the nose and the hat bobble

Forged in Fire.

On his way to work one morning, a runner catches Robert’s eye. He starts seeing the man around everywhere, growing more intrigued with each sighting and almost interaction. When he finally meets him properly in the elevator of his building, a spark ignites and the two embark on an intense relationship, but when Robert is reminded of a past trauma he gets scared. Will Robert be able to let go of his past or will he be consumed by it?

Robert Sugden was having a perfectly good morning, until he realised it was snowing.

The public transport he usually took to work would be horridly packed and late, and there was absolutely no point in attempting to take the car, so he quickly decided he would have to walk. With his satchel over his shoulder, a scarf wrapped around his neck, gloves on, and a coffee from the local coffee shop where his sister Victoria worked, he trudged along the pavement with careful steps, hoping he wouldn’t be too late to his morning meeting with Mr Pearce.

The weather was crisp and the air was dry - the sky was dark blue and beautiful, the ground illuminated mostly by the rising sun and the remaining street lamps that stood along the path. The trees were speckled with frost and the ground had a thin layer of snow blanketing it. Winter was a glorious time of year purely for the beauty in which it rendered the world, the freshness it gave the air, and Robert took a deep breath, enjoying the cold air in his lungs waking him up as much as his americano. The clothes he had wrapped himself in gave him a little warmth and the coffee in his gloved hand gave a bit more, and even though his breath dissipated quickly in the cold giving away just how low the temperature was, he found the morning quite enjoyable.

He was walking through the local park to get to work when he heard footsteps coming fast ahead of him. The notion of anyone running in this weather was ridiculous; it was dark, the ground was wet, it was freezing and who even had that self-control? After a few seconds Robert noticed a man wearing tight workout clothes running towards him, eyes focussed on the ground. Robert shuddered at the sight; he was wearing a bobble hat, thin gloves, and a thin running jacket; it must have been freezing for him but he didn’t seem to care. Instead, he seemed completely entranced in his own world; the black wire of his earbuds jumped as he ran, quite a fast pace considering the early hour and the snow, but his mouth was hard set and determined. He had black stubble on his cheeks, a straight nose and striking blue eyes, but most striking of all was his determination. He was fit, all lean muscle accentuated by his expensive running outfit, tight dark material stretched over the muscles on his arms and legs. He wore a thin body-warmer but his body was still quite obviously mouth-watering. The exercise gave him quite a lovely flush which Robert couldn’t help but notice; he was definitely Robert’s type.

31.8k words, explicit, no archive warnings apply, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, mentions of past trauma, firefighter!Aaron, lawyer!Robert. 

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Requests? Harry Potter or Spencer Reid please :,)

from @archieimagines !! send in an ask if u want one

-your hair keeps blowing into my face and its annoying but I don’t want to stop talking to you
-can you please help me carry this pumpkin to my apartment it’s like three times my size
-i laid down on a pile of leaves without realising your dog was in there
-im sorry but i just don’t understand why you had to throw your toffee apple at me
-im not usually scared of things like this but you keep screaming and making me jump and its embarrassing for gods sake
-im sure this is like the fifth Halloween party you’ve had why am i never invited
-emergency? it’s not like there’s a troll in the dungeon, is it?
-october ain’t october until someone gets their head stuck in a pumpkin
-i can’t come in until you invite me, you should know that by now
-no, you’re not allowed to float here
you’d think a stab to the neck would kill me but im still here im afraid
-sometimes people drink too much on Halloween. this is one of those times
-your nose is redder than mine are you ok
why does everyone get sick this time of year? im sicker than you are man up
-my favourite thing about autumn is your mittens
-honestly i want to throw you in the bonfire right now
-oh, this isn’t a costume, it’s my natural state of being
-something freaky this way comes
-my mom locked me out and its getting cold these days can i crash on your couch
-you look like a drowned cat but i think you’re attractive
-excuse me but the bobble fell off your hat and i think you might want it back

The Honey House, Chapter 18

The Lion Tamer


The matchstick fort was just as Negan had remembered, except of course for the frost that glazed the blades of grass and topped the wooden beams to remind everyone that winter would soon be here. He drove right up to the gate and climbed out of the car, leaning one hand on the door frame while the two guards trained their rifles in readiness. He’d never spoken to either of these women but he could see the recognition slowly sinking into their eyes as their lips spread into easy smiles.

“Ladies,” he nodded with a panty dropping grin, or at least that’s what he liked to think, when he turned up the charm, not that is charm had been working too well in these parts the last time he was here.

Without another word the women scrambled from their post and the gates began to creak open wide enough for him to drive inside the walls. The planters weren’t as green as they had been but it was still just as beautiful and it still had the same feeling of magic whistling between the long rows of washing lines.

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Lockwood & Co. Character Description Masterpost!

So, I recently re-read The Screaming Staircase and recorded all the descriptions of the main characters… I’ll add to this when I re-read The Whispering Skull and The Hollow Boy.

Update 5/28: added Kat, Quill, Flo, and description from The Whispering Skull!

Anthony Lockwood

Physical Appearance

  1. warm smile (page 6, TSS)
  2. luminous smile (page 12)
  3. flop of hair (15)
  4. long, thin hands (15)
  5. very bright, dark eyes (76)
  6. tall, slim (76)
  7. lopsided grin (76)
  8. very slender face (77)
  9. long nose (77)
  10. mop of unruly hair (77)
  11. long, slim legs (108)
  12. big, dark eyes (111)
  13. sparkling, dark eyes (169)
  14. slim with an easy stride (169)
  15. bony elbows (223)
  16. radiant smile (367)
  17. thin, pale face (page 6, TWS)
  18. elegant nose (6)
  19. flop of ruffled hair (6)
  20. hair “dashingly” swept back (39)
  21. dark, calm eyes (104)
  22. at Fittes party: hair combed back (292)


  1. overcoat (page 15, TSS)
  2. long, heavy coat (47)
  3. dark suit (76)
  4. collared shirt (126)
  5. striped pyjamas (148)
  6. long, dark bathrobe (148)
  7. long, brown leather coat (169)
  8. sharp fencing slacks and loafers; jacket off, sleeves rolled up (page 32, TWS)
  9. too-tight suits (39)
  10. at Fittes party: crisp, dapper tuxedo with black bow tie (292)

Lucy Carlyle

Physical Appearance

  1. dark hair (page 44, TSS)
  2. tall (63)
  3. strong featured (63)
  4. large eyes (63)
  5. overlong nose (63)
  6. heavy eyebrows (63)
  7. sulky lips (63)
  8. thicker set than she’d like (63)
  9. hair in “multipurpose, ectoplasm-avoiding bob” (page 41, TWS)
  10. working-class northern (accent?) (147)


  1. skirt, leggings, padded parka (page 44, TSS)
  2. pink and yellow nightie (145)
  3. coat, roll-neck sweater, short dark skirt, leggings (169)
  4. t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops (page 31, TWS)
  5. dark top, skirt, leggings (184)
  6. heavy-duty boots (184)
  7. Fittes party: dark blue knee length dress with scooped neck, clings to stomach, makes arms look fat and feet too big; high heels (291)
  8. light, black jacket (314)

George Cubbins

Physical Appearance

  1. short, fat (page 73, TSS)
  2. large, round spectacles (73)
  3. podgy, bland features (75)
  4. prominently squared jaw (75)
  5. blue eyes (75)
  6. sandy, coarse hair (75)
  7. pudgy nose (75)
  8. glossy, shapeless face (75)
  9. “uniquely slappable” face (97)
  10. eyes look “small and weak” without glasses (222)
  11. eyes “sharp and steely” with glasses (286)
  12. pudgy fingers (page 11, TWS)
  13. general scruffiness (38)


  1. white sneakers (page 75, TSS)
  2. faded jeans (75)
  3. loosely tucked shirt (75)
  4. enormous, saggy blue pjs “at least 3 sizes too big” and decorated garishly with spaceships and planes (149)
  5. hideous, puffy jacket with elastic waistband that emphasizes his bottom (169)
  6. “foul” green bobble-hat (314)
  7. distressingly loose tracksuit bottoms (page 33, TWS)
  8. “accurately named” sweatshirt (33)
  9. bottom-hugging puffer jacket (38)
  10. wool hat (228)
  11. fingerless gloves (228)
  12. dark night-jacket (228)
  13. jeans (228)
  14. work boots (228)
  15. Fittes party: dinner jacket, saggy under arms and seat, looked like had belonged to orangutan (291)

Quill Kipps

Physical Appearance

  1. very slight, “almost birdlike” (page 176, TSS)
  2. small, upturned nose (176)
  3. narrow, freckled face (176)
  4. “severely cropped” auburn hair (176)
  5. probably almost 20 (176)
  6. slightly built (page 17, TWS)
  7. thin face (378)


  1. soft grey jacket (page 175, TSS)
  2. crisp black pants (175)
  3. complex, italian style rapier (175)
  4. glittering green stone in rapier (176)
  5. rapier “weighed down to the pommel with cheap plastic jewels” (page 17, TWS)

Flo Bones

Physical Appearance

  1. pale and filthy hands (page 145, TWS)
  2. tall; ½ a head taller than Lucy (146)
  3. hair the colour and stiffness of old straw (146)
  4. wide and grubby forehead (146)
  5. in her teens (146)
  6. small, uptilted nose (146)
  7. wide face (146)
  8. pinkish cheeks (146)
  9. bright blue eyes (146)
  10. mouth “broad and contemptuous” (147)
  11. clawlike hands (147)
  12. pale, thin arms (316)
  13. white teeth (317)


  1. tattered straw hat (page 145, TWS)
  2. “unutterably foul” blue puffer jacket to her knees (146)
  3. grimy shirt collar (146)
  4. patched and shapeless jersey (146)
  5. ancient and faded jeans (146)
  6. mens’ rainboots that reach her knees; splayed outwards (146)
  7. rope tied around waist (146)

Kat/e Godwin

Physical Appearance 

  1. chin small and slightly pointy (page 176, TSS)
  2. sharp flick of blonde hair angled over forehead, tip almost reached her eye (176)
  3. “striking, in a hard and plastic sort of way” (176)
  4. blonde hair (page 19, TWS)
  5. slim (19)
  6. “pouty” (19)
  7. good-looking (19)
  8. very sharp jaw (19)
  9. hair at back of head cut short, hair at front dangles over her brow (19)


  1. Fittes uniform spotless (19)
  2. perfume has “lemony reek” (263)
  3. crisp stitching on jacket (263)
Transcript from the Duel in Deduction, in The Empty Hearse

Earlier tonight I was asked to transcribe Mycroft and Sherlock’s little duel in deduction over that hat. I have now done so. There’s a lot to be pulled out of this for analysis, but it’s late, so I will give it to you without commentary, for now. It’s not perfect, at all. With my thanks to drinkingcocoa-tpp, theprogressofspring and cakeanddust for the corrections.

Taken from the end of their game of Operation:

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Coffee and Confessions

Coffee and Confessions

a Wolfstar/Jily fic

for jilyvalentinesweek

Words: 5125

Rating: PG-13 for a lil bit of hip action

Summary: The Marauders and Lily go to a used bookstore in Hogsmeade. Some find more than books.

warning UNBETA’D D: 

On that note - if you are interested in doing some beta'ing, I am looking! Message me <3

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Cookies And Cocoa (Hollstein fluff kinda?)

Fall had finally arrived and Laura couldn’t contain her excitement. Carmilla didn’t mind the occasional pumpkin spice candle after all candles are her favourite thing, but she drew the line at ‘pumpkin spice lattes’. The weather had deteriorated and the nights grew colder, only hot cocoa and cookies kept the tiny girl warm. Carmilla couldn’t help but notice how her roommate would sit in their bed wrapped in her blankets, watching movies while she cursed about the weather.

“You know Carm, I love Autumn I really do but having no heating is killing me. We need a radiator or something, I may freeze to death.” Her teeth chattered as she spoke. She pulled her blankets closer to her and let out a sigh.

“Cupcake, do you ever stop complaining?” Laura shot her a glare from her fortress of blankets. The broody vampire chuckled and continued sipping her ‘soy milk’

It took seconds for Laura to break out of her fortress and pull a hoodie over her shirt, Carmilla studied her in an attempt to find out what exactly she was doing. It wasn’t until Laura started putting her shoes on that she realised what was about to happen. Following her lead the smitten vampire practically jumped into her combat boots.

“Guess we’re going to the café huh?” Carmilla quizzed her.

“You guessed right. I need warmth and that’s the only place I know of that has heating.” She pulled a bobble hat on over her bed hair.

As they headed out of the dorm door Carmilla grabbed her tiny roommates hand and span her around. “Don’t forget your scarf Creampuff it’s freezing out there” She said as she wrapped the scarf around the smaller girl and placed a kiss on the tip of her nose. Laura couldn’t help but blush, luckily Carmilla believed the whole ‘No! I’m just cold.” Speech. Or at least Laura thought she did.

Cool air embraced the girls as they left the building causing Laura to flinch, which made Carmilla laugh. Though the Café isn’t too far from their dorm it felt like they had been walking for a lifetime. After the second gust of freezing wind Laura instinctively grabbed hold of Carmilla’s hand. They hadn’t been dating long, the whole kissing thing and being able to hold hands was still new to them. Truth be told both girls still felt a little awkward with it all.

Their fingers intertwined, Laura looked up at her girlfriend to see her smirking as if she’d just accomplishing something great. It wasn’t long until they reached the little café on the corner and ordered two hot chocolates with whipped cream. Carmilla bought Laura some cookies to go with her drink, they sat on the sofa facing each other in front of the log fire chatting about Laura’s latest vlog.

“I do wish you would’ve left out all the times I made an idiot out of myself.” Carmilla confessed. “It’s embarrassing to see how taken with you I am.” She lowered her head and stared down into her mug of creamy hot cocoa.

“Don’t be stupid! I like looking at them and seeing the goofy little faces you made at me when you thought I wasn’t looking. It’s cute, it’s nice to be able to pinpoint the exact moment when I started to actually love you.” Laura leaned forward and cupped her girlfriends face with one hand while cradling her cocoa with the other.

Without hesitation Carmilla leaned into her hand before placing her own on top of it. Slowly she moved Laura’s hand towards her lips and placed a few small kisses against her knuckles.

“I love you Laura.” She said quietly.

“And I love you.” Laura whispered against Carmilla’s lips as she leaned in to seal the statement with a passionate kiss. 

robert sugden tries so hard to be invincible and then in comes aaron, who wears bobble hats while threatening to break his nose. who doesn’t put up with his shit but still gives him the biggest puppy eyes and sticks up for him

and bit by bit robert realises that he doesn’t want to be without him, that he may have actually fallen for him and that scares the shit out of him because he’s finally found someone that can see right through his whole façade and that makes him vulnerable