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Boyfriend! Taehyung

Dating Taehyung would include:

  • alright lemme just start off saying that
  • he’s always rushing to grab whoevers child he can get
  • you laugh at him because he’s just all over every toddler that wobbles into the room
  • it honestly melts your heart bc you know how much he wants to be a dad one day
  • and he’s really good with the kids too
  • like they warm up to him right away because of his charming smiles and how he coos to them 
  • while the other members just laugh and move on it’s tae who’s always got a baby in his arms
  • meanwhile
  • when he’s not playing with random children
  • he’s at home with you
  • the two of you enjoy torturing yourselves with horror movies and although he doesn’t admit it
  • he’s fuckin scared when the axe murderer appears out of the woods
  • but since you’re more scared
  • he just pulls you to his chest and puts his hand over your ear so you can’t hear any sound effects
  • he thinks you don’t know but he closes his eyes when it gets scary too
  • taehyung always wants to know what you love about him
  • “y/n i want to know ten reasons why you love me”
  • “before i leave for work i want a kiss and i need you to tell me five reasons you love me”
  • he’s admitted that hearing those things are the only reasons he gets through the six hour long dance practices
  • so you go
  • “tae i love your laugh”
  • “i love your voice”
  • “i love how you always kiss me right when i wake up despite my morning breath”
  • and at that he laughs and leaves for work with his cute lil cheesy smile on his face
  • and in the middle of the day he’ll call you and say he loves you more than anything
  • but he can’t let his members or the choreographer know that he’s snuck off to call his love
  • “y/n this is risky and im gonna get two extra hours of practice if they see me but i love you so much”
  • very dramatic little shit
  • you get that he’s an actor but STILL
  • when you tell him to do the dishes he’ll groan and flop back onto the couch as if he’s been stabbed
  • it’s only when you come over and sit on top of him, kissing him deeply and grinding on him a little
  • then just pull away, stand up and walk away
  • he’ll whine and follow you to the kitchen like the lost puppy he is
  • he’ll back you up against a counter and begin a heated make out session
  • but you push him off and go
  • “not until the dishes are done”
  • he’ll pull a face and then you’ll hear the kitchen sink start after you’ve walked away
  • oooo sex is rly good between you guys
  • SUPER passionate and he’s very vocal
  • total missionary style type a guy
  • tbh probably gets kinky once in awhile when you ask him to try something new
  • ANYWAY post-sex cuddling is huge with tae
  • ya’ll are so worn out but still cannot
  • get
  • enough
  • of
  • each other
  • so bare bodies and all, he’ll pull you close to him to the point where your foreheads are touching and your breath is mixed
  • “i love you” is exchanged almost too much in your household
  • sleepy tae with his raspy voice whispering “i love you so much” is your favorite sound in the world
  • his hair will be messy and his eyes are dazed with sleep but the sight only makes you want to bury yourself back beneath the warmth of his body and stay that way forever
  • which he wouldn’t mind either
  • the boys are grossed out at how public you guys are
  • like tae is NOOOT afraid of showing you off
  • hand holding, kissing, backhugs, and overall pda is not off limits

please become a team of black,
like the crows you represent.

A Noctis Birthday Gift

Ignis doesn’t ask for much.

Tumblr hates long images. I had to chop it up for it to be recognizable at all.

Original Artist:

Noctis: Hey, Ignis, is there anything you want?

Don’t put in carrots

Ignis: What’s this about all a sudden?

Noctis: What? It’s your birthday! Tomorrow! You couldn’t have forgotten?!


Ignis: Ah, that’s right.

Ignis: Yes. I’d like fo ryou to fix your unbalanced diet.

Noctis: Nooot something like that!

Noctis: Isn’t there something? A new book?

Noctis: A kitchen knife? Something?

Noctis: I wanna do something to make you happy…

Ignis: I see. There is one thing.

Ignis: Would you give your day to me?

Noctis: …Ha!


Noctis: That’s so pretentious.

Noctis: But


Noctis: Fine. I’d be happy to do it.

I’ll make a reservation for one selfless strategist.

Ignis: I’m much greedier than you think, Noct.


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This is a collab with @texts-from-bts, so if you enjoy this start up series follow her. The next part will be up on her account and then switch back to me. Hope you get the plan 😌

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day… it all gets too much.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7,

“Heeeey dweeeb!” You barged into the rickety house as if it was your own. 

“Stop calling me that.” Jin said. 

 "You know you like it~“ you ruffled his blond hair and sat next to him on the couch as he gave you a disgusted look. “Who’s smoking?” You asked. 

“I think Jimin, Jungkook and Hope.” He responded. 

You got up and walked down the hall, following the smell. You charged into the room taking the blunt out of Jungkooks hand and letting yourself hit a puff. “What’s up fuckers” you said nonchalantly.

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gone aesthetics reprise: queen of life DIANA LADRIS (original)

Baker kids Childhood Headcanons

why nooot? :D

  • Lucas is four years older than Zoe
  • when Zoe was born Lucas was the proudest big brother in the world
  • he always wanted to hold her but he was still to small and to young so he was always really pouty
  • So he was extra happy if he was allowed to hold baby Zoe on the watch of their parents
  • Zoe first word was ‘Luca’ and it was Lucas nickname for years
  • He was so proud
  • Zoe still use it when she wants to tease him
  • Lucas was that kind of big brother who pushed all the blame on his little sister
  • like one time he builed a very confusing platform for his minicars
  • you know, that kinda stuff you see in movies
  • that super not possible stuff
  • so he managed to builed it and his minicars crashed into the TV
  • Of course Jack and Marguerite knew it wasn’t two years old Zoe but Lucas still tried to blame her
  • He’s a pretty overprotective big brother
  • he always made sure other children aren’t near Zoe
  • and he became jealous when Zoe went along with other kids
  • she’s his little baby sister okay?
  • they were this siblings who always watched over the other one if they were sick
  • Lucas used to bury Zoe under like ten blankets when she was sick so she wouldn’t be cold
  • he always fell asleep next to her when she was sick
  • what’s silly because they shared a room for like 6 years
  • he literally slept next to her everynight
  • no need to sleep in the same bed dude
  • Lucas was the reason Zoe started to wear her hair short
  • he used to grab her hair when they fought
  • so she got it short
  • she really liked it that way because it was easier to handle so she still sticks with it
  • She and Lucas thought it was funny to tell the teachers Zoe was Lucas brother
  • they believed it over half a year

I’ve accidentally become a Junkrat main.

Being a Junkrat main is honestly like playing baseball, I’m figuring out how to throw balls over shit and people do nooot dig being killed by someone who can’t even see them.

My favorite thing though is when someone comes around towards me and I can throw a bomb under their feet and kill them or at least fling them away from me.

who knew my main would be this guy

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You: Shup the F*cuak* up Iza! NO ONE care about your headcannons!

Me: Punk you! >->