the northern block


April 9th, 1981. Bobby Sands, Irish Republican hunger striker and political prisoner, was elected to the constituency of Fermanagh and South Tyrone as a member of the British Parliament. He was elected, from jail, in protest of the treatment of political prisoners and to show solidarity and support of the 1981 hunger strikers. He would die on hunger strike on May 5th, 1981, aged 27.


Above are images of the marks left on the building of the New Mexico State Penitentiary after a brutal 2 day riot that gutted the prison in 1980. The first image shows marks left by an axe after an inmate was decapitated, and the second image shows burns left on the floor where an inmate was allegedly burnt alive.

The riot was a result of the conditions the prisoners were living in at the time and would have easily been predicted, the tension building over time. The prison was designed to house 900 prisoners but there were 1,136 inmates. Many inmates were living in communal dormitories with unsanitary conditions. There were significant issues with staff as well, with policies being implemented inconsistently, poor communication and chronic staffing shortages. The riot was sparked when two prisoners took an officer hostage and used the officer’s keys to release the prisoners in the adjacent dormitory. Eventually, they broke into the central controls and opened the majority of the prison - with some cells in the northern block remaining locked due to an error in the central controls.

Violence erupted almost immediately within the cell blocks as inmates attacked each other, rival gangs targeting each other. The prisoners who had been housed in solitary confinement decided to break into the protective custody block. Here people branded as ‘snitches’ or people with sexual offences against children were being housed for their own safety. A self appointed ‘execution squad’ managed to break in, they hauled the prisoners from the cells and murdered them - dismembering, decapitating and burning some prisoners alive. One prisoner was held up to the window, in full view of police, and was tortured by another prisoner who was applying a blow torch to their face. After the police gained access to the prison after the riot they discovered one inmate - who was a shop lifter who had been placed in protective custody after being gang raped - had been hanged from the ceiling, his throat cut, castrated and his genitals inserted into his mouth.

Several officers were taken hostage throughout, and while some were released unharmed others had been brutally beaten and raped. 33 inmates were killed during the riot, the majority of them having been brutally murdered, and 23 of them had been housed in the protective custody unit.

Someting about Mexico 

- Yes, we spoke Spanish, but more than 30 Pre-hispanic languages are spoken, in my case NO, i don’t speak any prehispanic language and i don’t like to learn one. 

- Not all Mexicans has dark skin and be short, you can see white’s, blondes with blue, green, brown and grey eyes, gingers, very tall persons, asians, American Natives (in the North of Mexico),  yes they are Mexicans. I never seen any  Polynesians person here (Cook Island, Hawaii. Samoa, Fiji, etc)

-  Mexico is not Los Cabos, Cancun, Rivera Maya and Playa del Carmen 

- Mexico contains several cultures and ethnic groups. 

-  Not everyone in Mexico have the name of Juan, Maria, Guadalupe and Pedro.. 

- Not everyone here are poor, has 15 kids and living in the middle of nowhere 

- There are huge differences (economical, cultural, social etc) in all Mexico 

- Do not generalize, please 

- Mexico has a lot of diversity. 

- Not all Mexicans has “American Dream”, and we are not obsessed to live in USA -_- 

- 85 % of people, who jump the border, are from Central and South America 

- Yes, many speak several languages​​, either by culture, work or academic stuff 

- Mexico is not like in the movies of the 40s, we do not live in the desert. We neither dressed as Indians or mariachis 

- The Independence from Spain (Spain is in EUROPE), beginning in September 1810 . The May 5 is otherwise. 

- Mexico is in North America, North America is the northern block ( as the name implies ) , countries that comprise it are, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

 - Unfortunately, there is my country Mexico, a very large number of people who base their life on religion and football socer.

 - There are over 30 pre-Hispanic cultures; they are not only Aztecs and Mayas 

- The richest man in the world lives here, is Mexican and is called Carlos Slim 

- Mexican art is not only Frida K . and Diego Rivera. 

- Most importantly , leave your stupid stereotypes aside , come to visit the many cities , beaches and nature reserves in Mexico .

Fic: The United States of Irreversible Oblivion, pt 1

Sansa stirs before a gloved hand ever shakes her shoulder, the heavy steel toed footsteps of the soldiers echoing on the old gym’s pine floor loudly enough to bring her out of her uneasy slumber. There’s never true quiet in the Vale Elementary gym, where she’s been sleeping on a cot within arm’s reach of her neighbor for the past two weeks, but tonight’s disturbance is beyond the normal sounds of two hundred women restlessly tossing on creaking cots.

Blinking in the darkness–they won’t spare even one candle for the refugees gathered here–she can make out the silhouettes of the women, whose cots sit closest to the exit, being herded out the door single file. Before he was called away on assignment to the capital, Jon secured her a spot closer to the middle of the room. It’s a desirable location. The wind doesn’t blow so sharp here from the cracked windows along the northern cinder block wall, where the basketball hoops hang suspended, never to be lowered again to the accompanying sounds of children’s squeals. It was a parting kindness, and she’s thanked him for it every night after she said her prayers, praying for her lost parents and siblings.

Arya might be alive.

No. They’re all dead. It’s better that way.

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