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2 truths and a lie, and I'll try to guess the lie

  • Sushi is my favorite food
  • I’ve been to Disney World eleven times
  • I can play “We Are Number One” on an alto saxophone

guess the lie in the replies!

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01: Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
02: Who did you last say “I love you” to?
03: Do you regret anything?
04: Are you insecure?
05: What is your relationship status?
06: How do you want to die?
07: What did you last eat?
08: Would you want to know what happens in the future if you couldn’t change it?
09: Do you bite your nails?
10: When was your last fight?
11: Do you like someone?
12: Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? Why?
13: Do you hate anyone at the moment?
14: Do you miss someone?
15: What would you see in the Mirror of Erised? (What do you most desire?)
16: How exactly are you feeling at the moment?
17: Ever made out in the bathroom?
18: What are you afraid of?
19: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
20: Where was the last place you made out with someone?
21: What are your plans for this weekend?
22: Do you want to have kids? How many?
23: Do you have piercings? How many?
24: What is/are/were your best subject(s)?
25: Do you miss anyone from your past?
26: What are you craving right now?
27: Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
28: Have you ever been cheated on?
29: Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
30: What’s irritating you right now?
31: Does somebody love you?
32: What is your favorite color?
33: Do you have trust issues?
34: Who/what was your last dream about?
35: Who was the last person you cried in front of?
36: Do you give out second chances too easily?
37: Is it easier to forgive or forget?
38: Is this year the best year of your life?
39: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
40: Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
51: What is one book everyone needs to read?
52: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
53: What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
54: Is cheating ever okay?
55: Are you mean?
56: How many people have you fist fought?
57: Do you believe in true love?
58: Favorite weather?
59: What is your perfect day look like?
60: Do you wanna get married?
61: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
62: What makes you happy?
63: Would you change your name?
64: Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?
65: Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
66: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?
67: Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
68: Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
69: Do you believe in soulmates?
70: Is there anyone you would die for?

One day, many years from now when you realize what you’ve lost - you will search for me. 
Perhaps you’ll email me but there’ll be no reply; or maybe you’ll call my number but it will have changed…. And when you give up trying to find me physically, you’ll search for me emotionally. 
You’ll try to find someone else who will love you like I did or make you laugh as much as I used to … but you’ll soon realize there’s nobody else quite like me… 
I was unique… I was the one for you - and you lost me. 
And you will try so desperately to find traces of me in every soul you meet for the rest of your days ….but you will never ever find me.

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I've been thinking a lot about Anakin lately and I'm not sure if his sense of self is rooted in who he is as much as it is what he is. He's so used to thinking of himself in terms of 'I am a slave', ' I am a Jedi', 'I am the Chosen One'. He seems to relate to himself as a thing.

He really does. It’s even possible to watch the movies as the progressive breakdown of Anakin’s sense of self.

When we first meet him, it’s with the defiant line, “I’m a person, and my name is Anakin.” He’s very adamantly naming himself as a person, in distinction to the name that’s pushed on him, “slave.” But the defiant tone is important there. This is a kid who is insisting on his personhood in a world where that’s not recognized by those with power over him. It’s the insistence of a person trying to remind themself of what’s true when the world around them is constantly gaslighting them.

Then Qui-Gon comes along, and the Jedi Order, and now Anakin’s not a slave but he is the Chosen one. Fast forward to AOTC, and we’ve got Anakin primarily referring to himself not as a person before all else, but as a Jedi. (In light of this, the scene following the Tusken massacre is especially interesting. Padme says that to be angry is to be human, but Anakin responds with “I’m a Jedi.” Padme insists that he’s a person, but he seems to see being a Jedi as being somehow apart, more than (or perhaps, subconsciously, less than) human.)

By the time we get to ROTS, Anakin’s entire self-conception is focused around the Jedi and the war. Everyone keeps insisting to him that he is the Chosen One. It’s even one of the last things he hears from Obi-Wan. “You were supposed to be the Chosen One.” But he’s not, not anymore, because now he has a new Master who’s given him a new name and new orders.

He spends 20 years following those orders, and finally there’s ROTJ, when Luke explicitly tries to give him back his name - his name, not the name Palpatine assigned him - and all Anakin can respond with is “I must obey my Master.”

As Granny Weatherwax of Discworld says, sin is when you treat people like things, including yourself. And Anakin spends most of his life essentially viewing himself as a tool.

Q and A: Sherlock edition

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1. How did you come to start watching Sherlock?

2. What makes you happiest about the show?

3. Which character did you hate at first but grow to love? 

4. Which character did you love at first but eventually hate? 

5. In which year did you begin watching Sherlock?

6. Your top three most heartbreaking moments in the show? 

7. When did you realize how deep into this show you were?

8. Do you recommend Sherlock to others or prefer to keep it to yourself? 

9.  What is your unpopular opinion in reference to any aspect of the show?

10. Which Season (or the special) is you favorite?

11. What is your ship? 

12. What is your favorite fan fic about them or fan art of them? 

13. Your favorite moment(s) between them? 

14. Why did you start shipping them?

15. If you had to get rid of one episode, which would it be? 

16. Who is your favorite character? 

17. Which character do you relate to most? 

18. What is your favorite moment in A Study in Pink?

19. What is your favorite moment in The Blind Banker?

20. What is your favorite moment in The Great Game?

21. What is your favorite moment in A Scandal in Belgravia?

22. What is your favorite moment in The Hounds of Baskerville?

23. What is your favorite moment in The Reichenbach Fall?

24. What is your favorite moment in The Empty Hearse

25. What is your favorite moment in The Sign of Three

26. What is your favorite moment in His Last Vow?

27. What is your favorite moment in The Abominable Bride?

28. Try to explain in words how you are feeling about Season 4 coming out in less than a month?

29. What is your best prediction for Season 4?

30. How has Sherlock changed your life?

31. Create your own question!

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Connect the Dots

Genre: movie reviewer!phil, actor!dan, wrong number AU

Warnings: none :) just some talking to strangers on the internet but you’re all familiar with that

Word Count: 6k

Summary: based on this prompt

Dan’s a famous actor who gets a text from an unknown number one day, and Phil’s a movie reviewer who just wants to find his Adventure Time sweater, and has trouble connecting the dots when the unknown number continues to reply to him.

(phil’s less like ‘shit’ and more like ‘….sHiT’at the end but otherwise :))))) THANK YOU)

A/N: this was a Fun Time and i should technically be doing culminating tasks and exam review but that can wait. super duper close to 1k by the way wtf how did that happen thank you

(bolded text = phil’s text messagese // non bolded = dan’s just mini psa)

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McKirk: I accentually called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came au :)

  • It’s two in the fucking morning when Leonards phone rings. With a grunt, he reaches out to check it. Briefly, he hesitates to pick up, but because it could be the hospital, he knows he doesn’t have much of a choice. “Hello?” he asks, voice rough and tired. “Yes, hello,” a voice rings back to him, lots of people audible in the background, and some very shitty music, too. “Can I get a taxi?” He asks, and Leonard grunts. “Wrong number.” “Oh, sorry.” the man says, then hangs up. Leonard puts his phone down and turns around, but before he can even properly close his eyes again, his phone rings again. “Can I get a taxi?” the same voice asks him, and Leonard sighs. “Still a wrong number,” he replies. When the phone rings a third time, Leonard doesn’t want to pick up. He tries to ignore it, but when it stubbornly keeps on ringing, Leonard reaches out and picks up the phone. “Can I get-” “Yes,” Leonard says, “where are you?” “Club Red,” the voice says. “That’s a terrible club,” Leonard replies, and the man laughs. “Yes, it is.” “Where do you need to go?” Leonard asks, and he quickly repeats the address. “Name?” “Jim.” “Okay, Jim, your taxi is on its way,” Leonard says, and he hears a relieved sigh on the other side of the line. “Thank you,” Jim says, and then he hangs up. Leonard thinks about just going back to sleep there and then, but just the thought by itself is nagging at him. So he opens his phone again, and dials the taxi company to arrange a pick up for Jim.
  • And really. he shouldn’t have done that, because now his phone keeps ringing. “Hey, this is Jim. Can I get a taxi from The Rainbow?” / “I’m at Hellfire.” / “I’m in The Roadhouse Cafe.” / “I’m in Walmart-” “Walmart?” Leonard counters Jim, “what are you doing in a Walmart at 1 in the morning?” “Groceries, obviously,” Jim replies. “You don’t sound drunk this time,” Leonard says, and Jim snorts. “I’m not.” “Then why are you always calling this number?” “This is the taxi line, isn’t it?” “No,” Leonard says, and Jim is silent for a few seconds. “But I’ve been arranging a taxi on this number for weeks.” “Yeah,” Leonard says, “I’ve been calling the company for you because your drunk ass kept calling me.” “Oh, shit. Really?” "Yes, really,“ Leonard replies. “Well, fuck. I’ve been calling you at 3AM for a taxi,” Jim says. “Yeah, I’m aware,” Leonard says. “Okay, I’ll remove your number and replace it with the taxi company, okay? I promise it won’t happen again.” “That’d be appreciated,” Leonard says. “Okay,” Jim says again, “are you still going to get me that taxi, though?” “Only this time,” Leonard says. 
  • It’s Friday and Leonard has his night off. He considers going out for a drink, but Spock doesn’t really drink and Sulu has a family night, and so Leonard settles at home instead. He takes a hot bath instead, sinking down in the tub while checking up on Facebook - a thing he does roughly once a month or so, and mostly because his ex-wife allows his daughter to be on there despite being way too young to have an account. But he doesn’t get to relax very long, because his phone starts ringing, and Leonard slowly picks up. “Hello?” “Hey, can I get a taxi?” “Jesus Christ, Jim, are you serious?” Leonard asks, groaning and running a hand through his hair. “What?” “You were going to remove this number!” Leonard says, and he can just hear Jim think. Slowly, like he’s drunk again. “Fuck,” Jim says, “sorry.” Leonard sighs, sinking a little further down in the warm tub. “Where are you?” “I’m at Plan B.” “You are all over town, huh?” Leonard asks, and Jim snorts. “You know all these places?” “I’ve been young, too,” Leonard says. Jim laughs at that. “You don’t sound so old. Are you in water?” “You can hear that?” Leonard asks. Jim chuckles. “I could hear water, yeah. And your voice sounds a bit echoing, like you’re in a bathroom.” “Well, you’re not wrong,” Leonard says. “I’ll get you your taxi. Don’t call me again, though.“ 
  • It’s Thanksgiving and all local taxis are on a strike because of employment rights. And Leonard knows. He just knows his phone is gonna go off. He expects Jim to celebrate it with his family, but at the same time, he also expects him to call. And he’s right. His phone rings at just 6PM, and when Leonard picks up, Jim doesn’t even sound drunk. “Hey-” “Jim,” Leonard interrupts, “there’s no taxis driving tonight.” “What? No, I need a taxi,” Jim says. “Did you not read the news?” Leonard asks, and he hears Jim scoff. “No, what am I, 80?” Jim mocks, and Leonard rolls his eyes. “Well, if you had, you would have known there’s no drivers tonight. Try uber?” Leonard suggests, and Jim groans loudly. “No, it’s fine. I will just walk home, I guess. I don’t have anywhere to go, anyway,” he says. Leonard frowns, glancing at Joanna playing with Demora. Sulu and Ben are preparing their dinner. Spock and Uhura are just quietly talking together. “How do you not have anywhere to go? It’s Thanksgiving,” Leonard says. “Mom’s off on business and a lot of my favorite clubs are closed,” Jim says, “so I’m just gonna walk home and watch the match.” Leonard listens, then sighs. “Where are you?” “Dunkin Donuts,” Jim says. “Okay, text me your address,” Leonard says, “I’ll give you a ride.”
  • He’s never actually seen Jim, but he knows who it is the moment he drives by. Blond hair, leather jacket, somehow casually handsome despite having powdered sugar on his mouth from eating one of those donuts. Jim gets in his car, and he checks Leonard out curiously. “You’re a lot more handsome than I thought,” Jim says, so bluntly Leonard doesn’t even know how to respond other than: “thanks?” and Jim laughs. “I mean, your voice always sounded appealing, but kind of tired.” “You always call me after midnight, what did you expect?” Leonard counters. “Also, why did you never remove my number?” “You kept arranging taxis for me,” Jim says, “you should be a receptionist.” “Customer service isn’t my thing,” Leonard admits, “my customers are usually under anesthetic.” Jim listens with interest, but he frowns when Leonard misses the exit. “Where are you going? My house is that way.” “You’re not going to your house,” Leonard says, and Jim shifts a little uncomfortably. “What?” “It’s Thanksgiving, c’mon. I’ve been speaking to you for a few months now. We’re having Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s place, and we’ll watch the game there.” “Oh, no. I couldn’t,” Jim says, “that’s too much?” “No it isn’t,” Leonard says, and he settles their conversation with that.
  • Turns out, Jim knows Spock. They’re actually friends. So that whole ‘oh no this is too much’ thing is pretty much dropped immediately when Jim steps inside. He hugs Spock and Leonard watches the two of them interact. Spock isn’t one for physical contact, and it seems Jim is purposely hugging him, touching his arm and ruffling his hair a little. They must clearly be on great terms, because Spock is only mildly annoyed.
  • Joanna and Demora are almost instantly smitten by those blue eyes and bright smile, and Leonard isn’t really any better. Jim sits between the two girls, somehow having an intelligible conversation with them about Pokemon. Jim’s charming to Ben and Sulu. He helps setting up the table, and he sits next to Leonard while they eat. And initially Leonard thinks he’s imagining it, but Jim’s leg is definitely brushing against his own. Later, he’s definitely sure that it’s not his imagination when Jim turns him and they talk. Quietly, and Jim’s definitely flirting. His hand’s on Leonard’s leg now, and he’s listening intently to Leonard talking about his work in the hospital. Blue eyes are peering at him curiously, eyes wrinkling just lightly when he laughs at something Leonard says - even if it’s not at all funny because Joanna is clearly rolling her eyes at them, but Leonard’s  not even trying to hide his own interest.
  • Joanna stays the night at the Sulu’s because they’re going Black Friday shopping tomorrow (and no way in Hell is Leonard going near a mall tomorrow). So Leonard drives Jim home, to what looks like a small downtown apartment, and Jim smiles when they arrive. “Hey, thank you,” Jim says eventually, “you didn’t have to take me to your dinner party, but thank you for doing so anyway.” “Well, I figured if I had to suffer through months of you calling me, you could suffer through one night of good food and decent company.” “Great company,” Jim corrects him. Then, he clears his throat. “So, can I call you?” “For a pick up? No,” Leonard says, “seriously. Stop doing that.” Jim laughs, shrugging a little. “I meant, like, for a dinner soon. Or just to talk?” He asks, and Leonard nods. “Yeah. Of course.” “Good,” Jim says, and then he just leans in for a kiss. Leonard doesn’t even know how long they’re kissing, but when they finally pull away, Leonard’s neck is a little stiff from leaning over. “You know,” Jim says, small smirk on slightly reddened lips, “you can also just come upstairs now and go out for dinner with me tomorrow.” “Upstairs now, huh?” Leonard repeats, grinning against Jim’s lips when the other leans in for another kiss. Shorter this time, but definitely slightly more heated. “Yeah,” Jim says, “you gave me a ride. I think it’s only fair I return the favor.”

[ ;;&. open to f/nb; ]

zach had a feeling that she’d been doing what she had to piss him off, get some sort of reaction out of him and it had worked like a fucking charm. it had started with her going out in the skimpiest clothes possible, making sure that all eyes were on her in the club and there was no denying that was the case. the good thing was that zach knew there were eyes on him too, being an nfl quarterback got you that kind of attention. any other night and he would have been using that to his advantage, fucking a stranger in the bathroom while his girlfriend was dancing, but that wasn’t gonna be happening, at least not anymore. it was obvious the two of them were together with the way they danced, zach grinding his crotch against her ass as they were surrounded by bodyguards, but that didn’t stop one punk coming over and dancing in front of her, hands on her hips as she was pressed between the two of them. one of zach’s biggest problems was how jealous and paranoid he got so when she didn’t push his hands away, zach lost it, sending the guy flying to the floor with one punch. there would be articles written about him in the morning but he didn’t give a fuck, all he cared about was having a good night and guys knowing where they stood, which the guy on the floor didn’t. wrapping his hand around his girlfriend’s wrist, zach dragged her through the crowd, not stopping until they were outside where he led her down an alley. with bodyguards blocking the view for other people, zach slammed her against the wall, hand wrapping around her throat as he held her there. “you think it’s okay to dance with other guys like a fucking whore, huh? who the fuck do you think you are?” it came out as an almost snarl as he looked into her eyes, hand tightening. “do you know how lucky you are to be dating me?”

okay picture: unilock au adaptation

• john meets sherlock through his orientation leader, mike paired them together as roommates because he’s known john for years and knows he’ll be able to handle him
• john walks into the dorm room and rather than whipping a corpse, sherlock is struggling to get his binder on
• john’s a bit in shock, but sherlock just keeps trying (he’s sweaty from moving everything in and it’s getting stuck on his wet back) and john just looks down at his paper with the room number and his roommate’s name, “sherlock holmes?” “that’s me” sherlock replies. “odd name” “thanks i chose it myself” and john bursts out in laughter and sherlock smiles
• the chemist is able to adjust himself and helps the pre-med move in, both unaware of the story that’s about to begin

Wrong Number: Donnie x Reader.

Donnie hated his job.
It paid well enough but getting yelled at by angry callers wasn’t really worth the paycheck. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. All he wanted was five, maybe ten minutes of peace and-
Damn. He sighed and answered, using his best customer service tone.
“I’m Donatello, your friendly IT tech support, how can I help you?”
He was expecting another gruff New Yorker who would probably chew him out because they couldn’t understand the simplest of instructions but instead, had a pleasant surprise.
“Tech support? I’m sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number.” a female voice replied.
She actually had a very nice voice. Not shrill or sharp, but pleasant. Soft even.
“I’ll hang-”
“No, no. Don’t do that. I just need five minuets of peace, please.”
“Thank you.”
Y/N wasn’t sure what to make of Donnie.
It wasn’t to often that a wrong number asks you to stay on the line, but he did sound pretty tired. Having worked in customer service herself, Y/N knew that voice.
The “I have lost all hope for my future, this isn’t worth the money” voice. And she could use a little quiet herself…
So, even though, it was a little strange, she stayed on line silently. She could hear his soft breathing (was he asleep?) as she read her book.
“And I’m good! Are you still there?”
“Yeah, I am. Feeling better?”
“Defiantly. What have you been doing this whole time?”
“Reading mostly. I thought about getting some tea.”
Donnie sat up, suddenly a bit more interested.
“What are you reading?”
And that was how it started. A request became a nap which became a long conversation about books. Over time, Y/N continued to call Donnie.
They’d talk about work (she worked in a library and had plenty of strange stories) and life (she had three brothers too. How crazy was that?) and found that they had so many things in common. Somewhere inside of him, Donnie knew that this would have to end at some point and that it could even end badly…but he didn’t listen. He didn’t want to listen.
For the first time ever, he had someone he could just…talk to. For hours upon hours. And honestly, how badly could that end?

(Part Two coming soon!)

Office Christmas Party (Steve x Reader) (Part 2/2)

A/N: I’m so tired. I hope you enjoy the last part! Here’s the link to part one! (x)

prompt: Steve and Reader are co-planners for the annual company Christmas party, just one problem, they completely HATE each other.

word count: 1506

Originally posted by mishasminions

“So, I guess, call me?” you muttered as you shoved a piece of paper with your cell phone number scrawled on it into Steve’s hands as he chuckled in reply, neatly folding it up and tucking it away in his coat pocket. The act made your blood boil in anger, as your frustration at your boss’ actions made you grumpy and annoyed.

“Totally not how I imagined getting your number,” he joked, shivering into his jacket subtly as the winter winds picked up. Many of your co-workers had left but the two of you decided to talk over coffee after Perry dismissed you. By talking over coffee, you meant the two of you passively aggressively texting your desk mates over the current situation and getting more frustrated when all they send back is four laughing emojis. Finally, you called it quits, deciding the coffee date was nothing more than a waste of time.

“I’m serious, Steve. You need to call me,” you glared, making him promise you silently as you attempted to intimidate him with you gaze. You could see he tried hard not to laugh as the corner of his lips twitched in reaction, the little hairs of his beard quivering as well.

In the end, he couldn’t help it as he busted in laughter, sticking his hands in his coat pocket as he bent down. “I’m sorry. It’s just, you’re just pretty cute when you’re trying to scary. I’ll call you (Y/N). Do you want me to call a cab for you?”

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