the nose and the hat bobble

sonikkuruzu  asked:

What sort of names do you give your Pokémon?

On Pokemon Moon…

- My Decidueye is nicknamed “AusTilt” (NOT my nickname, it’s the nickname of the original owner as I traded for it as a Rowlet)

- My Primarina is nicknamed “Bobblie”. It’s nose reminded me of a bobble on a knitted hat when it was a Popplio. Still does.

- My Lunala is nicknamed “Mahina”. Which is the Hawaiian word for Moon.

- My Cosmoem that I’m raising is nicknamed “Nebby 2″. Who hasn’t nicknamed their Solgaleo/Lunala/Cosmog this!?

- My Magnezone is nicknamed “MagneUFO” Because I always thought it looked like a UFO.

- My Alolan Ninetales is nicknamed “Sleeta”.