the notes i get at least once a week

Some of these will not apply to many people so pls take them with a grain of salt. Also I’ve been collecting these pretty much for the two years I’ve been in college so it’s not a guide, they’re just… random I guess.

Making friends 

Warning - specially tailored for super shy people aka me

  • There’s a thing called the ‘first week window of endless oportunities’. It’s when groups are still forming and everyone’s desperate to make friends. This is the time to put your best self forward (I’m not saying be fake, just a little extra friendly).
  • Leave. Your. Door. Open. Do it. Even if you have a roommate. Best way to make friends the first week.
  • Actually get out of your room. You’re not going to meet many people if you hole up in your room. If you have a tv room or people are watching a movie, I don’t care if you’re not interested in what they’re watching, go.
  • If you have the balls to go to the room nextdoor and introduce yourself then you probably can skip this section by all means do it!
  • But if you don’t, going from door to door asking for help with your laundry takes a lot less courage + you will learn how to do laundry. Asking to borrow something (pencil, hair tie, hair dryer) also works.
  • If you’re staying at a residence hall, ask to sit with people at lunch! Nobody is going to say no, i promise.
  • Similarly if you see someone alone, ask them to have lunch with you! 
  • Also if you meet someone you get along with, as soon as you can, ask for their number ‘so you can go to the dinning hall together’. 
  • Remember people’s names - it makes people feel like you actually care about them. I know it’s hard but make an effort. Also it just gets annoying when someone asks about your name for the fourth time. Use mnemonics if you have to.
  • Asking what someone’s major is and where they’re from is standard procedure when you meet them but it doesn’t make for an interesting conversation. Think of other questions!
  • Make sure to arrive about 10 min early to your classes. There’ll be very few people and so it’ll be easier to strike up a conversation (actually people will probably talk to you without you having to say anything which is g r e a t)
  • Say yes - as a rule of thumb, your social life should prevail over your academic life the first two weeks. This is the time where you’re not really pressed for time. Say yes to watching movies, say yes to going to lunch, say yes to going to campus events (and even to parties). Obviously don’t do anything that makes you really unconfortable but do try to step out of your comfort zone
  • Make friends with an upper-classman from your same major. Or at least be on speaking terms. Talk to them on Facebook, ask them about your major, just use any random idc excuse to introduce yourself, it doesn’t really matter how you do it.
  • Don’t go home every weekend, even if you live close by. You’ll miss out on the best of campus life and some of the most fun memories with your new friends.

Keeping your old friends

  • If you know you’re going home for the weekend, try to finish most of your assignments/studying and make time to hang out with your friends. Spending time with them is the best way to keep those friendships alive. 
  • But! Don’t worry too much if you can’t come home or make time for your friends too often, you just have to make an effort to text them regularly. It will come naturally if it’s your best friend, but don’t forget to set a reminder to text other close friends at least once every two weeks.
  • You may think you don’t care now but you will once you come home for the summer.
  • If any of your friends are staying in your hometown for college, be ready for them to get another friend group. That doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about you, but don’t be mad if they seem to have a lot more plans that don’t involve you. You can always ask to tag along some time and maybe even become friends with these people!
  • Some people you’ll just lose contact with. Don’t fret it.


  • Please print out or buy a calendar that has a whole page for each month. With boxes preferably *shameless plug*. You may think you have it all under control but there’s nothing like being able to see all your due dates, hang out plans and laundry days at a glance. (Also js but the pilot frixion are perfect to use on calendars because they’re erasable).
  • There’s so much space under your bed. UTILIZE IT.

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My Puppy | 1

Originally posted by rapnamu


Chapters: [1][2]

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader-First Person View

Genre & Warnings: SMUT, fluff, pet play. 

Word Count: 4,406

NOTE: Pure Filth. Turn back now if you don’t want to see. Turning Tae Tae into my Fuck Puppy (Thanks, Anon). Soft femdom. Let me tell you, it was an EXPERIENCE writing this, and I am still not perfectly pleased with it. Mostly because I’m never happy with my own smut writing. I had to do so much research, so google probably thinks I’m freaky naughty af. Which I suppose I am considering I wrote this lol. So, for those that are hardcore into this and think I didn’t portray it well enough, I’m sorry, I tried. And I learned quite a bit about myself, like the fact that if I ever get my hands on someone like Tae, I am so going to try this. Now enjoy, and excuse me as I go drench myself in holy water to cleanse myself of sin. 

“You know, I hate the winter. It reminds me of your cold heart.”

My now ex-boyfriend mutters this line, looking into the snowy sky. He sighs loudly and saunters off, without looking back. What a fucking drama queen. I can’t help but snort as I watch him disappear into the light snowfall, and wonder what movie he got that line from.

Cold heart.

I don’t have a cold heart. He was just a damn bore. He never wanted to do anything but watch movies and freaked out if I suggested anything besides missionary. I’ve been thinking about breaking up with him for weeks now but was putting it off because I knew he’d cry. This saved me all the hassle.

Note to self: Don’t date actors.

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andyblack | At least once a day since the age of 9 when I am doing something mindless like getting the mail or something around the house….I recite every lyric to Weird Al’s “All About the Pentiums” silently to myself🤷🏻‍♂️
This afternoon is the final @bengals pre season game and I am looking forward to watching it and prepping for a very busy week ahead! I hope you all have a great weekend! And finally on a serious note, I urge everyone to help spread the world and donate to help with disaster relief efforts from hurricane Harvey. You can find the link in my bio to JJ Watt’s Houston Charity.
I also urge everyone to help the @ASPCA in continuing to provide shelter and assistance to pets who have been separated from their families and homes during the storms. 🆎🖤 (Instagram)

Enchoi Your Fridays: Tom and the Twins

Here’s another Enchoi your Fridays! This is a small scenario of Seven’s neighborhood friend Tom with the twins post secret ends. 

  • With everything that happened with Mint Eye and Saeran’s recovery, Saeyoung hadn’t been able to check his mailbox in weeks
  • He gets mostly everything online, but magazines and letters from Tom
  • They had a habit of exchanging notes in each other’s mailbox at least once a week
  • Saeyoung wasn’t expecting to find THAT many from his friend
  • The notes from him gradually get more worried as the weeks had passed
  • So, Saeyoung drops a note to Tom telling him to stop by when he can
  • When Tom visits, Saeran is actually the one who answers the door
  • Tom doesn’t know that…
  • “Broooo you’ve changed. You’ve gotten thinner. You need to work out more.”  
  • Saeran just deadpans, “Are you Thomas? I’ve heard about you.”
  • Tom thinks it’s a joke, so he plays along
  • “Oh! I guess we’re all formal today. Okay, Luciel.” *winks*,
  • Saeran says he must be mixing him up with his brother.
  • Tom still thinks it’s a joke and since Seven has a lot of disguises he finds it funnier.
  • He points to Saeran’s still grey hair.“Oh? You have a twin! You sure you’re not the grandma?”
  • He knew it was a horrible joke, but Saeran looked so offended
  • ”I’m trying to grow it out.”
  • He slams the door on his face and Tom is very confused
  • He shrugs and tries to come back a few hours later
  • This time Saeyoung answers the door. “Oh, Tom! Long time no see.”
  • Tom shoots some finger guns and laughs off “the good joke” and says he stopped by earlier
  • Saeyoung gestures vaguely behind him saying it must’ve been his twin brother
  • Tom thought it was the same running joke untill he sees Saeran in the background munching on some chips
  • Saeran gives Tom the finger and Saeyoung catches it from the corner of his eye
  • “Saeran! Put that finger down! We talked about this!”
  • Tom waits a week to visit again, this time bringing a bucket of fried chicken as a peace offering
  • Thankfully, it’s Saeyoung who answers the door so he actually makes it inside the house
  • A few weeks go by, and Tom and Saeran do not get any friendlier
  • In fact, Tom feels a little competition between them
  • One time, Saeyoung left them alone in the kitchen
  • Tom casually brings up the fact that he and Saeyoung have matching friendship bracelets
  • Saeran stares blankly at him they have matching faces what’s the point
  • “You act like being close to that doof is a good thing.”
  • They continue their tense banter until finally the three of them have a game night
  • Tom completely annihilates Saeran with no mercy
  • Saeran just nods calmly as Tom is doing some victory dance
  • “You know, Thomas…you’re not that bad after all.”
  • They get closer after that with a lot less insulting each other
  • Also, Saeran never stops calling him Thomas 

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Prompt:  “Scotty/Reader. Fluff. Getting stuck together in a Jefferies tube!”- @vintagevalentinexx

Word Count:  1,529

Warning:  Being stuck in a tight space.

Author’s Note:  This was actually so hard to write! They just kept arguing with each other and making each other angry. IDK, I had to sit ‘em down and have a chat about their motivations. Anyway, I think we came to a good conclusion. Enjoy!

“Ye’ve gottae be joking!” Scotty cried when the access hatch denied his passcode for the third time in a row.

“I don’t know why you’re so shocked, this happens to me at least once a week,” you quipped, securing your feet in the rungs of the ladder and leaning back against the opposite wall.

“You’re gonna fall an’ kill yourself, you stand li’ tha’,” Scotty grouched as he pulled his comm from his pocket. “Scott to Ratchkov.”

“Aye, Sir?” came the lieutenant’s tinny reply.

“What’s happening with port C-18?”

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Probable Fear Of Abandonment- Part Two

Part One Here

Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader
Warnings: injured!reader, swearing, angst
Request: The reader and the Winchesters have hunted together for years, but when the reader is hospitalized and the Winchesters have to go save the world they leave her behind. The plan was for the separation to be temporary, but when the reader wakes up earlier than the doctors thought she would and sees the Winchesters gone, she thinks they left her. So, with both her heart and a few bones broken. she moves on with her life and starts hunting solo. Years later, fate will bring the three of them together again. On an impossible hunt, not only will the reader see her ex-boyfriend, Sam, but his brother again too!
A/N: Hope this lives up to the hype of part one:) 
Tag list:  @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010@mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff@iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat@spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage@evyiione@winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke@therewillbeblood@megansescape@taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester@notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@love@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes @spnsasha @27bmm @spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad@keepcalmandcarryondean gabriels-trix @gallifreyansass @raylin19 @missdestiel67 @spn-ficfanatic @lucyketch

When he first called your name, something within you had just clicked. Suddenly you felt trapped, like you needed to get out. So, without knowing where you were headed, you bolted out of the grocery store without so much as putting your cart away. 

The parking lot had been filled with cars, each of them honking and yelling as they whizzed past, narrowly missing you. But in your frenzy, it had all sounded like white noise. Everything except the sound of Sam’s voice was drowned out, and all you could focus on was the man behind you. 

You’d had no idea where you were going, just that you needed to leave. It hadn’t even occurred to you that talking to Sam would have been a good thing, that it would have provided closure. He was the only one in the world that could answer the question you’d asked yourself for years: why had he left? But none of that donned on you in the moment, and you had just ran through the parking lot like a maniac, with Sam behind you the entire time. 

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Dating Chris Evans

~A/N This is my first post on this blog and I hope you guys like it, especially the anon that requested it. Keep requesting things and I’ll try to write them as soon as possible!~

•Dating Chris would be full of cliche moments that you think are absolutely cheesy but you love so much.
•He definitely seems like the type to say some super cheesy lines that you laugh at but at the same time it makes your heart swell.
•"Every time I look at you, I’m reminded of how much I love you"
•Constant reminders of how much he loves you.
•The type to send flowers on a Tuesday with a note that read “Just cause it’s Tuesday <3”
•Super cheesy texts while he’s away too
•He’ll text you saying he’s mad or upset and you’ll get into concerned girlfriend mode.
•And he’ll respond “because I’m not with you”
•You’ll call him silly but really you can’t help but smile bc he’s the most adorable dork.
•Expect him to be frustrated with something on the news at least once a week.
•You’ll come home and he’s watching the news, elbows on his knees, intently staring.
•For the next 40 minutes he’s gonna rant about whatever he saw that made him so frustrated. •But he’d be so sweet after.
•He’d take a big sigh and apologize
•"Baby, I’m so sorry, I know I’ve been talking your ear off since you walked in. How was your day?“
•And he’d listen to every word you said and be completely engaged because he loves hearing about your day because he loves you.
•If it was a particularly rough day, he’d offer to run you a hot bath and he’d have Netflix cued up to cuddle with you until you fell asleep.
•Chris is also a huge cuddler. He loves cuddling and he’s so warm.
•The type of warm that just wraps around you and is so insanely comfortable you can’t help but relax as soon as he wraps his arms around you.
•And he loves knowing how good cuddling makes you feel because there’s nowhere he’d rather be than with his arms around you, snuggling in bed with your favorite movie on.
•And he is so warm and smells so good that you can’t help but fall asleep because being in his arms makes you feel so relaxed and safe.
•Also you have to expect Sunday’s to be all about football.
•He’d be so into it.
•Sitting straight up, standing or slouched over with his elbows rested on his knees so tuned in to what was going on.
•He’s most definitely the type to yell at the tv at a play or a ruling he didn’t like.
•He’s turn to you and say “Babe can you believe this?”
•Lots of sighing or cheering.
•Halfway through a game, he’s already had a few beers and he’d be slightly buzzed.
•He’d be so cute too, I could only imagine.
•His cheeks would be flushed, his eyes would be so bright and sparkling and his signature chest-grabbing laugh would appear at every cheesy commercial that came on.
•And by the end, if whatever team he was rooting for won (if it wasn’t a patriot’s game), he’d be so happy the rest of the night.
•Chris is also such a sweet guy and he’d do absolutely anything if it meant it’d make you happy.
•You’d be choosing something to do on one of his rare days off and he’d say “As long as your happy, I could sit in a cardboard box.”
•And it’s not because he doesn’t want to choose or he doesn’t care but because he genuinely only cares if there’s a smile on your face.
•Coming home finding both him and Dodger passed out on the couch together and can’t help but take a picture because your boys are just so damn adorable.
•Snuggling right up to chris on his other side and he puts a sleepy arm around you and whispers a sleepy “hey” before falling right back asleep.
•Just expect to be showered in love and affection because Chris would want you to know every moment he’s thinking about you and how much he loves you.

Read It Wednesday

Welcome to week 14! A day late, sadly, hope you can forgive me. Please note that Drabbles are no longer included in Read it Wednesday. Also note that if you don’t see a series here, it means I’m behind on reading, but once I catch up you can be on the lookout for it here! This week is a little shorter but I tried to include at least one fic from everyone who tagged me. Alright, here’s this weeks compilation of fics!

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Just a heads up.

Anonymous  will be off for the time being until we empty the inbox.

You are free to submit confessions the normal way and your privacy will be protected as always.

Also we’ve been getting repeated Dward/Cadash Critical submissions every week. We  kept the least hostile one and its under a cut and did a thorough search and see nothing going on drama-wise.

We also have friends who warn us when something is going so we can shut off confessions and we have received no messages

Are we missing anything?

We will turn on Anon once we are caught up


And of a side note:  Consider this a PSA but I got really sick this weekend due to being partially dehydrated.  Please be sure to drink plenty of fluids during the summer and especially during a heatwave.  Believe me its not worth the agony. -SMC

anonymous asked:

Firstly, thank you so much for putting all of this time and effort into this amazing resource! I really admire and appreciate it as do many others :) I was wondering if you have any experience with redbubble? I am just starting out and I'm hoping to really utilise it, I thought it could be a good way to see if a particular product is popular before considering producing it myself. Obviously the return is comparatively much lower. Thoughts? Again thank you! ;w;

Kiriska: We’re glad this blog has been helpful to so many people. :)

I’ve been using RedBubble for a few years now and it’s probably my favourite of the various POD (print on demand) sites I’ve tried. One thing to keep in mind for any POD site though, is that you really have to promote it. While customers browsing the site might eventually find your work via the site’s search, it’s really important that you link to and talk about the products available on your POD sites often.

Some Redbubble specific notes:

  • RB tends to have sales pretty frequently, at least once every week and a half or two weeks, in my experience. This is FAR more often than similar sites like Society6, and each sale is a good opportunity to promote. It definitely gets a bit tiresome sometimes, and I don’t promote every single time RB has a sale (especially since RB doesn’t warn you; you just have to check and notice), but I think promoting your store at least once a monthish is good.

  • It’s important to note that 20% off on RB does mean 20% out of your margin too, but for any POD site, the trick is to push for volume. I get between 12-20 cents per sticker sold on RB, but I’ve sold hundreds of stickers, and those 12-20 cents add up, especially when you consider I don’t have to deal with printing or shipping those stickers or handling any potential customer service. 

  • RB’s uploading system allows you to easily reformat your work for a huge variety of products, which, along with frequent sales, is one of the big reasons I prefer it over Society6, which makes you format and upload a whole bunch of different specifically sized files for different products, and it’s a huge timesink. RB also adds new products more frequently.

  • Different RB products are different quality. You can choose which products your art is available on, so if it looks terrible as a clock, just don’t make it available as a clock. I don’t have a lot of experience ordering anything but stickers (which run a bit dark, so I usually upload a separate, slightly lighter file for stickers) and shirts (which are pretty decent quality, in my opinion), but I’ve had a few customers send me pictures of other products they’ve gotten through my RB store, like notebooks and totes, and they seem pretty good quality overall. There are a few product reviews in our #redbubble tag.

  • Redbubble does payout monthly. In the beginning, I didn’t always make even one sale a month, but even though it wasn’t a lot of money, it was money I didn’t have to do much for. After you upload and format your work, you’re done, and anything you make is passive income. After using RB for a few years, I make enough monthly to pay at least one utility bill, lol. Still not a ton, but hey, it’s not nothing!

  • Be careful using trademarks (series names, character names, etc) in titles, descriptions, or tags on Redbubble (or any other POD site, really). Often license-holders will DMCA products that have trademarked terms in those places, even if the art itself is merely “inspired by” the property and doesn’t depict any characters or anything. 

  • I wouldn’t necessarily use your sales on RB as a gauge for what you should produce on your own, or what might do well for you at conventions. They’re different markets. Though you should certainly promote your RB store among your regular audience, it’s possible that eventually, a good chunk of traffic and sales will come from people just searching around on RB. For me, at least, the things that do well for me on RB are not the things that do well for me at cons, especially since I do mostly avoid uploading fanart to RB.

Hope that helps!

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Shit Matsuda does/says:
- “yeah. yeah. yeah. Wait, what?”
- “can we order pizza to the office?”
- “can we go McDonald’s?”
- puts a cardboard box over L’s head whenever he falls asleep.
-“would I be arrested if I smoked what I thought was a cigarette but it turned out to be pot..not that I have”
- many people automatically assume he’s a lot younger than he actually is so he’s like “I’m legal I swear, serve me beer” “I’m like 25,c'mon”
- “would I get fired if I came to work drunk?”
- comes into work drunk at least once a week
-When the Kira case reaches a dead end or it gets worse he puts his head on his desk and mutters “ffuuuuuuuuccck”
-“is it gay if I think about ______”
- “Ryuzaki, can I turn the tv on?”
- “Ryuzaki, can I put cartoons on?”
-“this is boring, someone play me at Mario cart?”

hey! i decided to try this thing out!

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anonymous asked:

You are taking multi variable calculus in high school? Teach me your math ways. How do you take notes? Study? Approach probs?

First of all, a major contributor to my being in multivariable in high school is luck. I was in the right place at the right time and happened to hear about this accelerated math program I’m in, and my parents happened to be able to pay the tuition.

But I think what you’re asking is, how am I surviving and passing 8ish years worth of math classes in 5 years with class once a week?


Before class I read the textbook chapter/assigned reading. This is pretty much the most useful thing you can do in the least amount of time. Read it thoroughly, take notes, and do your best to understand it like you would in class. This way, when your teacher covers the same material you’ll already be familiar with it, and less likely to get lost, and as a result you’ll do better on the homework and overall in the class. Also, if something is already in your notes from the textbook, you won’t have to write it down when it’s covered in class.

When it comes to notes, I think it works differently for everyone. I use a mechanical pencil, cheap college-ruled notebook, and bullet points. I will say, try to rephrase things in the way that makes the most sense to you instead of writing them down word-for-word. It’ll help with retention and with understanding the notes later on.

On homework, be a perfectionist. Rewrite your proofs until they’re bulletproof. Understand every step in every solution, and why it’s necessary. Don’t just learn the method, learn why it works.

And last but not least, exams. Study everything, even if it was just a footnote on slide 14. Know the theory behind the theorem. Rework and rephrase ideas until they make sense to you. Reread all the relevant textbook chapters, all the class slides, all of your notes, and all of your homework. If there’s something you got wrong or don’t understand, figure it out. Don’t stop until you could explain to a stranger on the bus every detail of anything and everything that could be on the test.

(This method is extremely time consuming, but it pays off. If you want any further details, my inbox is open. Also, use wolfram alpha to check algebra.)

Im sick and i need your help

Im so sorry to take advantage of how many followers i have on this blog but i need help.

Im not asking for money dw.

Im sick. I know im sick but i dont know what i have. Doctors keep dismissing me or telling me to go to specialists that i cant afford.

I was hoping i could list my symptoms here and see if they resonate with anyone who can give me something to go to my doctor with.

First of all the things i know i have that have already been diagnosed.
- autism
- depression
- generalised anxiety disorder
- dyscalclia

Ok here we go. * = i experience this everyday. Everything else is at least once a week.

- Headaches* (10 years+)
- VERY bad back pain* (5 years)
- General body aches even when i do nothing* - Stomach cramps
- Very high body temp*
- Numbness/tingling in patches on my face
- Night sweats
- If i dont consume sugar regularly i get dizzy and can faint*
- Heart “cramps” (feels like a cramp but idk what it really is)
- Im loosing my peripheral vision in my right eye
- Shaky hands*

And just as a side note when i was 11 i got a concussion and got no medical treatment and ive had a brain scan last year and they found nothing.

Id love for as many people as possible to see this so i can get help. I feel like im dying. It feels like my body is giving up on me and im so scared. Thank you

Let’s Second Year of Physiotherapy begins

This year, everything will be different. I’ve decluttered my desk, sorted my notes and catch up on the classes I’ve missed (or skipped tbh). 

This year needs to be different. No more about depression and/or bipolar disorder. I’ll do my best to treat it but that’s not an excuse anymore. Life is hard and life doesn’t care I have it. 

I’m not ready. I should have study and review my notes in anatomy. But well, I couldn’t nourish my bank account and my brain. And actually my summer job as a massage therapist made me realize that I’m really not a people person when bored. Because it was fucking boring. And I had a lot of time to think, and I did. I’ve always known I wanted to do research. Even though I didn’t really know what it was, when I was seven I told everybody I’ll be a neuroscientist. I’ve always love the brain and its mystery. And a path cleared up and I think I can see something. I can use both of my degrees to be a research scientist, do psychology and applied it into rehabilitation. That could be okay. That could make me happy. I think. I hope. 

But anyway, I need an amazing record when I’ll graduate to be accepted for a PhD abroad. 

So let’s have some rules : 

- STUDY. Not in bed. Real desk studying. Open your books once a day, even to review something. So 30 minutes a day won’t kill you. Be prepared for your next class. And exam. And please, get your notes clean and ready, and read them at least by the week end after the class. You’ll be happy to have done that. 

- CONCENTRATE. I know it’s very hard to stay focus because you don’t care. Well right now, I don’t either. You’ll put an app on your tablet blocking the internet and listen to the speaker. You’ll thanks me later. 

- PRACTICE. Your job isn’t all-brainy, you need to build muscle memory and be effective and confident in your movements. Soon enough, you’ll have patients and you don’t want to look like an imbecile. 

- BE FUCKING SOCIAL. Please ? Show up to a dinner or a party for once. Stop being lazy please. I know you like your solitude but heck, do this twice a month. That’s nothing and you’ll meet people.  

- YOU’RE YOUR OWN MASTER. You don’t care about the mean girls in your sports team. Find your voice and use it to tell them to mind their own business.

- BE PATIENT. Yes, you’ll graduate in 2020 and it might seem in a long time, and that what you’re doing right now doesn’t matter. But somehow it does. You’ll be rewarded for it. So don’t feel desperate because your goals seem far away. Yes I know you’ll have to work first to pay back your loan and then apply. But you have something to look for. Be excited about that. Make an inspiration wall. Do like those kids in high school for their dream college. Remind yourself where you want to go. Doors are never closed. 


“Do your worst, Stephen. Put your men on the road, lay out money, search Europe. You’ll not find any talent I possess that England cannot use.

Wolf Hall Episode 5 - Crows

Not all sheep’s are cute

Fandom: Bts 
Pairing:  Yoongi x Hoseok
Genre: Smut/Fluff/Angst
Au: Hybrid verse
Length: 3,3


When Yoongi presents as a sheep hybrid he can’t stop himself from feeling that he is a disappointment to both himself and his family, so he goes on with his life just hiding his hybrid species from everybody, until a certain dancer starts leaving notes at his piano, maybe it’s time for Yoongi to accept himself

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Literature Essays and Analysis

Hi everyone!! The lovely @surfers-club​ dropped me an ask on literature so these are my tips on doing well in lit :)

1. Study your text.

This is really important. In order to analyse your text well and in detail, you first need to familiarise yourself with it! Read your text before your classes begin, take note of key incidences in the book, and if you have the time, read up on analysis you can find online (Sparknotes, Cliffnotes, LitCharts) and go over some possible themes you may be studying. However, don’t rely solely on these resources for analysis. I’m studying Lord of the Flies by William Golding and Death of A Salesman by Arthur Miller. LitCharts is one of the resources I use when I’m reviewing my Lord of the Flies notes (also my teacher recommended it) and it covers a lot of themes, including Religion and Spirituality - even though it isn’t in my syllabus. Pick out the imformation that actually matters once your classes start and your teacher goes over the syllabus.

2. Annotate, annotate, annotate.

Everyone has a different way of doing this. My friends like to assign a particular highlighter colour to a character, or use tabs to mark out important quotations. I prefer to stick to using a pen/pencil and a single highlighter to annotate my work because I tend to lack discipline in keeping up a colour coding system. It’s all up to you, but make sure that you annotate your text with the relevant analysis, particularly in class, when the teacher is going through the different quotes and themes. It becomes a lot easier to make notes later on when you annotate your text because you have all the analysis in one book, and the links between different quotes are easy to pick out.

3. Mindmaps.

This isn’t 100% necessary, because everybody’s notetaking style differs, but I find that mindmaps are extremely convenient to use. I make mindmaps of characters and themes - usually focusing on the main characters in the text. For my Lord of the Flies revision, I worked on Piggy, Ralph, Jack, Simon and Roger for my character mindmaps and the themes of Law and Order, Civilisation and Descent into Savagery. Firstly, I take note of the significance of the character (what theme they are closely linked to, relevant symbols, important incidents) and then I pick out important quotations from the entire text. For theme mindmaps, I lookout for linked characters, symbols and incidents, then I pick out the relevant quotes and analysis. This really helped me organise which quotes to remember for the exam, which is particularly useful for close-book exams. It also helped me clearly see the links between characters, symbols and themes, so I definitely recommend trying it out :)

4. Share resources!

In literature, there is no one correct answer. It really helps to have a literature study group where you and your friends can share your different analysis with one another and help each other out. 

5. Review your work regularly.

It is truly shocking how easily we can forget the work we’ve done. At least once a week, go over all your analysis for the text and review it. It helps keep up your understanding of the text as well as keep your memory fresh.

6. Practice essay writing.

I use mindmaps as a way to go over all my relevant notes at a glance, but try to translate your point-form notes into essays for practice. I did so for the analysis on the stockings in Death of A Salesman and it’s significance and it helped me get a feel for the whole process of essay writing: the planning, memorisation of quotes and phrasing of analysis.

Hopefully these tips help you’ll in literature! I’m in no way a stellar student for literature, but I have improved quite significantly recently so I wanted to share my methods with you guys!

Strive on! 

Stalker Alert (Chanyeol x Pregnant!Reader)

A/N: Annyeonghaseyo ✌🏻 this is my very first k-pop one shot so I hope you like it!

 Third P.O.V

Always the same creepy guy reacting on your pics and tweets. You were an actress, so you thought it was just a fan. When it got to the point that roses and stuff were delivered at your home anonymously you got scared but always tend to hid it from Chanyeol. It was normal for you to get fanmail. But there were always notes attached to the roses which you got at least once a week with sentences like ’It won’t be long until we can be together xx’ Especially now that you were pregnant you had a feeling that you and your baby were in danger. Still you were stubborn and didn’t say a thing to Chanyeol. Because that person probably won’t get to you anyway…

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