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Book of Knowledge

I wanted to recreate the idea of the tree of knowledge. However I couldn’t quite imagine the tree in a traditional sense with fruits and leaves. I imagine knowledge as structure and structure as something stern and geometrical. In my eyes the tree is a metaphor for an infinitely growing complexity, a kind of paradoxical simple complexity.

The decoration on the front cover of the book is composed of simple geometric designs tooled with 23.5 k gold and fixated with shellac.

youko-kuzuryu2001  asked:

hey there do you create your own fanart?

Hey there! I only create fanart once in a blue moon, and when I do, they’re mostly sketches and remain in my notebook, where they long for the sweet embrace of death completion :’) So most likely, if they aren’t sketchy like this, that’s somebody else’s fanart, and the artist’s name is usually in the caption (always for pixiv art, mostly for reblogs) or in my tags (always for when I reblog from the artist’s tumblr).

‘shit my professors say’ starter pack.

various things my professors have said over the years that i’ve written in the margins of my notebook. possible part ii in the future!

  • “i do not consider ohio to be a legitimate state. moreover, i have suspicions about the goings-on in ohio.”
  • “goddammit. i need to take a pill. get out.”
  • “if i want to put a lethal amount of metal in my penis, i’m going to. you can’t stop me.”
  • “tell [NAME] that they’re full of shit. and that i hate them.”
  • “i have an idea. it’s oatmeal – but it’s shaped like cornflakes.”
  • “disneyworld for dogs is just butts. they’re like ‘screw the rides, just get me to a butt.’ they wouldn’t care about anything else. newspaper, balls – well. maybe some balls. not balls you throw, though.”
  • “you destroyed my faith in love. now i’m worried my partner only thinks about me once a day.”
  • “type one error: you say you love someone, but you don’t.”
  • “type two error: you say you don’t love someone, but you do.”
  • “i cannot reject the null hypothesis i do not love you. now that hurts.”
  • “my god. that man has the biggest calves i have ever seen.”
  • “please do not help one another. this is survival of the fittest.”
  • “they’ll neeever respect you! they know you as [NAME]’s doormat now!”
  • “shut the fuck up. i’m kidding.”
  • “don’t sneeze while i’m speaking. that is so, so rude.”
  • “my handwriting is what one would call avant-garde.”
  • “awaken your inner lassie!”
  • “can i sit on your bony knees?”
  • “this is called: statistics … with a heart.”
  • “i have never heard of this ‘whiskey dick.’”
  • “it’s like trying to squeeze a bowling ball through a goddamn straw. it doesn’t work. it isn’t efficient.”
  • “you must take a leap of faith. into oncoming traffic.”
  • “when an omniscient spirit gets stuck in an ignorant and finite body, it forgets everything. which is exactly why babies are so stupid.”
  • “you ever seen a baby? useless.”
  • “every time you feel like posting something on facebook: don’t.”

wow so i’m going through stuff that i had packed away for college before deciding i was taking a gap year and I have so many more mugs and notebooks than i thought i did. like it’s not a problem exactly but like. i have 25+ mugs and not very much space to keep them in do u feel

it’s gone past “collection” i think and is now veering into “hoard” territory.


Hello again! Now I’m gonna post the next two pages of my bullet journal! I bought a sticky weekly planner and I thought it’s gonna fit well on my journal but I don’t think it is, because it’s too long. I had to cut them and I organized them like this, which is not tidy at all… I have to practice more :(

But otherwise, I’m quite happy with these two pages, it’s colorful and I always love this peacock green color.

Let me know what you think about this! And I’d be really happy to receive feedback and support from you guys. I’d love to make friends here, as well! Thank you! ♡♡


(via Elizabeth Stiles on Instagram: “OMG 🙀 #tbt to one of the first notebook designs! It’s an oldy but a goody! ⭐️”)