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ok but do u really want a body pillow drawn by ikimaru or some shit

noo i want wlf to commission ME to draw a vriska or kanaya body pillow which legally can only be sold to lesbos


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your thoughts on the latest highlight reel BTS uploade? -pink princess jin anon

I haaaave a lot of thoughts tbh, the second one only confirmed it a little more for me. I feel like all the girls (except Hobi’s mom) represents either them or the other members. Like for Yoongi and Jungkook. I felt like for Yoongi that girl represents Jungkook and for Jungkook that girl represents Yoongi (I’m talking about the girl with the guitar, not the girl who took off his earphones). Either way the girls can all represent a memory or memories they shared with each other. Also, I have noo idea what the dates represent, but I’m sure someone will find out soon enough.

Kiss sa pisngi 😘
Kiss sa kabilang pisngi 😘
Kiss sa baba 😘
Kiss sa ilong 😘
Kiss sa mata 😘
Kiss sa kabilang mata 😘
Kiss sa noo 😘
Kiss sa lips 😘😘