the nun story

convent stories, 18.2.17

had a really tough week so slipped away from oxf this weekend and came to hang out with my nuns in london. saturday night (bc of other obligations on sunday) is their ‘community meal’, which they always make out is a Great and Decadent Feast but is actually just a nice meal with roast potatoes and maybe some sliced fruit afterwards (conversely, and equally amusingly, they make their friday meal out to be a Harsh and Severe Fast when it is really just a nice soup with as much bread as you want to eat). anyway the other big deal about the community meal is that it involves a Glass of 'Vino’ (they really do call it this), which they drink like champagne (adorable).

this week they had a young Poor Clare to stay. the Poor Clares are usually enclosed and live a *very* simple life. my nun friends offered her a glass and she said 'oh NO, i couldn’t!! alcohol has an IMMEDIATE and EXTREME effect on me!!’ & anyway i tried so hard to neutralise my snort of laughter

things with sharp edges & bullets in nazis, swearing by pushkin & tolstoy & trotsky, armor & arrows & black widow stings,these are a few of my favorite things