the nrj awards

I just have to say, do people really think Zayn and Liam were playing when they kissed at the NRJ awards.

The last awards that Zayn attended with the lads by the way. (tho Louis was absent)

Do people really think Liam was playing when he wore wedding type bands in Cardif 6 months later, but made sure not to wear one at the concert that Sophia was at on the Saturday afternoon.

Do people really think that Cheryl bought Liam a Cartier bracelet and then to be extra petty gIgI or Zayn and in one of those coincidences once more also bought one in the November so Zayn could display it at the Ama’s alongside wearing an identical suit to what Liam had worn in 2014? 

Maybe by a lot of people’s definition i am a tin hat, maybe it’s the worst thing in the world to believe in what I believe in to some, but I choose to believe in these actions that took place over time and just before Zayn left when the only difference is that we haven’t seen them on stage together and yet all those other times we didn’t see them on stage when they were on break over the years, back then they were a couple because Zerrie wasn’t popular?  

I choose to believe in actions, rather than a million and one printed words in a magazine or newspaper and some pap/staged photos.

These are just questions with a variety of answers to hand, of course, just saying that all that’s altered is no on stage Ziam.  

Still the same intense chatter about their relationships. Still the same peaceful and quiet Liam and Zayn away from all this.  

anonymous asked:

there's so many ziam moments that i dont understand how people can explain like its nothing? I mean, toothpaste kiss..or when liam described falling in front of his missus on late late show but sophia wasn't even there at that show and he fell right in front of Zayn... Or that time when zayn and liam kissed on stage in the dark and you could see zayn's hand pulling liams head down so they could kiss.

Hi anon,


Right from the start/whispered brave/nrj awards loveyou/nrjawards kiss/lapsitting/wet bottoms for life/waitin on the day/balloon record attempts/that’s you liam right/you inspire me/we’ve-i’ve got dogs/‘girlfriend’/ohio fishing dates & shopping dates/the person I truly love

Did you miss me yeah I did/i’ll try but i’ll miss you too much liam/right next to you leeyum/I really shouldn’t be telling you this/he leaned forward and kissed me/its you babe/I suppose you always want what youcan’t have/bye zayn I love you/bye liam I love you too I loveyouforever liam

Valentines day bracelets/I miss you/our brother zayn/Cardiff rings/squeaky clean dream/hey angel/setting trends/thanks bro:)x/theres too much history for there not to be love/we’re fine I promise you that/cartier love bracelets/we are the quiet ones/we are who we are when noones watching

and that’s just off the top of my head. x