the nordic sailor

Characters for the visual novel


These are the characters that I need for the visual novel. You can message me with the characters you are interested in contributing. I have listed the number of emotions and outfits so you know the difficulties.

Necessary characters:

Poland: 8 emotions, 2 outfits
Belarus: 7 emotions (+ 2 drunk ones), 3 outfits
Russia: 7 emotions
America: 6 emotions (maybe 2 outfits)
Prussia: 7 emotions
Tony: 3 emotions
America’s whale: 1 emotion
Turkey: 5 emotions
Estonia: 6 emotions, 2 outfits 
Latvia: 5 emotions, 2 outfits

Optional characters:
Nordics: each have 3 emotions and 2 outfits. 
England: 3 emotions

Greece: 2 emotions
Germany: 2 emotions

*Estonia, Latvia, and the Nordics involve men in sailor senshi uniforms
*the number of emotions are not final. they may change (there may be 1 more or less)
*clothes are most likely dressy casual (except prussia) so they can work for both meetings and other scenes. 
*full body art style. 
*I may have certain scenes that I might need drawn out as well. I will provide info on that another time. contact me individually if you are interested. Because these scenes involve spoilers
*and as for canvas (i’m assuming this is the size of the image) I would say about 200x500 or around those measurements. They don’t have to be exact.
*They don’t have to be open mouthed. Full body style, similar to current art.
*They need to be transparent
*I may have more than one person on a character. This is for security (and because I have more volunteers than I expected).
*The Sailor Senshi uniforms are sailor moon uniforms with their county’s flags’ colours. 

contact me with any questions. This post will update often.