the north side gang


The Valentine’s Day Massacre is an unsolved multiple murder that resulted from the gangland culture of the prohibition era. 7 members of the North Side Irish gang were lined up against a wall and executed in a Warehouse in Chicago. The people who perpetrated the crime - who were most likely acting under the directions of notorious gangster Al Capone - have never been identified. What is known is that there were four killers, two were dressed as police officers, and they were seen exiting the warehouse following the shooting.

In spite of the fact that there had never been any convictions, the FBI had a number of leads over the years. During the interrogation of a relatively unknown criminal Byron Bolton, he admitted to playing a part in the murders and named accomplices that included a well known hitman that he worked with. However these statements were never acted upon. Two other Cosa Nostra hitmen have also been suspects during the investigation, but again this didn’t result in any conviction.

GTA: The Street Racer

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4th part of the Gta series Au based off of (this post) by @jgguks. Hobi, Jimin, Yoongi, and now Jungkook. I spelled his name about 18902 different ways.

warnings: not many actually but still, violence, drugs, but not as heavy as the others

word count: 2400 

a/n: my mistake…taehyung is tomorrow…the hustler - fox 


That’s all Jungkook was told when Namjoon shoved him into what used to be a death trap rusted through but was now a sleek machine. Namjoon had fixed her up with Jungkook’s help, taking care into the late nights to teach Jungkook everything there was about engines and valves to lead up to this.

To just drive.

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