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(I think I'd ask another ask cause the last one was dumb) How would the face family react to their s/o getting slapped by a family member?

Ooh. Good ask. Sad, but good.  I hope you enjoy this. Or…well. Don’t get too many feels.~ Admin Sarah and Jay

France: “Who do you think you are?!”
Francis is a bit older than everyone else, so he naturally very protective, but when it comes to his s/o, he’d be very protective over them. Yet seeing them be hit by their own family?..Francis sees family as one of the most important things in the world. How dare they hit someone else. That’s not what family does. He’d quickly stand in front of his s/o with his chest out and a stern look on both his face and in his eyes. After staring down the family member for a moment, he’d gently take his s/o’s hand and guide them out of the house, looking them over and making sure they’re okay. He’d soon take them to his home before holding them throughout the night.

America: “Hey! Not cool! You don’t just abuse family!
Alfred would not tolerate that behavior, especially not from family. He believes family must stick together no matter what, but sometimes friends make better family than blood family. He would pull his s/o close and glare at their family before taking them home and away from them. That just was not cool in his book, he wouldn’t be able to look their family in the eye after that. Alfred would want his s/o to get away from their family since hitting someone like that is rarely a one time occurrence.

Canada: “W-what are you doing…!?”
Matthew is very quiet, as many know, and typically is a bit of a pushover, but as he sees someone, especially family, lay a hand on his s/o, his eyes would widen before he gently takes his s/o’s hand and pulls them against his chest, gently cupping their cheek in front of the family member and whispering to them, making sure they’re okay. Without ever looking back, he’d gently guide them out of the house and bring them to his, where they’d be safe and taken care of.

England: “I’m…I’m appalled at the behavior here…”
Arthur would be speechless almost. His eyes would be wide before his cheeks would puff out and his eyes would narrow. That is not alright in his book, nor should it be in anyone’s book. Hitting someone does not improve or change anything, it just drives a wedge in the relationship! He would hold his s/o’s hand and guide them behind him as he starts to tell off his s/o’s family, before swiftly taking them home. He would offer to have them stay with him, as long as they can tolerate his brothers.  

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Headcanons for mcree/gengi/hanzo/reaper reacting to their s/o asking to sit on their lap

I just need all these men to sit in a row so I can lay on all of their laps, okay.


  • Uh, YES
  • His s/o probably wouldn’t even have to ask he would already have them on his lap or be in the process of pulling them to him
  • His s/o cannot walk past him while he’s sitting without an arm snaking around their waist and getting pulled to him
  • On the rare occasion that his s/o does ask though he’ll grin like a fool
    • If his s/o is blushing as they do it he is 10x happier
  • Will put everything aside (paperwork, food, ANYTHING) to make room for his s/o
  • He’ll pull them right against his chest, squeezing them and inhaling deeply
  • Once on his lap there is little chance they will be leaving anytime soon


  • A little self conscious about having his s/o sit on his lap
    • His body is pretty solid, so wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for them?
    • Will need some convincing to let it happen
  • Isn’t sure if it’s a sensual thing or sexual
    • In his younger days he would pull women onto his lap in the clubs because it made them giggle and he could feel them up easier (he was a playboy after all!)
    • But now with his s/o it’s more than physical so he’s not sure what to expect
  • Isn’t clear on where to put his hands–waist, back, hips, thighs???  
  • His s/o will have to take the lead and place his hands somewhere
    • One hand wrapped around their back and resting on their hip, the other doing whatever Genji wants
    • Hair stroking, resting on the thigh, running over their arms, etc.
  • Will be asking if they’re uncomfortable for a while until they nuzzle into his neck and pull him close
  • He’ll be glad they can’t see his face, because he’s a blushing mess
  • Once comfortable with it he’ll fall back into the playboy days and get flirty
    • His hands will glide over places they probably shouldn’t in public, but only when nobody is looking
  • LOVES to make his s/o blush or laugh
  • Will tickle them a bit


  • Wouldn’t reply right away when his s/o asks
    • He’s not one for PDA or large physical gestures, so he isn’t sure how to answer
    • He’s not saying no, he’s just trying to sort through his emotions because he would love to be close with his s/o like that
  • But he remembers seeing Genji do it all the time with his dates, and so casually too, but that’s his only real example of it
    • Does he have to be as handsy as his brother?  He’s nervous others will look down on the display
    • Remembers what others would say about Genji’s carefree attitude as well as some of the nasty things they said about his dates and doesn’t want anyone saying that about his s/o
  • It’s a no-go publicly.  Privately though???
  • He’ll have his s/o in his lap during some downtime
  • If he’s reading in his room he’s more than happy to have them there reading or doing something quietly as well
  • He’s grateful his s/o asked though he wouldn’t necessarily say that out loud
  • Those moments have become some of his most treasured


  • Prefall he would be pulling his s/o into his lap just like McCree
  • Isn’t scared of ruining a tough guy attitude by giving some affection to the love of his life
  • Would love to make them ask though, purposely going out of his way to make it difficult to sit on his lap until they are forced to request it
  • Whispers sweet-nothings in his s/o’s ear
  • After the fall he would never offer it up like he used to
  • It wouldn’t really occur to him until he and his s/o are alone and he’s going over some potential Talon targets and plans when his s/o asks
  • He’ll wish his mask was on because his eyes widen as he looks at them
  • Will slowly nod and open his arms up
  • When his s/o is in his lap, cuddled up, he’ll actually blush
  • He’d forgotten the feeling of having someone close like that
  • Having their weight on him, their body heat and scent surrounding him
  • It gets hard for him to focus on work and eventually he’ll shove the papers away and start to do what he used to
  • Whispering sweet nothings, and sometimes something dirty to rile his s/o up
  • Runs his fingers through their hair or over their face
  • Peppered kisses along the jaw
Reluctant Reconciliation

Summary: Being Sam Winchester’s Omega was wonderful… when he was actually there. Yes, he was kind and loving, but he’d spend weeks away from you, only stopping by when he needed to. Two years of living on the outskirts of Sam’s life is starting to take its toll.
: Alpha!SamxOmega!Reader
: 4704 (whoa)
: A/B/O Dynamics. Pining (is that a warning?). Talk of sex. 
AN: The long awaited sequel for Reluctant Rejection!!! There will be a third part. I promise you, it will be a lot shorter than this… this one got out of hand  XD
Anywhooo, hope you enjoy it! I have some worries that I may have waffled, but @skybinx-blog assures me otherwise…
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

Reluctant Rejection


The damn thermos was the only thing that was still the same.

After you’d made Sam leave, you’d spent the best part of two weeks just living on the couch. You’d had no energy to drag yourself far, and the sofa put you equidistant to the fridge and the bathroom, meaning you didn’t really have much need to move. With shaking limbs, you’d decided that enough was enough. You had to keep living your life, and that meant moving on from your Alpha, even if he had been your true mate.

So, you fell into a routine to try and keep you grounded. Wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat. Unfortunately, you had no idea if it would have worked, because it didn’t take long for your heat to hit once again. This time there was no Sam walking through your door to comfort you, no Sam to wrap his arms around you and hold you close, no Sam to show you how much he loved you.

You’d never felt agony like it. Sure, heats had always sucked ass, but what you experienced was far beyond any pain they’d caused you before you’d met Sam. There was no need to seek out an explanation for it, though. You knew it was because your whole being was craving your Alpha.

What you also realised during this time was that Sam’s scent was saturated into every part of your house. Sure, it might have been vaguely faded, but it was there, and in your sensitive state you’d torn up a large part of your home in an effort to seek it out, desperate for something more substantial than a weak scent clinging to your mattress. Once you were over the worst of it, you started on your next endeavour to move on.

You gutted your house.

There was no way you wanted to suffer like you had during your last heat, and so you did what you had to. All things that you knew you would never rid of Sam’s warm smell was to be tossed out. Your mattress and all your bedding went first, quickly followed by your sofa and curtains, and then the carpets. Even the doormat that Sam himself had bought you got tossed out, only pausing briefly to look at the strange pentagram that you spotted on its underside, painted on in a colour that was just off from the mat’s colour. Unnerved slightly with this discovery, you pressed on.

Everything that you kept went through a serious cleaning. No surface went un-scrubbed, and you painstakingly re-varnished all the wooden surfaces.

Not to mention you decided that, with new furniture and a new life, you would rearrange everything and have a new layout. This brought to surface the second thing that unnerved you… the little fabric pouches that started popping up in random places.

Regardless, you persevered, and soon it looked as though you’d moved into a new house.

Except for the goddamn thermos.

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Imagine Teasing Tom in an Interview

“No WAY!” Tom exclaimed, his voice getting high pitched and making you throw your head back in laughter, “Spiderman is WAY cooler than Batman!” he defended his superhero persona as the interviewer smiled nervously, “I’m just a bigger fan of batman that’s all,” the interviewer says nervously as you and Tom gasp in shock, “How dare you sir!” You mock offense, a hand over your heart as Tom laughs slightly, “Spidey is the!” you exclaim as Tom snorts, “The” he asks, a weirded out look on his face as you give him an amused smirk, “Yeah,” you say, “Do they not have that term in England?” you ask jokingly as Tom rolls his eyes, “We DO,” he defends, “But only the non-cool people say it.” he says sassily, crossing his arms across his chest as you glare playfully, both of you forgetting about the interview, “Are you saying you’re cool?” you ask playfully as Tom smirks, “I am cool.” he declares, pretending to dust dirt of his shoulder as you scoff, “Only non-cool people say they’re cool!” you exclaim, lifting yourself up off your seat and lifting yiur chin up as Tom glares, “So you’re saying Spiderman isn’t cool?” he asks, knowing he’s got you trapped. You freeze, contemplating before sighing in defeat, “Spiderman is the coolest person in the entire world.” you decide as Tom smiles smugly at the interviewer, “And that actor that plays him is so hot!” you declare, making Tom’s eyes widen in surprise as his cheeks flush, “O-oh yeah?” he asks you, trying to smile through his embarrassment as you nod at the interviewer vigorously, “Yeah, he’s so cute and talented!” you go on as Tom’s smile grows, thinking you’re boosting his ego as you continue, “Whenever I see him I just can’t control my overies!” you try to say with a straight face before you and Tom burst into giggles and you struggle to go on, “Yeah he’s one attractive british son of a bitch.” you say as Tom smiles at you with admiration, “Yeah he’s BY FAR the best Spiderman.” you finish as Tom gushes at you, “I sure do love Andrew Garfield.” you declare, bursting into laughter as Tom’s smile falls and he gives you a glare. The i interviewer joins in on your laughter and stare at Tom’s bewildered face as he stares at you with a shocked glare. Eventually your laughter dies down and you look over to see Tom pouting like the little kid he truly is. You lean over and plant a drmatic kiss on his cheek to show your affection. He can’t help but the gigantic smile that moves across his face as you pull away, his cheeks pink as you return the smile to him. “Thanks babe.” he says cheekily as you roll your eyes, giving him a playful shove and accidentally making his chair topple over, causing you to laugh at his expression after seeing he wasnt hurt. He joins in on your’s and the interviewers laughter as you decide that this was by far the best interview you’d had with anyone ever.

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Hc that Natori literally never stops talking about Natsume on the set.

His directors and co-actors and actresses are all just…so sick of hearing about “Takashi-kun.”

Every other sentence that comes out of Natori’s mouth is “Takashi this” and “Takashi that”.

It’s easy to see that Natori completely adores this mysterious “Takashi-kun”, and at first everyone thinks he must be Natori’s s/o.

(The number rumours that sparks is kind of terrifying. Natori can’t for the life of him understand why so many of his male co-workers are suddenly being extra friendly with him.)

But when someone asks him about it one day, the look of utter disgust that passes Natori’s face is shocking.

“He’s 15,” Natori grinds out with a grimace, and the other person hurries to apologize for making assumptions.

After that, the rumours change from “Natori Shuuichi is gay” to “Natori Shuuichi has the biggest little brother complex and it’s the cutest thing ever.”

The number of girls throwing themselves at Natori increases tenfold.

(“A man who cares so much about his family is just the most attractive thing ever,” they sigh dreamily to each other.)

And then, one day, the schools are out for summer vacation, and Natori is absolutely beaming when he arrives on set, followed by a teenager sticking so close to his side that they’re almost tripping over each other’s feet.

The teenager is hugging an ugly cat to his chest, and looking around at everyone warily.

He’s absolutely gorgeous, all lean limbs and soft features. His hair is a stunning silver, and his eyes are only a few shades darker.

He smiles faintly at something Natori says - a smile that could make flowers bloom.

And everyone immediately knows that this is the “Takashi-kun” they’ve heard so much about.

And okay yeah, they can totally understand why Natori talks about him so much. He’s the kind of kid that everyone wants to protect, the kind of kid that you would do anything to make him smile.

(There’s a brief moment of confusion when everyone addresses him as “Natori-chan”.

“To differentiate between you and your big brother,” they explain, thinking his confusion stems from the honorific, and not from the name.

Natsume isn’t sure what to say, but when he sees that Natori-san doesn’t seem too bothered at the misunderstanding, just chuckles and tells them to “back off and give Takashi-kun some room;” Natsume decides to just let it slide.

It’s kind of nice, he thinks, to have an older brother figure.

He gets so used to being addressed as Natori, that when he returns to school two weeks later, he’s almost startled to be called by his real name.)

Crazy In Love

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Reader catches the eye of a curious Poe Dameron.

Warnings: NSFW, Oral smut, Unprotected Smut (please use protection though aghh), cursing

A/N: This is inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey version of Crazy in Love by Beyoncé. Yes, I know shame on me for these thoughts.

I do not own anything!!!

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I like the interesting new face design you gave Genji. If I am to be honest I still like the old lower jaw design but still. :) Good stuff! If I may ask, what caused you to draw that face that way? Is it because of the mask details on his Blackwatch skin?

i’m amazed you noticed, thank you!! Thought I’d give it a redesign. Don’t worry I’m a lil attached to my old one too ;o; But yes its def because of the mask details on his Blackwatch skin! 

I’m not too sure if I’m satisfied with this new current design I’ve done yet.. we’ll see. 

Game Day

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2263

Authors Note: I wanted to make a Stiles imagine for @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski‘s Lacrosse Week, so here it is! I hope you guys enjoy. I want to thank @dylanobsessed for editing it for me! 

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Could you do like the Panthom Thieves S/O being their childhood friend (how they met, and how their feelings develop)? Thanks i love your blog, you're amazing!!

suayhxjkhch No, thank YOU for being such an amazing sweetheart!! This is gonna be a long one lol. Anyway, thank you for the request! Please enjoy!

SPOILERS AHEAD. There is also mention of abuse. Please read at your own discretion.


  • Akira was the same way as a child as he is now; quiet, reckless, and very courageous.
  • Unfortunately, he didn’t have many friends. His quiet and analytical demeanor appeared as ‘weird’ to the other kids; as a result, he became a loner.
  • One day during recess, he witnessed a student being bullied by three others.
  • Akira interfered immediately; he knew he wasn’t a match for them but he couldn’t just watch, either.
  • Two of the bullies took their aggression out on him instead, while the other was holding the victim back; they struggled and begged the thugs to leave Akira alone.
  • Once they left, Akira was on the ground, and the victim helped him stand on his feet. “Thank you for standing up for me. I’m sorry that I wasn’t strong enough to do anything for you… um…”
  • “Akira,” he spoke gently.
  • “Akira,” they repeated. He thought his name sounded nice coming from them. “My name is S/O. Can we be friends?”
  • He smiled and nodded. “Sounds good to me.”
  • From then on, the two were inseparable. They did almost everything together: skateboarding, sharing lunches, and attending festivities. 
  • Their feelings even blossomed together; by the time they reached their first year of high school, they were already in love and dating.
  • Akira fell for S/O’s warmth and boldness, and S/O with Akira’s quiet determination and independence. 
  • He ended the relationship the day of his arrest; he didn’t want them to receive backlash from dating a criminal, and he didn’t want them to become a target. S/O put up a fight, but Akira proceeded to block their number and delete any trace of them.
  • The only trace of them that remained was the impact they left on his heart.
  • They encountered each other in Tokyo during a holiday, and after a bit of fighting, Akira kissed S/O and whispered, “I missed you so much.”
  • Their relationship continued where it had left off, and they fell in love all over again.


  • Ryuji and S/O met in elementary school by being assigned as partners for a project, and they butted heads throughout the ordeal; he’d get enraged by their smarty-pants, know-it-all attitude, and S/O got irritated with his laziness and ignorance. 
  • They often wrestled and stuck their tongues out at each other, and they scoffed whenever adults said that the two were like a married couple.
  • One day after school, S/O bought some ramen in celebration of not seeing Ryuji all day, but then they came across an isolated alleyway that echoed with sobs.
  • Curious, S/O checked it out and discovered Ryuji balled up with his face in his legs, and his shoulders were heaving.
  • The awkwardness was unsettling as S/O asked, “What’s the matter with you?”
  • Ryuji glanced up to reveal a face covered in bruises. His surprised expression had turned into one of annoyance. “Dammit, it just had to be you. Just leave me alone.”
  • S/O’s initial shock upon seeing his battered face had morphed into frustration. “Don’t be stupid, you need help!”
  • “What’re you gonna do?! Dad’s gonna keep hurting me no matter what! Go away!”
  • S/O was silent as they planted themself right next to Ryuji. They extended their ramen to him. “Eat it.”
  • He nearly flung it out their hands as he yelled, “I toldja to go a-!”
  • Ryuji was interrupted by the ramen that was shoved in his mouth. “It’ll make you feel better, now shut up and eat,” S/O demanded.
  • He begrudgingly did as he was told, and S/O never left his side until it was evening. Ryuji was embarrassed when he thanked them the following day, and from then on they became close friends. 
  • They’d have weekly ramen hangouts, and it hastily grew to be Ryuji’s favorite food. 
  • He asked S/O out in high school pre-Phantom Thieves, when he realized just how much he hated the thought of them dating anyone else. To his surprise, S/O accepted.


  • Ann and S/O had known each other since birth; their parents were close friends and they worked together in the American fashion industry.
  • The kids clicked instantly; since Ann’s parents were always traveling, she’d be dropped off at S/O’s house and they’d bond over the sweets Ann’s parents had left her.
  • The two were always hugging and playing games together, with a carton of cookies always within their proximity.
  • Unfortunately, Ann’s parents’ work forced the family to move overseas, so the two friends had to be separated when they were only in middle school.
  • Ann quickly became self-conscious of how different she looked from everyone else in Japan, and she constantly called S/O for consolation.
  • “Ann, you’re more than your looks. It’s their loss for missing out on such an incredible person because they can’t see past the physical. Take pride in your beautiful heart.”
  • “Y-yeah… thanks, S/O. You really are my best friend.”
  • The two called each other nearly every day; they’d talk about their day, joke around, and discuss all the things they were going to do when they met again. 
  • Ann became a famous supermodel during college, and it eventually led her back to America.
  • The first thing she did was visit S/O. Except seeing them this time felt… different. Ann would blush and find herself at a loss for what to say.
  • S/O asked Ann to be their girlfriend that day, and it was then she realized that what she felt before was romantic.
  • Ann accepted rather aggressively, causing S/O to laugh and abruptly kiss her.
  • They had been waiting to do that for a very long time.


  • S/O had been accepted as Madarame’s pupil in their first year of middle school, after they won first place in an art contest.
  • Their parents had a nasty divorce and they didn’t want anything to do with S/O, so Madarame accepted custody over them.
  • They were already acquainted with Yusuke, but they weren’t close until he heard them weeping in bed one night. He didn’t know what to do other than trudge over to S/O and awkwardly lay in bed with them.
  • “Th-there, there,” he said, patting their shoulder.
  • S/O turned to face him and implored, “What are you doing?”
  • “I-I thought this would comfort you. S-sorry.” He began to leave the bed when S/O halted him by gripping his arm.
  • “Please don’t go.”
  • Yusuke stared at them for a moment and complied. “Y-yes.” S/O snuggled up next to him, and his heart skipped a beat.
  • The two were good friends after that, and they always went to school together. S/O usually stayed after to hang out with their friends while Yusuke simply went home, eager to paint.
  • One day, S/O brought their friends inside the shack because they needed to retrieve some of their belongings. While they were gone, their friends glanced at Yusuke and loudly whispered, “I can’t believe S/O lives with that freak. It must be so tough.”
  • Little did they know that S/O was standing in the doorway, seething at their every word. “He’s a better person than any of you. Get out,” they demanded.
  • Yusuke and S/O were best friends now. They’d always paint together and go for walks, returning with their favorite ice cream in hand.
  • Right before starting high school, S/O decided to move out because they couldn’t tolerate Madarame’s plagiarism any longer. They extended their offer to Yusuke but he refused, stating that he owes Madarame his life.
  • They got into a fight; S/O wanted to protect Yusuke from the art theft, but he defended Madarame and told S/O that he couldn’t wait until they left.
  • “Good-bye, Yusuke,” S/O said softly on moving day. He didn’t even glance at them, but he dropped his face in his hands the second he heard the front door shut.
  • The two often passed by each other in school, and Yusuke gave S/O the cold shoulder the first and only time they tried to approach him.
  • A year passed, and on the evening of Madarame’s confession, he saw S/O standing outside the desolate shack. He took a deep breath and approached them. They gazed at each other for a while, seemingly conversing with their eyes.
  • Yusuke spoke first, his voice heavy with guilt. “I…”
  • S/O nodded. “I know… I’ve missed you.”
  • He didn’t know why, but his heart fluttered upon hearing those words. “Yes… I’ve missed you, too.” Silence rang in their ears. “…Would you like to come inside?”
  • They spent the rest of the night chatting, with S/O stopping Yusuke every time he attempted to apologize. 
  • S/O teased him by addressing how they noticed that he stared at them in school, and he spitefully silenced them with a kiss.
  • They were already a couple when dawn arrived.


  • Makoto met S/O in elementary school. Some student bumped into her and all of her pencils/pens fell out of the open pocket in her bag.
  • “I must have forgotten to close it…” she muttered as she bent down to recover her fallen supplies. 
  • S/O was just passing by and decided to assist Makoto. They saw her place the utensils in the bag’s pocket and they asked, “You don’t have a pencil case?”
  • Makoto sighed and peered up at them. “I haven’t gotten around to getting a new one yet.”
  • S/O nodded. “Here, take mine. I have some others at home I can use.” They pulled out the Buchimaru-kun pencil case that Makoto had been eyeing for a while. 
  • She gasped. “A-are you sure I can have this?”
  • S/O smiled. “Just take it.”
  • From that day forward, they were joined at the hip. They studied together and had slumber parties at Makoto’s house. Her father and Sae were pleased that she had found a good friend, and he’d occasionally cook dinner for everyone when he wasn’t on duty.
  • Their crushes began in middle school when S/O made chocolates for Makoto on Valentine’s Day. Both of their faces were red during the entire exchange.
  • However, they never established a romantic relationship.
  • After the death of Makoto’s father at the end of middle school, she wholly dedicated herself to her studies, thus distancing the friendship.
  • Makoto felt guilty for feeling so exuberant and comforted around S/O when her father had only just died, so she pushed them away.
  • They reconnected when Makoto had started investigating the Phantom Thieves. She was following Akira in Shibuya when she crashed into S/O.
  • “I’m so sorry!” Makoto helped them stand and froze when she realized who it was. “S/O…”
  • They smiled warmly. “Hey.” Their faces flushed.
  • Makoto completely forgot about her investigation in that moment. “S-so, would you like to join me for a cup of coffee at the diner?”
  • S/O nervously nodded. “S-sounds good.”
  • They became close once more, and they didn’t start dating until the Thieves had defeated Kaneshiro.


  • S/O noticed Futaba sitting alone during lunch in elementary school. They also noticed the video game logo on her shirt, so they approached her and complimented her on it.
  • “You like it too?!” Futaba’s excitement made S/O giggle.
  • “Yeah, I do! Can I sit with you?”
  • She nodded. “Mm-hm!” 
  • The two introduced themselves and energetically discussed video games together.
  • After that encounter, S/O accompanied Futaba during lunch ever since.
  • Futaba would often invite S/O to her house, and her mom would go crazy since their appetites were so colossal that they could eat an entire fridge full of food and still be famished. 
  • S/O was always fascinated by Futaba’s broad range of knowledge, and Futaba admired S/O’s sense of adventure.
  • They’d often play in the rain together and stomp in puddles, and their crushes eventually came to fruition.
  • But after Futaba’s mother died from the car accident, she was forced to move away because custody of her was pawned off to a distant relative.
  • She never even got to say good-bye to S/O.
  • Futaba gathered her courage and reached out to them one day after destroying Medjed. She arranged plans with them to meet up at Leblanc.
  • When they saw each other, Futaba nearly suffocated from S/O’s constrictive hugging. 
  • All of her nervousness had vanished. 
  • Well, most of it.
  • The two spent the entire day exploring the city, rekindling old feelings as they did so. Their fun was cut short when S/O had to drive back home.
  • It was a gradual process, but they finally started dating that summer, and their feelings gave birth to love by the end of the season.


  • Haru was raised to be kind and polite, so when she saw S/O struggling to carry their books, she offered to help. This occurred near the end of elementary school.
  • S/O crushed on Haru upon seeing her, and they nearly dropped their books as a result. 
  • The two became fast friends, but S/O’s crush remained unrequited until Haru’s third year of high school, after her father died and after her refusal of the arranged marriage.
  • During their friendship, they loved to create arts and crafts. They’d playfully attach stickers to each other and doodle on their arms. 
  • Things continued like that throughout middle school, except their new hobbies were sewing and gardening. 
  • Okumura considered S/O as a second child, up until high school. He changed as his business expanded, and when freshman year came around he forbade Haru from seeing S/O, since he was beginning the process of searching for a fiance.
  • That didn’t stop either of them though; they continued to text each other, and meet up in secret after school.
  • However, Haru became reclusive when Okumura introduced her to her vile fiance. 
  • It pained her to ignore her only friend, but she felt like she needed to comply to her father’s wishes to protect S/O, and meeting up would have become difficult with her fiance keeping such a… close eye on her.
  • Shortly after Okumura’s death, Haru texted S/O to come over to her house, and of course, they did. They comforted her, and that’s when Haru confessed her feelings.
  • S/O was elated, but they refused, explaining that they felt Haru was too emotional and that she needed time to recover.
  • During a particularly freezing Saturday night in December, Haru once again confessed her feelings to S/O while drinking tea on the couch. 
  • After S/O reconfirmed that she was certain of this, Haru set her tea down and boldly kissed S/O.
  • Haru flushed and apologized for her brashness, but S/O simply pecked her on the cheek and cuddled with her. The couple fell asleep in each other’s arms.
Deaf Lance (Klangst?)

“I can’t understand him. What’s the point in trying to communicate?- He’s just going to get frustrated and then walk off!” Keith hissed. He was in the living room talking with Shiro.
Shiro exhaled sharply, “Keith- at least try to learn sign. You don’t know- you might find out that’s he’s quite interesting to talk to. I’m learning- we’re all learning. You can’t always just look to Hunk every time Lance signs something.”
  Keith crossed his arms over his chest, “Its hard to learn what he wants when he purposely covers his hands!”
  Shiro rubbed the back of his neck, “Just try understanding one another- ok?”

Keith sighed and he walked down the hall but surprised to see Lance standing there. The tan male had a face of annoyance, and a slight pout in the corner of his lips.
Keith started to walk past him but Lance put a hand on his shoulder. Lance opened his mouth and grunted softly. He then formed a fist and rubbed his chest, his expression softened.
Keith only stared, “Does that mean please or.. Sorry..?” He asked, those two signs always confused him. Lance sighed and he began to finger spell “S o r r y”.
  Keith exhaled sharply, “Sorry? For what? You did nothing. Nothing’s wrong.”
  Lance frowned and he shook his head, he knew he was lying. He knew something was up.

He pointed to himself and then formed a fist with his thumb out. He placed his fist under his chin, letting the thumb touch and then he pulled his fist forward. While doing this he shook his head. Lance then made a “V” and placed it on his forehead. His palm faced away from him.
  Keith rose a brow, “Not.. Idiot. Oh- no one said you were! W-wait maybe you can just write down your thoughts. That would help a lot with this conversation.”
Keith took out a small memo book from his back pocket and he took out a pen from the other. He handed both to Lance.

   Lance scoffed but began to write with haste, he handed it to Keith.
/ I know you were talking about me with Shiro. Hunk wouldn’t tell me exactly what you guys were talking about- but I’m pretty sure its about how I’m stupid right? Just because I’m deaf right? I’m not stupid. /

Keith wrote down his thoughts quickly and handed it back to Lance.
/We don’t think you’re stupid! Its just difficult to talk you. I’m not very good with sign and.. Yeah. But you are not stupid./

Lance wrote with lightening speed- obviously very upset. He jabbed the memo book at Keith to read.
/Then don’t treat me like I’m stupid! I know that I might not be able to hear or listen to music or conversations- but I still have feelings. /

Keith scribbled back and handed Lance the memo book back.
/Lance, please calm down. That’s not the problem. Its just you keep a lot of things to yourself. A lot. You don’t even bother trying to teach me sign or anything! /

The passing of the notes continued.

/Its because I think you hate me. And that you think I’m incapable of doing things by myself. Just like everyone else. I’m not a baby. I’m perfectly capable of living life. So what if I can’t hear the rain? That’s not effecting me or the way I live. I’m perfectly happy. /

Was Lance really happy?

/Are you? Hunk told me that you wanted a cochlear implant. He told me that you wanted to hear the birds twittering in the early morning. Or hear the sound of someone cooking bacon on a pan. /

Lance was now even more upset.

/Hunk?! Hunk told you this?! I told him to keep it a secret! No no no I don’t want a cochclear implant. No. I’m happy. Yes its frustrating when people don’t understand what I want but I’m not going to change myself just because someone won’t take the time to at least try to understand me. /

And that was final. Because Lance had stomped away. Frustrated. Just like Keith had said.

Title: Finishing Sentences
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A/N: so the long awaited not really sequel to this! Sorry for the wait! I’ve just had a lot going on for the past few days and just haven’t had the time to really sit down and write something this heckin long

Virgil stood in the doorway watching Patton for a moment, building up his nerve.  In his hands he held his notebook, turned to the latest page he’d blacked out and written over once again.  The bright purple pen was a tad hard to see on the black nail polish he’d had to use to black out the page, but it was the best he had and Patton didn’t need to read what was underneath that anyway.

Granted, Virgil wasn’t so sure anymore that the moral side needed to read what he was about to present to him.  Maybe he should just leave.  He could try again later.  He could –

“Verge, what’s up?”

Virgil jerked his head up in surprise when he saw Patton standing up, a plastic cup in his hand.  “Umm…” Virgil started, shifting where he stood.  “I just…I wanted to ask if you’d give me some advice…O-on what I wrote! Not, like, life or something! Just…writing advice…”

Patton seemed suspicious, but he shrugged it off and gave a grin, plopping back down on the sofa and patting the seat beside himself. “Let’s see what you’ve got!”

Virgil peeled himself away from the wall and dragged his feet to Patton’s side, presenting the notebook with one shaky hand.  Patton took off his glasses and held the book up to his face to read.  

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puffedwheats  asked:

might i request a reddie fic where the other losers come up with some sort of elaborate plan to get them together? always a sucker for one of those

Sorry this took me so long, I had a busy week, but here you go, I hope you like it :))

Pairing: Richie x Eddie

Warnings: none

It was obvious. To everyone, except those two morons.

The small group of outcasts that had formed during a time of fear and desperation had grown together a lot in the past few years, especially two of them and it was a mystery to the rest of them why they didn’t already get together.

Sometimes the tension was unbearable. The sweet looks, the jokes, the banters and the occasional cute gestures.

It was time someone did something. And how life sometimes goes, “ask and you shall receive”, the perfect opportunity was just around the corner.

It was around the end of october and naturally everyone was busy planing the perfect Halloween party. Everyone had something to do. Bill and Stan were responsible for the food, Mike could provide the location (they could use the old barn that belonged to his grandpa) and Beverly and Ben helped him clean up the place, which took them a full week and Richie, together with Eddie, was responsible for the decorations. It was no coincidence that they were grouped together for this job.

Eventually the big night came around.

It was already  dark outside when the last of the group arrived. Eddie and Richie had done a phenomenal job decorating the barn. There were spiderwebs everywhere, a plastic skeleton sitting on a haystack, fairy lights everywhere  and they had put pumpkins along the walls that the losers had carved out themselves.

They had put a few haystacks in the middle of the barn so they could sit comfortably, blankets and pillows were laying around. A sweet smell of candy apples, pumpkin pie and old wine was filling the air.

“There you are!” Beverly walked towards Bill to welcome him “What took you so long?”

“S-sorry, I almost f-f-forgot something at home.” He gave her a meaningful look and a huge grin spread across her face.

“Put it in my back pack.” she looked at Richie and Eddie who were having a heated discussion about allergies. Eddie insisted that the reason why he was sneezing non stop was because of the hay, Richie thought that it was just a cold.

“This is gonna be so good.”

He smiled back. It was going to be “so good” he was sure of that. It was a bulletproof plan.

They all sat down and the night went by while they were sharing food, stories, laughs and a lot of drinks.

Bill told them about that one time he’d been to Bangor with his parents to see a therapist about his stuttering and the guy made him read out loud to improve his flow of words. The problem wasn’t the reading, it was the books. The guy was a radical environmentalist. One of the classics he read with the kids was “Dead Whales Can’t Wave Back”. Bill couldn’t even get out a murmured “What the fuck” before his mother dragged him outside of the building.

Richie could barely breath from laughter “Are you sure the book wasn’t about Eddies mom?” Eddie elbowed him hard “Dude!”

It took Richie another minute to calm down.

“But do you guys know about the one time Eddie came home wit a hickey and his mom thought he was having some fucked up skin disease?”

“Beep-beep, Richie!” Eddie shot him a warning look. There had been a reason why they never told that story. But now it was too late, he had sparked the others interest and they wouldn’t leave Richie alone until he finished his story.

“Who gave Eddie that hickey?” Stan asked and Richie, who hadn’t thought about the inevitably of that question, went dead silent.

“I uh…I don’t know…” he managed to say.

“Come o-on Rich, don’t lie to us, you know e-e-everything about Eddie. You even know w-what kind of toothpaste h-he uses!” Bill laughed.

“That was just because he asked me to –“ Richie tried to explain himself and to change the subject. It was no use.

“Tell us Richie!”

“Yeah don’t be a chicken!”

“We’ll find out one way or another!”

“OK, ok!” Richie snapped, a defeated look on his face.

“I did, ok? I gave him that hickey. But just because he wanted to know how it feels like and, well, I didn’t see anything wrong with helping out a friend.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest like he was going to say “So what, now you have the truth, what are you going to do about it?”

But he didn’t say anything. Eddie was blushing furiously.

Mike was the first one to speak up. “Well, yeah there’s nothing wrong with helping out a…friend.” The others nodded, not wanting to make the two feel uncomfortable. The last think they wanted was to make them feel unsafe in their group.

“So…” Ben started “how did your mom react?” Eddie relaxed a bit.

“She almost lost her mind, she thought I’m going to die or something.” He let out a laugh. “She dragged me to ER and the nurse was laughing so hard, I thought she might choke. When she finally told my mom what it was, she looked at me like I just told her I would live on a landfill from now on. And then she just left without saying a single word.” He laughed even harder “Sometimes I really don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

The others started to laugh as well, they all knew Eddies mom. She was a weird woman but she always made for hilarious stories.

“You know what we should do?” Beverly said, standing up and getting her backpack. “We should play a game.” Richie and Eddie didn’t even notice the secret smiles and the knowing glances that were exchanged among the others.

“I hope it’s not a jigsaw puzzle” Richie laughed “Am I right Eds?” Eddie rolled his eyes and tried to suppress a smile.

“We’re going to play seven minutes in heaven” Beverly stated, ignoring Richie’s comment while searching her backpack. Finally she took out a small box.

“And I think, that after sharing that cute little story with us, Richie should go first.”

He shot Eddie a quick glance before he stood up to take a small piece of paper out of the box.

He turned it around so the others could see it too, an unnecessary gesture, they all knew which name he was going to pick out of the box, there was only one name written on all the pieces of paper, but they had to keep up the act.

“Well, have fun you two!” Beverly chimed as she pushed Richie and Eddie into a small chamber with old farming equipment that wasn’t used anymore.

She shut the door “Seven minutes, don’t get too wild in there!”

It was dark and dusty. Eddie sneezed.


“Shut up Richie!”

“Why so grumpy?”

Eddie didn’t answer right away. He didn’t know. Maybe it was because of the story Richie had told. It just seemed that there was something about his feelings towards his best friend he couldn’t quit understand and that he was afraid of. He was afraid that it was more than sympathy he felt for Richie. He was afraid that Richie would reject him, maybe even start to avoid him.

“I…I don’t know Richie…”

What Eddie didn’t know, was that Richie was having similar thoughts and fears. But Richie didn’t want to see Eddie upset. He would never want to see him like this especially if it was his fault. Maybe he shouldn’t have told that story.

“I’m sorry, Eddie. I didn’t want to – “

“It’s ok, you don’t have to be sorry.”

Richie’s hand was searching for Eddies in the dark. When he found it, it was cold. He pulled Eddie closer to warm him up. Eddie didn’t pull back, to Richie’s surprise he moved closer. Richie ran his fingers through Eddies soft hair.

“I am sorry if I upset you somehow.” He whispered.

“You don’t upset me…you just…frustrate me sometimes.” Eddie took a deep breath. “Because, sometimes, I just want to be close to you and I don’t know if it’s right? You know? I don’t know if what I’m feeling is ok? And I’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but I really, really like you and I don’t want to lose you, ever!”

Richie wasn’t expecting this. He didn’t have the time to think this over and he didn’t need to. He pulled Eddies face closer and planted a soft kiss on his lips. It took a few seconds for Eddie to relax. Then he placed his hand on Richie’s cheek and returned the kiss. He didn’t know how this happened but he didn’t care. This was what he’d longed for for so long without even knowing it. He finally felt like he was home. Here in the dark in Richie’s arms.

They pulled away. Both were smiling and blushing but neither of them could see it.

Richie finally interrupted the silence.

“Do you think they set us up?”

“Yeah I’m pretty sure.”

“Should we tell them?”

“Nah, let’s make them wait a little longer.”

Both giggled when Beverly opened the door with slight disappointed on her face when she saw that apparently nothing happened.

“You’re time’s up guys.”

just-chats  asked:

Relationship headcanons for Todoroki and Bakugo with their s/o. Please and thank you!

I hope these are the kind you are looking for!!


If the s/o was cold, would probably throw his jacket on top of them. 9 times out of 10 it covers their head and face, and the s/o has to put it on properly themselves

likes seeing his s/o wearing his clothes because it shows they are his. Same with if they had any of his hero merch

walks them home from school, work, etc… whenever he can

If his s/o has periods, he would be the one to buy them pads and tampons if they asked him too. He would complain the whole time, even though he really doesn’t mind doing so

his s/o is hurt? Well whoever did it, better run before he catches them

isn’t good with his s/o crying. He tries his best though, and typically ends up with him awkwardly hugging them. Eventually he will figure out what works best, but give the boy some time

The s/o was most likely the one to confess first, but if not then the confession probably went something like this, “I fucking like you. I’ll pick you up Saturday at 4, and you better be ready because I’m going to romance the shit out of you,” all the while he’s trying to accidentally cause an explosion from how much his hands were sweating.

Originally posted by hannahreiss


He would spend every lunch with his s/o, and if they made him lunch he would compliment their cooking every time he finished it. If his s/o asks if there was anything they could have done different or anything weird with the food, he would answer them honestly

Forehead kisses for smaller s/o’s are a huge thing, while for taller s/o’s it’d be cheek kisses

S/o has a period? he is the best for cuddles because he is like a human heating pad.

His s/o would use him for if it was too hot, or too cold, which for the most part he already is using his powers for himself because of the weather he wouldn’t mind helping his s/o out too.

He is huge on constant contact with is s/o, from holding hands, his arm around them, to holding them from behind. He just likes to know they are there by his side. So it’s not a big surprise he likes cuddling.

S/O was hurt, he would first comfort them and make sure they are better. Then once he knows they are better, he will go after whoever hurt them.

Spends a lot of time over at his s/o’s place, or at least whenever he can.

Originally posted by kirei-na-jinsei

BTS Reaction #27 - They see you (their future s/o) for the first time

@praisefandoms asked: BTS and Got7 reaction to seeing their future girlfriend for the first time. Have a good one.

*You can find the Got7 Version >>Here<<*

Seokjin: You were at a small fan meet and the boys of BTS were playing a game. They were split into teams and the MC told each team to find certain items, and the fans would give the items to the members if they had them. Jin had given you various glances throughout this game, always asking you first if you had the item the MC was asking for.

“An angel plushie or keychain!” the mc called next.

Seokjin shot straight to you once again but instead of asking you for an angel plushie, he grabbed your arm and helped you up.

At your confused look he smiled, held the mic up to his mouth and said, “I didn’t find an angel plushie, but a real life angel! I believe I’ve won this round MC!”


Originally posted by bwiseoks

Yoongi: You were walking back to your allotted office space where you were writing lyrics for your groups debut when Yoongi caught your eye from across the hall. He was looking at you with slightly widened eyes when he realized you were looking at him too. He instantly gave you a shy smile (like in the gif) and you started walking towards him without realizing it.

You: “Hey, you’re…You’re sort of a mad genius with lyrics do you know that??”

/why did that come out of your mouth first thing??/

He let out a puff of air and laughed, “Yeah I kind of am aren’t I? Are you in a new group here or something? I’ve never seen you here before.”

Still embarrassed from blurting out the first thing that came to your mind when you saw him you said, “Yeah actually… I was just on my way to write some songs for our debut…”

“Ah, well,” he smiled at you even wider then before, “I look forward to the next lyrical genius emerging from the rookie groups. And… If you ever need some pointers just seek me out. I’m here all the time I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”

You did see him again. And you did ask for pointers, but only so you guys got to spend more than a few minutes at a time together.

Originally posted by leojuseyo

Due to each reaction being a mini-story (I’m sorry for getting carried away again) the rest of their reactions will be under the cut

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Daddy A-Z: Jaehyun

Originally posted by jyofanclub

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?
As much as he is a dork, and I imagine his relationship is gonna be fun as hell, I don’t think telling him or the world is going to be anything spectacular. If anything, it’ll be some long speech about your love, and relationship, and how now there’s going to be physical proof of your love. Anticipate the sappiest kind of bs with his boy.

B = Books.- Did he read the books?
I imagine Jaehyun as a very prepared dad, he’s not NCT’s Dad but he’s…..a dad, if you even know what I’m talking about. He puts off the vibe like Suho and Onew, if you know what I mean, you know. So I can definitely see him in a book store the day after you tell him, finding books on pregnancy, what to expect, what to prepare for the baby, child proofing the house, etc just so he knows exactly how to handle this new life long commitment. 

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? 
Oh jeez Dad!Jaehyun is such a cuddler. I think it’ll be more of a threeway cuddle, he’ll cuddle his s/o and his lil bub at the same time. Gotta love that good ol’ family cuddles, amiright?

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in. 

Honestly I think Jaehyun would get kind of shy and giggly at being called Daddy? Like it actually occurs to him ‘heh yeah…im gonna be a dad (/.\) omg’ kind of thing. He’s all blush, and smiley, and probably hides his face against you or smth.

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?
Super Dad Jaehyun makes sure you rarely have to take care of anything, wanting his s/o to have proper bonding time with the bub, I feel like he’d be the one to run to the store constantly and let’s you stay home. ‘I’m faster anyways! I’ll be back in a sec! I’ll be like the flash! Brb!’

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?

With Jaehyun, I think it’d be a co-feeding effort, but it’s more along the lines of his s/o feeding the baby and his unhelpful butt sitting there and cooing and making dumb faces to make the bub laugh. 

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby? 

Tbh, I see Jaehyun as a happy baby himself, so I think he can ‘relate to babies’ and tap into some weird parent/kid bonding thing and instantly make the bay stop crying to being a pain in the toe. I think Jaehyun would be the soothing parent? Where the second he’s near, the baby feels the happy atmosphere and is easily soothed back into #happybaby

H = How?- how many kids does he want?
I think Jaehyun is a one kid minimum, two kids maximum kind of guy. He doesn’t want to many, but I feel like he’d be the person to think ‘we can’t have just one! what if they develop a strange dependence on an imaginary friend from being alone and carry it into adulthood! they need a sibling! you dont just get one bird! they get depressed! you have to get them in pairs!’

J = Jokes.- best dad joke? 

“Why did the scarecrow win an award?
Because he was outstanding in his field.”

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby.
Jaehyun’s such a nose kiss dad, fight me. I mean, who can have their very own tiny human with a cute lil nose in their care and not kiss and boop it’s nose? C’mon…

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.

A sense of responsibility and joy is going to shoot through him like a bullet. Having his child in his arms, really cements the fact that, yes, he’s a dad now. He’s got a human to look after, care, raise, and love, for the rest of his life. And weirdly enough, that doesn’t scare him. He’s fully prepared, and he couldn’t be happier at the arrival of his baby.

M = Mommy.- what does he call you? 

I think Jaehyun’s going to be very simple in parent terms, he’s going to call you just that; mommy. It’s classic, it’s cute, not too hard to try and teach the bub to say. Mommy and Daddy. Nice.

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones? 

He’ll hate it with a passion, and complain about it the entire way through, probably acts like he’s been shot afterwards, but Jaehyun will, for the most part, suck it up and take care of the diapers. For the benefit of all. He shall make the sacrifice. 

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits? 
I swear, Jaehyun will only buy outfits for his kid that have some reference to being a parent. Like ‘daddy’s princess’ or ‘mama’s boy’, ‘second generation idol’ things like that. Real cheesy, but cute and stuff. 

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 

I feel like Jaehyun would have several pet/nicknames for his baby, classic ones. Like ‘his little one’ or again, ‘daddy’s prince/ss’

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 

Seeing as he’s probably going to read every parent book on the face of the earth, I think he’ll believe he’s fully prepared and doesn’t need many questions answered. I think he’d steer questions more to his s/o and how to properly assist them. 

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for? 

Praise is going to be a huge thing in early parent life with Jaehyun. While he has read every book known to man, he still needs reassurance that he’s doing well, that he’s pulling his weight, and helping his s/o while they heal. And the same for his s/o, being a first time parent, regardless on how you’re doing, usually you think you’re failing miserable. Jaehyun is there to calm you down, tell you how fantastic you’re doing, and that it’s all going to be fine.

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 

Jaehyun’s really determined to be the best s/o for someone that fcking gave birth, he wants you to have as much rest as possible, so more than likely he’s the one waking up to deal with the baby. Or if you wake up first, he’s shooing you back to bed while he handles baby fussy diaper. 

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent. 
I think any new parent just fears failing. Even with both his and his s/o’s support and join effort in raising a kid, as well as him being entirely prepared for the baby, he’s still terrified he’s not doing something right and it’s going to affect his child. It’s not, he’ll be fine, but it’s still a fear. 

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.
My heart fmlI swear I can see Jaehyun in my mind, dimples out, staring at the screen of his offspring, and hands covering his mouth as he giggles and coos. It’ll be one of the happiest times in his life, and he’s just going to be full of warmth and awe at the sight and confirmation of his baby actually growing and living and moving. 

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.

I think Jaehyun’s one that instill perseverance in his kids, that literally anything you set your mind to, if you put your heart in it, you’ll succeed. To work hard, and you will be rewarded, but you have to put time and effort into things. They don’t just fall in your lap.

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 
Honestly, I think Jaehyun is going to be the dad that films everything? So he’ll be cracking dumb jokes and cooing at the baby and stuff while filming you bathing the baby. You might have to throw a rubber duck at him or smth if you want/need help, cuz he’s glued to ‘preserving precious family moments’.

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 

I think holidays with Dad!Jaehyun are going to be quiet and reserved. I think he’ll be one of the parents that has pre-holiday holidays. Like you guys get together with his family before the actually holiday, so the actual holiday is just spent with Jaehyun, his s/o, and the kids. 

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 

Jaehyun might be a bit more hard headed than other boys, he’ll probably argue back and forth with his s/o over things, how to handle something with the baby or something along those lines, but voices won’t be raised above a slightly louder talking voice. He’s not going to yell or scream or have a tantrum kind of fight, for the most part he stays pretty calm and put together, and it’s more of a discussion than an argument. 

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?
I imagine the house with Jaehyun will be a little hectic. I don’t imagine any house with kids will be spotless, but Jaehyun tries his best to keep things at least put where they belong, a toy room might be a damn mess, but all the toys stay in the room, or the bathroom cabinet is chaotic, but all the stuff is at least in the cabinet. Really, it’s just he’s good at hiding the mess, lol.

Prince Series; Junhui

- prince junhui… is a bit of a troublemaker
- he’s always going around pranking guards, dancing wildly in the ballroom and hiding in trees to avoid meetings
- he’s had hundreds of marriage proposals, but he rejected them all because he’s not ready for commitment and he wants to find love himself, not have it handed to him
- these proposals came in like a flood when news spread that he broke off an arranged marriage which was planned since his birth
- he broke it off WITHOUT telling the king and queen and they’re just so done with him because he drives them crazy
- “junhui do you realize what you’ve done?? now our kingdoms will never unite!!”
- “ok but….. they were so not my type”
- the villagers all know about this troublesome prince because junhui likes to go around the village when avoiding his responsibilities
- he helps the people with every day chores, whether it’s simple things like helping them carry groceries or even big things like helping them fix a broken wagon
- they believe a good ruler is someone who knows their people, so they do believe that junhui will be a good king someday
- junhui’s also really smart, like he knows himself that he can memorize the laws of the kingdom in like a week and he’d probably be able to negotiate trades and new laws with the neighboring kingdoms if he wanted to
- the problem is just that it doesn’t really interest him so he’s like nope
- you can find him taking a nap in the trees to avoid these responsibilities
- he’s also really gifted in archery and playing the piano which are pretty much the only two things that he would willingly do
- basically, prince junhui just wants a simple life, but that’s not possible when you’re expected to inherit the throne soon
- the king and queen are afraid that junhui won’t be able to learn the responsibilities and duties of a king in time, so in a panic, they hire you from another kingdom, who’s a teacher for royalty
- you are to teach junhui how to behave like an actual prince
- you’ve heard all about him so you’re like no way will he listen to me, a stranger, if he won’t even listen to you, the king and queen
- but they tell you that junhui’s past teachers have all left without being able to teach him and they really need your help
- you’re known for being one of the greatest teachers in the land so they believe in you and they even decided to increase your pay so you were like…… ok sign me up LOL
- day one, the first thing on your list is to actually get him to study the laws of the kingdom
- you’re supposed to meet junhui in the library, but when you get there, you see him laughing as he’s going from one bookshelf to the other on one of those rolling ladders
- you’re like THAT LOOKS SO FUN but the king and queen are right behind you so you can’t even laugh about it
- the queen clears her throat and at that, junhui slides down the ladder and says “oh whoops, i forgot i can’t do that when you’re around lol”
- you turn your head to look at the king and queen and they just give you a look that says “do you see what we mean?”
- junhui walks over to you and asks “and you are??”
- you bow and say “i’m (name), it’s nice to meet you, prince junhui.”
- the king says “(name) will be your teacher starting today. they’ll be teaching you the responsibilities of a prince. it’s about time you learn how to behave.”
- after a quick goodbye, the king and queen leave you and junhui alone, who looks so ready to climb the ladder again and roll from one book shelf to the other
- but you step in front of him and say “if you haven’t figured it out, lessons start today. take a seat.”
- he says “can’t we take a break just for today??” and you say “um we can’t take a break if we didn’t even start?? sit down.”
- junhui takes a seat on one of the desks in the library, and you take a seat next to him, slapping the huge law book on the table
- you sit next to him and say “alright, we’re going to go through the first chapter today. we’ll take things slow until—are you listening?”
- it’s been like two minutes and junhui’s already dozing off you’re like are you kidding me??
- junhui says “can we study somewhere else?? i mean…. i know the library’s the ideal study place, but it’s so gloomy in here….. it doesn’t motivate me to study”
- you cross your arms and ask “oh really? where would you rather study then?”
- junhui jumps out of his seat and holds out a hand for you to take and says “let’s head down to the ballroom!”
- you raise an eyebrow and ask “…ballroom?” and junhui says “yeah!! it’s a wide, open space that’s always so bright because of the sun!! let’s study there!!” and he nudges his hand for you to take
- you look down at his hand and push it away, saying “i’m pretty sure i can get there without having to hold your hand, junhui” and junhui is shocked because wow ANYONE would die just for a chance to hold his hand
- while walking towards the ballroom, he notices “hey wait!! you dropped the “prince”!!”
- you sassily say “you’re my student, so if i want to drop the “prince”, i’ll drop it”
- he has on a smirk on his face after hearing your words because you know what?? you’re pretty interesting…..
- you get to the ballroom, and your mouth falls open in awe because he wasn’t kidding when he said it was a wide, open space with the sun shining through the windows
- you turn to him and say “so is this better for you??” and he says “muuuch better”
- junhui gets some servants to set up a desk in the ballroom (they were like um what. but you know, whatever prince junhui says)
- while waiting for them, you take this chance to walk over to the grand piano sitting near the corner of the room
- junhui notices this and sits on the bench, saying “i know how to play a bit, do you want to hear??” and with a straight face, you say “we have some studying to do”
- but he says “i know, but while we’re waiting for the desk and chairs, let me play a little something for my wonderful teacher” and you roll your eyes at this
- his fingers run across the keyboard, hitting the black and white keys, and you’re actually so…. amazed by his talent….. and he’s playing a song that sounds so familiar
- before you know it, you’re singing along and junhui almost messes up because your voice is so beautiful
- the servants all enter the room to find you both by the piano and they just kind of look at each other like ohhhh this is going to be the start of something new isn’t it?
- when the song ends, junhui softly asks “would you…. sing again?”
- your face turns red upon realizing what just happened and you say “uhhh sorry nope, we have some work to do”
- the prince just looks up at you with a soft expression and asks “one more time?” and this gives you an idea
- you tell him “you know what? how about a deal? memorize two chapters in the law book and i’ll sing for you as you play the piano again”
- and junhui LOVES the idea, you’re nothing like his past teachers who were too serious to even have a decent conversation with…..
- he says “two chapters? psh that’s nothing, i’ll get those done in two seconds”
- the servants cough behind you, and when you turn around, they have the desks and chairs all set up
- junhui thanks the servants and takes a seat, saying “well hurry up then!! let’s get to work” and you’re like hmm well that was easier than i thought
- since then, you’ve been making deals with junhui to get him to study or learn anything required of a prince
- “i’ll teach you sword-fighting if you attend that meeting”
- “i’ll teach you horse-back riding if you study these chapters”
- “i’ll teach you martial arts if you attend that royal event”
- junhui always does what you tell him to because he at least has something to look forward to by the end of it
- by that, you think he means that you’re going to be teaching him something he actually wants to do, but no…..
- they’re just excuses to see your smile every time he gets a question right, to hear that you’re proud of him and believe that he’s going to be a good king one day….. those are what he looks forward to the most
- and eventually….. junhui starts doing things without having to make deals with you
- after another day of teaching, the king and queen ask for you and they thank you nonstop because junhui has been behaving like an actual prince and he’s thoroughly informed of all that’s going on in the country thanks to your help
- the queen says that he really is fit for the role of king now, but you say “your majesty, he always was”
- the next day, you tell junhui that you guys are taking a day off of studying as reward for his hard work
- junhui says “a day off?? so do i get to pick what we do??” and you say “oh yeah sure, what do you have in mind??”
- he says “we’re going to the village” but you say “THE VILLAGE?? BUT YOU CAN’T—” and junhui says “SH!!! i’ve been there a couple of times before, don’t worry” and you’re like omg so this isn’t the first time??
- you both sneak past guards and junhui senses your nervousness, so he tells you “don’t worry, a few of them know about me sneaking out, they’ll cover for us”
- when you get to the village, you’re so amazed to find out that EVERYONE knows him
- he’s greeting the bakers and the merchants, helping others with simple things like setting up their stands and other kind gestures
- he buys you humble pies and bread from bakeries, and shows you around, telling you stories about the people and himself
- you’ve never seen a prince or royalty for that matter caring for their people as much as junhui
- but what warms your heart the most is seeing him interact with the little children
- the kids are all climbing up his shoulders or asking to be carried by him or asking him to play ball with them, and you laugh at the sight because it’s so cute how happy he looks around the children
- and in that moment….. you know you’ve fallen for junhui
- one of the little girls sees you smiling at him and she points at you and asks “prince junhui!! who are they?? are they your s/o??”
- all the kids then turn in your direction and you can feel your face BURNING at her question
- junhui just smirks at you and says “if they’d accept me” and you’re like “JUNHUI I SWEAR”
- but he just laughs and tells the kids that it’s time to go home because it’s sunset and it’ll be dark soon
- while walking back to the palace, you say “junhui…. how often do you go to the village?”
- junhui shrugs and says “i go whenever i can, i usually sneak off when my parents are out of town or in a meeting”
- you ask “why do you go there?” and junhui hesitates before continuing “the villagers, they….. make me feel like i’m part of a family”
- you ask “what do you mean?” and he answers “i mean…. i know my parents are busy ruling the kingdom and all, but…. they left me all alone”
- you stay quiet and he says “do you know why i’m such a troublemaker?? it’s so that they’d notice me. before that, i was all alone. they actually started talking to me when i did crazy things. it took all this to get their attention.”
- junhui continues “if i did what i was told from the start aka act like an actual prince, i’d be ignored because i’d be doing exactly what they wanted. for once…. i wanted them to think of me.”
- after hearing his story, you hold out a hand for him to take, just like how he held out his on the first day of meeting you
- you smile up at him, and with a smile as well, he takes your hand and you both walk back to the palace holding hands
- neither of you say word….. your hand in his is enough to tell him that everything’s all right
- the next morning, you and junhui meet up in the ballroom, but the desk you both usually study on is nowhere in sight
- junhui asks “uhhh are we going to be sitting on the floor or what??” and you say “no, today’s lesson is ballroom dancing”
- he repeats “ballroom dancing??” and you say “that’s right. is there a problem?? trust me, if you can do that painful martial arts-looking dancing, you can do this”
- you get into position, placing junhui’s hand on your waist while the other is holding your hand
- you place a hand on his shoulder and say “okay, you lead. look down at my feet for a second, these are the steps….”
- junhui steps on your feet a couple of times, but he’s a fast learner so he perfects it quickly and you guys are gliding across the ballroom before you know it
- he says “hmm it’s a bit boring without any music…..” and you say “i agree, should we call the musicians??”
- junhui shakes his head and says “no….. instead…. i’d rather listen to you sing”
- and you do, you sing softly as you and junhui dance across the room and near the end of the song, junhui slows his pace and looks into your eyes as he moves closer and closer
- you manage to sing the last few words of the song before closing your eyes
- and in that ballroom, right then and there….. you and junhui kiss
- but you can’t believe how bad the timing is because….. tomorrow’s your last day…. you have to leave
- when you pull away, you’re about to say it, but somehow, junhui knows
- he says “don’t go. stay here…. with me.”
- you know that he’s a prince and that a love story between you two could never be, but….. you want to take this chance
- you ask “but junhui… aren’t you supposed to date royalty?”
- he just pulls you closer and smirks “when have i ever followed the rules?”
- and you just laugh as he kisses you again
- the servants who have been shipping you from the start smile at the scene because finally….. it’s been so long since they’ve seen prince junhui truly happy

my-so-called-trash-blog  asked:

i want to see/know more about your OCs!! if you have time, could i request #28 for Venn? i love his hair & grouchy expression 😍😍😍


kinkywise  asked:

I hope I’m not too late but can you do a fluffy Pennywise hc? I love smutty Penny but sometimes you just need some fluff ;;;

FUCK YES I CAN DO THAT! I LOVE FLUFFY PENNYBOI (you’re my second ask so lol you’re not late at all)

• lots of cuddles
• like……a lot
• he’s a v cuddly boye
• he made you a little nest of pillows and blankets and a mattress in the sewers and Neibolt house
• one time you shared your ear buds with him and played him your music
• the way his face lights up is a d o r a b l e
• sometimes you ask him to shake just so you can hear him jingle
• he does it every single time you ask because he loves seeing you smile and making you laugh
• he doesn’t eat around you knowing it makes you uncomfortable
• sometimes you just stare into his eyes because they’RE SUCH A PRETTY SHADE OF BLUE
• sometimes when your staring he changes the colour of them suddenly
• you l o v e that
• whenever you’re not together you know he’s got an eye on you in some type of form
• he wants to make sure you’re safe
• whenever he’s in human form and you’re in public he’s always touching you somehow
• holding hands, arm around shoulders, arm around waist, linked arms, etc.
• he wants everyone to know you’re his
• fu c kin g neck ki s s es
• one time he came back into the sewers after trying to feed all pouty cause he didn’t scare the person enough and they got away
• he collapsed into your arms and buries his face in your neck
• you pet his hair
• that motherfucker purrs
• sometimes he dances for you
• like the dance he did for Bev but less intimidating and angry lmao
• it always makes you laugh
• he’d fucking do anything for you
• you don’t know it but sometimes (all the time) when you’re not looking he stares at you with so much adoration
• he hates when you leave
• he gets so pouty
• he secretly loves when you lazily and softly kiss his neck when cuddling
• he fucking boops your nose all the time
• “beep beep (y/n)”
• kisses are so soft and passionate
• he’s really in love with you


[ thank you for requesting, hope you enjoy! and i kinda made this an au!gangster-jin type of sceneario, if that’s okay - i just got a weakness for gangsta!bts  💦 ]

Rated (M) for mature.

She waited for him to finish taking care of business from behind the tinted glass. Her legs crossed, sitting prettily in her chair while grinning at the man that was getting his ass handed to him in the small room with no windows. The only light that filled it was the single bulb that hung from the ceiling - but from where she sat, she could see perfectly.

“I’ve been nothing but patient with you. Given you chance after chance, took you in, treated you like family - and this is how you fucking repay me for my generosity?” Jin punctuated with another harsh swing to the man’s jaw, nearly knocking him off the chair. The slight sound of teeth hitting the floor almost made Y/n wince. Almost.

“P-Please…I didn’t mean it - I-I was only trying to look out for my family, I was j-just-!”

“So stealing from me is going to help your fucking family? You don’t think I’ve got my own to take care of, that you practically took food right out of their mouths?” He motioned for his two right-hands to lift him up from the chair, and hold his lofty head straight. “Answer me, you fuck!”

“I-I didn’t know! I swear, I didn’t! Please, forgive me!” The man sobbed like a child. It made Y/n sick at how easily Jin could break him. To be honest, he was going easy on him at the moment - she knew her husband could do so much worse. There was suddenly silence in the room, nothing but the sound of the man’s cries. Jin stared down at him, his face showing no emotion - just the crease in his brow.

After what felt like hours, but only minutes, Jin tilted his head to the side to where his attention was now in the direction of the tinted glass. Y/n could feel chills run down her spine at the sight of his hard eyes coming in contact with her own. That man practically did nothing, and here she was - melting on the spot.

“Get in here, beautiful.”

Not needing any further instruction, Y/n was escorted to the door to enter the room. Once inside, the faint smell of blood filled up her nostrils, so strong it almost burned. But, didn’t mean she wasn’t used to it - this definitely wasn’t her first rodeo. The sound of her heels echoed around the small room, the slow pace that she had made the atmosphere more intense with every step. When she finally reached his side, an arm quickly snaked around her waist, pulling her in front of him. Jin’s head rested on top of hers, once her body physically relaxed into his.

“Open your eyes.” He demanded, the man sniffling a couple of times, until he finally did as he was told. “This woman, the love of my life, the mother of my two beautiful sons…is going to determine your fate. She will decided if you deserve to live.”

Releasing her from his hold, Y/n circled around the man. Once again keeping her pace nice and slow, her finger tips tapping at her bottom lip as she pretended to think. Coming back to the front, she spoke.

“How much did you steal?”

The man starts to shutter, not believing that he was being questioned by a woman. Before he could even finish his sexist thoughts, Y/n didn’t hesitate to slap him across the face.

Jin only smirks before biting his lower lip. Seeing you get this way always managed to excite him. “The lady asked you a question. I suggest you start talking.”

“I s-stole…just a couple stacks…t-that’s all.”

Y/n hums, raising an eyebrow. “How many kids do you have?”

“[Sniff] O-one…a little girl…”

“I don’t believe one little girl is worth two stacks of cash. If I can recall - you told my husband that you were a single father, so I know there’s no Mrs. So why the hell did you think you or her were worth 10 fucking grand? Did you think that I wouldn’t need that money more than you? Did you think my sons wouldn’t need the money that my husband worked his ass off to get for us?”

“Please…have mercy on me, I beg you…”

“I don’t want you to fucking beg!” This time she throws a punch, the two right-hands loosening their grip to where the man falls to the floor with small thud. “Not only are you a filthy thief, but you are a liar. You don’t have a family, you only took that money for yourself. You think that I’m stupid enough not to do background checks on the people we let join? You killed your wife in cold blood, you never had any kids, and you were stealing the money so you could run off somewhere - you used Jin’s kindness to save your pathetic ass.”

That caught the leader’s attention, as his smirk was quick to disappear. “You son of bitch. That was nothing but a goddamn sob story? And here I was, almost falling for it. [Chuckle] Babygirl, what would I do without you?”

Within a split second, Jin pulls out his gun. The man quickly starts to plead while on his knees, tears started to mix in with his own blood that also ran down his face. Taking a good couple steps away from the splash zone, Jin used his free arm to wrap around her once more, his head back to resting on hers.

“What will it be, my love?”

Staring down at the man, practically shaking with adrenaline, Y/n couldn’t control the grin that spread across her face. “Kill the bastard.”

The man’s cries became louder, until the shout of the gun hushed him, leaving the room surrounded by silence. Jin signaled for his right-hands to dispose of the body and clean the area, handing the gun over to one of them.

“This was definitely more messier than I intended. Sorry about that, Suga.”

“I’m just glad this is over with. His crying was starting to get on my last nerve,” He shook his head at the corpse, kicking it once to make sure he was really dead.

“Nice left hook, by the way.” Namjoon winks, Y/n only rolling her eyes.

“Kiss my ass another night, Joonie.” Taking a hold of Jin’s hand, she leads the way out of the room. “Make sure we didn’t wake the boys and that all the money is returned. Let’s call it a night, shall we?”

“Yes, ma’am.” The two of them playfully saluted, going to work with cleaning up the mess that was made.

It didn’t take long for the mood to be set. By the time the door was closed, blocking out the outside world, the two of them practically threw themselves at each other. Lips locked in a rushed and passionate embrace, clothes being thrown God-knows-where, impatient hands touching any inch of skin they could find. This was what they lived for.  

Y/n lets out a squeal, followed by a curt laugh once Jin threw her onto the bed. The slight squeak in the mattress, along with silky sheets, gave her goosebumps. But, the sight of her lover hovering above her, his eyes darkened with a mix of love and lust was enough to send her blood running cold. Oh, the things this man did to her was unreal. It was like they were teenagers again.

“You truly are amazing,” he spoke lowly, his lips leaving small pecks from her neck, to her shoulder, until it reached all the way down just above her navel. “Seeing you get all worked up like that - I had to stop myself from ravishing you right then and there. I didn’t care if the boys watched, or not. I needed you so bad, jagi…I am going to ruin you.”

Kisses placed on the insides of her thighs, his nails digging into her hips to the point she let out a small hiss in response. Breathless was how she felt, and he barely even did anything. If she wanted to try what she’s been wanting to try for a while now, she needed to do it fast before her brain fogged over. It was now or never. Gripping his hair roughly, Y/n pulls the boy out from between her thighs, grabbing his attention. Jin, now looking up at her with confusion, rose up from his position until he was now leveled with her face again.

“Nah, Seokjin. Not this time. Tonight, I’m going to be the one to ruin you.” Quickly switching the positions, Y/n was now the one hovering over the other, her hands shoving his broad shoulders deep into the mattress. “I’ve been thinking lately, and what happened earlier was definitely the closer. You’ve gotten to be dominate almost the whole entire time we’ve been together - so why not give me a turn? You give me an option in anything decision you make, but when it comes to the bedroom, I don’t get any say. But, that’s about to change.”

She could tell Jin didn’t take her seriously, his eyebrows raised a certain way to where it was blatantly obvious. “And how do you propose that?”

Y/n didn’t like the way he was doubting her ability to be dominate - hell, she showed that she was not to be fucked with just minutes ago, and now all of the sudden he’s skeptical. Pursing her lip, she rolled off him to retrieve something from the nightstand drawer. The small clank of metal was heard as Y/n turned back to him with a serious expression upon her face.

“Arms up.”

Jin blinked a couple of times, still not believing. Deciding to humor her, he did as he was told. Not even a second later did Y/n handcuff him to the post, then maneuvering her way to the end of the bed. Giving him a little show, Y/n goes the extra mile with taking her underwear off, shimmying her hips then groping her own breasts right after. Even thought he was naive at what she was capable of, didn’t mean the sight wasn’t pleasant. The anticipation of what she was going to do to him only heightened his arousal. It wasn’t until her hands started traveling a little too low for his liking.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Ignoring his question, Y/n uses a single digit to glide down the path of her stomach, soon reaching what she’s been waiting for all night. Slowly circling the nub with little pressure was enough to make her breathing pick up in pace, while soft moans escape past her lips. Jin didn’t like for his princess to touch what was his. Especially without permission.

“Stop.” He grunted, tugging at the handcuffs roughly. That only seemed to make her pick up speed, the events from earlier and the look he now had increased the wetness between her thighs even more. “Y/n, I’m fucking warning you, I said enough!”

“A-Aw, is daddy getting angry~? We h-haven’t even started yet, and you’re already antsy.” Y/n did nothing but disobey him, staring into his eyes as she now used to two fingers to spread her arousal around. Jin could do nothing but watch, and she loved it. Just seeing him squirming already, his face turning slightly red as his blood was starting to boil just made her feel so powerful.

“Y/n, I swear to God, if you don’t-”

“Shut up, and suck.” Not even letting him finish his threat, Y/n shoved those two fingers into his mouth, crawling closer to where she now hovered above his stomach. Jin couldn’t help but to groan at the taste - not to mention her choice of words. Usually he’d be the one saying such demands; now that the tables have turned, he had to admit it was the hottest thing to even hit his ear drums. He held eye contact as his mouth went to work on those two fingers, sucking and licking as if his life depended on it. Y/n had to bite her tongue to keep from moaning, the feel of his warm mouth was almost enough to crumble the walls she just built. Almost.

Once positive that he got it all, she retracted her fingers from his mouth, leaving behind a slight trail of saliva. Wiping them on the sheets, Y/n crawled the rest of the way up his torso, making him lay flat on the mattress until she was now mere centimeters from his face. Eyes now focused on his most prized possession, Jin licked his lips slowly. He knew exactly what she wanted him to do, but he wanted to make her work for it. Since it was his turn to be the tease.

Not tolerating the wait, Y/n grips his hair roughly, pulling his face closer to her dripping entrance. “Baby boy, do not test me.”

The sound of that nickname was so sinful coming from her mouth, Jin didn’t need to be told twice. Leaning in the rest of the way, his lips finally came in contact with her clit, doing it that same way he did her fingers. Only this time - much, much slower. Y/n releases her hold on his hair to grip at the post in front of her, nearly falling over at the intense feeling. It had been a while since the two of them did this, him having been busy with gang-related stuff, and you being busy taking care of your boys. After two long and stressful months of nothing but cuddles and pecks, this was definitely what you both needed.  

Jin knew what made his babygirl tick; every small detail about her, what spots to hit, when to change the speed, he practically memorized it all. Even with no hands, he knew when to add more pressure with his tongue, or when to tilt his head in different angles. But, with no hands, he couldn’t control her whining hips. It didn’t take long for them to start wiggling from side to side, setting up her own pace, basically getting herself off with him just being the toy to do it. Getting slightly aggravated, Jin stops his ministrations and lays his head down on the pillow, no longer in contact with her clit. The slight sound of her growl made his cock twitch, but he held his ground. If she thought that he was gonna just roll over like some bitch, then she was mistaken.

But, if he thought he was getting away with that - he was mistaken.

“So, you want to be stubborn, hm? Okay…I have ways of punishing naughty boys.” Y/n once again rolls off him, this time taking off his now tight boxers. Jin hisses slightly at the cool air hitting his sensitive skin, but nearly loses his breath when she starts to slowly stroke him.

Fuck…” He sighs, head thrown back as he’s finally receiving the pleasure he’s been after. Tugging at the cuffs once more, his stomach clenches as her grip tightens. “Just like that…”

Y/n grins as she descends to her knees, peppering the base with light kisses, until her tongue swipes up the length slowly. His breaths start coming out choppy, soft moans following behind some of them. Jin was starting to think she had finally came to her senses and decided to take care of him - like a good girl. All of the sudden, Jin felt her pull away, only for her mouth to be replaced by something cold. His eyes fluttered open at the feeling, trying to lift his head upward to see what you had just put on him. It wasn’t until the soft noise of something vibrating filled the room, and soon his eyes rolled to the back of his head. She had just turned on a vibrating cock-ring.

“Oh, God, jagi~” Jin moaned loudly, the pitch in his voice having no choice but to go up an octave. This was a whole new sensation, the vibration assuring him sweet release, but the grip of the ring halted that relief without mercy. His hips now wiggled from side to side, bucking and thrusting up into the air, with his head still thrown backward. Tugging at the cuffs in desperation, there was no sign of them breaking anytime soon. What the hell were they made out of?

She marveled in the way her husband now portrayed himself; a sweaty, panting, whimpering mess. Patting herself on the back, Y/n returns to her previous position, once again centimeters from his face. She could see that his eyes were closed tightly, his face turning even deeper red as it is seemed like it was becoming difficult for him to breathe. The sight only seemed to turn her own even more

“How does it feel, baby? To be vulnerable, with no control?” He was silent, biting his lip to keep from making noise. All he was doing was making it harder on himself. Letting out a shout of pleasure when she turned the speed up a little, she spoke again. “The lady asked you a question. I suggest you start talking.”

Using his words from before seemed to grab his attention in no time. Taking a moment to compose himself, he responds. “S-So…g-good…”

“How badly do you want to cum?”

“So f-fucking-ah.! So b-bad, baby..!” Unfortunatly for him, he had no choice but to reduce to begging. His cock practically pulsated, pre-cum just leaking out of control as he pleaded with his eyes. “P-Please, Y/n, I-I’ll be good..! I-I swear! Please, I can’t t-take it anymore! You win, fuck, you win!”

It was music to her ears. Caressing his scalp for a moment, Y/n showed a little mercy by turning the ring to it’s lowest setting, giving Jin a chance to catch his breath. Still twitching slightly, his pants fanned over her still glistening slit, sending tingles through the pit of her stomach. “Good boy~ Finish me first, and then you’ll get what you want.”

Without warning, Jin stretched out his neck, quickly attaching his eager mouth right back to her opening - no longer wasting time to enter his warm muscle and begin thrusting it as fast as he could. Finding her hands to be gripping the post again, Y/n couldn’t stop the gasps and moans from spilling out of her mouth. Like what was said before, he knew what made his babygirl tick.

It didn’t take long for her to approach her limit, helping by bucking her hips in time with each stroke of his tongue. The feel of her walls clenching around it made the gang leader whine in desperation - never have wanted to come so badly in his life, until now. Suddenly, not being able to take it as well, Y/n pulled off of him, making him start to panic for a moment.

“W-Wait! Did I do something wrong? Please don’t turn the ring back up, I-I was trying my hardest - honestly, I was-!”

“Sh, sh, sh.” Y/n ran a hand through his sweaty hair, almost wanting to laugh at how similar he sounded like the man he murdered in cold blood not too long ago. Oh, the irony. “I know you were. I think you’ve been punished long enough, baby.”

Soon, the ring came completely off, now allowing Jin to finally relax his tense muscles for only a moment. It didn’t take long for her to straddle his hips, and slowly lower herself until the very tip of him entered her scorching heat. This caused him to inhale deeply at the feeling, nearly coming from it - alone. Y/n practically teared up at almost being connected with him again, it being so long that the feeling of him stretching her made her wince just a little. Yep, it was like they were teenagers again.

Taking a moment to savor the feeling a little longer, Y/n takes a deep breath before sinking down the rest of the way. Both of them let out sounds of relief, after long torture, finally getting what the both of them wanted for so long. Y/n ran her nails down his chest slowly, clenching and unclenching, trying to get used to it. Neither one of them spoke, instead stared deeply into each other’s eyes. Jin could not believe what this woman had just put him through - this was premeditated. There was never a dull moment with Y/n- she always made his life more exciting. She once again proved that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

As if she could read his mind, Y/n leaned down to place a kiss upon his lips, the faint taste of herself still lingering on them as she deepened it. After pulling away, she decided to finally unlock him from the cuffs. “You earned it. Don’t make me regret it.”

Her words may have sounded threatening, but Jin only smiles softly. Not wasting another moment, his arms wrapped around her middle tightly, pulling her bare chest to meet with his. Wrapping hers around his neck, Y/n started to ride him - at first slowly to get a good rhythm. But, soon that slow pace turned into something desperate - as both of them were yearning for release. One hand tangled in his hair while the other continued being wrapped around his neck, Y/n could just feel her immense love for this man - the way he held her, kissed her, made her feel. How he gave her two beautiful children, a home, a place where she belonged. Once again bringing her to tears at how lucky she was.

And the feelings were mutual with him. She was everything to Jin, hugging her close to where he could feel her heartbeat match up with his, making sure to angle his hips a certain way until-

“Oh, Seokjin~” She cried out, holding onto him tighter as he hit that one spot - over, and over again. To make it even harder for her to hold on any longer, he started chanting encouragements to help coax her arrival - while going a little rougher.

“That’s it, that’s it,” He’d whisper in her ear, his grip on her hips only tightening as he felt his climax approaching soon. “Cum for me, baby.”

Those final words being the last thing she heard before all that was left was nothing but white. It didn’t take Jin long to follow right after, his hot seed painting her walls in long spurts - practically leaving him speechless. Holding onto each other a little while longer, riding out their highs, the two lovers basked in the after glow of what they’ll mark down as the most intense sex they’ve had so far.

Soon after, Jin chuckles softly, slowly pulling out of her. “Damn. You should be dominate more often - where the hell did all that come from?”

“You should never underestimate me, Jinny. I’m full of surprises,” She smirks lazily, Jin only smiling brightly as he lays on his back, taking her with him.

“I love you. So much, you couldn’t even imagine. After today, you’ve shown that you’re no longer the scared teenage girl I met years ago. You’re this strong, sexy, grown woman I have the privilege of having a family with.”

Resting her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, Y/n places a small kiss on the spot. “It’s about damn time that you noticed. But, I love you, too, Kim Seokjin. Next time you wanna hire some idiot off the street - make sure you run them by me first. It’ll save Suga and Rap Mon the effort of having to clean up after you all the fucking time.”

Even though she spoke such harsh words, the hint of exhaustion in her voice only made her appear precious to the gang leader. Chuckling once again, covering the both of them with the sheets, Jin places a small kiss to her forehead as she slowly drifts off to sleep.

“What would I do without you?”

‘the boys (and maki if thats alright!!) reaction to their s/o calling them during the middle of the night saying they couldn't stop thinking about them? hopefully you get what im trying to say’

the boys (and maki if thats alright!!) reaction to their s/o calling them during the middle of the night saying they couldn’t stop thinking about them? hopefully you get what im trying to say

I understand you completely! Enjoy~

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