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Semi Hiatus.
I need to take a little break from playing & posting. My mental health is a mess, I’m not taking care of myself property and I’m sleeping from 8am till 5pm which means I never get dressed I just hang out in gross pj’s eating trash food, crying all the time. I’m gonna try and spend little to no time on the computer, read a little. Read some inspiration weight loss stories, drink tea, take walks and colour. I download the app Headspace to try out meditation.


Santana Lopez, the shipper


↳ everyone
↳ are you listening to spring day well?
↳ amazingly it seems like the day has cleared a little
↳ how’s YNWA (in english)
↳ hope yall like the album (in english)
↳ thank you for listening
↳ namunamu (in japanese)
↳ 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
↳ I miss my friends too
↳ everyone too
↳ I miss my old friends (in english)
↳ but feels like you are all my old friends. kinda (in english)
↳ have a happy valentines day
↳ 🍇🍇🍇🍇I don’t see the chocolate emoji so I’ll give you grapes
↳ I’m a grape!!
↳ 🍇💜😘

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