the nothing left

Holy fuck so I started listening to Limetown it’s 2am and I’m in bed I had to pause it like four times in the last three minutes of the second episode. I am a HUGE horror buff who LAUGHS when watching all the worst horror movies, but mercy me, there is something innately, primally, viscerally terrifying about hearing thumping and garbled screaming in pitch darkness. I know it’s a podcast, it’s fake, I’m in bed under my blanket, but holy FUCK. I needed to piss but was too scared to reach across to turn on my damn lamp.

I love it and do recommend.


stay with me
or cure me of
addiction of
your generous
lips, saviors
of mine.

shining sun,
a therapy for
souls, lost
and never found,
like ours in
that storm;
you know,
senseless is
the hound.

don’t look back,
there’s nothing
left for us;
you’ve spoken
those words,
stronger than
a curse.

stay with me;
faithfully keep
my heart warm for
it was only thawed.

People take many years to build bridges with others. Often, it takes one side to burn that bridge without flinching or looking back at the flames they’ve just let loose. They’ll look the other way, and keep walking. The other side is left watching the flames burn down and destroy everything they put time and effort into. Only one side suffers at first; feeling abandonment, pain and heartbreak. But eventually, when it’s all dried to ashes, they pick themselves up and have nothing left to cry for anymore. It’s when they get up and walk away, the person who burnt that bridge will turn around and realise the damage they have done, they’ll face the ugly reality of their actions, and feel the emptiness of what they took for granted. They’ll only have ashes left to look at, and only a memory of the bridge that they had with another. A bridge they can no longer cross, burnt along with the possibility of repair. Surely another can be built, but it will never be the same. Don’t expect to be welcomed to the other side either, & it’ll be a hard task to build it all on your own. Not all those appreciate what they have until they lose it, sometimes destroying it with their own hands. And nobody will walk away from any situation without facing the consequences of their actions. So be good to people, so the only consequence you’re faced with is good. If you plant beautiful seeds, then radiant flowers will grow in your life. Plant seeds of betrayal, hurt and heartbreak, & be sure those will grow in your life one day. Just because you’re happy now doesn’t mean you got away with anything. Everything you do will come for you; so make it good.

“I was four months pregnant when I was sacked over voicemail. I had told my employer the news the day before and even gave them a detailed plan for how my project would be managed while I was gone. There was no discussion, nothing. I was left terrified and heartbroken with a baby on the way and a mortgage to pay. But I was determined to fight this injustice. I hired a lawyer and decided to take my employer to tribunal. Then I found out that my pregnancy was high risk. The doctors told me to avoid stress and my partner begged me to drop the case. I couldn’t have lived with myself if my pursuit of justice had hurt my baby, so I did. The three month time limit for taking a case to Tribunal meant that by the time I had given birth it was too late. This law forced to make a choice between justice and the health of my baby.” Joeli Brearley, founder of Pregnant then Screwed #givemesix —— Please sign the petition to stop this happening to other women at If you’ve been affected by pregnancy or maternity discrimination you can call Pregnant then Screwed’s free legal advice line at: 0161 930 5300

We Are Stardust

For the 2nd story from the @rebelcaptainprompts challenge:


Jyn Erso. Criminal. Fighter. Rebel.

Most called her Trouble; her father called her Stardust.

And Cassian? He never called her anything other than her name. He didn’t know her well enough to do that. Perhaps in another life, he would’ve had the chance.

As Jyn and he stared out at the horizon, Cassian knew that this was the end.

A life wasted… He thought. He never had any hopes and dreams, until he met Jyn. She made him want to live. She had faith, and that motivated him.

At this point, he had hoped she would be the one to make it off of the planet, but even he knew there was nothing left to do but wait.

Neither would survive this. Cassian couldn’t cry and he knew Jyn wouldn’t.

Instead of reflecting on the things he had done, the captain spent his last moments dreaming of a life where both he and Jyn were free. Perhaps they’d marry and move to the farthest reaches of space. Maybe they’d raise a family. Whatever they could have done, they would have had a life of peace.

It pained Cassian to think that he would never get to know Jyn. He would never get to hear her laugh again. He would never be able to have a family with her. He would never have the opportunity to wake up seeing his wife peacefully sleeping next to him…

Cassian tightened his grip around Jyn and tucked his face into her shoulder. Whether it was for him or for her, he wasn’t sure, but he needed stability.

“I wish there was more time,” He whispered. His voice was so quiet it was as if he mouthed the statement.

He felt her pull him closer to her and she smiled, closing her eyes to embrace the moment.

Once the Death Star’s laser moved in on them, Cassian and Jyn’s pain was only momentary, and together, they became one with the Force…

And together, they were stardust.

I feel so bad I’m afraid to even talk about it. I feel the way u feel about leaving people u love and u won’t see for a long time but about everything..:( I finished reading a book today and that always makes me sad but today it feels like I have nothing in the world left

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1.*He had Harry. Harry was on his side. 👌Always, always👌... Something was telling him there was nothing left to be afraid of.* 2.*About Florian. I’m so sorry you felt that way. I should’ve… It was you the whole time, you know. It was 👌always👌 only you.* Love Is A Rebellious Bird by 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews



Endless list of favourite films: Mulan (1998). 

I’ve heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. You stole your father’s armor, ran away from home, impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese Army, destroyed my palace, and… you have saved us all.


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