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what do you use to make your pics so amazinggggg

You think my screenshots are amazing?! Thank you so much!! I basically run my game on the highest graphics and use an action. Right now I’m using the Warm n Colorful action which you can find here. That’s it!! (✿´‿`)


Yo! I made a silly little lets play of Passpartout (an art related game) and I thought I’d share it here, cause why not? 

💮 Happy Pride month with pride birds! 💮


It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.

On a happier note, Jen Bartel is drawing Pharmercy!

In fact, she’s drawing all of your favorite wlw ships and lady favs.


And super, extra, special bonus:

Pharah and Mercy are holding hands!


Happy Birthday Lance! 

I don’t need pants, I’m a mermaid!

i guess i just remembered this story from the DEH stage door so Michael Park was the first person to come out and i was so fucking starstruck like holy shit thats Michael Park and when he gets to me hes super friendly and so incredibly sweet just taking his time to talk and sign things and so i say to him “i have to say i think you are the funniest member of this cast” and i explained that he was just so uplifting and funny in interviews and stuff and first he said “well when this is your job you can never take yourself too seriously” which is honestly great advice and then a little louder he says “hey make sure to tell Will Roland you think im the funniest when he comes around” and i swear i hear from all the way down the stage door line in a very tiny Will Roland voice “michael i swear to god” 


abort mission!!