the notorious list

How to Change a Fuqboi (Hoseok)

Word Count: 3,912

Loosely inspired by the song “Fuqboi” by Hey Violet and “Not My Type at All” by Jacob Whitesides

Rated M (language and like REALLY REALLY suggestive sh!t yo 😂)

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How To Change A Fuqboi

Volume 1: Happenstance (Jungkook)
Volume 2: For-Getting His Attention (Jimin)
Volume 3: Bonding and Binding (Taehyung)
Volume 4: One and Done (Yoongi)
Volume 5: Unintentional Liar (Seokjin)
Volume 6: To Be Loved (Namjoon)
Volume 7: Checklist (Hoseok)


Step 1) Pay attention to first impressions*

After a little…thinking time, I have decided to write this last volume in sight of the fact that there is something we failed to discuss earlier.

In the words of the great poet William Shakespeare, “Some are born as a fuckboy, some achieve fuckboy-hood, and some have fuckboy-hood thrust upon them.” Okay, yes, I changed it a LITTLE. But that’s beside the point. In this volume, we will be addressing the third version, those that have “fuckboy-hood thrust upon them” which I will henceforth reference as a “convert.” Often times, these are guys who have experienced emotional trauma in a romantic relationship, but instead of working toward a healing resolution, they will compensate by seeking comfort in… something else.

Jung Hoseok, a name that anyone- nay, EVERYONE in the Middle Earth dormitory has heard.

Jung Hoseok, the dancer, the straight A student, the part time waiter in the university’s only sit-down restaurant.

Jung Hoseok, the most notorious fuckboy on campus.

See, rumor has it, he keeps this list, a LITERAL list. It has no title and no explanation, but neither is ever really necessary. It only consists of names…about three hundred of them, though the general consensus stands that slightly more than half are crossed out. And let’s just say it’s not because he’s handing out party invitations.

So obviously, when you moved into your Middle Earth apartment, having transferred over from another university, within the first two days you knew who he was and that you should stay the hell away from him at all costs.

You want NOTHING to do with Jung Hoseok.

It’s not that he’s trouble, because let’s face it, you are NO stranger that word in any sense, but rather your avoidance of him has everything to do with how you first met and what he said to you. Or maybe what he didn’t say.

The empty carton of cigarettes stares back at you with a vengeance, the last one poised between your fingers.

By now, one would think you’d learn to keep a reserve, but NO. You let your vices eat you alive and then cyclically get angry when you neglect them out of laziness. You shrug, skillfully flicking on your lighter before letting the tip of the flame kiss the edge of the cigarette.

Fine. Whatever. Learn nothing, that’s okay too.

Taking a thoughtful drag, shifting your position at the base of the tree, you pull out this quarter’s class schedule and the campus map to look them over one last time instead of watching students pass between small dormitory buildings, meeting neighbors, greeting friends.

As you have or desire neither, you devote your attention to the paper, pretending to be thoroughly interested in wherever the hell “Science Lecture Hall B” is located- especially as some boy decides that out of ALL the decorative trees to sit under, he’ll be occupying the space under YOURS.

“You know this is a smoke free campus, right?” he deposits his book bag beside the trunk, looking at you like you just killed a man.

You arch an eyebrow, unsure whether to be irritated or curious, “You know I don’t actually care, right?”

“Great, because I don’t either,” he laughs at his own bad joke, taking a seat and stretching out his legs. You’ve got to admit (or I’ll force you to), he’s a little attractive with his bright smile, tanned skin, lean frame, and dark, feathery hair- but oh GOD is that a choker?

“Fantastic,” you smirk before taking a long drag and blowing the smoke right into his face, hating the burning, but loving the coughing fit your new companion bends into.

“Was that…really necessary?” he bats at the air, action so (possibly unintentionally) comical that it makes you laugh. The boy seems to take this as the go-ahead to continue, “You got a name?”

“Would you believe me if I said no?” you’re more amused than anything at this point, ego being stroked fervently by his insistence on finding everything you say hilarious. You want to believe your interactions are reluctant, but the smile on your face as you tell him your name says otherwise.

He extends his hand for a shake and you’re one hundred percent ready to accept the greeting until he says, “I’m Hoseok. Jung Hoseok.”


You immediately retract, having skimmed the skin of his palm, watching him now with a look of disgust. His smile falls.

“Did I do something wrong?”

You stand, shoving your schedule into your bag so haphazardly that it audibly crumples, “Don’t think I haven’t heard your name before. I know what you are.”

“What I am…?”

You decide to not grace him with an answer, opting instead to walk away. But the persistent boy follows.

“Wait, what do you mean? I don’t understand.”

If your roommate hadn’t warned you about him, you might think Hoseok is actually upset by your leaving, rather than simply pining for attention. If your name is on that notorious list of his, you want absolutely nothing to do with him- a thought that I encourage enthusiastically.

You drop the cigarette, stomping on the smoldering end until satisfied, words gruff, “You don’t NEED to understand. Now, unless you have a pack of smokes that you want to share, we’re done here.”

*Elaboration: first impressions are not always correct and should not be used to judge the ENTIRETY of a person, but rather your impression of them should based in what they do to maintain a good image or repair a bad one.

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Rocket Fun Facts!

He has a notoriously long hookup list with almost every species imaginable! Longer than Peter Quill’s list! Those hookups then ganged up to try and kill him. They’re called the Ex-terminators. They did not succeed.

He was originally named Rocky!

He’s a baby daddy! He has three kids but they’re not allowed to call him dad.

He’s arch nemesis is a bunny!

He had a girlfriend named Llayla! She’s a mutant otter and she’s hinted at in the MCU when Rocket is scanned at the Nova Corp.

Rocket originally smoked a cigar and had a holster across his chest.

Rocket had a female clone made of him that grew up along with Howard the Duck’s female clone. They both become master thieves!

That’s all I have for today!


Alec was happy, in fact he was happier than he’d been in a while. But to some degree, in amongst all the sadness, he had always been happy. He was happy knowing that deep down his parents loved him, maybe not in the same way they’d had previously but that had always been more like pride than love. His relationship with his parents had somewhat deteriorated over the years, almost like the space between them mirrored Alec’s age. His childhood wasn’t normal, but who’s to say what a normal childhood is let alone one for a shadowhunter. Alec knew that Maryse loved him, and Alec was happy with knowing that. Maybe she didn’t love Alec completely, but he had confidence in rebuilding some sort of relationship between them again. His father had never been hands on with Alec. Since he could remember, Robert was always a figure in the background; present, always present, but never fully involved. He watched his son become a strong leader, but Robert thought that was the most important thing. He’d never considered his son’s happiness, because that has Robert’s ultimate downfall. He was happy working with the charismatic Valentine, and now that would’ve been considered a crush. Valentine was this beautiful, powerful person who Robert envied and he yearned for the attention of the younger boy. Robert saw far too much of himself in Alec, and falling for the wrong person ruined his life. But, this was a sure sign of how much Robert payed attention to his eldest son, for if he looked close he’d see that the only thing they shared was their surname, as one was happy and the other was not.

Alec knew Izzy loved him and always would, as it had always been the both of them together. Izzy was strong and solid, and Alec was happy knowing that. Izzy had known from the start about Alec’s sexuality, and she for a long time was the only person he trusted with it. He and Izzy had been bought up the same, and this unique experience bonded them. Most siblings bickered and fought, but not these two. An argument in the wrong place at the wrong time, and any mistake would cost them their lives, and they knew that they wouldn’t be able to live without the other. Izzy was Alec’s security blanket growing up, and every thought he’d had he confided in her. Izzy had never been as open with her secrets, but Alec knew that if anything was serious he’d be the first person to tell. Izzy was never one for the small things; Alec had always made a big deal about his sexuality but to Izzy, that didn’t matter. What was important was Alec’s happiness, and if he was happy she was happy.

Alec had come to terms with how Jace loved him, now knowing he loved him as a brother and nothing more. From when he first met him, Alec was enamoured. Jace was a mystery, a puzzle of a boy with a scarred heart. Jace was a golden ray, shot into Alec’s life. Jace learning of Alec’s sexuality put some things into perspective for him. That odd conversation they’d had about Alec loving Jace was suddenly made clear. Jace wasn’t disgusted about how Alec felt for him, they were parabatai so Jace felt everything Alec did, but now Jace knew Alec didn’t love him like that, Alec just loved the idea of Jace loving him the way he wanted him too. Alec had also come to grips with how he actually loved Jace, and he was happy with Jace being his best friend.

Since meeting Magnus, Alec had quickly come to realise his feelings for Jace. These feelings still lingered around the edges, but when you completely devote your soul to one person for such a long time, they don’t disappear completely. Alec realised he loved the idea of being in love with Jace, he loved the idea that Jace might feel the same way. But Jace doesn’t, and despite that being the harsh reality of it, Alec found it enlightening. He now doesn’t have to fight for Jace’s attention, because he is his parabatai and thats enough. Jace hadn’t completely worked it out, but he knew that if Alec was happy, then he was happy. Alec was more than happy to be able to distinguish the brotherly love he felt for Jace, and the deep, romantic love he felt for a different man. Alec was happy to have his best friend as his best friend.

Max was a mystery, being posted in Idris with his parents meant that neither brother saw each other often. Back in Idris, Alec knew that the Clave was still reeling in the fact that a man could love another man. That a shadowhunter could fall for a downworlder, a warlock. Alec knew that Max’s mind was still elastic, and that he was susceptible to all the hate that was being thrown around along with the Lightwood name. Alec knew that it was still possible for Max to hate him, but he hoped that Max remembered Alec as the cool older brother who bought him comics and listened to his stories. He hoped that Max would always love him, and if he did so, Alec and Max both would be happy.

Alec loved his job. Shadowhunting ran in his blood, and fueled his every being. Deep down Alec wanted to be a superhero like the ones in Max’s comics, and shadowhunting was the closest thing to. Abiding by the law was what Alec was good at, and keeping people safe (despite not being a fan of mundanes) was something that got him out of bed in the morning. The hunt, the chase and the kill exhilarated Alec, sending waves of euphoria though his racing body. He loved shadowhunting more than life itself, despite being born into and for this job. The world, his family and life itself could change but shadowhunting never would, and that was a constant Alec relied on. His bow and quiver were an extension of his soul, something that also would never change. He was happy being a shadowhunter.

But in this moment, Alec had never been quite this happy.

A man, the man, who Alec loved was resting on his chest, snoring lightly. Never in his wildest dreams had Alec thought that he would’ve found someone who accepted him, who respected him, like this man did. It was early morning in New York, a time to move and to get ready for the day, but Alec couldn’t move. his arms were locked around the sleeping form of his boyfriend, his boyfriend, and Alec’s nose was buried in the soft black strands of his lovers hair. Magnus shifted slightly in his sleep, rubbing his cheek against Alec’s heart, his ear resting above his heart which was jumping out of his chest. Their legs laid intertwined under the soft sheets, with Alec’s knee bent allowing his big toe to trace the line of Magnus’ calf. In return, Magnus’ long slender fingers were resting on Alec’s bare chest, softly combing through his chest hair. Alec couldn’t move, yet he couldn’t think of a single reason as to why. Moving would mean that they day was passing, but Alec would be happy to live in this moment forever. Alec hadn’t told Magnus yet, they’d only been together for 4 months despite nearly having sex a few weeks into their relationship, and Alec now didn’t want his relationship with Magnus to disappear down the drain. Magnus was notorious for his long list of ex-lovers, and Alec was prolonging admitting his love to Magnus, because he wanted Magnus to want him and to want to keep him around.
Magnus hummed, the sound penetrating the silence of the normally noisy apartment before turning into a soft sigh. “I love you Alexander.”

Alec had never been happier, and he couldn’t picture himself happier with anybody else.
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BTS: A Hip-Hop/Musical Analysis and General Musical Critique on the Korean Pop Music Scene

I’m a on-air radio personality on a radio station in California, and I felt that this is something I wanted to say and write about. 

I think BTS is a totally different entity from some of the music that mainstream Korea is putting out and this is my analysis on the topic. I have been thinking about this for a while and I really wanted to get my opinion out there. If you’re interested in a long read on the analysis of Western music’s influence on Eastern pop, then please enjoy my opinionated piece.

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“Until I die, live the life of a boss playa
Cause even when I’m high, fuck with me and get crossed later
The futures in my eyes.”

Part of a handwritten letter by Tupac from jail. (Scanned from Tupac: Resurrection Book)

The Get Down

Let’s face it, we were all kind of skeptical, especially with the potential of them missing all the major marks, then the teenage, sappy romance and Jaden Smith experimenting with… conceptual acting…?

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But despite minor flaws, the creativity produced by the collaboration of Hip Hop artists, performers and historians, of all backgrounds, has made for another successful show, topping the Notorious Netflix: BINGE-WATCH LIST. [I just made that up].

The fast-paced dramatization has me stuck on my couch for 90 minutes after 90 minutes because my ass falls into the– “only one more” cycle. The dynamic between the nostalgic, 70s disco vibes and psychedelic cartoons paints the story of the Get Down Brothers in a kaleidoscope fashion. For me, the excitement comes specifically from seeing figures I’ve come to respect through my growing-love for Hip Hop– personified in their prime. And I have yet to be unimpressed by an impression.

Side-note: this isn’t necessarily a review of the show, but rather a rambling of everything I love about it. Just keeping it positive, people.

Originally posted by feliticysmoak

What I find most appealing about the show and its premise, is the writers’ ability to connect with the young generation now; the viewers who are (or around) the same age as the main characters in the show. Freedom of expression, the chase for individuality and the struggle to preserve what culture we were born into– are all matters we still battle for today. Viva la revolucion, as Dizee would say.

The characters’ lives reveal their ultimate challenges as: 1) preserving their rightful culture and 2) escaping the brutal realities of their socioeconomic statuses. Political schemes and powerful slum lords collide, shaking their individual worlds and futures in music

They unite with historic activists and artisans such as the Zulu Nation, Young Lords and Black Panthers– and are depicted as inspirational figures to the Hip Hop community in its infancy. Infamous activists and organizations that fought for the same injustices still here today [37 YEARS LATER].

Waiting for next season only leaves time for me to further investigate the story of Shaolin Fantastic and the Fantastic 5. I have many questions and theories as to who is who and what is to come, with that being said:


I am not trying to my lose readers!

You may continue to read if you’d like to follow me in the investigation, or just laugh at my ridiculous speculations.

In the end, questions like these are what keep me up at night:

1.    When will Cadillac come out?

2.    Is Annie actually Ursula in gangster form OR the actual inspiration to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal?

3.    Who will play Grandmaster Caz?

4.    Will we get to see Dee Dee from The Ramones turn into Dee Dee Kings, one-time rapper?

5.    How far into the history and concept of Blaxploitation will the show explore?

6.    Will there be any mention of The Last Poets?

I got way more of these queries haunting my every thought, but for now I’ll keep the ghouls at bay. You know where to find me when the next season drops, until then, thanks for reading!


Longbottom Recruited as New Hogwarts Herbology Professor

#ThrowbackThursday: 23rd July 2003

The Dumbledore’s Army Alumni have seemingly enrolled in a range of acclaimed careers since the conclusion of the war; yesterday another was added to it’s list, as notorious rebel Neville Longbottom was employed as Hogwart’s new Herbology Professor.

The vacancy surfaced last week as former Herbology professor and Head of Hufflepuff House - Pomona Sprout - announced her retirement. It seems Longbottom swiftly grasped at the opportunity for a career change, perhaps dissatisfied with his former position of employment as an Auror; this is presumably a major blow for the department, whom also lost ex-Auror Ron Weasley last April to the majorly successful joke shop, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheeze’s.

At just 23 Longbottom is the youngest Herbology professor in 2 centuries, however this ceased to concern Hogwarts Headmistress Minerva Mcgonagall who claimed Longbottom was “the obvious choice for the position.” This has not halted parents’ concerns however, whom are particularly perturbed by Longbottom’s notorious schooling reputation. As an associate of Dumbledore’s Army, Longbottom caused an array of disruptions during his academic career. During his 7th year, the professor reportedly released thousands of crickets upon the hallways, causing a subsequent infestation; as well as reports of food fights, itching powder, and even stealing. Is this the kind of individual whom should be responsible for our children?

Neverless Longbottom released a statement yesterday afternoon, clearing up such rumours. “I’m over the moon to be Hogwart’s new Herbology professor. I can assure to all those claiming my schooling reputation means I’m ill-fitted for the job, that all rule breaking was done out of protest of You-Know-Who.”

Despite such claims, Longbottom was reportedly seen last night in Diagon Alley’s The Leaky Cauldron celebrating with his immediate friends. Among the crowd were his Dumbledore’s Army Associates - Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnegan, Hannah Abbott, George Weasley and Angelina Johnson, as well as Harry and Ginny Potter, who’s first child is due in September.

Only time will tell whether Longbottom shall surface as just as skilled as his Herbology predecessor, but nevertheless, we wish Mr Longbottom the best of luck in his new career!

If the government can revoke your right to access firearms simply because it has decided to place you on a secret, notoriously inaccurate list, it could presumably restrict your other rights in a similar manner. You could be forbidden from advocating for causes you believe in, or associating with like-minded activists; your right against intrusive, unreasonable searches could be suspended. And you would have no recourse: The government could simply declare that, as a name on a covert list, you are owed no due process at all.
—  Mark Joseph Stern, Hillary Clinton is wrong about the terror watch list