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Promises to Keep

For @rebelcaptainprompts Rebelcaptain Appreciation Week, Day One: Family

I don’t know how many of these I’ll get to do, because this is a fearsome week for me. But anyway have this.

I tried to make it fluffy. I failed.

Promises to Keep

Cassian found his wife sitting at the edge of the rocky beach, staring out at the water, her boots braced against a boulder.

Without saying anything, he sat down next to her. The stone was damp and cold, like the wind that tossed the untidy hair out of her eyes. He settled in, anyway. He’d waited out in worse, and for worse reasons.

After several minutes, Jyn said, “Is she in bed?”


“Was she upset I didn’t read with her?”

“I told her you had to go out and check one of the perimeter alarms in the south field.”

She gave him a sidelong look.

He admitted, “A little.”

She sighed. “I’ll go and kiss her goodnight when I get back.”

“She was already falling asleep.”

“Still,” she said.

He put his hand on her back and rubbed circles down her spine. “What is it?” She’d been tense all day - no, days. Weeks. Winding herself tighter and tighter.

He’d been waiting for her to come to him with it, but all this time, the only indication had been the way she burrowed into his side at night, the lines of her body humming with tension even in her sleep. So when she’d disappeared before Batira’s bedtime, he’d decided enough was enough.

She stared out to sea, squinting as a particularly fierce gust of wind sprayed their faces with a fine mist of salt water. After twenty years, he knew her silences. This wasn’t a stonewalling silence, but a seeking one. Somewhere out there in the waves and the clouds and the froth on the water were the words to explain what was hurting her.

“She’s eight tomorrow.”

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anonymous asked:

1! "Do you want me to leave?"

1: Do you want me to leave?

I’m using this request to write Part Two Of “Excuse You”, I hope you don’t mind! Read it Here

A/N: Okay so this kind of just spiraled into a full blown story, I got really caught up in it.

Dedicated to @harrywavycurly 

Harry’s POV

I shouldn’t have acted the way I did. I loved her so much and the last thing I would ever want to do was hurt her. But that’s exactly what I did. I broke her heart while simultaneously breaking my own.

It had all started at the studio. The higher ups were pressuring me for new material, which I had, but I thought it was all shit. It wasn’t anything I would ever want to release. But that didn’t stop them from arguing my contract and making me record them anyway. I took a lot of pride in my work but all they cared about was money. I fought with them all day, even purposely blowing the recording session so they would give up. Jeff had to take me aside a few times to calm me down, but nothing worked. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

After hours of working I finally arrived to the home I shared with the love of my life. She always knew how to calm me down.

When I walked into the door I was met with the intoxicating smell of my favorite meal. How did I get so lucky?

The dining room was lit with candles and my favorite type of wine.

I could hear her moving around in the kitchen, so I made my way over.

“What’s this for?” I asked as i approached her, wrapping my arms around her waist.

“Just a little something I threw together…” She turned in my arms giving me a kiss.

I leaned my forehead against hers.

“How was the studio?” She asked smiling.

I knew I shouldn’t have blown up the way I did. I was just still so riled up from the day I had and the last thing I wanted to do was talk about it. I moved myself away from her, heading to the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water.

Untwisting the cap I responded. “Don’ want to talk about it.”

  I wasn’t looking at her but I could tell she had a disapproving look on her face. We had always promised to tell each other everything, even if it was hard to talk about. But I really didn’t want to talk about this.

“Harry…” I knew what she was going to say next, “Tell me, I love you, blah blah blah.”

“Just drop it okay.” I didn’t mean to snap like I did.

“Talk to me.” She came up behind me wrapping her arms around me so her front was against my back.

“Jesus, can you fuck off for one second?” I threw her hands off of me, slamming the water bottle down on the counter and walking into the dining room. I was so angry and frustrated, I just wanted to be left alone for one god damn second.

“I don’t understand, did I do something?” She followed right behind me like a lost puppy.

“Don’t worry about it!” I yelled back at her before adding under my breath just loud enough for her to hear, “you are so annoying sometimes.”

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Something More

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: Your best friend is back in town and an unexpected confession turns the night around. 

A/N: I’m sorry this is being posted so late, but better late than never, right? I’m still trying to get used to writing for actors, so hopefully this is okay. Enjoy! :D

“Hey, where are you?” you asked as your car slowly rolled through the innermost lane. Your eyes scanned outside the window as you tried to spot you best friend amongst everybody else on the sidewalk.

“Terminal 4, gate A5. Are you near?”

Because you were using a Bluetooth system, his deep voice echoed throughout the car. You squinted to try to locate the numbering on the gates and responded, “A2, I’m almost there. You better get your ass out to the front, I’m not circling around again for you.”

A low chuckle sounded from his side and you heard shuffling as he collected his luggage. “Alright, see you soon.” There was a click and the call ended.

Following the steady flow of traffic, you pulled up to gate A5 moments later and immediately saw your best friend. You snickered at his attempt to hide himself from the crowd. He was decked out in a black baseball cap, dark grey t-shirt, black jeans, his signature black leather jacket, and most importantly, a pair of sunglasses. At 7PM. You honked and rolled down the windows just enough so that he could identify you. A smile broke out on his face while he and his luggage made their way over to you. You unlocked the trunk for him and he quickly tossed his suitcase in, jogging his way to the passenger side afterwards and hopping in.

“Hey,” you grinned at the sight of seeing him in person for the first time in a few months. He leaned in and tried to give you a hug as best as he possibly could with you still strapped by the seat belt. He greeted you and buckled in his seat belt so you could drive off.

“Way to try to blend in, Seb,” you teased, “The sun must be blinding you right now.”

He tsked you, but took off his sunglasses anyways.

“Nice scruff,” you commented nonchalantly. “You keepin’ it?”

“I will if you like it,” he smirked.

You sighed and with a small smile, you said, “It’s nice to have you back, Seb.”

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Request: “Requesting #34 with Chae Hyungwon where you hate him for his arrogant ways but he high key likes you. in my opinion he really fits a role of CHAEbol. Get it? *OKAY I’LL SEE MYSELF OUT OF THIS FANDOM* angst? Slight fluff? It’s your call. Thank you!” -anon 

Ship: Hyungwon x [y/n]

Genre: angst | romance(???) fluff (???)

Word Count: 3,416

Hey guys! I want to thank anon for sending me this request! I hope you’ll like it ;u; I kind of had a hard time actually but thanks to a certain song, I got tons of ideas rushing in. Anyways, I apologize for the misspelled words and wrong grammar. I’ll be posting the other requests someday this week :) And I only got the joke yesterday ;u; Hehehe

credits to the owner for this gif. If you want to read more, click here

Originally posted by kmess

#34. They used to tell me I’d never amount to anything

The last thing that you’ve wanted to see was Chae Hyungwon’s face. You never understood why a lot of girls like him and you don’t even find him that attractive, especially his arrogant attitude. He was someone whom you’ve despised since the day you’ve stepped foot inside the school grounds. Ever since he laid eyes on you, he wouldn’t stop bugging you, looking down at you whenever you’re doing a class activity together. 

“Okay, fine, you’re the smart kid. Sheesh, instead of telling me how good you are, why don’t you do it for everyone?” you barked at Hyungwon, who kept on correcting you in every single move that you do. 

It was quite amusing for those around the two of you. Everyone knew how much he liked you but they just couldn’t understand why you didn’t get a hint of it. Were you oblivious enough to notice Hyungwon’s crazy antics? Well, whatever you were, it was clear that you didn’t give a damn about it.

You shook that memory off and proceeded to your last class, Arts Class. That’s been your favorite subject since the day you held a pen, brush and other art material. Plopping your things down on the table, you waited for the others to arrive and remembered your purpose on why you were in that school in the first place.

As soon as the bell rang, everyone scrambled their way to their own seats. Good thing, your best fried beat Hyungwon to it in sitting right next to you. “Thanks.” you didn’t even give your friend a glance  when you said it as you were already dead beat from all your previous classes. “No problemo, my friend. Say, why do you not want to be seated next to him? He’s not bad–”

“His attitude is nasty.” you commented right before your professor came barging in through the doors with a canvas on his hand. As usual, your professor wore the same black turtle neck shirt and black slacks paired with black leather shoes. “Good evening, class.”

Everyone lifelessly greeted back and waited for the professor’s words. “Alright, I’ll be dismissing you guys early but first, I’ll make some announcements.” The professor plopped the painted canvas on the board, slanting it enough for it to stand. “Your project for this semester will be painting your partner using coffee.” 

What? Coffee? Is he in the right state of mind? you asked yourself as you were shook  by his sudden announcement. “And, I’ll be announcing the partners now.” Without any further ado, he pulled out a list of paired names and started announcing it. A lot were already called, except for you and Hyungwon and the rest of the class.

Upon hearing your bestfriend’s name being called, you prayed to God and crossed your fingers, hoping that Hyungwon won’t become your partner. As if the heavens answered your prayers, the professor called out someone’s name, along with Hyungwon’s name. You were about to do your victory dance when he suddenly took back what he said.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s Mei and Jung Won and it’ll be Hyungwon and [y/n].” you felt the whole world crash right before your eyes. You saw Hyungwon turn his head to look at you, a smirk was seen on his face. “Alright, here’s the criteria.” The professor continued to explain what you guys were supposed to do.

It was the umpteenth time you’ve sighed since the professor paired you with Hyungwon. “Hey, can you please stop with the sighing?” your bestfriend whispered, loud enough for you to hear. You rolled your eyes and sighed once more, not bothering to response. “Alright, I won’t be seeing you until the day of the deadline of the paintings. I expect to receive two canvas from one pair, each canvas must have a painting of the partners. Now, you can meet your partners and class is dismissed.” 

Before all of the students know it, the professor has left and everyone went to their partners. You were slumped on your seat, no energy to pull yourself off the chair. “My, you’re one lucky girl to have me as a partner. I can paint you in no time and we can have the whole time to spend it together, get to know each other–” Hyungwon beamed, making you groan. 

“Shut up. Just shut up, Hyungwon. Can we not talk about you and just get on with the project?” you begged, exasperated enough to hear his voice. Hyungwon was a tiny bit hurt by your remark but brushed it off. “Calm down, [y/n]. Anyways, when do you want to start?” He asked, hearing out your request, he sat himself right next to you and plopped his elbow on the table and rested his chin on his palm. 

“Can we start right away tomorrow?” you asked while staring right into his eyes. Staring right into his eyes was nothing for you but as for Hyungwon, he could feel his heart beat flutter real fast, the butterflies on his stomach went wild. He cleared his throat, and replied, “Sure thing.” 

Pulling your organizer out from your bag, you noted on the days for the two of you to work on your projects. “Are you free during these days? If not, we can transfer it to another day.” showing him your organizer, he looked at your schedule and was surprised to see how packed it was. 

“I’m fine with the days…. as long as I get to spend it with you.” Hyungwon’s voice trailed off right in the end, making you look at him and ask. “Come again?” Hyungwon shook his hands, telling you that it’s nothing. “Alright, we can make our projects in my studio at eight in the morning until whenever. Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah, sure.” A piece of paper was then handed to Hyungwon, you’ve written down your number and your studio’s address. “Just give me a call when you’re already outside my studio tomorrow.” When he received the paper, both of your fingers collided with each other and a spark of electricity went running through both of your spines. 

The two of you looked at each other, shocked by the sudden shock. Weird, you cocked your head and decided to just shrug it off. Everyone was slowly leaving the room, making the two of you say your goodbyes and leave.

It was already seven-thirty in the morning when you’ve arrived in your studio with a cup of iced americano and a bag of croissants on your hands. Placing it down on the table, you tied your hair up and grabbed a piece of croissant and plopped it right away onto your mouth.

Preparing the whole room, you continued to munch on the croissant while placing two canvas stands on each side. Time passed by without you knowing. Once your phone rang, it snapped you back to reality. Hurriedly picking your phone up, you saw that it was an Unknown Caller; probably Hyungwon. 

The sound of your phone ringing echoed throughout the whole studio. Jogging your way out of the studio, you pushed the doors open. Hyungwon stood there with a black bag slung over his shoulders. “Hey.” he greeted. “Hey, come in.” opening the door wide enough for him, he went in without any hesitation.

As soon as he step foot on your studio, his jaw dropped at the paintings that you’ve made. But there was something that he noticed right away, a feeling that you’ve felt whenever you made those paintings. 

Noticing his expressions, you stopped your tracks and turned to him. “What’s wrong?” his expression was unreadable but he flashed you smile. “It’s nothing. Shall we start?” He asked in order to diver your attention. You nodded your head and pulled out two new canvas and placed it on the stand.

Before the day came, you’ve been thinking of ideas and you wanted to make everything go smoothly as you planned. “Last night I jotted down some ideas on how we could paint each other. Would it be better if we take photographs of each other first, and develop it right away in order for us to start? Or we could ask each other to pose naturally or do some pose that you want to do or something..” 

Despite the fact that the two of you weren’t close, Hyungwon was able to read you like an open book. This was something he learned ever since he saw you, you were unlike everyone else in the field of Arts. You were insecure, you had low self-esteem, you weren’t confident. You were the epitome of those things.

Your voice trailed off as soon as you saw how sad Hyungwon’s expression was. This was unlike him. He usually smiles in confidence, ready to crush the confidence of others and be on top of them like a king, but this one was nothing like the Hyungwon you’ve hated. 

But even though his expression was like that, you felt that you’ve been belittled. It was the only thing to fuel your anger. Anger slowly rose, you gritted your teeth and you clenched your knuckles until it turned white. “What the heck’s your problem, Hyungwon? Are you belittling me or what? I know I’m not good at anything that I do!” 

Hyungwon stared at you in surprise, it was one sudden confession from you. “I don’t know but you’ve always looked at me like that ever since I came to this freaking school. I know that I suck at this field but I want to prove everyone’s thoughts about me wrong….. yet you’re here to stop me from doing it..”

You didn’t know why you were suddenly telling him all those things but you can’t stop now, you’ve begun it might as well tell him everything. “They used to tell me I’d never amount to anything…” The bad memories came rushing back in, slowly killing you in every angle. 

“But… I’m trying my best to defy them wrong. I know you’re Mr. Perfect and you’re arrogant but you have something to be arrogant of. I, on the other hand, have nothing to be proud of. Just thinking about these kinds of stuff tend to suffocate me, I want all the things that I make to be perfect as I’m too scared to be rejected by everyone else…”

This was the first time he saw you so vulnerable. Your heart was filled with scars and Hyungwon knew right away. The sound of your shaky yet fragile voice slowly trailed off when you felt Hyungwon’s hands wrap around you. You couldn’t help but break down in to tears. 

Sobbing your heart out, Hyungwon comforted you, calming you down with his deep voice. “No, don’t listen to them [y/n].” You continued to cry but you listened to what Hyungwon was going to say. “You don’t suck at those things, [y/n]. All those things they said to you were words that came out from insecurity. They knew that you have some potential in you and I know that. I can see the potential that you have, [y/n].” 

“And I’ve never looked down on [y/n]. You’re someone who’s actually beaten me in every single thing that I’m good at.” All the negative thoughts were washed away with confusion. You weren’t expecting this from him. The thought of your heart skipping a beat scared you, the unusual fluttering of butterflies in your stomach made you question everything. 

“The reason why I kept on bugging you was because I adored every single thing that you did, how your face would lit up, your graceful movements and everything…but I really don’t know how to act when I’m around you…. I’ve never thought that you would see my intentions in a bad way.” Hyungwon’s hold around you tightened, making you stiffen. 

What is he trying to say? I don’t get it. you thought while you stared at a blank area with your cheek on his chest. Hyungwon took a deep breath and spoke once more, “[y/n], I know that you’ll have a bright future ahead of you….. and I wish I will be there by your side when that time comes..” 

The last part came out as a mumble, making you look up to him with your eyebrows knitted together. “What did you say?” Hyungwon look at you and smiled, “Nothing. Hey, how about let’s just chill and remove all of these negative thoughts, okay?” He was right, you had to calm yourself first before proceeding in making your project.

You nodded, making Hyungwon finally let go from the hug and ruffle your hair. The thought of him being nice to you made you feel giddy on the insides, which was weird but it felt nice. 

The days went on and the two of you got closer and closer to each other. Laughing at each other, watching movies, taking naps together, and even brainstorming with each other was a already a thing for the two of you. No matter how much you’ve hated him in the past months and years, everything changed in a snap.

Hyungwon wasn’t that arrogant compared to before. He was nice around you but there were also times when he goes back to his arrogant nature. Despite the thought of you guys having fun, the two of you still thought of your projects. It was a good thing when the two of you planned to take photos of each other.

But the two of you promised to just surprise each other. No one knew what picture Hyungwon nor you used for the painting. 

It was already the second of week of semester when the two of you were almost finish with your artworks. “I bet you used that meme photo of mine.” Hyungwon said without ripping his eyes and hands off his canvas. You scoffed and replied, “As if I’d use that, I might get an F.”

Hyungwon bursts out laughing and exclaimed, “What would you do if I used a meme photo of you?” This was the only thing that made you rip your eyes off your canvas and yell. “Hey! I’ll skin you alive if you use any of my meme photos.” 

Your threat wasn’t scary enough for Hyungwon. He stuck his tongue out at you and continue painting you using coffee. That was the last time the two of you spoke to each other as both of you were immersed with your work.

Time ticked and it was already past seven when the two of you were finally finished with your projects. “Finally!” you groaned as you stretched your aching limbs. Hyungwon did the same and sighed, “I’m so hungry.” 

Grrrrrrrr. The two of you looked at each other after hearing both of your stomach growl in hunger, the two of you burst out laughing. “Oh glob, let’s just order tangsuyuk and jjajangmyeon.” Without any further arguments, Hyungwon ordered what you said and ended it right away.

“When should we show each other our paintings?” He asked, plopping his whole body on to your couch while stretching every single limbs he has. “Hmm…. how about during dinner?” you suggested while tapping your lower lip with your index finger.


“Waaaahhh, look at this baby.” you beamed as you showed Hyungwon your well-mixed jjajangmyeon. “Baby? You’re going to eat your freaking child?” Hyungwon looked at you like you’re some kind of a cannibal. You rolled your eyes and ignored his remark.

“Let’s eat!” The two of you started to dig in, slurping the greasy noodles with all your might and plopping a tangsuyuk in your mouth once in a while. “Oh! Before we show each other our paintings, we should have an introduction.” Hyungwon looked at you with his cheeks puffed, filled with the black bean noodles.

“Ohkay.” Hyungwon already knew what he’s going to say and he was confident about going first, removing the pressure off your shoulders. As soon as he gulped down his drink, he stood up and wiped his mouth with a some wipes. 

Carrying his covered canvas and stand, he placed it in front of you and flashed a cheeky grin. “Welcome to my exhibition. I am Hyungwon da Vinci and I’ll be showing you my greatest masterpiece of all times.” His hands met the cloth t, that was draped over his painting and pulled it off of it. 

On the painting, you saw yourself smiling really wide with two cups on your hand. It was an impressive artwork as it was really detailed. “This, my lady, is a masterpiece that I’ll always be proud of. This is a painting of someone whom I’ve been watching since the day she arrived on our school. Look, you can see that she’s in her natural habitat, hogging all of the coffee– Just kidding, just kidding.”

You shot him a glare which made him smile. “Ever since the professor announced that she was going to be my partner, I felt that the heavens were on my side, telling me that it’s my chance to be with this person. It was quite shocking for me to hear about her side but that was something for me to embrace and accept wholeheartedly.”

Hyungwon never rip his eyes off of you. “This girl is someone who’ve made my heart run wild whenever I see her, even if she’s just walking towards me or even if she’ll roll her eyes at me, someone who’ve made me feel butterflies for the first time.” You froze on your spot when you heard every single word he said.

Your heart started beating like crazy, and you’ve got to admit, you’ve already fell for him. Hyungwon smiled and continued, “I know this may sound really cheesy but I’ve never met a goddess in my entire life before I laid my eyes on her. She was the ocean and I was the boy who loved the waves but I was completely terrified to swim..”

“But something made me gather up all the courage to stand here in front of her and tell her how much I love her. [y/n], I know all of this is unexpected but I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and how much you’ve literally changed me into someone whom I never thought of changing into…”

The whole room was silent, the only thing that you could hear was the sound of you breathing, and also Hyungwon’s. Your heart was beating really loudly, you were speechless by Hyungwon’s sudden confession.

“And I wanted to ask you if you would you do the honors in becoming my girlfriend?” Hyungwon knelt in front of you, his hands held yours and his lips tugged into a smile. Noticing that you’ve been quiet all this time, he panicked and stuttered, “Y-you don’t have to a-answer right away, I-I can w-wait–”

Placing a finger on his lips, you smiled and pulled him up. You pulled him towards your painting and showed him what you’ve painted. It was him looking at you with that loving look he always had whenever he looked at you.

“I don’t know why but I hated you because of how arrogant you were… but you proved me wrong for thinking of you that way. Throughout the days, I’ve learned how to love you and yes, I feel the same way as you do even though we’ve been spending time together for just how many days.”

Hyungwon looked at you with a shock look which made you chuckle. “And yes, I would love to become your girlfriend, Hyungwon.” You poked him on the cheeks, snapping him back to his senses. Without any warning, he engulfed you into a tight hug.

“I-is this for real?” He asked with eyes sparkling with hope. You nodded your head and smiled. “Yes, silly.” He spun you around, unable to control his feelings. “This is the best day ever!” 

The two of you ended up on the couch, laughing your hearts out as you were on top of Hyungwon. Looking at each other with loving gazes, Hyungwon lifted his head and stopped as his face was just inches away from yours.

“I love you, [y/n].” He whispered with a smirk plastered on his face. You bopped his nose and whispered back, “I love you too, Hyungwon.” In just seconds, his lips met yours. As soon as the two of you pulled away, a thought hit you right away.

“Oh! I haven’t finish my noodles!”  

12 Dates of Christmas; Part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Summary: AU. Dean and the reader are set up on a blind date a few weeks before Christmas, and things kind of seem too good to be true. They decide to have twelve dates beginning with their first and ending with Christmas, to see if spending all that time together will change their minds – and their feelings.

Word Count: 1670

Warnings: Back to just the fluffy stuff!

Tags: @supernaturalfreewill @dashing-through-the-nope @kbrand0​ @growingupgeek @illisea


Your name: submit What is this?

When the both of you woke, it was close to suppertime.

Dean started to stir first; you, thinking he was going to be waking up and leaving you on the blankets alone, snuggled closer to him in an attempt to get him to stay. Your face against his chest amplified the sound of his sleep chuckle.

“I’m not going anywhere, just trying to get a better look at you,” Dean assured, placing his chin on top of your head.


“I could go for some coffee though.”

“Me, too,” you sighed, loosening your embrace on him just a little.

Dean cleared his throat. “Can I tell you something without you freaking out?”

Although you weren’t quite ready, you opened your eyes to pull back just a little more so you could look at him. A little smile tugged at one end of your mouth and you nodded.

“This is far into the future, I know, but, Y/N, I really think I could be happy waking up with you like this for the rest—for a very long time.”

You smiled at his correction as you ducked your head before sighing again, “Me, too.”

He kissed your forehead then, and you rolled over to stretch your weary muscles. Thoughts of the rough calls from your last shift came back to you, but you pushed them away. EMS had people who talked with their employees about hard calls like that and helped them work through it. These weren’t your first tough calls, or even the toughest you’d had, but if these four days off didn’t do the trick to get you feeling better, you’d get in touch with the right people. For now, you were going to enjoy the next few days with Dean.

While he did his morning routine – although now the sun was going down – you started the coffee maker and pulled down the few things you had for pancakes, and retrieved the grocery bag of stuff Dean had brought with him, from the refrigerator.

“What’s all this?” Dean asked when he arrived in the kitchen.

You smiled. “You promised me pancakes, Sparky. I’ve got the coffee going, now get to work.”

Dean feigned sadness. “And what are you doing to do while I’m cooking?”

“Get cleaned up,” you informed him. “I feel like I’ve got a month’s worth of grime on me right about now.”

“Yeah, you smell like it, too,” Dean teased.

You swatted at him, but he was too quick; he grabbed your hand and pulled you in for a kiss.

“Good morning,” he said softly.

“Good morning,” you smiled back.

While you took a quick shower, brushed and braided your wet hair, and changed into clean pajamas, you couldn’t get that smile off your face. Yes, waking up wrapped in Dean had been amazing. Certainly something you could do for a long time to come, even if it didn’t become an immediate practice. You thought about the few days you had off, and decided that if Dean was up for it, you wanted to spend those days with him.

There was a stack of pancakes, a fresh cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, and a plate of crispy bacon waiting for you on the table when you returned. You kissed Dean well and good, a reward for his hard work.

“Breakfast – I mean supper – is served,” Dean said proudly as he sat down with his own cup of coffee and plates for the two of you.

“It looks amazing. Thank you for doing all of this.”

“You’re very welcome.”

There was little talk as the two of your enjoyed the pancakes and bacon until you were full to the brim. Dean stored the leftovers while you loaded the dishwasher. After everything was pretty much cleaned up, the two of you enjoyed the last two cups of coffee.

“I know I promised you Christmas movies,” Dean started, “but I’m not sure I can make it through more than one.”

You smiled over the warm mug in your hands. “It’s all right. I usually only stay up for a few hours after I sleep all day, to get to a normal routine for my days off. We can watch them another time. I’ll let you get home.”

Dean smiled, and you wondered if he wanted to stay again. You were tempted to make the offer, but reminded yourself that you were the one who wanted to pace this whole thing. Instead, you offered a different consolation.

“How about we set up the rest of our dates before you go?” you offered, grabbing your calendar off the wall. “Does this count as three or four?”

“Well, we did sleep in between.”

You chuckled and started writing. “Fair enough. Dinner was one, Christmas tree decorating was two, the all-day nap was three, and breakfast was four. That means we have eight more to plan. Seven, really, since number twelve is supposed to be Christmas.”

“I’ve got a busy day at the garage tomorrow, unfortunately,” Dean admitted. “I’ll probably be there late.”

“It’s okay. We still have plenty of time. And I’ll text you all the sweet things girls say to keep you going through the day.”

Dean laughed. “Sounds good. Do you want to go Christmas shopping with me the day after that? I’m sure that you, being Miss Christmas Fanatic and all, are done with your shopping, but I need to find something for my mom and my sister-in-law.”

“We can do that.” You jotted it on the calendar: Dean #5 – Christmas Shopping. “The next day is my last day off for this run. Maybe we can watch our Christmas movies then? Keep it low-key?”

“Sounds perfect to me.”

You wanted to tell him how perfect he seemed to you in reply, but you couldn’t decide if it was too cheesy or not. Instead, you kissed his cheek and wrote Dean #6 – Movies on your calendar.

“Oh! Mandy’s Christmas party is this weekend. Did she mention it to you?”

Dean nodded. “I think in hopes that I would go as your date.”



“Yes,” you smiled. “Because I’m also mentioning it in hope that you’ll be my date.”

“Do I have to wear an ugly Christmas sweater?”

“No,” you laughed. “Usually everyone wears red or green, or both. We have dinner and drinks, play a couple of games. I’m on at the station the next day, so I don’t know that I’ll stay too late, but it’ll be fun. And, if you want, I have a day off in between for us to schedule a date.”

“I’ll come up with something for your extra day off, for number seven,” Dean offered. “And Mandy’s party can be number eight.”

“I feel like these dates are flying by,” you sighed.

Dean pulled your chair closer to him and nuzzled your neck. Between his eyelashes and his stubble, the tickling on your skin made you giggle.

“It isn’t going to end after these twelve,” Dean promised.

“You sure about that, Sparky?”

He didn’t answer, just kissed you and started to gather up his stuff. You wondered why he didn’t answer, even after you saw him to the door and kissed him goodnight, and made him promise to let you know he’d gotten home safely.


The next day, you got up early, hit the gym, showered again, and did some household chores that had been in need of doing during your one-day-on-one-day-off rotations. You were scheduled to meet Mandy for lunch, and the two of you had a great time catching up. After some grocery shopping and putting away some laundry, you headed to your father’s house for supper. He was more than ready to hear about this guy you’d been dating – especially since said guy apparently made his daughter very happy.

As promised, you texted Dean sweet things all throughout the day. He didn’t always reply immediately, which you understood, but when he did, the replies were just as sweet. You could tell when you talked to him at the end of his work day – thirteen hours after he had started working – that he was tired. You knew that spending the previous day with you, staying up so he could be on your sleep schedule, had probably made him more tired.

“No more of that,” you admonished. “You have to take care of yourself, first.”

“We’ll see, Y/N,” Dean replied, his words tired but teasing. “Hey, are you home?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Go look outside. Call me back after you look, if you want.”

“Okay … Talk to you soon.”

“Soon,” Dean agreed.

You disconnected the call, slipped your feet into your untied boots by the door, and took a peek outside. You didn’t see anything straight off. Frowning, you made sure your jeans were tucked into your boots, even if they were tucked a little messy, and shoved your hands in the front pocket of your hoodie.

When you reached the end of the sidewalk off your porch, you saw him. Dean was standing next to the passenger door of his running truck, a red rose in his hand.

“I know we weren’t supposed to see each other today, and this doesn’t count as a date or anything, but I couldn’t end my day without kissing you. Just didn’t feel right.”

You walked over to him, the snow crunching under your heavy boots. “And the rose?”

Dean shrugged. “Figured I couldn’t show up empty-handed. Maybe I should have called first.”

“No,” you said quietly, going up on tiptoe to kiss him. “Surprises are good.”

Dean smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist as it continued, lasting but innocent. When you finally pulled away for a breath, he was still smiling at you.

“I wasn’t so sure about this whole blind date business at first, but it’s definitely made me agree with you about the surprises. And you, Y/N, have been the best surprise of all.”

Your agreement came in the form of another sweet kiss.

Drabble #4

Submitted Prompt

Krashlyn prompt: the team is at a restaurant, and the waitress keeps flirting with Ash even though she makes it clear she isn’t interested. Finally, Ali has had enough and does something to stake her claim.

“ALI! Are you ready yet? The team is about to leave for the restaurant!” Ashlyn shouted from the bedroom.

“I’m almost done.” Ali said as she came out in a maroon short dress that stopped mid-thigh.

“Wow babe. You look…beautiful.” Ashlyn said as she got a good look at her stunning girlfriend.

“Well if you’re done staring, we can go now.” Ali grabbed her hand pulling her off the bed.

“No guys better hit on you tonight.” Ash whispered in Ali’s ear and quickly nipped it.

The two girls met with the rest of the team in the lobby.

“Oh finally. The love birds are here. We can go.” Pinoe said dramatically.

Everyone laughed and started piling into random cabs. When they got to the restaurant, the team managed to get a long table that somehow fit them all. Ali and Ash sat next to one another and held hands underneath the table since they both agreed to keep their relationship from the public.

Dinner was going great until Ali noticed the perky, underdressed waitress basically trying to have eye sex with her Ash.

“Hey cutie. Want another refill?” The perky blonde gestured towards Ash.

“No I’m good.” Ashlyn said without even looking at her.

Ashlyn’s thumb slowly made circles on Ali’s hand which calmed her a little but she could still feel her jealousy rising.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom, okay babe?” Ashlyn whispered into her ear and she nodded.

Ali watched Ashlyn go into the restroom and then started up a conversation with Alex who was seated across from her.

“Yo, Ali, don’t you think that slutty waitress is getting a little to close to Ashlyn over by the bae?” Pinoe asked.

Ali whipped her head around to see the fake blonde’s hand on Ashlyn’s shoulder and she was leaning in too close for both Ali and Ashlyn’s liking. Ali watched as her girl removed the waitress’s hand from her shoulder and pushed her back a little before rejoining the table.

“One girl not enough for you, Ash?” Pinoe joked but Ali wanted to rip her head off.

“I only need one girl because she’s the perfect one for me.” Ashlyn said while staring right at Ali.

Ali blushed but still felt the jealousy. Throughout the dinner, the waitress kept finding excuses to check on the table especially on Ashlyn. Even the rest of the team was getting tired of the poor girl’s attempts to flirt with Ashlyn.

“Come on, sweetie. Stay for a few rounds with me after you’re done with dinner. I’ll show you a good time.” The blonde winked.

“Sorry, Melissa.” Ashlyn said as she read the girl’s name tag. “I’m already taken.”

Everyone was watching Ali by now, trying to gauge a reaction from her but Ali’s face was set in stone and her jaw was clenched.

“You’re too hot to be tied down. I’m guessing you and your girl have only been together for what a week or so? I’ll just be like a personal assistant in bed.”

Ali was boiling at this point but she kept her cool because she knew Ashlyn and her agreed to wait to come out even though they already have been dating for two years.

“Just here’s my number. Don’t be afraid to call when your relationship doesn’t last.” Melissa said with a smirk.

“Hey slut.” Ali finally spoke up. “I don’t think she’ll be calling anytime soon speaking we’ve been together for two years.”

And with that, Ali pulled Ashlyn by her collar and slammed their lips together. Ali only let the kiss last for a few seconds before she pulled back and looked at the blonde.

“Now me and my girlfriend’s team would like to enjoy the rest of our dinner in peace.” Ali said gripping Ashlyn’s hand like it was a life line.

“So sad to see such a hot girl stoop down so low. Such a shame.” Melissa sighed as she eyed Ali.

Now it was Ashlyn’s body that filled with anger.

“Stoop down so low? More like I don’t deserve a girl like her. She is a ten times better person than I’ll ever be but that doesn’t stop her from loving me day in and day out. The past two years with her have been the best years of my life and I would never leave her unless she told me to. You’re such a fucking lowlife.” Ashlyn said with piercing eyes.

The rest of the team just watched as the entire encounter continued. None of them were quite sure when it was the right time to stop the argument so they just continued to watch.

“Come on, Ali. We’re leaving.” Ashlyn stood up abruptly pulling Ali up with her.

“Oh and by the way, she is great in bed but I guess you’ll never know that.” Ali added before Ashlyn and her left the restaurant and their team behind.

“Do they just realize that they came out in front of a crowded restaurant?” Tobin asked.

“I guess they’ll find out tomorrow when it’s the biggest soccer news for the day.” Abby shrugged and stood up. “I think it’s time to go”

Abby was right. Ali and Ash’s coming out was all over social media the next day but neither one of them cared. They had each other and now they didn’t have to worry about strangers hitting on them in public.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a Blaine Anderson Stark fic where Blaine comes home super beat up and tries to go up to his room but Tony keeps asking what happened and Blaine doesnt want to talk about it for some reason, up to you. bonus points for including the avengers

I tried following the prompt to the letter but I wrote two separate drafts with Tony featuring heavily and they were both terrible so I’ve ended up with Clint being the one the one who catches beaten-up-Blaine (Because I adore Clint Barton) and Tony features a bit at the end.

This prompt is four months old I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting, I hope you like this :)


All Blaine wanted was to make it upstairs to his room without being stopped by his dad. Preferably, he’d like to make it upstairs without being stopped by Pepper or Bruce or any of the rest of them as well, but if his dad saw the bruises then it was all over.

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