the nutty boy

givemethedog  asked:

Excuse me but what do u mean that moms used to put mashed potatoes in their children socks

wait yall havent seen the nutty ‘natural’ parents? oh boy, lemme show u a thing

potatoes suck the toxins out of your kids’ bodies, apparently

Brazilian Children’s Books

O menino maluquinho by Ziraldo

An iconic picture book in Brazilian literature, “The Little Nutty Boy” tells the story of a zany young boy who gets into all sorts of trouble. Time passes, and he grows up (as you do). And you know what? That great kid turns into a pretty great adult.

The book became so wildly popular that it led to the creation of a newspaper comic strip, two blockbuster movies, plays, and even a tv series.

Ziraldo Alvars Pinto is an author, painter, comic creator, and journalist. Apart from his work as a cartoonist, he’s also known for having co-established a progressive newspaper that ran during Brazil’s 1964-1989 dictatorship.


Day 5 of reimagining my mumsi’s nutcrackers. Love these nutty boys.

This one’s feet broke off at some point in time- so obviously the best thing to do is give him 2 peglegs! Ohhhh those modifications.

Day 6 tomorrow! (Last day!)