the normal heart movie

You cry and you cry until you think you can’t cry anymore.
Then you cry some more.
—  The Normal Heart

I guess the hardest thing is having so much love for you and it somehow not being returned. I develop crushes all the time, but that is just misdirected need for you. You are a hole in my life, a black hole. Anything I place there cannot be returned. I miss you terribly. Ci vedremo lassu, angelo

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RIGHT (now that I know we both love shy boy) how about tamaki getting "kissing practice" with the same friend he's gotten feeling for, and they end up just non casually making out like crazy because he just lost all control at that stage (bonus points if things get nsfw 😉😉😉)

Shy Bae is my Bae 💕

Thank you again for your ask anon, I’m glad you liked it!💙

For everyone who hasn’t read it, anon is referring to this post


I don’t know what I did, it’s some strange mix of hc and scenario 🙈

  • After he talked with Mirio, Tamaki really wanted to ask her out on date, but boy got super nervous and only managed to ask her for a movie night, sometime
  • The moment he gets her text message about the place and date, it hits him that this is much more terrifying than a “date” outside because they’re going to be in a room alone
  • Is this a date? Is it not? What does she think about it? He can’t ask her, so he replies to her message, deciding on a date/time and setting up his room as a place. At least, maybe, he would be more comfortable in the privacy of his own home
  • When the day is finally around the corner and he opens his door for her, he is startled. It’s a really warm day and she’s only wearing some short shorts and an oversized t-shirt. She excuses herself for the “messy” look, but since they’re only going to watch some movie together and they’re good friends, she thought wearing comfortable clothes would be okay
  • Boy, he wished he’d asked her out on a normal date. Movie nights are apparently so much harder to handle
  • His heart is beating like crazy and since this is his home, he can’t escape it. He tries to calm down, he doesn’t want to pull the wall show again and he really doesn’t want to disappoint her
  • After they decided on a film, they settle down onto his bed. She’s making herself comfortable in the spot right next to him. Did it just get hotter in here? He demands himself to focus on the film
  • Finds out it’s not a good idea because from the beginning there is a lot of kissing and touching involved in the movie
  • Thanks to Hollywood, he’s all riled up now
  • Of course she noticed that he was kind of stiff from the beginning and of course she has a hint of what’s going on. It’s not like she has no eyes in her head or she never catches him staring. Knowing his personality, she never wanted to scare him away, so she never tried to approach him directly. Now though, she thinks it’s a good time to make a move
  • He goes from pale white to tomato red in an instant, when she asks him if the reason for his behavior is that he never kissed a girl before
  • Before he is able to slip under his blanket, she’s all over him, sprawled over his lap, legs right and left beside him. “Tama-chan~”, she gives him a smug smile, “It’s okay. We’re friends. I can teach you a little if you want”
  • Not really able to process what’s happening, he can’t escape when her lips crash against his. First, he doesn’t move, he doesn’t breath. His heart is pounding like crazy against his ribcage and he is almost sure he’s going to have a heart attack any second
  • The moment she pulls back and he sees the uncertain look in her eyes, his instincts take over. He’s just a guy a after all, with needs and urges
  • He grips her hips “Teach me”, and their lips crash again

It starts with slow lingering kisses, both of them trying to get used to each other. He wraps his hands around her small frame tightly, careful not to make her uncomfortable in one way or another. Never had he imagined being ever so close to her.

The longer the lingering touch of her smooth lips last, the more he starts feeling comfortable, his natural insecurity slowly melting away. With a bold move, his hands start traveling up and down on her back.

Feeling her leaning into his touch, he lets his instincts take over completely, deciding to go with whatever feels good for both of them.

Leaning backwards, he nibbles on the soft flesh of her pink lips dragging her down with him. A breathy moan escapes her and she lays her hands down on top of his chest for support. Catching a glimpse of her tinted cheeks, he feels goosebumps eliciting on his skin. The way she looks is enticing and suddenly he has no qualms about speeding up the pace a little.

It begins with feathery touches down on her waistline, till he reaches the hem of her shirt. His lips are back onto hers, as he bites her lower lip tenderly. He repeats a mix of nibbling and biting until her lips are slightly swollen and both of them are panting in need of oxygen.

It takes only a second and the exchange of some quick glances, before his hands are working his way up her back underneath the fabric of her shirt. Her heated skin is as smooth as silk and every touch feels like tiny electric impulses, leaving a prickling sensation on the tips of his fingers.

Again they both crash together, this time it’s only a short nibble before he licks his tongue over her now oversensitive flesh and she opens her lips for him without any further demand. They’re tongues start a rough dance and in one swift motion he spins both of them around, him now hovering over her trembling body, never breaking the feverish kiss. Angling himself anew, she urges for his touches. In no time, his hands are back on her body, cascading upwards her stomach.

He’s mapping out every inch of her wet cavern, when he feels the need to breathe again. A low growl escapes his throat when he breaks the kiss and she whines a little, grabbing him by his head and whirling her fingers through his hair in a desperate attempt to close the distance between them again.

His head being all hazy with the newly claimed dizzying pleasure, he misses her lips, but decides that her jaw is not a bad place either. He’s placing sloppy kisses down her jawline, traveling down her neck, until he arrives at the junction of her shoulder and he can’t resist to sink his teeth in there gently. He sucks a little at the sensitive spot, skin bruising instantly in a brilliant purplish indigo. Satisfied, he reaches back to take a look at his work.

He eyes her carefully. Skin fathered a shade darker, eyes half lidded and pupils blown wide, she is definitely a sight to be seen.

In this moment, Tamaki realizes that movie nights might not be so bad after all.


My name is Estelle and… my best friend Harvey died last night. We went everywhere together, you know? Like Broadway, and the Rockettes, and ice skating. He was a beautiful skater. I’m a klutz, but he didn’t care. We had so much fun… Damn it, I wanna do something! Even though all my lesbian friends say “What have you guys ever done for us?”, but I don’t care. This is for Harvey. Please. Tell me you can use me for something.