the not gross stuff

negative post

someone: *draws perfectly innocuous drawing of trans person*
some fool: this is so fetishizing…. gross….. stop…….
someone: *draws perfectly innocuous drawing of chubby/fat/etc person*
some fool: this is so fetishizing…. gross….. stop…….
someone: *draws perfectly innocuous drawing of person with big lips*
some fool: this is so fetishizing…. gross….. stop…….
someone: *draws perfectly innocuous drawing of gays*
some fool: this is so fetishizing…. gross….. stop…….
someone: *draws perfectly innocuous drawing of girl w big boobs*
some fool: this is so fetishizing…. gross….. stop…….
someone: *draws perfectly innocuous drawing of (x thing) bc u guys probably get the point by now*
some fool: this is so fetishizing…. gross….. stop…….

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Beat of luck to you, sweet soul!!

THANK YOU ahaha in my experience tomorrow is just gonna be general stuff and going over rules and meeting the new recruits and then doing a campfire and making dinner. Friday is gonna be mainly cleaning. 

Last year I slaved 6 hours away in the kitchen scrubbing grease and gross stuff off the ovens and dusting and wiping every damn inch of the place cuz the lady in charge told me “health inspector’s coming tomorrow, so it’s gotta be spotless or else we shut down” so like lmao no pressure (cuz it’s only a summer camp so the rest of the year everything just sits collecting dust and bugs lmao)

So I worked my ass off cleaning that entire kitchen, under the cabinets, every utensil, every utensil holder, every oven knob and in between grates and behind stoves and inside fridges. And the lady came back at the end of the day and told me I’d saved the whole camp cuz the kitchen was so clean we’d pass inspection with flying colors.

So yeah I just… pray I don’t get assigned to the kitchen again this time tho because it is just too goddamn hot and I melt in any weather over 60F and tomorrow it’s gonna be 90 and we don’t have air conditioning anywhere on campus except the director’s office hhhhhahha 


i never, ever thought another man could love me. not like this. i was convinced for years that being trans meant that i was unloveable and undesirable.

but you know that post that goes, “all i want is a partner who is way out of my league but thinks that i’m way out of their league and we’ll live together in perfect confused harmony with a dog”?

that’s us.

trans dudes who like dudes, especially if you’re young and feeling real hopeless–don’t worry, it’ll happen. you CAN find a man who loves you–gross, mushy, sappy love–who’ll nurse you through your surgeries, cook dinner with you four or five times a week, whose body meshes just right against yours… who, years on, still stuns you with your shared vulnerability and trust, with his laugh, with how you can see the freckles in his eyes when your faces are pressed together; with how your skittish pulse slows in his arms, or that when you’re both half-asleep, he’ll press a kiss between your shoulderblades and pull you closer to him…

tl;dr: being a gay trans man doesn’t doom you to a life without love. hang in there.


Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz - BTS vs Scenes (s1-7)

I don’t know why but like… The idea of gentle feedisim? just enthralls me. Just, a loving feeder cuddling with their cubby partner, and giving them compliments and calling them beautiful n’ shit. Having little nicknames like ‘bunny’ and 'sweetie’

I just cannot get over the thought of two datemates sittin’ on a couch and watching some good anime and genuinely enjoying one another. The feeder kissing and rubbing their partners tum when they’re too full….

~just little dyspraxia things~
  • i did not tell my hand to throw that thing. i told it to gently pick up the thing. but i guess it decided throwing was better.
  • boyfriend has gotten very used to sudden crashes and screams followed by cheerful yell of “i’m okay!”
  • or not.  bones broken so far: collarbone, wrist, finger, rib, toe.
  • elbows & knees bend backwards. good party trick.
  • every dance or aerobics lesson sounds like “this step is very simple. all you have to do is put your left on right foot in hand out up down through!”
  • fidget fidget fidget fidget fidget
  • hey, hand? can you hold something, but just hold it a little bit, instead of in a white-knuckle death grip?  no? oh.
  • what is a facial expression
  • <3<3<3 tagless underwear <3<3<3
  • why do people want to make eye contact anyway, you already know what eyes look like. if you do not: they are round things. white mostly, colorful ring, black in the middle. there.  that should cover you, now let’s have this conversation while looking comfortably over each other’s shoulders.
  • “let’s go to a crowded place with lots of overlapping conversations and people bumping into each other!” or we could not. how about not.
  • this food is Not Allowed.
  • weird stutter that isn’t technically a stutter, it’s more just a total failure to make the word happen
  • handwriting like a can of worms crawling through a pile of sticks

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We've had a ton of fake stories over the years, why have we made this such a big deal? I mean it's awful and disgusting but...ok?! We've talked about this way more than we should have.

i mean… many fake stories have pushed gross ideas such as harry hooking up with someone who was underage, harry including someone’s rare name in a song without bothering to warn them so the 1d fanbase can track her down within hours, the girl’s dad hearing a song about her on the today show unexpectedly when most people interpret the line “she feels so good” sexually, and so on and so forth. like ????? people bitched for ages about the harry and caroline flack thing (we STILL bitch about it) because while it was fake, it was uniquely nasty, so of course people are also gonna bitch about the ridiculous story behind carolina because 1) it started off being gross and 2) it’s changed like five times. sorry, but i’m not gonna normalize the underage bullshit that this story started with or any of the other gross stuff associated with it by being like ‘ohhhh whatever, they lie, let’s all move on.” nope. sorry, not happening.

  • Me: *is sad*
  • Me: *remembers that Yuuri and Viktor are engaged, that they're both in love with each other and probably do gross lovey-dovey stuff all the time. That Viktor is Head Over Heels for Yuuri and will do everything for him. That Yuuri literally showed his love for Viktor to all of the world*
  • Me: nice
  • Me: *is no longer sad*