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may i ask why u fell out of shipping squirrel/bramble? i dont particularly like it much myself (anymore) either.

That’s a bit of a long-winded answer, and I’ll go ahead and apologize ahead for the length, and if I remember things wrong I haven’t opened any of these books in some years now so most of what I remember is either pretty vague, or been updated by reading up on the wikia - and getting rants from my friends of course, they’re my number one source on Warriors-related info these days. xD

So like, I started out REALLY liking the pairing, mainly because I have an immense soft spot for dislike-turned-like relationships, what can I say, I enjoy a good old tug-o-war between reluctant parties. 

Unlike most of my fellow fandom at the time (the majority at least) I was a Squirrelpaw fan right from the start. I’m not lying if I say she’s my number one favourite character throughout the series, because she was one of few who had an actual development, and a personality that wasn’t either just lame and flat, or over-the-top dramatic. Either way, her spunk and sass and how she had traits and flaws just really appealed to me. 

And I felt the “teenage crush” with her and Brambleclaw was pretty cute, they were contrasts who argued all the time but then learned to say sorry and so made up. And the Erins DID apply every known trick in the book to “sanctify” the couple as © True Love, from arguments to jealousy/rivalry to teary-eyed realizations and apologies. Even though we all realized they were headed for doom again once The Sight was published…

Now here’s my first problem: I DISLIKE Brambleclaw/star. He is, to me, a top ten disliked character of all time. BramblePAW was cute, with how he renounced his father and fought to be seen as himself rather than, what, demonic spawn?? And I honestly thought we were done with this part of his plot development when the second series rolled in, and maaaan was I wrong. This courageous kid is now an angsty young adult who’s for some reason no more over his Tigerstar-relation than he ever was. Who spends the majority of the series forever angsting over this, and going on a journey that builds up SUCH a big ego that he comes back and basically expects to be given deputyship as a form of gratitude even though he has no other endorsements to show for - and to make matters worse, the Erins send him straight into Hawkfrost le coup’s arms and turn him into an antagonist, and still expect us to nod our heads and be jolly when they proceed to “clean his slate” and instate him as a true, “good-hearted” deputy although he was -this- close to killing his leader/mentor/father figure in life. Thank you for the birth of Bramble’s ever-present hypocricy. And it doesn’t go away?? He never comes forward about this, doesn’t even tell Squirrel that unfortunately she was right about Hawkfrost all along and he’s sorry for everything, oh nope he goes on pretending nothing ever happened and Firestar was actually stupid enough to go along with it, and the only glimpses we ever see of this in the third series is when he “hints” to it like some conflicted, “woe-is-me-my-record-isn’t-clean” kind of guy. Bah. 

And don’t get me started on post-Sunrise Brambleclaw, that was like upping the ante from angsty to an outright blame fest where everything awful in his life is because of others, and has nothing to do with himself or his actions and attitude whatsoever. Okay fine you can’t look Squirrel in the eye after the lie, but did you really need to reject your foster children in the same breath, and avoid them too like the plague for the following six months?? The Erins never thought to develop him far enough that he actually, you know, learned to see beyond his own nose. 

This was the beginning of the end for my time as a SquirrelxBramble fan. Like, I pretended for a good while that the ship wasn’t as tainted become was it was, that things would get better again once he got over himself and realized what an ass he’d been, and she got her apology and they’d try to sew together this mangled relationship… but we never got that, did we? 

“I understand” that’s the closest thing to an apology Squirrelflight ever got in the books, and that’s nowhere NEAR enough. More than a year’s worth of rejection, abuse and public humiliation, only to get this. Watching her former mate not only reject her, but reject the children that they raised together, that she hoped he would have loved enough to understand still needed him. 

And then the Last Hope ends with no understanding of whether they get back together or not, honestly I thought it was over then since to me, Squirrelflight seemed really fucking tired of it all. Like who wouldn’t be? She even says it’ll never be, outright, to Lionblaze??

But noooo, the Erins see fit to give us the piece of crap they fittingly named Bramblestar’s Storm. And let me tell you, I dislike Bramblestar juuuuuuust as much as his warrior version. First of all they screw with Squirrelflight’s character again, they always did love to throw her under the bus to solidify Bramble’s “niceness.” And then they introduce Jessy and that horrid romantic triangle and I was just about ready to vomit up my innards. What we needed was for Bramble to have the time for some proper insight into his own assholeness, some self-reflection kind of time; not for him to suddenly become all torn over his ex-wife and this new, young and fresh copy of her?? That is NOT helping my growing dislike of SquirrelxBramble just saying - I didn’t feel the “nobleness” in him giving up Jessy to go “back to where he belongs.” It rather felt more like that husband who was thiiiiis close to cheating but decided it wasn’t worth it. 

Also, as a romantically unrelated note, was I the ONLY ONE who was worried over Bramblestar’s “I don’t like it when the Clan opposes me” sentence?? Like what, was it a dictator’s seat you thought you’d inherited or something? And people still think he makes a good leader??

So the final note is that these authors have always sought to make Brambleclaw/star to be a better character than he actually is. They never let him admit he’s in the wrong, he never has to face up to his actions, and as a final insult, they grant him, the MALE, the one who’s behaved like an insensible jerk for the longest time, a CHOICE. Whereas Squirrel is left same as always, waiting for him, with no other options than to remain alone. I’m not even going to mention Ashfur that was so badly developed it was obvious they never considered him a choice for her, only a plot point for her relationship with Bramble. But the fact remains that she HAS to settle for him, be happy and overjoyed “yay he still wants me” while Bramble gets to continue to pretend he’s that nice guy with the troubled past, and not the sickening hypocrite he really is. 

But then that is hardly news. You’ll notice that when the Erins write, there is one thing that is extremely important to their character creation; their chara MUST be one to be pitied. They have to be troubled, or abused, or burdened by something, so that the -good- that they get in the end, feels deserved. “Oh you poor thing, here have leadership and be merry.” And then you’ll notice which one of Bramble and Squirrel was the one the Erins really pitied. It’s like they always do it - make leeway for their male characters, and step all over the female ones. 

So yes, I threw my hands up and walked away from the BramblexSquirrel mess, and I haven’t looked back since. ^^

Operation Lemonade: Trini Kwan X Reader

Request: Could you do one for Trini where Trini really likes the reader and the reader makes the first move (you can make the reader a ranger or not)

Prompt: You were the popular girl in school, and Trini had a major crush on you, but was too shy to say anything about that. You, on the other hand, aren’t.

Word Count: 1,468

Warnings: Shipper best friends (because they’re really dangerous in fiction and reality, as I’ve learned), fluuuuuff

Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long to post. My school year is ending and I need to get my community service hours in and study for my biology exams.  Also, I have this headcanon that even though Trini has a hard exterior, I think that she’s super shy when it comes to love so bare with me.

Your name: submit What is this?

You were a fairly popular girl in school; you weren’t mean or bitchy like some of the others, but you were kind, so it was natural that people liked you. You didn’t use your “power” over others to hurt them, but to help them. That’s how Trini Kwan fell in love you.

People just loved to get on her nerves before she was a Power Ranger and had the ability to kick their ass. So when a prick of a guy decided to start following her around and taunt her with slurs and other rude words, you knew you had to step in. And because you stood up for her, that guy never picked on Trini ever again, and Trini… well, she blushed if you even glanced her way with those beautiful eyes of yours. She wanted to let you know how she felt, to just kiss you and have you kiss back, but she was so worried that you were straight that she stayed where she was, never speaking up about how she truly felt.

Then, you were assigned to choose partners in your history class. You smiled, for neither you nor Trini had any good friends in that class that you could try to work with. You turned in your seat and looked back at Trini.

“Do you want to be my partner?” You asked.

Trini looked around a bit, not realizing that you were in fact talking to her. She stammered, “W-What?”

“I said, do you want to be my partner? As you, Trini Kwan?” You giggled. “I mean, it’s alright if you don’t-”

“No, no!” She exclaimed quickly. “I do! I-I’m just surprised you asked me is all.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” You raised an eyebrow in thought.

Trini never answered your question, for the bell that signified the ending of class and the end of the day sounded throughout the school. Thinking quickly, you grabbed a piece of paper and write down your number before sliding it over to Trini.

“Here’s my number. Text me later and we can decide where to start working on our project. I’ll see you soon, okay?” You explained, standing up and slinging your bag over your shoulder.

Trini could only nod in response, to which you nodded back and gave a kind smile. Trini watched as your figure disappeared through the doorway. She could barely move her body, but she was somehow able to make her way towards her locker, a stunned expression on her face. She noticed her friends standing there, looking around, seeming to wonder where she was. How long was she sitting in that classroom for?

The others saw Trini walking up and immediately knew something was off. Her shocked face must have given it away.

“Um, Trini, you okay?” Jason spoke up first.


“You sure?” Kimberly questioned. “You look a little… uh, distracted?”

“I, um, I think Y/N just gave me her number.”

“What?!” The others yelled in unison.

“You’re serious?!” Billy shouted.

“Will you guys calm down?” Trini seethed through gritted teeth, feeling embarrassed that a few stragglers in the hallway began to stare.

“How can we calm down when Operation Lemonade is in action?” Kimberly spoke, grinning like an idiot.

“Operation Lemonade? What the hell is that?”

“Getting you and Y/N together since she’s all you seem to want to talk about! Duh!” Jason rolled his eyes playfully.

“Okay, but why that name?”

“Um, you’re the yellow ranger and lemonade is sweet and yellow,” Zack said the first part to make sure no one heard him. “Think, Trini, think!”

“Right,” Trini drawled. “Well, I’m just going to go now… I don’t know if I’ll make it to training tonight, but we’ll see, okay?”

“Oh, take as much time off as you need to!” Billy smiled.

“Don’t do anything stupid!”

Trini came over your house later that night, and you were a wreck, to say the least. You were hurrying to clean up the pieces of clothes lying about your bedroom floor and making sure everything was properly in order. You even went to the limit where you had to make sure the angle of your lamp was perfect. You rummaged through your kitchen, making sure you had some snacks to munch on in case of impending hunger and or embarrassment.

“So, who’s coming over?” You looked over your shoulder and saw your sibling leaning against the railing with a stupid grin on their face.

“None of your business.”

“Is it your crush, Trini Kwan?”

“Wha-? How’d you-?”

“I heard you talking to your best friend on the phone earlier.” They responded.

“So then why did you ask if you already knew?”

“You know, I didn’t think about that.”

“You’re an idiot.”

There was a soft knock on the door shortly after that, and you forcefully shooed your sibling off to their bedroom, hoping that they would refrain from being cantankerous for just one night. You bit down on your lip once and brushed away your fly away strands of hair before opening up the door and seeing the beauty before you.

You could tell that Trini had put a lot of thought into her outfit and the way her hair was done that night, probably in an attempt to impress you. You, however, thought she didn’t have to dress any certain way. Still, she was stunning to you in that moonlight.

“Trini,” You genuinely grinned. “Please, come in.”

When Trini walked through the door, you noticed her slight blush rising as she gazed around your house. She quickly said, “Y-Your house is nice.”

“Thanks,” You said while shutting the door. “Here, we can head up to my room to start working on the project.”

“Your room?” Trini repeated.

“That’s not a problem, is it?” You asked hopefully. In truth, you just wanted a closed off area so nobody could disturb you and Trini without a lock getting in the way. “We could work in the living room if you-”

“No, that’s alright! Uh, lead the way.”

You started heading to your bedroom, and you opened the door, revealing your inner sanctum. Trini set her stuff on your bed, obviously feeling a bit awkward to be sitting there. You two began spouting ideas to each other for the project, but you two never properly looked each other in the eye, probably due to the fact that you were both blushed furiously and didn’t want the other to see. About thirty minutes through, you knew enough was enough.

“Hey, do you want to take a break?” You asked. “I have some snacks downstairs, if you want any.”

“Oh, um, I’m alright.” Trini smiled. “Thanks.”

“Well,” You hummed. “If you don’t want to eat now, how about we both go out to eat tomorrow night?”

Trini sat completely still, only managing to let out a small “Huh?” in confusion. For the first time that night, Trini actually stared you in the eyes.

You scratched the back of your head and sighed, “Not the ideal way to ask someone on a date, but a girl can at least try, right? So… what do you say?”

“… I once again say ‘huh?’” Trini gulped.

“I sort of have known about your crush for a while now… And, if it isn’t already obvious, I like you back… So, I was thinking that maybe you and I could go out tomorrow if you’re free and all. Hell, you can even choose where we go if you want!”

Trini just locked eyes with you and seemed to be unable to look away. You were about to tell her to forget you ever said anything, but Trini surged forward, smashing her soft lips to yours. You stumbled back a bit, but Trini followed you, causing you to have to steady yourself quickly. Once you finally realized what was happening, you kissed her back, getting a true taste of her strawberry-flavored lip balm. You used one hand to steady yourself and the other to let your fingers run through her silky hair. Everything around you stopped, and for as long as you could hold your breath, it was just her kissing you.

When you two finally broke apart for air, you gently laughed, “You know, most wait for the kiss after the first date.”

“What can I say?” Trini laughed with you, gaining a sudden feeling of confidence. “I’ve been waiting to do that for too long, you know.”

“Hey, I’m not complaining.” You said before kissing her again.

Needless to say, you two didn’t exactly get much of that project done that night.

Trini called Kimberly later that night, and the first thing she heard on the other line was, “Operation Lemonade a go?”

Trini laughed, “Yes, it’s a go. Now can we please stop calling it Operation Lemonade?”

Watching Extremis for the first time

(Spoilers below)

-Who’s narrating?

-If you serve as executioners to everything… then you execute flies and mosquitoes and stuff like that?

-”The destruction of a Time Lord–”

-Holy shit the Daleks are actually an impressive race, they killed a ton of those Time Lords that are supposedly so hard to kill



-”I didn’t expect you.”
 Well then who’d you expect, some other Time Lord who miraculously survived the Time War?

-Ah, gotta love them Daleks with their gossipy mouths, spreading rumors everywhere.

Why is his suit so worn. I’m concerned.

-”They can’t know I’m blind, Missy. no one can know.”





-”Please, I’ll do anything. Just let me live.”

-*phone notification jingle*


Do all these people have fevers or is the weather just really hot??

-So I’m guessing he uses the shades to aid his vision now?

-Well, as long as he’s not completely in the black I’m fine

-”ve arrrre to com heerre dirrectly frrom the vaticaan”

-The pope???

-what is going on????!?!?!?

-”Pope Benedict. Lovely girl. What a night. I knew she was trouble, but she wove a spell with her castanets.“

-”The Pope doesn’t zoom round the world in the Popemobile, surprising people.“

-I am so confused and worried right now

I was kinda losing focus while reading the transcript of this episode and then BOOM, SUICIDE PICTURE FLASHES, WTF

-”Assume nothing. Assumption makes an ass out of you.”

-”I thought you’d moved out from here?
 “Yeah, slightly didn’t work out. Second attempt on the way.”

-”I don’t like knowing their names. I only get attached.”

-”Of course not. I have very strict rules about men.“
 “Probably not as strict as mine.”

-”Oh, I’m sorry. Here’s me thinking that she dragged some poor, terrified man home.“
 Poor lady doesn’t know what’s going on, but talk about getting out of a tight spot.

-My favorite scene in the episode so far omg

-Ah yes, Bill’s house pipes that always go VWOOOORP VWOOOOORP.

-”Well, whatever this is, and actually it’s not anything yet, it is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.”

Gotta love how them popes come with a pre-installed church organ sound effect

-I only understood one word that sounded like “Doctor”.

“You’re all going to hell.”

-I love Bill omfg

-”Pope Benedict said that you were more in need of confession than any man breathing. But when the offer was made, you replied it would take too much time. On behalf of the Catholic Church, the offer stands. You seem like a man with regret on his mind.“

-Well, that went down in a bad way…

The very fancy scifi watch hidden under the very fancy fantasy-ish robes

The Doctor suspects Darth Sidious is up to something.

-Nope, nevermind, that was Nardole.



-”Warning: I have full permission to kick your arse.”

-”Because I don’t like being worried about. Around me, people should be worried about themselves.“
“Yeah, shall I tell you the real reason?“
"Because the moment you tell Bill, it becomes real. And then you might actually have to deal with it.”

-This episode is about as religious as Doctor Who gets, in my opinion.


-We all know who this looks like

-The library of Blasphemy, huh?
That’s quite some Hogwarts stuff there.

-”Harry Potter!”

-"The layout is designed to confuse the uninitiated.”
"Sort of like religion, really.”
I can confirm this true, for reasons.
"You happy in those shades? Not dark enough for you?”
“In darkness, we are revealed.
Bill: When did he get so emo?

-”Well, take a few more minutes if you like. Knock yourself out. Actually do. Do that. Knock yourself right out.”

That’s one great big hood you got there. But pray tell, how do you see what’s in front of you?

-well shit

-”Without hope. Without witness. Without reward.“

-”You’d be wizard at writing Christmas crackers, you two.”

-I thought Christmas crackers were paper sausages with confetti inside them?

Alright, where’s the orange portal?

oHh my GOD


-”I think there’s someone in there.”
"Yeah, we are very slightly getting that.”


-”Hey, there’s wifi down here!”
 “Of course there’s wifi. It’s a library.“

-”Reading chair with a safety belt?”

-Apologies if I seem to be taking too many quotes directly from the episode(s), but I just love the Series 10 dialogue okay


-”Because you’re sending us into the dark, after a man with a gun.“
 Not as dangerous if said man is dead…

-WEll Nardole got a little weird there

-Bill: *voice cracks* “nARdOLE”

-Nardole: *sees hand* *voice goes up by two octaves* “HIEWIEW”

That’s a pretty gun, but it wouldn’t do much damage in battle.

-”It would be stupid to go and look.” *goes to look*






the flipping kind of videogame portal hub is this

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, aliens freak out as a bald head pops outta nowhere from the wall of their living room.

-”Cardinal, it worked. I can see.”

-”Not well enough, not yet.”

-”The thing about the universe is, whatever you need, you can always borrow, as long as you pay it back. I just borrowed from my future. I get a few minutes of proper eyesight, but I lose something. Maybe all my future regenerations will be blind. Maybe I won’t regenerate ever again. Maybe I’ll drop dead in twenty minutes.”

-”You know, I’ve read a lot of books that this chair would be quite useful for. Moby Dick. Honestly, shut up, and get to the whale.“


-”This is not a game.”
 “This is a game.”

-Why is that CERN scientist so excited, and more importantly, why does he seem drunk and why is everyone in the cafeteria so gloomy?


Reading a legendary script on Microsoft Word.

-(On an unrelated note, I was saving these screenshots and naming them as each alphabet. The one right above happens to be Z.)

-(Could be some other text program but that’s what I think)

-So the screen was getting blurry not because the BBC didn’t want us to commit suicide but because the Doctor was going blind again



Don’t you dare tell me the whole first half of Series 6 was set in a fake world or virtual reality or something like that

-Were those white things all portals to a virtual world

-At least Bill and Nardole got out safely.

-”Are you okay?”
 “nOOO - Yes. NooO

“Could be the Doctor.”

-Let’s hope not

-Let’s really, really hope not.

-”They’re projecting everything.”


-But what if??

-What if our lives are really just holograms

-(I went on Omegle to get a stranger to think of a random number, but ended up answering questions about English)

-(This one person was asking “what does ‘single out’ mean”)

-”You know, like the holodeck on Star Trek, or a really posh VR without a headset. Through there, those places, that’s basically Grand Theft Auto.”

-More and more references each episode, huh, BBC?

I uh… happened to pause here so…

-”Please don’t let me be right.”

-Oh shizzles




-WHAT THE EFF??????!??!?!

Why did the blood change color?

-’Total communication blackout at the White House’? hat happened?

-Did all the people in the White House commit suicide and how did the Doctor come here?

-Ah, the portal yes…

-cold fraggling shizzles…..

-”The Veritas tells of an evil demon who wants to conquer the world. But to do it, he needs to learn about it first. So he creates a shadow world, a world for him to practise conquering, full of shadow people who think they’re real.”


The screen ‘popped’ a bit here - it shook a little as if it zoomed slighly in then back out very quickly, accompanied by a tapping sound as if someone had knocked (into) it. Not sure if others saw this too or if it’s something with the site that I’m watching this on.

-Okay, I’m watching the Doctor explain this shit to Bill, and I’m having about as much of a crisis as Bill here

-And then the Super Mario mention though

-Please don’t tell me the past six episodes were holograms

-”A puppet Doctor for you to practice killing.”

-The Doctor Puppet account was worried about that line, yes

-Was that the email he got at the beginning of the episode??

wHOA chill please

At least the last six episodes weren’t all fake.

-Then when did the hologram-reality start?

-”It means I’m a scary, handsome genius from space and I’m telling you no, she’s not out of your league.”

-”I have the feeling that we’re going to be very busy. Call her tonight.“

-I hope Bill actually gets a girlfriend sometime this season

o i   g e t   o f f


*insert relatable quote about Monday mornings*

Some fast fingerwork there… NO I DID NOT INTEND TO SOUND LIKE THAT

-The guy is becoming uneasier by the second

-I don’t like the whirring sound??

-How are they gonna move her to the box in the middle of the water

It ends here?!

-Oh yeah right… They’re supposed to be a three-parter. Followed by another three-parter to finish off the season.

-Welp, looking forward to the next episode and possibly a lot more things to freak out over!

Wake Up Alone

- Wake up alone-

The rock was warm and dry in her hand and it left brown dust on her finger when she touched it. She knew it was stupid, bringing it with her. It was just a rock. There were rocks all over the damn country, all over the damn world but for some reason she just had to grab it. It was a piece of a place she once called home, a place with people she once called home. Maybe if she saw him she’d throw it at his head and say something witty and he’d remember all the days they had spent surround by rocks just like that. Then maybe the the rock would turn to sand and fall through her fingers and she would be free of it all.  

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Can We Start Over?

Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Warnings: None
Summary: Teen!Destiel AU; Dean and Castiel had been enemies for years but when they are assigned to the same group for a project they realize they don’t actually hate each other as much as they thought. [Another one of my super old fics that I am re-posting!]

Castiel felt a nudge from behind him in the lunch line. He sighed and turned around, already knowing who it was. “What do you want, Dean?” He muttered out, rolling his eyes slightly.

“I want that sandwich.”

“A shame.” Castiel chuckled and grabbed the last turkey club from the cooler.

“Bitch.” Dean said, annoyed.

“Assbutt.” Cas replied.

Cas and Dean had been fighting since the 7th grade. Dean made it a habit to slam Castiel’s locker shut while he was trying to get out books and Cas liked to throw paper at the back of Dean’s head in pre-calc. It was an on-going battle and the whole school knew it. Some people even picked sides, most favoring Dean because well, he was tall, athletic, and attractive.

It wasn’t that the two hated each other for any reason; really the whole thing started as a joke. When Castiel first got glasses in junior high Dean was the first to call him “four eyes” and Cas had laughed at first, but when Dean got braces? He couldn’t resist making fun of them.

“Today we will began the final project of the year. It will be worth 250 points, and accounts for 40% of your final grade, so I suggest you take it seriously.” Mrs. Barnes announced to a classroom of uninterested teenagers. “You will not be choosing your own partners for this assignment, I have put all of your names in this bowl and you will pick your partner randomly.”

One by one each student reached into the bowl to meet their fate, calling out their partner’s name; some happy, many disappointed.

Dean walked up and reached in, not seeming to care what the output was until… “Castiel Novak. Are you serious?”

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Things to know about Killing Stalking

To every story, there are both pros and cons. A story like Killing stalking is no different. Now, Killing Stalking wasn’t a story that I was going to get into, honestly. There were so many bad things that I had heard about it, and so I was shying away from it. However. Today I took the time to sit down and read it, and now I’m here to share my thoughts in an analysis- type thing. Now, of course take my words with a grain of salt, because I’m obviously not the author, so I don’t know the exact details of everything. If you want to continue reading though, everything will be under the cut!

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How Not to Swindle a Dangerous Pirate Captain

Notes: Here we go again, sabolus and anon.  Loosely based on this post; I take no credit for the idea.

Luffy stood in front of the vendor’s stall, head cocked to one side, finger under his chin as he gazed with surprising intensity at the goods arranged before him.  He seemed to be stuck between a rubber duck with a comical pirate hat perched on its head and an eyepatch with equally gaudy decoration.

“C’mon, Lu, we’ve got places to go,” Ace urged gently, wondering how long his younger brother was going to spend staring at the junk laid out before him.  When Luffy didn’t respond, Ace turned to Sabo for support, but the blond just shook his head with a slight, “what can you do?” kind of smile.

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Originally posted by seksiuzaylilaraskina

Summary: Dean x Reader - The reader and Dean fight after a hunt, before making up in the best way possible.

Triggers: Smut, oral, sex, y’know… the works…

Word Count: 6056

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour  Y/E/C= Your eye colour Y/L/N = Your last name

The mood in the library would have made anyone watching think that you completely failed the hunt as you stalked back into the bunker after what you’d normally consider a successful hunt. Yet tensions were running high once you slung your bag onto the chair ignoring Dean’s shouts from behind you.

“What were you thinking (Y/N)?” Dean asked again, the same question had been running on repeat since you’d cut off the head on the fang that’d almost made a meal out of the older Winchester. He was like a broken record, unable to say anything else the whole way back, making the normally comfortable Impala feel like your own personal hell.

You loved the guy, you really did, and hell you probably always had. But sometimes he could really piss you off. Sure, you’d ignored the damn fang jumping for you to save the man you loved, but you were still alive. Nothing all that bad had happened. You’d taken vamp number two out with a spin kick before he could reach you and still saved Dean as well. You’d been fucking awesome that night. Dean however didn’t see it that way. All he saw was you putting yourself in harms way, and now he just wouldn’t drop the damned issue.

“I wasn’t thinking. I was saving your ass,” You shot back in a similar manner as you’d done several times during the car ride. From next to Dean, Sam just sighed. He’d spent around 15 minutes of the car ride trying to play at being the peace keeper, but he’d given up quickly when he understood that there was no way either of you’d be listening to him anytime soon.

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playbill notes:  brooklyn – the musical

I Took One For The Team was actually the first song to be written.

When Lin Manuel Miranda starts writing his introduction for the playbill, he ends up talking about Betsy Greenberg, former WWII USO showgirl, the coolest old lady in their neighborhood and Hollywood actress, though, alas, Betsy never made it past minor supporting roles and hilarious B-grade horror movies.  Also, Bets might have been involved in certain hush-hush shenanigans that involved Peggy Carter and what would eventually become S.H.I.E.L.D.

Honestly, the fact that she was Steve Rogers’ first kiss was the least interesting thing about her, but hell, the way she told the story never failed to make Lin laugh.

“He was a darling, make no mistake about it, but I figured out pretty quickly he was completely gone on Barnes.”

“Well, it was illegal back then, wasn’t it?”

“There were some things people were stupid about then…. and still are now, to be honest.  But I always thought it weren’t anyone else’s business who you choose to fall in love with and so I sat little Stevie Rogers down and gave him some solid dick – you stop that laughing, young man, it meant something completely different back then!”

Nope, it wasn’t working.  Lin was still dying of laughter.

“You could say that I took one for the team.  Barnes better be damn grateful.”

This wasn’t the first time an attempt was made to bring Captain America to Broadway.  There was one that was all too obviously based on the comics version of Cap instead of the real life Steve Rogers and it only ran for one painful week.   

But to be honest, Lin kind of fell in love with little Stevie Rogers, in much the same way as he fell for Betsy and her sister USO showgirls and he could hear it already, the hints of ragtime and blues and jazz and swing, dance halls and the Lindy Hop and the more familiar sounds of the twenty first century – hip hop and rap and rock and roll and metal and before he knew it, he was done with the first song and on to the second. 

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You’ve Already Won Me Over (In Spite of Me)

Summary: After his first semester of college, Killian Jones feels like a new person. Gone is the shy and retiring band geek and here is the cool and confident musician ready to finally get up the courage to ask out Emma Swan. That is until some complications arise.

A/N: This little one shot was inspired by the “I’ve always been your sibling’s best friend and I’ve had a crush on you since I was an awkward teenager but now I’m hot and have finally come back from college and I am so gonna seduce you AU” prompt and the song “Head Over Feet” by Alanis Morissette (which is such a CS song I couldn’t believe it) Also shout out to @bleebug for posting that list of prompts because that’s were I got the idea

Rated M for Makeovers/ Word Count: ~3K


Killian looked at himself in the mirror one last time before running his hand through his hair in frustration. He felt stupid getting this worked up and nervous about a party at his friend Victor Whale’s house but it was the first time being back in Storybrooke since he had left for college in August and he definitely wasn’t the same scrawny and awkward geek as he once was. His roommate Robin went to the gym 3 times a week and it wasn’t long before Killian started going too. He swapped out his usual thick rimmed glasses for contacts. Another friend Jefferson had introduced him to skinny jeans and waist coats and eyeliner and made Killian donate a collection of ill fitting baggy shirts and jeans. Killian had even found out he was quite good at beer pong and instead of hanging around the edges of parties like he used to, he now found himself thrust into the life of the party. Killian found himself with a newfound confidence thanks to his new friends (the multiple phone numbers of pretty girls and even a few guys pressed into his hands and pockets at the end of every party didn’t hurt either) and he was ready to surprise some old classmates with how much he’s changed. Namely one classmate, Emma Swan, his best friend’s foster sister who he might have been in love with since he was 14 and she was 13 and just moved in with David and his mother.

“Don’t you have a party to get to Little Brother?” his older brother asked as he leaned on the door jam to Killian’s room.

“I’m almost ready and really would it kill you to call me ‘younger brother’ or even my name?” Killian said as he stuffed his arms through the sleeves of his leather jacket, one of the few things Jefferson had let him keep.

“Hey it could be worse, I could call you ‘Killy’ so the way I see it you’re getting off much easier with me calling you Little Brother,” Liam reached out and tried to ruffle Killian’s hair but Killian was able to duck under his arm and ran out into the hallway.

“Oh sod off,” Killian grumbled, “I’ll see you later.”

“Have fun Little Brother,” Liam laughed.

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Gone part 1

Author’s note: Alright, I’m use to writing up Fairy Tail Fanfictions but I wanted to try something different. This might be a four shot. I love Eisuke but he can be a jackass sometimes and it makes me wonder why I chose him as a character. This is a tumblr only fanfic so, enjoy!

“___________!” Eisuke screamed “Wait! I can explain!” you were crying, your eyes out. The man you loved had beytrayed you by sleeping with another woman “___________, I can explain!” He was naked, trying his best to get dressed. He tried to console you and comfort you but you pulled back.
“What gave you the right to touch me after what you just did?” you ask Eisuke.
“We’re done Eisuke.” You handed your keys, pager and card to him. Then, you turned on the elevator and left without a word.

“________________, wait!” Eisuke called out, but it was too late; you were gone.
“Eisuke…..” his new found mistress called out “Come back to bed! Forget about that horrid girl.” Eisuke could literally feel his blood boiling, this slut thought he could get over you just like that.  
“Get out.” Eisuke muttered.
“Come again?”
“Get out! Get out of my hotel! You overstayed your welcome!”
“I-I never!”
“You really think my woman is some year round mating season?! I think that’s what you are if anything!”
“How dare you!”
“Leave!! Now!” with this said, the mistress left. Eisuke then walked over to his bar, poured himself a drink and sat on the couch.


“You did what?!” Baba and Ota screamed. It was the week after you walked out, the guys showed up unannounced after being turned away by Eisuke the week before.
“Repeat that again Boss.” Baba said flabbergasted, Eisuke sighed.
“I cheated on ___________,” he said “she found out and left me.”  The guys looked at Eisuke in shock and disgust; he was the last person they expected to cheat on their girlfriend.
“What the hell were you thinking?!” Mamarou screamed while smoking his cigarettes crazy “You cheated on the kid!!!”
“Please, she’ll come back to me soon.”  
“Is your ego that big?” Soryu asked in a serious tone “You broke her heart! And not only that, she knows about the auctions! She could go to the public about this and ruin everything!” Eisuke paled on Soryu’s words; he was already depressed over losing you, but he forgot about that.

Immediately, Eisuke pressed a button and called Kenzaki into the Penthouse.
“Yes Mr. Ichinomiya?” Kenzaki asked in a respective tone.
“I need you to bring _________________________ in here.” Eisuke replied “I wish to talk to her.”
“I’m terribly sorry Mr. Ichinomiya, but _______________________ quit this morning.” The men looked at Kenzaki in shock.
“She quit!?” Ota screamed.
“Yes. She didn’t specify why, but said that she needed a change in scenery. Also, she didn’t leave a forwarding address and had left as well.” Eisuke could literally feel his heart shatter into a million pieces hearing Kenzaki’s words.

“What about her friends?”  Eisuked asked Kenzaki.
“Miss Koizumi and Miss  Kurihara?” Kenzaki asked “Yes, they are still here.”
“Bring them in.” Kenzaki bowed and left to retrieve the two friends. Eventually, the two girls arrived inside the Penthouse and looked around the room.
“Ladies,” Eisuke began “I would like to know where _____________ is.” Sakiko and Chisato looked at each other with worry and uncertainty.
“Should we tell him?” Sakiko asked Chisato in a hushed whisper.
“Maybe we should.” Chisato replied “I mean, does it really matter at this point?” Eisuke and the men looked with uncertainty.
“Is something wrong?” Baba asked with kindness. Sakiko pulled out her cellphone and looked in her text messages. Finally, she pulled up something and showed it to the guys; The video showed you’re face in your apartment at night.

“Hi Sakiko, Chisato.” you said into the camera “If you’re watching this, I’m already gone. You’ve already heard that Eisuke and I have ended our relationship. I have also quitted my job here at The Tre’s of Spades. Why? Because, I need time. Seeing Eisuke with another woman, it made me realize something; I was being played for a fool. The constant calls, the stupid time limits, being blamed for stupid things even the jealousy over nothing. I realized, that I’m too good for Eisuke; I loved him, but after he broke my heart, I realized he needed me more than I needed him. So, I’m leaving Japan for my own reasons and I’m going to travel the world on my own. I’m not giving my exact location to anyone. And I’m sorry, but I know how Eisuke can be, so I removed some of the tracking devices he put on my devices and changed my number.”
“Jesus Christ.” Sakiko said during a pause to Eisuke “The hell’s the matter with you?”
“Realize who you’re talking to.” Eisuke growled.
“But, after this, I’m leaving for a random country. Hope to see you both again one day.” The video ended at that moment, leaving the men speechless.

“She really is gone.” Ota replied with shock.
“We checked her room,” Chisato replied “a good portion of her clothes are gone. Not the ones she’s seen wearing outside of work. More like clothes she wore before she got here.”
“Clothes she wore before she got here?” Soryu asked.
“You didn’t know?” Sakiko asked “____________ was a goth chick before she got a job here.”  The men’s eyes widened hearing this statement about you.
“Also, we found a good portion of her hair in the trash can and a bottle of hair dye.” Chisato replied. Eisuke began to feel numb, hearing this new wave of information about you and your sudden disappearance.
“_____________,” Eisuke whispered. For once in his life, Eisuke felt powerless

Part 2 is out:

anonymous asked:

For the prompts, maybe number 5 with Keith x Shiro? With Shiro being the one that's jealous if you're down with that? Idk I see a lot of posts with Keith fawning over Shiro and not nearly enough of Shiro being in awe over his kickass little space boyfriend. Ya feel?

He has no idea what’s going on at first.

It’s not like he’s oblivious. He knows that Shiro’s been acting weird, but Keith takes his actions at face-value: Shiro doesn’t like having unknown aliens on the ship. That’s fair. Keith isn’t thrilled about it, either, but it was Princess Allura’s call to further their diplomatic relations with a group that could potentially be important allies to them by escorting some of their ambassadors to another planet. He just deals with his suspicion by keeping an eye on them whenever he can.

He would have thought Shiro would be pleased by that, since he’s so worried about the potential for attack, too. But instead, he gets even more keyed-up and irritated every time Keith sees him. It’s really starting to suck, to the point where Keith’s basically just counting the hours until they get their ship back.

Hunk has to clue him in that there’s something more going on. He sidles up to where Keith’s leaning against the wall, casually keeping an eye on their guests, and whispers, “You know he’s totally jealous, right?”

Keith turns his head to stare at him blankly. “What?”

“Shiro. He’s super-jealous right now because of that one alien chick who’s been hitting on you non-stop.” Hunk points at one of the aliens – Helna, maybe? he gets them mixed up, especially since all their names seem to be within a consonant or vowel of each other – who turns her head and stares pretty obviously at them.

“She was what?” Keith watches her back for a moment. She was kind of… always present and overly talkative, but he hadn’t thought much of it aside from making a note to keep a distance from her whenever possible.

“Oh my god.” Hunk presses his palm against his forehead with a look of pain. “Just go reassure him that you’re still space-married or whatever. He practically bit Lance’s head off in training earlier, we can’t take this much longer.”

“Whatever,” Keith says because he’s really not sure what else there is to say.

He waits until they’re alone to actually bring it up to Shiro. “Are you jealous?”

“…What?” Shiro says, and Keith immediately flushes, embarrassed and annoyed at Hunk for putting the idea in his head because of course Shiro isn’t jealous. What is there to be jealous about? Even if Keith had the slightest interest in anyone other than Shiro, what other person in their right mind would be willing to put up with Keith?

“Never mind,” he mutters. “It’s stupid. I’m going to go to the training room.”

Shiro snags his wrist before he can get more than a few steps. “Keith, wait.”

Keith stops immediately and twists around so he can see Shiro.

“I’m kind of jealous,” Shiro admits.


“Because.” Shiro rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. “You’ve been spending all that time with Helna. And she’s pretty clearly into you, so…”

Keith stares at him, waiting for the conclusion. “So?”

“So I don’t want you to be into her, too.”

“That’s stupid,” Keith says automatically. “Why would I want to be with someone else? I’m with you.”

Shiro’s face goes through several expressions – frustration, relief, even what looks like amusement – so quickly that Keith has trouble identifying them all before they’re gone. Then he grabs Keith and pulls him up against Shiro’s chest so he’s held close with his head tucked under Shiro’s chin.

“I don’t know,” he says, quiet enough that Keith can barely hear him, even as close as he is, “maybe because your boyfriend is a screwed-up, scarred wreck.”

“Don’t talk about yourself like that,” Keith snaps.

Shiro’s shoulders are shaking, and Keith panics for a moment, thinking that he’s crying, until he realizes that no, Shiro’s laughing. “Or what, you’ll fight me for bad-mouthing your boyfriend?”

“…Yes,” Keith mutters sullenly for lack of anything better to say.

(The truth is, if he could separate out the parts of Shiro that make him scream at night and drag him kicking and screaming into his own memories, and just punch them until they stop hurting Shiro, he would. In a heartbeat. But that’s the kind of approach to psychological healing that got him kicked out of therapy a couple times for being too difficult to deal with, so maybe he’s not the best person to go to.)

Apparently it’s the right thing to say, at least, because Shiro just laughs louder and squeezes him tighter. “Okay, threat duly noted.”

“Good.” Keith pulls away just enough that he can press his mouth to Shiro’s. Then he pauses and adds, “Just so we’re clear, I’m not romantically interested in anyone else,” just to be on the safe side.

“Crystal clear,” Shiro assures him with a fond grin before leaning his head down to complete the kiss.

Title : No Man is an Island

Author : @sternenmaler

For : @moshimochi

Rating/Warnings : General Audiences, No Warnings

Prompt : ( post-sdr2 ) Komaeda and Hinata sleeping together, ( post-sdr2 ) Komaeda and Hinata making up from a fight

Author’s notes : I really wanted to use the ‘making up from a fight’ prompt but it took me so long to think of a good reason TT I probably irritated you quite a bit with my cryptic asks! But I wanted to focus especially on how Hinata has to cope with his own identity problems while still taking so much of his time to help out the others. I do hope you can enjoy this fic and thank you so much for letting me write this !

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You're Okay and I'm Here

Part 1–You’re Okay

Summary: Annabeth wasn’t sure how she was going to help Percy. How could she get the upset look on his face to go away? How could she get him to feel better and maybe realize that he was okay? In which, Percy isn’t okay unless Annabeth is there, and thank god that she is. Percabeth. Two part story. Dedicated to MaydayParade8123.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, or anything else that you may recognize.

Word Count: Estimated 12k.


Being Percy Jackson’s best friend wasn’t easy right now. Most of the time, he was easy-going and happy and fun. Most of the time he wasn’t stressing out over losing something that had been really important to him. Most of the time he hadn’t gone through a tremendous break-up that had rattled him down to his bones.

Percy was naturally a beautiful creature. He cared and loved so easily and without regret that sometimes he forgot that people would actually hurt you.

Sometimes Annabeth wondered how they had ended up being best friends for thirteen years. She wondered what she had hoped would happen when she had introduced Rachel to Percy. She wondered how she had put up with their relationship for this long when she had liked Percy for—

Annabeth couldn’t help it though. She just needed her best friend to know that she was here and that he was okay.

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Set My Heart Aflame (This is Not a Game)

A Firefighter!Bellamy, Detective!Clarke, Enemies-to-Friends-to-Lovers AU. Or: A ridiculously late giveaway fic for @nadiahilker

WC: ~9000


A/N: It should be noted that I have no idea how firefighting or detective-ing works. Apologies in advance. Also, fair warning, this is lacking in actual plot. (But I feel like if you know me even a little, that’s not what you’re here for anyways.)

Inspired by this post by Ciara and @prosciuttoe​, and @underbellamy​‘s fantastic edit for this fic can be found here. Y’all are gr8.

Whoever this arsonist is, Clarke has to wonder if they’ve got something out for her in particular.


The loud, deep voice rings out as she turns away from a witness and back toward the house—kitchen now no longer on fire—to see her least favorite firefighter, cocky grin settled on his sweaty, unfairly handsome face. “Fancy seeing you here.”

She loathes him.

Sighing, she flips a page in her tattered notebook.

“Somehow not really,” she grumbles. Which just makes him grin more broadly. With his stupid white teeth. “Notice anything unusual in there?” she asks, pen poised. Because she is absolutely, completely professional.

“You mean besides the fire?” he smirks, crooked grin in full force. He shifts his helmet to one arm to push a hand through his hair, setting it even more askew, looking for all the world as if he walks out of burning houses every day.

Which, okay, he does, to be fair. But still. At her sigh, his smile resurges again, but he does at least give her an actual answer this time.

“Nothing much to report, Princess.”

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Wrapped Around Your Finger [Calum Hood - Part 4]

Summary: Calum used to only see you as a quick fuck although you saw him as much more. One night, you finally get tired of his antics and decide to be done with him. Until 2 years later…

Warning: there will be smut and language

Authors note: *IMPORTANT* anyone who inboxes me about the other parts are NOT ignored. I just usually wait until I’ve finished and posted the request/story so I can answer them with direct links to the story, so feedback is a way to get yourself a direct like to the other parts! :)

Enjoy xx



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IMAGINE 5 (Aeroplane)

Requested by: Anonymous
Pairing: Sebastian x Reader
Authors notes: This isn’t really what I wanted this little imagine to be like, I sort of modified the prompt a bit so I could write something short and sweet because I haven posted in a long time! I’ll eventually rewrite this for you, anon, I promise!

You glanced quickly at your ticket and then back at the seat numbers and row letters as you walked down the aisle. Unsurprisingly, the plane was long and narrow. But to your joy, you soon discovered that you were seated within the first few rows.

You found your seat, frowning a little when you realised it wasn’t the window seat, but proceeded to sit there anyway. The flight to New York was only a few hours, and there were very few passengers aboard, you suspected it would be a quiet flight.

It was 7:00pm, thirty-five more minutes until take off. You slipped off your shoes and grabbed the book you were reading out of your bag.

There was a tap on your shoulder as you opened the bookmarked page. You turned around and looked up at a stranger towering over you in the aisle beside your row.

“Hi…sorry…you’re um…um you’re…in my seat?” It sounded like more of a question than an observation.

You smiled apologetically at the man, “I’m sorry, I thought no one would be sitting next to me. Here, I’ll just move out of the row so you can sit down.”

“No, no, please,” he started, his hands moving in front of him, “stay where you are, I’m fine in this seat.” He said, gesturing to the seat that was supposed to be yours.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive.” With that, he threw his carry-on onto the floor and took the seat beside you, “I’m Sebastian.” He held out a hand.

You shook it politely, “I’m [your name].”

“First time travelling to New York, [your name]?” He asked you.

You smiled, something about him was so charming, you couldn’t help but blush a little.

“It’s not actually, I go back and forth between here and New York,” he looked at you curiously, “I live in New York, I was just visiting family here.” You said in response to his questioning look.

He gave a quick nod and smiled dashingly in return, “I live in New York too, we might even be neighbours!” He gave you a friendly nudge with his elbow.

You were slightly taken aback by the gesture but brushed it off as him being kind.

The flight attendant announced that the flight was about to take off. You reached into your bag and pulled out two tablets.

“What are those for?” Sebastian asked. Realising what he said, he spoke again,“sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude—”

“It’s fine, they’re my travel sickness tablets, as much as I like travelling, I haven’t really got the stomach for it.” You said. “They’re so I don’t throw up on you.” You added with a laugh.

You cursed to yourself when you processed what you had said, so I don’t vomit on you? What possessed you say something so stupid? Now he was going to lose any interest he might have had—

He cleared his throat. You glanced sideways and saw he had grin on his face, “it wasn’t stupid, don’t worry.”

You gave him a puzzled look before realisation hit you and your face quickly turned into one of pure horror. You had said that all aloud without realising!

You quickly turned in your seat, it was okay. A few more hours sitting next to the man you just embarrassed yourself in front of wasn’t as bad as it seemed. You would just read your book and pretend like a gorgeous stranger wasn’t sitting next to you.

“Hey, it’s fine, really,” you heard him say to you, “look.”

You turned in your seat to face him, he was holding a box in his hand, waving it from side to side, “these are so I don’t vomit on you, are we good now?” He smiled.

You couldn’t help but smile back. Was he really being this kind to you?

You laughed, “we’re good.”