the notorious k.i.m

“Sup Baby Girl, thought I had to talk to you again, been a long time, missing you… Tim is missing you, Missy’s missing you, Rashad is missing you, your Mom is missing you, your Pop is missing you, Dame is missing you, damn we missing you… “

Jay-Z and Aaliyah, photographed at the album release party for Lil Kim’s second studio album The Notorious K.I.M., held at the Puck Building in Nolita, Manhattan on June 27, 2000.

During a 2001 interview with journalist Touré at Jay’s Hamptons mansion, just two weeks before her untimely passing on August 25, Aaliyah said this about her close friend: “He is the sweetest person. I have so much fun when I’m with him. I admire him because he’s an amazing talent, and on top of that he’s a beautiful person. He’s really good people.”

In a September 2001 radio interview Jay would say that, to him, her death felt like a precursor to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Her passing was intimate, the other catastrophe was global—but both were hard to take. Jay has never spoken extensively on how Aaliyah’s passing affected him, but he did record a remix to her “Miss You” single in early-2003 and spoke on how much he missed her friendship.

Custom Made (Give It to You)
Lil' Kim
Custom Made (Give It to You)

Lil’ Kim - Custom Made (Give It To You) [x]

I fuck with dudes, with “Members Only” jackets
That sleep on brass beds, with money for a mattress
“Gettin’ Money” bitch, and I roll with dimes
Take pictures with our nines on the cover of New York Times
Tattoos down our spine with the the picture of a dime
Cuttin niggas short like inmates for phone time
Everything I get is – custom made
Niggas, wanna get laid; I, gotta get paid

Bad Girl feat RuPaul
Lil' Kim
Bad Girl feat RuPaul

Friendly reminder that Lil’ Kim was one of the if not the first person/people to accept homosexuality in rap as a straight person. She did a track with RuPaul in 1999/2000 which was a time when homophobia was very predominant in Hip Hop, potentially risking her reputation with the general Hip Hop community.