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The Song of Achilles + character posters:

A C H I L L E S 

“Prince Achilles, son of King Peleus and the goddess Thetis. Aristos Achaion!”


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Your best friend was on her feet, with the mic in her hand. “I just wanted to say that you are the only reason why my best friend came. She has seriously been crushing on you for years!” She cackled.

Your cheeks flushed with red as you sunk in to your seat. Feeling the eyes on you, including his, made you fluster even more.

Tom had noticed you since the moment he walked on stage. You were in the front row, which made it easier for him to spot you.

He noticed tour beautiful smile, and the sound of your laugh. Tom was hooked immediately and no matter how hard he tried to shake the feelings, he couldn’t.

You were a bashful mess, blushing as you tried to hide your face. Tom couldn’t help but smile as he watched you.

He had to remind himself not to stare too long. He cleared his throat, and brought the mic up to his lips. “I am truly honored. To have a girl that beautiful come out here for me is just amazing.” He muttered.

His words caused your stomach to flutter as you dropped your hands and shot your gaze up to him. He flashed you a smile, and you smiled back.

“Okay, for my real question, I was wondering if you can tell us anything about the next Thor movie?” She asked.

He glanced at you for a second, but immediately sat up and turned to your best friend. “Ah. Thor.” He mumbled.


After long hours of panels and interviews, you and your best friend were going to the autograph tables, to meet Tom Hiddleston and a few other members from Thor.

“Aw come on Y/N! I did you a favor!” Your best friend exclaimed. “I mean, he called you beautiful for gods sake!”

“He only did that to be polite! I mean you kind of just threw that on him. If he ignored it, he would’ve been called an asshole.” You stated. Growing nervous as you got closer to him.

She shrugged her shoulders and sighed. “Grow a pair. Who cares anyways? It’s not like he’s going to remember. And besides, it’s comic con.” She winked. “What happens at comic con, stays at comic con.”

“Yea, until someone makes it into a gif.” You mumbled.

It was now your turn.

You walked up, and met his gaze. Feeling the immediate warmth and nervousness you once felt before.

His eyes lit up as he saw you. After Nerd HQ, he thought he’d never see you again, which bummed him out.

So seeing you, standing right in front of him, wit the smile that captivated him. He was ecstatic.

Tom reached his hand out to you, not once taking his eyes off you. “Well we meet again.” He smiled. “How are you-” he paused giving you a quizzical look.

“Y/N.” You muttered.

“Y/N? How are you, Y/N?” He smiled.

The way your name rolled off his tongue, made your heart beat profusely as if it were about to jump out of your chest.

“I’m great! And how about yourself, Mr. Hiddleston?” You chuckled. Proud of yourself for not shying in front of him.

He scrunches his nose and shook his head. “Oh god, that makes me sound so old.” He muttered. “Is that you’re way of calling me old?”

You shrugged your shoulders and hummed. “Maybe.”

His smile grew as a laugh escaped him and filled the air. “So what are you? A baby?”

“I’m legal.” You winked.

You both belted out in to giggles, not able to keep from smiling.

Just being near him and talking to him, you felt your life was complete. The thing you loved most about him, was how incredibly easy it was to talk to him.

And that’s what he loved about you as well. In his whole acting career, he’s only ever met a few people he was able to hold a conversation with. And here you were, making jokes as if you’ve known him for a while.

One of the volunteers whispered something in his ear which made him drop his smile, and nod. “Sorry.” He muttered.

The volunteer walked back to the back.

“Look, you got me in trouble.” Tom chuckled.

“Oh, I got you in trouble? And how did I manage to do that?” You asked.

“You kept talking to me. Making me hold up the line.” He teased.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled with him.

He quickly glanced down at your poster, and signed it for you. But before handing it back, he locked his eyes with yours and smirked, “thanks for getting me into trouble. Hope to see you around.”

You flashed a soft smile, and nodded. “Anytime, old man.” You winked.

You grabbed your poster and started toward where your best friend waited. She was in line to meet Chris Evans.

“So, how was it? Did you chicken out and run away?” She chuckled.

You shook your head and glanced down at your signed poster. As your eyes followed the marks, your heart stopped as you noticed the number he wrote in the bottom corner. “How about Coffee?” Under it.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N.” Your best friend snapped her fingers in your face.

You glanced up, eyes wide as you smiled so big, your cheeks started to hurt.

She furrowed her brows. “What the hell is wrong with you?” She asked.

You pointed at the number on the poster, trying to even your breathing. “I think he just asked me out on a date.” You whispered.

She snatched the poster from your hand and looked it over closely, gasping and jumping up and down. “Holy fucking shit. Tom Hiddleston asked you out.”



If I’m not mistaken, this is like a radio drama(?) wherein the main guy comes home to find there’s a voice message from his family on the phone, and each family member takes turns giving him a message.

1) Listen to the video. (LISTEN UNTIL THE END. SRSLY.)
2) Guess the number of seiyuus present with Akira Ishida (he’s obvious since he’s the picture lol)
3) HINT: (It doesn’t need to be a 1:1 ratio of characters)
4) ANSWER: See the end of tags. NO SPOILER.

EXO reacts to seeing you cry on stage while singing after breaking up with you

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Request found here.

A/N: Thank you, @chanyeolexo-l61​ for the request. I had never heard this song before, but wow it has such an important message and can be seen as sort of an anthem for the topic. I volunteer at the hospital where my mom works and see that number on poster boards throughout the hospital, which is why it looked familiar. I felt that this song would be kind of an eye opener in a way, so I based their reactions on that. I hope you all enjoy them. Thanks again for the request, love! <3 xoxo


Kim Minseok (Xiumin)

The award show hosts announced your performance next and Minseok would shift in his seat as he prepared to see you for the first time since you two broke up. He would sit quietly while the performance was going on and would try to avoid eye contact with you as much as possible. However, when he saw tears running down your cheeks, he couldn’t help but feel a knot in his throat. Although he would not shed his own tears, he would feel sad and the strong urge to hug you and hold you tight despite the situation.

“How do I approach her without sounding so desperate?” he would ask Jongdae as he saw you leaving the stage, wiping your tears after the performance ended.

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Kim Junmyeon (Suho)

Junmyeon would have a hard time holding back his tears. He showed his true sadness the night you two broke up and this night was no different. After your performance at the Suicide Prevention Benefit Concert, he would stand and clap loudly to show his appreciation for both the cause and you for bravely singing through your tears.

He regretted acting on his emotions the night you two parted ways and of course for not giving it another chance before you walked away. At night, he would be in bed and stare up at the ceiling wondering what you were doing and if you were eating proper meals.

“Just call her already, Junmyeon,” he would say to himself as he put his phone down for the 5th time.

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Zhang Yixing (Lay)

Yixing had made it to practice early and when he entered the rehearsal area, you were already practicing for your performance of the night. He would quietly sit and watch as you sang with such passion that tears would escape your eyes. The gentle soul would wonder if you were crying because you had noticed him and you were sad because of that or if you were crying over the strong message in the song that you were trying to convey. After your practice performance and as you went backstage to collect your things, he would approach you and not hesitate to hug you or comfort you in any way he could.

“I hope you have been taking care of yourself, Y/N. Just because we are no longer together doesn’t mean I don’t care and that I will stop asking about you,” he would say as he held you close and rubbed circles on your back with his hand.

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Byun Baekhyun

Baekhyun would have a hard time looking at you since he was not for the idea of breaking up. Because you wanted your space, he accepted it and walked away from the relationship. During your performance, he would try his best to distract himself by messing around with Chanyeol, but once he heard your sniffles over the speakers, he would immediately turn to face you. He would be moved by the lyrics of the song and seeing you up on the stage performing so professionally despite your tears.

“I have to win her back, Chanyeol,” he would comment to his friend as he clapped when the performance ended.

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Kim Jongdae (Chen)

Jongdae would try not to react to seeing you cry. It seems like even though he would be hurting inside because of the break-up, he would still put on a smile and carry on as if he was not affected – especially with you standing on a stage a mere few feet away from him. However, as the song progressed, he realized its meaning and started to let his guard down. Once your verse came on he would be very attentive especially when you started to cry. He would close his eyes in an attempt to push away his tears and succeed.

“I’m so proud of you,” he would mouth out when you looked over at him as you bowed and thanked the audience.

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Park Chanyeol

Chanyeol would not be able to take the tears coming out from your eyes as you sang your verse in 1-800-273-8255. He would find it hard to concentrate on the performance because he would be going down memory lane in his mind and would want so badly to stop the tears from flowing down your face. Although he would not cry about it at that moment, he would cry when he was alone in his hotel room as he fought back the urge to call you.

“Why would she want to talk to me anyway when I was the one that initiated the break-up?” he would say to himself through his sniffles.

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Do Kyungsoo (D.O.)

Similar to Minseok’s reaction, Kyungsoo would be silent throughout your live performance at the televised benefit concert. He would relate to the verse It’s holding on, though the road is long and wouldn’t be able to help feeling disappointed in himself because he didn’t do that when it came to his relationship with you. When the performance was over, he would stand to clap and try to blend in with the rest of the audience.

“What a great performance,” he would say to the person next to him, trying to sound casual while torn inside.

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Kim Jongin (Kai)

For Jongin to watch you with tears in your eyes as you sang your heart out during a performance at the outdoor concert for Suicide Prevention would be complete torture for his heart. Not only had you two broken up, but you still had to see each other every day since he was also performing with his band mates. He was standing in the prompt corner of the stage ready to go on after you when he saw you crying while you were singing. He turned around and blinked his eyes repeatedly before turning back around.

“Great performance, Y/N,” he would say calmly, bowing to you as you proceeded backstage and he went up to perform.

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Oh Sehun

Even though Sehun is not one to publically show his tears, he would still look a bit upset on the big screen as the camera panned to him while you were singing. He would be too focused on you to notice the camera man in front of him recording his reaction.

He would silently watch and furrow his brows as he understood the lyrics you were singing. When he saw you crying after noticing him, he would simply look down to the floor and glance your way every so often until the song ended; then applaud you from his seat.

“You’re not the only one in pain, Y/N,” he would confess quietly to himself as he ironed out his clothes with his hands to try to control his emotions.

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Reactions master list

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Reblog with your sign's answer in the tags: K-Pop Edition
  • Aries: number of concerts you've attended
  • Taurus: group that got you into k-pop
  • Gemini: top 3 solo artists
  • Cancer: top 3 favorite OST songs
  • Leo: top 3 biases from any groups
  • Virgo: number of albums and posters you own
  • Libra: how long have you been listening to k-pop
  • Scorpio: top 3 boy groups
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  • Capricorn: dances you've learned
  • Aquarius: favorite subgroup
  • Pisces: top 3 girl groups

Your name is MAE. As was previously mentioned it you DROPPED OUT OF COLLEGE. A number of POSTERS are scattered about your room. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for DEMON TOWER. You like to play bass but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You have a fondness for PARANORMAL LORE, and are an aspiring BASEBALL PLAYER. You also like to play GAMES sometimes.

What will you do?


Good or bad, here’s some creative “Phantom of the Opera” promo posters and slogans focusing on the Phantom and/or Christine rather than the logo mask.

  1. “15 haunting years” (Broadway 2003)
  2. "Tonight belongs to…” (Broadway and US Tour 2008)
  3. “Romantic legends live forever” (Toronto 1994)
  4. “Danke Hamburg!” (Hamburg 2015)
  5. “Surrender to the music of the night” (West End 2003/04)
  6. “Phantom: Be seduced” (Las Vegas 2006-12)
  7. “Be seduced” (West End 2016)
  8. “London’s most haunting love story” (West End 2007)
  9. “London’s most haunting love story” (West End 200?)

To my knowledge, poster number 2, 4 and 6 used random models instead of actual leads, while the other feature people who’s played the role.

VanCAF 2017 - May 20 - 21 at the Yaletown Roundhouse

Hey all! This coming weekend, get down to VanCAF where I’ll have posters of the cover of Delilah Dirk 3 (the new one! It comes out next year!), among a bunch of other stuff. Fair warning, to the one person it will affect: I have only a very limited number of Travel Poster prints, so if you were looking forward to seeing those this year (how presumptuous of me), find me early.

Admission, as ever, is FREE. Between that and VanCAF being my HomeCAF, this is definitely my FavCAF. So come say Hi!


She Will Be Loved Poster Voting!

I’m gonna let ya’ll vote for your favorite SWBL poster!  The winning poster will become the story’s banner on! Comment (preferably on the post so the votes are all in one place) with the number(s) of the poster(s) you like/would like to see as the banner!  (the numbers won’t stay on the banner when it’s poster, obviously) That simple! :)  Thanks!