusuke asks if he could paint them nude, since it didn’t work with Ann
  • S/O is at first confused, but then Yusuke makes it worse by complimenting them and saying everyone should be how beautiful their body is
  • They’re instantly out that window. They are not letting Yusuke paint them naked 
  • Yusuke is then confused himself, and his S/O explains that their body is not something they want public
  • It takes him a little to get it, but he listens, whatever his S/O wants, he wants 


  • Goro and his S/O’s relationship would be kept private
  • However, the one time they are together in public, there’s that one guy, asking if they’re dating 
  • S/O isn’t sure how to answer, and instead just tries to get away, which leads to them jumping out a window
  • Goro tries his best to remain calm, and excuse himself, but once he’s out of the public eye, he freaks out 
  • Once he finds his S/O again, he yells at them, asking what the hell they were thinking, what if they got hurt?
  • His S/O keeps spitting out sorries, to the point that Goro feels bad 
  • He tells them that they’ll be more careful in public next time, so something like this doesn’t happen again