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EXO: dating Lay (Yixing) would include

• him not being able to look away from you when you make eye contact
• you’re both trapped in a sort of daze, unable to look away from each other and honestly…people are starting to look lmao
• so if one of the guys is there with him (Baekhyun probs), they’ll make the first move and shove him towards you
• he’d be so shy when first getting to know you, always asking advice from the others and they’d be like aw our baby finally found love
• they’d be so confused when it comes to helping him, bc they know you’re already in love with this fool and he can no do wrong in your eyes
• he’d approach you romantically over time, not wanting to chase you away, until you’re both acting like a married couple
• literally the most romantic person and will go out of his way just to please you
• whether it’s in bed, cooking for you, cuddling with you, teaching you a language- you’re his sunshine and he just wants to make you happy
• laughing whenever he says some sexual innuendos bc he’s not as innocent as everyone thinks (only to you ofc)
• butt grabs
• pretending to be mad when he grabs someone else’s butt so he’d give you more kisses
• wearing his comfy clothes around the house
• esp when he’s away and you can still smell his shampoo and aftershave
• Skyping and face timing ALWAYS with some of the other members popping in to say hello every now and then
• random bursts of affection
• like he’d pull you into his chest when you’re just cooking or watching a movie
• “y/n, I love you so much. What would I do without you? I swear, I would never survive without you, the love of my life, the bread to my jam, the-”
• “yixing can we please go back to watching the movie why did you have to pause it”
• buys you plush toys just to see your excitement
• kisses are so slow and full of love
• won’t pull away for hours, completely drawn to you like a magnet
• has a cute habit of burying his face in your neck when you make him laugh
• playing with your hair if you ever let him
• watching tutorials on YouTube like ‘now to French braid’ or ‘how to make a waterfall braid’
• he’d sit you on his lap and put this new information to the test
• fails ofc, but it’s ok bc he’ll proceed to kiss your neck and forget all about braids
• randomly would stare at you and mumble something in Mandarin
• and you’re like ? Does he plan on killing me or did he just confess his love
• he was just saying how beautiful you are when the sun shines on your face and aw he never translates for you anymore bc you’re always making him blush
• having staring contests with kyungsoo and yixing being creeped out by yall
• so content and happy when you lay your head down on his chest and trace your fingers over his skin
• never wanting you to get out of bed in the morning and always begging for a few more minutes of silence
• you always catching him staring at you
• and he never looks away, just smiles and goes back to whatever he was doing
• putting his hands in your back pocket when you’re kissing
• shoulder bites
• surprising you with food (feat. Chanyeol)
• playing footsies with you when you’re out in public, just to get a reaction out of you
• massaging your shoulder softly whenever you’re tired, whispering every now and then “does that feel good? “Is that better, baby?” Cheeky devil
• keep this innocent man with you forever, he only deserves the best 🌷

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Reacting to you being an amazing idol rapper

Requested by anon

Context: You’re chilling on the couch with your boyfriend, listening to music. After listening to a preview of their new song, he asks if you could show him your groups upcoming single coming out. You’re embarrassed cause its the first time you don’t sing in the song (you don’t tell him that), but you put it on for him anyway. Hes jamming out, waiting to see if he can recognize your voice but halfway through the song he is confused. You tell him your part is up next, and that its the break in the song. He sits up and it starts. You, rapping at top speed, throwing out LITERAL FIRE for 30 seconds straight.

How does he react??


Your rap starts and he does a double-take. He’s staring off into the distance, one eyebrow raised and puzzled beyond belief. After Youngbin finally realized what was happening, he yells out and grabs you by the shoulders. His eyes are shining with excitement and he waits for the stanza to be over to speak. Makes sure to tell everybody about it.
“Y/N! (×4) I didn’t know you could do that!!”

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He stares blankly into the distance. Your part ends and eventually the song does as well. You’re both in complete silence as Inseong’s gaze slowly makes its way towards yours. You asked him what he thought but he just kept looking at you blankly.
“Wait… Did that just happen?? That wasn’t a prank right?”

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Jumps as soon as he recognizes your voice. Groves around, WOO-ing from time to time. Turns to you as soon as its over. Hes super excited.
“Ya! That was my Y/N! I can’t believe it!”

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Your part starts and he very dramatically yells out in confusion. After a moment of him being completely shocked, it clicks in his mind. Dawon yells again, this time looking at you. He stands up in excitement. He’s all over the place, not able to control himself. As soon as its over he wants you to put it again. Its all you guys listen to for hours, eventually he creates a fanchant for your part.
“EH?! Wait… WHAT?!? – Ya! That was so– put it again! *unintelligible screaming*”

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(Bless this dork)


Does a real life :o face, with a sound to match. A bashful smile spreads on his face, and he looks at you with pure excitement. After its done, Rowoon laughs out and grabs your face, praising you.
“Woow my y/n is so talented. I’m so proud of you!”

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Your rap starts. Zuhos eyebrows both jump up, and a second later he can’t control his giggles. He’s jamming out, yelling out whenever the rap peaks. After that, its all he can talk about. He encourages you to do a collab with him, almost screaming it to your manager next time he sees him.
“You never told me you could rap! Hey, you have to do a song with me. I’ll start writing it right now!”

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(What a precious noodle)


Sunshine™ will tilt his head in confusion, and then almost instantly start jamming. After its done he’ll hug you tightly, looking down at you.
“How did you hide something like this from me? Everyday I find new things to like about you haha.”

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Poor little thing never saw it coming. Shoots up like a rocket. Spends the next 30 seconds standing completely still like a mannequin, staring at the floor, listening. When your verse ends, Hwiyoung laughs out in excitement. He kneels in front of you and the couch, grabbing your arms.
“Y/n that was so good! Can you do it right now? I wanna see you doing it :D”

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“Woaaa-” his face lights up. Chani listens, giving the song his full attention, moving his finger up and down as if counting the syllables. As soon as your part ends he pauses the song altogether.
“That was awesome! Can you teach it to me, y/n?”

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They’d all be so proud of you 😭😭😭 my precious boys.

This one was really fun❤

My request box is still open! I do sf9 reactions and scenarios!

Next up is a scenario! :D

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Chris was just in Edinburgh, Scotland recently filming Infinity War, and someone saw him filming onset and tweeted that we'll actually be seeing a bearded Cap! I mean, wow. Also, if Bucky is clean-shaven with long hair in the movie, this might mean that some of your artwork (as well as some other talented artists) might be becoming real life, lol! This is some exciting news that I hope is true. :)

Hi anon!

Yes, I saw the info! Damn, if he does have a beard in Infinity War, that would be awesome! Some exciting news indeed!

The closest we had so far is this:

It was when Chris visited a Children Hospital with Chris Pratt.

Also, if Bucky is clean-shaven with long hair in the movie, this might mean that some of your artwork 

Life imitates fandom. My kind of jam! I’m trying to stay out of spoilers for Infinity War but that’s the kind of things I’m not against hearing. \o/ Can’t wait to see if it’s true or not :D

Thanks a lot for your message, anon! It’s very kind of you ♥

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Chris's death is tragic, and I'm sitting here still still trying to comprehend it, and I'm also just feeling really bad for pearl jam tbh. The biggest grunge bands were arguably nirvana, pj, soundgarden, aic, and stp and, as of today, Eddie is the only surviving vocalist from the group of them. It's like they've been watching their friends slowly drop off over the last 25 years and idk man I just hope they're okay??

Same here. Mike and Stone did a radio interview yesterday and they were laughing and smiling so much, loving life and excited about the band. I hope they can smile again soon and the same for everyone who cared for him. I believe PJ as a band can survive this but if they need to slow down even more to process everything that’s cool. I keep thinking about Matt… how do you go from playing a show and touring with the guy to just… this? This is so rough.

Man Jam. (Harrison Osterfield.)

Requested – Yes. Hope you like this anon.

Prompt – You love Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At The Disco and Harrison thinks you’re quite odd for liking them, but you catch him listening to them one day.

Warning – I’m not a huge fan of Panic! At The Disco so bare with me because I only know the basic songs! 

Words – 977. It’s pretty short.


Music is a sense of relief for people because that is their only way of escaping. The melody is a cure that not even a doctor can prescribe to a patient. People love the idea of lyrics inspiring them to become better versions of them. Music brings people back to the finer things in life and what it feels like to be free. It’s a person’s own personal form of clarity on reality.

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everything i've learned about newsies in the past day
  • overture: some pretty sick jams
  • santa fe: fuck new york, i've got the next best thing
  • carrying the banner: everyone is happy and it's all chill, there's also that one kid that says personality and something to do with butter
  • the bottom line: bad guy does bad guy things and everything is going to go to shit
  • that's rich: she's got money
  • i never planned on you: love interest??????
  • the world will know: the kids are outraged
  • watch what happens: the kid got writers block and she apparently slept with someone
  • seize the day: the kids go on strike and it's really overwhelming
  • santa fe: fuck new york i'm sad
  • king of new york: the hopes and dreams of the kids who where outraged and it's really fucking exciting
  • watch what happens 2.0: the kids have hope because one kid uses a rattlesnake as an analogy
  • bottom line 2.0: the bad guy is an ass again
  • brooklyn's here: it's ok guys help is here and it's got some sick jams with it too
  • something to believe in: oh the love interest is having a conversation about life
  • once and for all: the kids are taking control and times are changing and they're on the front page, good job kids
  • finale: should i stay or should i go. i think love interest got a kiss, i'm not so sure all i can hear is cheering.
i have the best concert idea read it all

ok so there needs to be a tour in which the first half consists of the best light show ever with the biggest hits playing of emo/punk bands right. (FOB, MCR, TØP, P!ATD, Green Day, linkin park, paramore, blink 182, etc etc) so basically it’s just this fantastic light show with a crazy jam session for a bunch of emos and WAIT FOR IT then the second half is one of those bands BUT it is a total surprise for every city, so when you buy tickets you don’t know who you’re getting & it’s just this craze & excitement to know which band will be in your city… can you imagine??
“Alright so Las Vegas got Fall Out Boy…Who is Seattle getting???”
“Which city will get the one day reunion of My Chemical Romance???”
“WHOA this is Twenty One Pilot’s SECOND APPEARANCE!”

Procreation: Ch 9

After the Exodus disaster, about 150 people have survived and found a way to repair the Ark. They don’t know if the 100 are still alive, so the council decides to do what it takes to ensure that the human race will survive, and edicts a new law: Each person between the ages of eighteen and fifty are obliged to have a child. Strictly Kabby.  -  AO3

Ok so I was partially drunk when I wrote all of this and given that I lack a beta, some parts could have like meehh some grammar mistakes? As an English teacher, I am ashamed yes, don’t remind me..

ALSO HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LYDIA @charmingly-evil -sorry I was a complete asshat for forgetting, you is my precious bby friend roll muah
this chapter is dedicated to her

There is a moment that exists when you close your eyes. Your sight slips away from your grasp, and you become hyperaware of your surroundings. Because when you can’t see, what else is there? What else is there besides trust?

Lean back, take a deep breath and listen. Listen for what can happen and what might happen. You hope to God you won’t drown in suspense, you won’t let fear take over and kill you. What other choice do you have but to keep going when you can’t see the end of the tunnel?

So you, the reader, waiting to see what will happen at the end of this part. You don’t know, you can only guess. You can only hope. You can either take a step back, turn around and walk away… or you can read on, continue, and jump.

Abby did jump. She jumped into the abyss by nodding when Marcus tightened his tie around her eyes. Darkness took over. She swallowed and trusted him.

It was a bad idea. What was she doing? She had never been one to surrender control. However, this man before her made her want to do things; things she would have never imagined herself doing. Things like agreeing to visit his quarters for the evening, doing what he asked her, letting him in.

“Don’t fidget, it needs to stay on!” He yelled from another room. His kitchen, maybe? Bathroom?

Abby guessed he was in the kitchen. She immediately removed her hands from her blindfold. She felt idiotic, sitting there on his couch, not knowing what was about to happen. What if he was standing there and laughing at her?

“For how long?” She asked. She doubted that was the case. Marcus might have fought with her on a daily basis, but he was never the one to mock. Besides, she could hear that he was up to something. Did she hear plates? No… cutlery? What was he doing?

“Until you want to stop playing… or lose.”

“I won’t lose anything.”

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First Things First

For 5+ years now, Oliver and Felicity have had many defining moments in their relationship. But none more important than this one…

Felicity let out a long sigh as she climbed into her Jeep. She turned the engine over and backed out of her parking space. Another exciting day of Information Technology had come to an end.

There was a feeling though, one that she had been holding back, one that slipped into her life recently like a thief. It was not new to her, this feeling, but it was a surprise how much it had taken hold.

Felicity was lonely.

These two years since Cambridge has given her enough time to settle into her new persona. When Queen Consolidated hired her, Felicity was grateful for the new life she was given. No more goth hacker. No more rebellious brunette stirring things up. When QC welcomed her on board, Felicity could remember thinking that the world is what it is. And a handful of hacktivists were not going to change it. The limited resources they had, the genius level thinking and the  us against the establishment mentality was not enough to make any real change.

And Cooper wasn’t enough either. Sadness still swirled through Felicity whenever she let herself think about Coop.  He had been destroyed by the difference they thought was happening by their efforts. He died for the cause, and despite the tragedy of it, Felicity always thought it was a noble way to go out, a true legacy to leave behind.

She had been lonely as well when she met Cooper. On the bus from Vegas, Felicity felt excited leaving home and getting out on her own. She was determined to make something of her life. A part of her knew that she was still feeling the sting of her father leaving. It was really through that loss that Felicity wanted to find a new optimism. When she met Cooper, he took away her loneliness and showed her the kind of excitement that life could and would bring her. She had found a partner in Cooper. He  might have been some kind of dysfunctional replacement to fill the empty void created by her father, but Felicity embraced the companionship he gave her.

Then Cooper was gone and Felicity was alone again. It was just too much for her to process. So she took her MIT diploma and ran back across the country from whence she came. In Starling City, Felicity felt like she had finally found a home. She had a good job, her own place and even bought her first car. But she still felt, through her subconscious voice of reason, that she was still running away from letting herself feel vulnerable and exposed, away from strong emotions like love and desire and need. But she was also running towards excitement and change, towards finding one thing that would make a real difference in her life. Felicity wasn’t sure what that one thing was, but she would know it when it happens.

So Felicity acknowledged her loneliness as she drove north, away from the Queen Consolidated Building and toward her apartment fifteen minutes away. Her thoughts swirled around in her head like dust. Someone once told her that the way to conquer loneliness was to enjoy you own company. So she was also thinking about the half-gallon of mint chip ice cream in her freezer. Add a fluffy romantic comedy and Felicity would find it easier to process the feeling that maybe she did want more out of life.


Three days later, Sidney Marsh from Accounting asked Felicity out for a drink after work. She first met Sidney two months ago in the cafeteria—he eating a ham sandwich with the bread crusts cut off and Felicity with her fish sticks and fries. Sidney wasn’t a hunk. He wasn’t some international spy promising her a life of clandestine excitement. He wasn’t a superhero. No, Sidney was an accountant. There might be some thrills in that field, moving numbers around and making large cash transactions, but it really wasn’t enough for Felicity. She thanked him for the invite, but declined. She preferred staying obscure and uninvolved in anyone else’s life but her own. She wanted someone passionate and determined and focused. She wanted to feel awe. Sidney wasn’t that person.

The next morning, Felicity was at her desk, starting her day like she always did—a double tall Mocha and the morning news. She sipped her coffee and listened to another story about the Starling City Vigilante. This person had been operating now for a few weeks and was apparently extremely dangerous. How could someone with a bow and arrow be extremely dangerous? It seemed utterly ridiculous to her. Still, there was a degree of excitement about it. The poorly drawn sketches SCPD had given to the press for broadcast made Felicity fantasize about a dark stranger who kept his secrets to himself. Again, it all seemed so silly. It wasn’t the kind of life Felicity would envision herself living.

Felicity turned off the news, took another swig of chocolateness and then jammed a red pen into her mouth. She had gone through an alarming number of them, but Felicity’s thought process worked better when she was chewing on one. She brought up her emails and began reading them. She took the pen out of her mouth, turned to write something down, then put it back in her mouth like a pacifier.

“Felicity Smoak?” A voice behind her spoke.

Felicity turned around and the floor dropped out from beneath her. This was turning out to be a morning of fantasies. Felicity was suddenly thrown back two years ago. She was delivering some documents to Mrs. Queen’s office and paused to admire the cute boy in one of the photos on the desk. Too bad he’s dead, she had said aloud. As she walked out of the office that day two years ago, Felicity was thinking this was a man she would have that drink with after work.

“Hi, I’m Oliver Queen.”

And Felicity suddenly knew that the difference she wanted to make in life was standing right in front of her.

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For the Drabble Challenge 11, 15, 45 (Luke x Lorelai)

*sorry this took so long*


Lorelai swiftly stepped out of the way as a box came tumbling down from the top of her closet and spilled it’s contents on the floor. The crashing sound was just loud enough to attract the attention Luke who was downstairs working on his own spring cleaning, that was all his idea anyways. He would tackle the downstairs while Lorelai tackled their closet.

“What happened?” Lorelai heard Luke call out as he made his way up the stairs and then into their bedroom. “Everything okay?”

“I’m being attacked by my possessions,” Lorelai answered, bending down to examine the forgotten contents of the box. “I just don’t know exactly what they are.”

“This doesn’t look like you’re cleaning out the closet.”

“I have to know what’s in the box to see if we need to keep it or not.”

Luke looked to the still full closet and the minuscule pile of items he assumed didn’t make the cut. “And everything else?”

“Belongs there for a reason.”

He joined her on the floor while she picked over mementos from years past. A worn and tattered book with her name emblazoned in gold lettering drew his attention.

“You kept a diary?”

“Not out of habit,” Lorelai answered. “God knows my mother would somehow find it and use it against me. I only wrote in that post Gilmore economy. It was a gift from Mia.”

“And what did a post Gilmore economy Lorelai write about?” Luke asked, curious as to the early life of Lorelai in Stars Hollow even though he knew plenty from their many years together.

“I don’t even know,” Lorelai said, sighing. “Probably about Rory, how I didn’t know what to write in a diary and I was just trying to use it because Mia gave it to me. She suggested I write about the important things, the things I didn’t want to forget. I’m not a writer.”

“Dear Diary,” Luke started out as he flipped to a random page and began to read her handwriting.

“I may not remember what I wrote, but I never started off with the cliche ‘’Dear Diary.” She reached for the diary, only for him to move out of her reach. “Let me see.”

“Huh,” Luke uttered after he fell silent reading. He looked up at her, smiling that smile that she loved. “Seems like I wasn’t the only one pining.”

“Let me hold that,” Lorelai demanded a little more fiercely.

No, she hadn’t horoscope-in-the-wallet-for-years pined for him, at least not right away. But her thoughts sometimes verged right on the edge of inappropriate and if those were in there, it would be a little embarrassing, even if they were married now. Who knows what past her could have written about the grumpy yet hot diner owner she had just met.

Luke closed the diary, moving even more out of her reach as she was practically crawling across the floor to get to him at this time. “I think this is something we’ll hold onto.”

She was quick on her feet while he was a tad quicker and already headed out the bedroom door with her old diary tucked underneath his arms. Hot on his heels, she shot vague threats at him in an attempt to get back the diary and find out just what was in there.


Lorelai slammed the door to her office and launched herself onto the plush chair in the corner that was mainly for decorative purposes. She was already calling Luke before she even had a real chance to get the phone from her jacket pocket.

“I’d kill for a coffee….” Lorelai spoke on her end of the phone call before he even had a chance to say anything. “Literally.”

“Well Taylor is still insisting that I decorate the diner for Thanksgiving and he proposed the idea of town meetings twice a week now to discuss his new musical idea,” Luke replied. “It’s about time someone took him out.”

“You’ll have to drive the getaway car, you know?”

“I just filled the truck up this morning.”

“Death by smothering sounds feasible, you hold him down, I’ll do the rest,” Lorelai replied. “Less chance of a mess, less chance we’ll be caught.”

While he was one to readily discuss ways to annoy and possibly harm Taylor, he knew that something else was up. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t like the new chef, I miss Sookie. They don’t know how to make coffee, not in the way I like and apparently I can’t even make it because the kitchen is their space,” Lorelai began. “The contractors keeps giving me different prices for their work, a pipe burst in one of the rooms this morning, and my jeep is making the weird noise again.”

“The jeep I’ll look at tonight when you get home, I can probably fix the burst pipe, it’s your Inn go in the damn kitchen and fire the chef, and you know Tom has the best prices for his work,” Luke tried to give his solutions to her problems.

“You’re still not Sookie.”

“It would be weird if I was.”

“You know what I mean.”

“I do. Give her a call.”

“Maybe later.” She groaned when she heard a knock at the door, which on a day like today just meant another problem to deal with. “I have to go, I’m being summoned. We’ll discuss Taylor’s demise later.”

“I’ll bring the pillow.”

She smiled into the phone before hanging up and shoving it back into her jacket pocket. The knocks at the door sounded again and she managed to move from her relaxed spot towards whatever problem had now occurred.

After dealing with an escape of the horses and firing the latest chef due to a major lack of caffeine and apparent inability to enter her own kitchen, she was back in her office wishing that she could just call it a day already. But there were still problems to be dealt with. And being the owner/lady in charge, she was the one that every came to for solutions. They could wait just a few minutes, at least long enough for her to find her keys and hopefully escape to the diner for a few minutes with the love of her life…and her husband.

Her hopes were dashed when someone knocked at the door. She chose to remain quiet, thinking it would force them to go away. Instead the doorknob began to turn and in walked the two that were just on her mind. One carrying the other.

“The getaway truck is out front, even though I do have to tell you that I don’t think murder is the answer even if it is Taylor.”

She managed to grab the coffee from him before his strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her close.

“This helps,” she whispered. “Plus I don’t look that great in orange.”

He pulled away, dropping a kiss on her head in the process. “I also brought my tools…”

“Dirty,” she chimed in before he could continue.

“To take a look at the burst pipe.”

“Still dirty.” She pulled him back to her and pressed a soft kiss on his lips. “Thank you.”

He gave a nod of his head that she knew that he appreciated her appreciation of his efforts. That was followed by another nod of his head, but this time in the direction of her office door. “Come on, show me to the problem.”

“My pleasure,” she smiled, before she sidestepped by him and led him out of her office and towards the next problem he could fix.


*obviously AU for this purpose*

Lorelai leaned back against the bathroom door, taking a moment that she knew was going to be the briefest moment just to take a deep breath. Outside the bathroom door, the padding of little feet down the hallway was punctuated by screams and giggles before being interrupted with the sound of tiny voices calling out for her and a symphony of small fists pounding on the door.

She could predict what was coming next, so her fingers flipped the lock on the door, just as the feeble attempts of trying to get the door started. She was purposely trying to keep them out…okay maybe she was…but there was a reason.

She loved them more than anything in the world, the two little miracles that had signified she had gotten back together with their father after being separated for the worst year of her life. But they were everything opposite of how Rory was as a child. Not a problem, she could handle it. Especially with Luke. He was an amazing father - a pro with the jam-hands. But they were just a couple months shy of their second birthday when the oh-so-familiar symptoms popped back up in her life. Not that they were trying but they weren’t not trying either.

She finally took the first step and swiped the test from the counter, the pink line indicating what she already knew. Another bundle of joy. And she was excited, even if it meant heading into the terrible two’s with one on the way.

The sounds of the twins babbling for her outside the door was broken up by the sound of Luke asking what was going on. She palmed the test and unlocked the bathroom door, handing it over to him just as soon as she saw him.

“You’re getting a vasectomy,” Lorelai whispered as if the two little ones knew what she was talking about. “That’s final. I think three is our limit.”

She left him standing there and trying to process the news while she guided her two mini-Lukes to the kitchen with the promise of cookies and juice.

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Concerning the Peace Talk wait: You could follow my example and just abandon/purge the series from your mind. Get other books. I've read 43 this year alone. Start with Kevin Hearne maybe =)

If I abandoned the series this blog would be pretty empty. XD

To be honest I don’t re-read the books, like, ever. I stay engaged almost purely through fandom, and if I didn’t have this blog I would have probably moved on 2 years ago. (My current jam is Regency Fantasy, I just don’t post that here cause I don’t know how interested people would be in that). But running this blog, and seeing people’s enthusiasm makes me excited on their behalf, and keeps me interested in things. 

Through that I read the quotes in the tag, I see the art, and watch people reading it for the first time and remember why I love it so much. I remember how Harry came to me at a really difficult time in my life. Separate from the issues the series has with whatever “problematic” thing is the current topic, or people’s problem with Jim over whatever or how long it is taking, I see people laughing at “The building was on fire and it wasn’t my fault” or I read Harry in tears on Michael’s doorstep saying how he’s lost, and Michael doesn’t hesitate to let him in, or Murphy kicking ass. I see people meeting Sue for the first time, and reading Changes for the first time, and my face just lights up.

And yeah, Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid is on my ‘to read’ list, but Harry came to me at a time in my life when I really needed him. It’s difficult to replicate that.

Which in some ways makes me fear the approach of Peace Talks as much as I want it. I fear I won’t love it enough. I fear I have already moved on. I fear this wait is stealing Harry from me. Cause I’ve already seen this wait take it away from friends of mine, and watched things happen that mean they can never go back to enjoying this series like they did.

college taehyung

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  • lmao i’m locked out of the house so i’m sitting in the car and jamming to monsta x and writing this
  • okay okay to the point though!!
  • all his life tae has been excited for college
  • like it’s a privilege to get to go and not many people have that opportunity and he’s so happy that he got a job young and saved up to go to college
  • in high school, he applies for a lot of international schools, and believe it or not, he gets accepted to one in the grand ol USA
  • he’s so excited like when he gets the letter he hugs it to his chest and sobs and he’s just a crying mess for like a week straight and his parents have no idea what to do with him
  • but then he realizes that he’s gonna be leaving his parents and suddenly the week of crying has turned into a month and just stop to picture clingy tae who won’t leave his parents’ aides and literally hugs onto them wherever he goes and they’re like oh my god our baby has reverted to a literal baby
  • ps he video calls them every single day when he gets to college!!
  • okay okay but he eventually goes over to study right?
  • his major is agriculture with a focus in sustainable agriculture
  • and he minors in history because he absolutely loves learning about other cultures and he thinks that there’s so much to learn from the past!!
  • but he soon changes his major to primary education bcuz he loves kids so so so much and he wants to be around them always and be such a bright positive influence on them and seriously help shape future generations for the better
  • but then problems arise
  • change the perspective over to you
  • you kinda keep to yourself in college, have your group of friends, do your work, join a few clubs that interest you
  • but you’re a good student and you’re sweet and kind and one day one of your professors is like hey can i talk to you after class??
  • and you’re like uh yikes but you can’t say no so after class you’re like yah what’s up??
  • and she’s like there’s a new student transferring here and they’re gonna need help around… and you’re so sweet and friendly and a good influence so please will you help him out for a couple of weeks?
  • ofc you say yes like any chance to help someone you’re on board for though you’re a little worried because it’s already like four months into the school year
  • like is this kid a serious slacker who had to change schools cause he was failing?
  • maybe he’s a rich party animal and he got wasted one day and his snobby parents were like lmao time to change schools!!
  • or maybe he got in a fight and now he has to flee to your school
  • you can’t help but think the worst and you go to bed that night feeling absolutely stressed about this new boy
  • the day comes when you gotta meet him though and you’re completely stressed and you’re pulling on the sleeves to your sweater as you walk down to the guidance office
  • you’re so busy stressing you literally slam into someone and topple over because this is apparently a giant you’re dealing with
  • “oh god are you okay?!”
  • the person kneels besides you and you look up into the eyes of an angel
  • he’s bronzed, kissed by the sun, with obviously dyed honey brown hair (but damn he rocks it), and a large, boxy smile
  • he offers you a hand and helps you up and you’re super red because cute boy refuses to drop eye contact with you and your heart is racing and you hope your palms aren’t sweaty or something
  • it’s kinda quiet because he’s so busy staring at you tbh but he finally says “i’m taehyung! i’m the new kid here, i’m supposed to be meeting someone to show me around…?”
  • your eyes widen and you smile a bit and you’re like !! that’s me !!
  • and he just sighs in relief and you notice it’s a rather deep sigh as if he was like anxious or something?
  • you shake it off though and introduce yourself and ask to see his schedule of classes so you can help him around and guess what you guys end up having your sociology class together and you don’t know why but you’re kind of excited about this…
  • like he’s such an innocent angel like have you seen this kid he’s saying hi to dogs as you walk around trying to find his classes like he’s not the bad boy that you thought he was
  • you almost start to forget about asking about why he switched
  • almost
  • you two get closer and closer because even though taehyung knows where he’s going within like a week he doesn’t wanna leave your side and you don’t wanna leave his
  • you two always walk each other to class, and he’ll buy you smoothies every day and you’ll get him coffee and he’ll ask you for homework help and you’ll make him pay you in chocolate bars
  • and he’s such a sweetie like he’s immediately a campus heart throb and so many people swoon over him and he’s too sweet like people will legit like offer to do his hw and buy him sweets and like make him lil love letters and he’s too sweet to turn anyone down so like you’re pretty sure he’s dating like seven hundred kids on campus this poor bean child
  • and one day you guys are chilling at the local cafe and he has hot chocolate (and whipped cream on his nose) and suddenly you’re like?? why would you ever leave your old school you’re literally perfect?
  • and he kinda freezes and glances down at his hands and he doesn’t speak and that’s so upsetting because if tae isn’t talking you know something is up
  • “i um…” he puts his hand on the back of his neck and gives you this sheepish smile “kids weren’t nice to me.”
  • and the way he says that you know that they were more than just “not nice” like you can see it in his eyes and the way his body tenses up and his gaze darts around the room like he’s being hunted or something
  • he sips his drink and kinda mumbles “and i thought it wouldn’t get very bad, but it did… and, and i thought that i could handle it… but i guess i couldn't…”
  • your heart shatters right then and there and you don’t even think about it you grab his hands in yours and you squeeze them as tightly as you can
  • “kim taehyung you are the most perfect, beautiful, angelic human being that has ever walked this planet do you hear me?!” you lean over the table so you can look him in the eye “and if anyone EVER hurts you again, or makes you cry, or upsets you, they’re gonna have to fight me okay they’re gonna have to get through me i’ll fight them and i’ll make sure they never make fun of you again-”
  • he laughs softly and stops your ranting by putting his finger to your lips “hey, it’s okay… i have people who love me now and that’s what matters, yah?”
  • and you guys are so close like you can feel his breath tickling your skin and you’re sure his lips taste like whipped cream and wait are you closing your eyes??
  • but then
  • “tae!! tae-tae!!”
  • taehyung jerks away from you and he’s stammering and he spins around to see who’s calling his name and it’s none other than his roommate, another korean boy by the name of jimin
  • you curse under your breath and quickly pull your phone from your pocket to pretend as if you and taehyung weren’t just about to kiss or anything definitely not
  • you grumble and pout because jimin has completely stolen taehyung’s attention
  • and honestly you had never really thought about taehyung like that, not romantically, but something felt so right about almost kissing him and it felt so natural? and now you’re genuinely upset that jimin has dragged him away
  • you’re confused about your feelings and you’re not thinking straight and so you stand up and shove your chair under the table and grab your stuff
  • “bye taehyung, bye jimin, i’ll see you guys later”
  • and with that you rush out of there and taehyung kinda watches you go and his smile falls
  • jimin quirks his brows and nudges him playfully “what’s that look about?”
  • and taehyung, my small son taehyung, is so open about his feelings and his emotions so he kinda “i think i like them. like the like when you wanna kiss someone’s face and snuggle with them and roll on top of them to keep them warm and maybe kiss some more? you know that feeling huh chim?”
  • and chim kinda !!! “yah sure i guess” as he does that thing where he “looks into the camera” and shakes his head you know how they do on the office?
  • yah that’s jimin
  • okay so i know taehyung like i say it every time but he has such strong emotions like? but he’s also very perceptive and sometimes negative emotions can outweigh the positive ones when you’re designed like that
  • so while he definitely has feelings for you, the guilt of possibly ruining your friendship feel a tidal wave, threatening to drag him under and?? so he doesn’t want to make a mess of things??
  • jimin is actually kinda surprised because i think taehyung would be one to bottle up his deeper emotions like you think you know what’s going on because he’ll say things like “i’m having a great day!” or “i’m just okay, kinda tired, kinda stressed” but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, like nobody ever really knows what he’s actually feeling, not even jimin
  • so when tae says he likes you, jimin knows that there’s so much more running through his mind than he’s letting on, but he doesn’t know what exactly
  • he’s totally gonna be there for tae though no matter what!!
  • except none of them actually know what to do about crushes like neither of them ever dated throughout high school so it’s a mystery
  • tae does what any normal person does and he’s like oops better talk to yoongi about it
  • that’s a bad idea
  • because yoongi is literally sitting there on his bed and he’s surrounded by tasty cake wrappers and he’s snuggling a dog that tae swears that hoseok must’ve smuggled in also yoongi and a dog since when??
  • and tae and jimin are like help we need advICE
  • and yoongi kinda looks at them and proceeds to shove an entire devil dog in his mouth
  • “okay but consider love is stupid and pointless and also makes you spend a lot of cash money and im not a fan you better get over this one taehyung buddy ol’ pal”
  • “um yoongi aren’t you dating someone??”
  • “they’re literally the only exception in the world, sorry taehyung, i don’t make the rules, only my babe is worth it and makes love wonderful and amazing oops”
  • jimin proceeds to drag taehyung away before he actually starts to believe that
  • but over the next few weeks you kinda notice a little bit of a change in taehyung
  • pretty sure if he ever liked someone, they would never be able to tell because he would continue just to be his friendly, bright, cheery self and i see him being touchy with all his friends so it’s not like suddenly there’s a change in that either
  • but jimin told him if he’s actually serious about you, that maybe he needs to start treating you a lil differently!!
  • it’s subtle but it’s there
  • like he’s touchy before but now it’s like fingers brushing over yours or his thigh up against yours when you two are watching a movie together or casually messing with your hair ???
  • like he has no chill still but uh
  • also gets almost shy sometimes?? to which you rest a hand in his forehead because “my tae tae doesn’t get shy”
  • and that makes him more flustered because your hands are all over his face and sides of his neck and he’s like plz spare me
  • okay hold this hit me during ap environmenthell
  • one day you’re chilling in one of your lectures, “paying attention” to your professor and you get a text and you open it and it’s like thirteen selfies of tae being swarmed by small children
  • like one pic a lil girl with pigtails is hanging on his back
  • and another he has twin boys on his lap and one is playing with his hair and the other is trying to grab his phone
  • and there’s one where you can tell he’s lying on the floor but you cannot see anything else because he is smothered by small bean children like all you can make out is his arm sticking from the pile
  • and he captions his masterpiece “hello from my student aiding lecture gone wrong” and he sends like seven hundred two million emojis and like half of them are hearts
  • and you’re like awww cute !! and send him a low key pic of you chillin in class, dying of boredom
  • and he doesn’t respond for a bit and of course you jump to the worst conclusion like wow great i must have burned his eyes out bcuz im so ugly
  • but he sends “all the kids are asking if we’re dating don’t you think that’s so cute?? they say you’re stunning btw, i didn’t even know kindergarteners knew what that word meant, what a world we live in huh?”
  • and you’re spazzing in class because what the actual hell is this kim taehyung you cannot just drop shit like that and you do your best not to throw your phone against the wall because is he playing with you or is he seriously that oblivious to everything in the world??
  • you take a screenshot and you text jimin and you’re like bitch wth is up with your bestie here like you better get a reign on him before i strangle the little brat
  • and of course jimin texts tae like “bro, um they definitely have the hots for you, you better ask them out now before come and steals them away, idk, that older kid namjoon has been chatting them up…”
  • which is a lie because namjoon has one love and that is his books but like hey gotta motivate tae somehow yikes
  • okay so the actual confession part right right
  • gdi im so bad at this
  • oh btw all those cute kids, yah they draw pics of you and tae holding hands and being cute and tae always brings them over for you to see because he’s a sweetie and he likes seeing you all flushed and embarrassed that’s a very important fact that i needed to mention oops
  • okay but tae is like stressing over thos confession right? because he never really dated in high school or anything? and he wants to make his first relationship extra special okay like he has such a big heart that he just wants to make things perfect and wonderful and memorable for your sake
  • but no ideas are coming to him and this is stressing him out because you deserve the world and more but here he is, unsure of what to do
  • dinner dates are so cliche, but he doesn’t want to go overboard either, like roses and chocolates are so cliche
  • he wants something that screams you and him, something that really makes it special for just you two, something nobody will be able to recreate because nobody will ever have the same love you two have??
  • but just his luck, as he’s getting closer to his feelings totally enveloping him whole and eating him alive right, midterms start popping up
  • so guess what, confession goes on the back burner!!
  • like you two still chat but he’s so stressed with everything that legit all you two do is like drink monster mixed with an expresso and then spend the night quizzing each other on definitions and terms
  • he seems like someone who would show his stress really obviously and not be able to bottle things up and it breaks your heart because you cannot bear to see him so frazzled and overworked
  • so you’re like hey i’m gonna do something nice for him, and hell, i’m gonna confess right then and there and if he doesn’t like me, so be it!!
  • jimin is totally in on your plan because yes, bros help bros
  • he’s like he doesn’t eat at all anymore, you should make him his favorite food from back home, his mom gave me the recipe a while ago if you want it!!
  • and you’re like !! um yes plz???
  • and you guys enlist seokjin to come and help oversee all the cooking right and you even convince hoseok to come and help decorate, and that cute freshman jeongguk, he is like i wanna help too!! and he’s the one who distracts tae while you guys transform his dorm into the most calming of places
  • seriously you go out and buy matching snuggies and you get some onesies too in case he prefers and the walmarts is having a sale on furniture and stuff so you get some beanie bags while you’re at it
  • you find all this calming music and you make a playlist of all these nature sounds because you tae is a fan of nature and some of music that you’ve saw on his phone
  • and of course you make him dinner too and you think it actually tastes pretty good!!
  • you even call his parents up and ask them to record a video of all of them to motivate tae and tell him how proud he is of them
  • you’re kinda nervous because you wanna confess too, but his health and wellness is your number one priority
  • anyway the time comes and the others boys have disappeared (…) so it’s just you, chilling on one of the bean bags in your bumble bee onesie
  • and he opens the door and his face is all red and he just lets out this giant sigh and throws his bags to the floor
  • but then he sees you and all the cute decorations and hears the calming music and also sees you, did i mention that?? and it’s like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders and he runs and decks you oh my god, completely tackles you to the ground and will not let go of you, he’s far too happy
  • you laugh and ruffle his hair and tell him that his onesie is on his bed, and that while he’s changing you’ll serve up dinner
  • he changes and you bring some dixie plates full of food over to his bed and plop down, waiting for him to come over
  • he throws himself onto your lap and almost spills the food everywhere im smh
  • he insists that you feed him and every two seconds he says that you’re the best chef that the world has ever witnessed and that you should change your major right away
  • playfully bites your finger at one point and you don’t even care because he’s laughing and you have not seen him laugh in weeks??
  • but then you show him the videos of his his parents and grammy and poppy and he just grows silent and stares down at the screen and before you know what’s happening he’s in tears and you panic because oh my god this was not supposed to happen at all???
  • but he hugs you and buries his face in the crook of your neck and he’s laughing through the tears and he kinda
  • “god i love you so much, what would i do without you?”
  • and after he pulls himself together he immediately proceeds to kiss you long and hard and you can hear this gagging from outside the door and you’re like “wtf tae they were waiting out there… the entire time…”
  • okay but after that you guys are obv official!!
  • he takes you to meet all his kids right away and is like guys btw,,, we’re finally dating,,,
  • and the kids proceed to ask you when you’re gonna get married and if they’re invited and tae laughs at how embarrassed you get
  • always goofing off during sociology and drawing hearts on each other’s papers and being greasy together
  • he lets you wear all his clothes and jimin complains because you have stolen his spot in the dorm and he has to end up crashing with jeongguk half the time now
  • legit voted the cutest couple on campus!!!
  • he’s always showing you off
  • comparing you to ancient people like um btw we learned about this kick butt person in chinese history today, they reminded me of you bcuz you’re both the
  • you guys run an animal shelter in his dorm and he calls all your rescues your guys kids
  • always rubs it in yoongi’s face that he found someone super wonderful and perfect and beautiful
  • yoongi is very happy for him
  • all the boys love you and are low key planning your guy’s wedding and betting money on who you guys are gonna name the first kid after,,,
  • cutest couple ever that’s all i gotta say,,,

so far Back To You has been described as a melancholic/beachy bop with the words “you f*ck me up” and “i’m screaming” and honestly i just want to thank louis from the bottom of my soul for giving me a happy-depressed romantic summer jam he truly does keep savin my life thank u king


Bubblegum: No Mac I wouldn’t, because brothers don’t do that! Sometimes I just… can’t you see why I left?

Macaron: Gum… don’t cry… look I’m sorry. It was really stupid of me. I was so excited about getting that job, I thought I was invincible. Just… please don’t take it out on Teri. He really wants you to be a part of Jam’s life. Hate me if you want, just not him.

━━━ H I, H E L LO PETALS!! so i’m currently jamming to the weeknd atm, && can i just say that i’m honestly sooo excited for this rp?? like seriously, in the background, we can see a very excitable admin v whom has been waiting to meet all you lovely humans && ofc, roleplay. ANYWAY, the name’s v, i’m nineteen years old ( still trying to adjust to this adult life, lmao), from the est timezone && goes by she/her pronouns. my obsessions include the moon, in-and-out burger, true crime documentaries, horror movies, dogs && sephora. not gonna brag buT i met chloe bennet && matthew daddario before && they’re cuter in person. i will be playing shadowhunter odette chevalier ( nina dobrev fc ), warlock tobias waldorf ( matthew daddario ) && the only mundane in manhattan atm, vanessa morgan ( selena gomez fc ) ! i’m going to hold off on explaining their backstories as i gotta get ready to go to a baseball game but hmu for plots ! i want ‘em alllllllll !!

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So have a small .. sketchdump .. the rest was really .. more of foot, face, hand, and skeleton structure practice ahaha … really .. bad .. practice ..

I like the one with sans .. maybe I’ll make more out of it owo!

You smiled thanking Alfie as he opened the front door, dangling some shopping bags in one hand and his keys in the other.

“Hey Y/N! Zoë is just upstairs, I’m pretty sure anyways. I’m only after getting in the door myself as you can tell!” Alfie grinned, leading you through to the sitting room, immediately knowing his girlfriend’s whereabouts.

“Zoë? Are you upstairs?” Alfie called out, walking into the kitchen as he set down the grocery bags on the kitchen island.

“Yes, I’m up here, just setting up my lights!” She acknowledged, her voice slightly faint from her filming room.

“That girl! She’s constantly filming!” You giggled, skidding off your jacket as you set it on the back of one of the dining room chairs.

“You know Zoë, if she’s not filming a video then she’s editing one and if she’s not editing one then she’s planning one and if she’s not planning one she’s writing a blog post, I don’t know how she keeps up with it all and still has the preppy energy!” Alfie cackled, his head throwing back in laughter as he stocked away the milk.

“She’s just outstanding!” You giggled, holding your overnight bag on your shoulder before smiling to Alfie.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’m just pop up and say hello to zozebo!” You smiled, watching Alfie chuckle at you before nodding to you the way to the stairs.

As you walked up the stairs you listened to music play through her bedroom making you roll your eyes playfully. Of course it would be Adele singing her lungs out through the stereo. Zoë has been obsessing over her new album ever since she released a new single.

Tonight you couldn’t have been any more excited. You were finally getting to have the long and overdue sleepover with Zoë that you’ve both been trying to squeeze in for months. Yourself and Zoë have been great friends ever since high school and you always kept in contact with another since you both had such a special friendship. With Zoe’s growing success on YouTube and your college life being jammed pack, it was hard trying to find a date for a sleepover but you did keep in contact through all of the social medias you have and through calls and text messages.

As you walked up to Zoe’s door, you knocked lightly three times before opening the door and walking in slightly with an excited beam only for your eyes to widen in embarrassment seeing her beginning her intro, with a special guest by her side.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry! I’ll just go back down stairs and-”

“Your/Nick/Name! You’re finally here!” Zoë squealed, jumping from her sitting position and instantly wrapping her body around yours in a tight hug as she squealed.

“I thought you’d never come!” She giggled, her hair falling around her face as she grinned from ear to ear.

“I’m here now!” You laughed as you fixed your bag on your shoulder. “But I don’t want to interrupt-”

“Oh nonsense! You’ve just walked in on time! I’m about to do my brothers make up! Y/N this is Joe and Joe this is Y/N! I don’t think you two ever met!” Zoë beamed as she giggled and stepped away from your body and allowed your eyes to meet a set of striking blue orbs making your breath quietly catch.

You noted the grey hoodie that covered Joe’s front whole his hair was quiffed in a fluffy style, making his hair look soft and smooth. You couldn’t fight the blush that crept its way onto your cheeks seeing him gazing at you intensely with a radiant and contagious smile on his lips as he did so, his body standing to his feet immediately as he grasped your hand and smiled.

“What a pleasure it is to meet you, Y/N.” He grinned with twinkling eyes and a smile that made you speechless.

Guys Listen!

I was super social today! I went to a new Dr and she was AMAZING! Someone asked me out to an awesome sold out show. Someone else asked me to hang out on Sunday and tie knots 😎😍 I’m reconnecting with my high school best friend who I lost contact with because her bf back then was abusive… I found people to go with me to a festival on Saturday.

Like my life has been so jam packed with excitement and most of is so good for me.

Maybe I’m not awkward after all…. I was just dealing with abuse trauma??

Who would have known.