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message for my fellow cb shippers

Ok, it feels like I haven’t posted anything CB related here for 100 years but there have been a few things in this shipdom that have been triggering me and I wanted to rant a bit about them here. So this is the issue: I have noticed that many people seem to have a, I call it “black and white thinking”, when it comes to CB. What I mean is that people immediately get anxious when they don’t interact, panic whenever they aren’t next to each other for a second or when one of them is going out with someone else, claiming that they fought/aren’t real etc. However, even when they do interact, when they get a bit bolder, a bit more open, I still see people doubting them because it’s suddenly “too much”, because this much PDA can only be fanservice in their eyes thus = not real. And this actually triggers me because I cannot believe how everyone claims to be such an expert when it comes to showbusiness and how SM creates ships and forces them to interact (basically things we cannot have any clue about because we are ordinary people) but when it comes to interpreting and understanding the basics of human relationships = something that is part of our every day life, nobody seems to see the many shades between black and white. People focus too much on single occurences that they turn blind to the whole picture. You cannot measure the relationship between two people on one incident. You cannot measure them by using fanfictions/movies as an example either (sadly, this is what I feel many people subconsciously do) as they mostly present a subjective and unrealistic idea of what being together is supposed to be like. Being together is not about being extremely clingy 24/7, it’s not about always kissing and hugging in public, nor is it about constantly screaming how much you love your partner either. Ofc there is nothing wrong with doing all these things I have mentioned above but what I am trying to say is that good relationships are so much more than that. Good relationships are about trust, support, about being in tune with each other, about minds that connect. And these are all aspects I can clearly see in CB. They have a good - no, a beautiful relationship - no matter if you see them as friends, lovers, soulmates or whatever. But this is only possible for you to see if you start seeing their (and generally all) relationship(s) as a whole instead of focusing on one incident. Try to get rid of this idea that they have to be showy 24/7 for them to be real but also refuse to believe this nonsense about every single step they take towards each other being “fanservice” (= avoid black and white -thinking). I generally feel like many fans are completely misinterpreting the word “fanservice” but I won’t elaborate on that now because this post has already become too long. Nevertheless I want to add that, even if CB gets bold - “fanservice” is not the only explanation I personally can think of. Try to think about the “grey zone”, that’s all I can say. Anyways, I am sorry for ranting but I hope I could get my point accross. Be positive!

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That has already started to happen, that El's stans have begun to say that Danielle was a cover for their secret relationship. Some have even begun to wonder if Freddie is actually Briana's too (especially since one of Louis' sisters liked a post about El being Freddie's mom, which they are using as proof) 🙄🙃

Thesy start well, with the right question, and then derange in their usual realm of nonsense. Mmm, so there might be something wrong with Briana as a Mum…she had no bump throughtout her pregnancy, what could that mean? Maybe she’s not Freddie’s actual mother? Wait, who could that be, then? A woman who actulally takes care of him, constantly with him, whose partner the baby resembles…mmm…Oh,right, got it, ELEANOR!!!

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So what is your relationship to Tony and Kerry that you know what's truth or not about them? There are a lot of rumours on here and I want to believe them just don't know who to believe

Originally posted by anouksz

All due respect, nonny, because you were polite, so we don’t mean to offend you, but… you really think we’re going to give away what our relationships with Tony and Kerry are?

Originally posted by smalltowndemocrat

Here is all we are going to say. There’s five of us (actually… six now) here, and we all have different relationships with different people. Everyone knows multiple people involved in the situation, for one reason or the other, be it work, personal friendships, legalities, random encounters. Some are on Kerry’s side, some are on Tony’s side, some are on the business side. Anyway. We have already said enough when we said that, regrettably, we have a friend in LA and one in Philadelphia who slept with NA. Both men. We also cited a friend (or former friend, we don’t know if they still talk) of JM. That wasn’t coincidental or at random.

We’re never going to disclose more than this about our “relationships”. We value our relationships with people as well as our privacy, and theirs.

Originally posted by babyboypratt

There aren’t many “rumors” going around, not to our knowledge. If you mean anecdotes, everyone will have different ones based on different people’s encounters and experiences. We don’t understand the “who to believe” part. 

Originally posted by plumkat

There’s one story, you either see with your own eyes that Tony and Kerry are a couple, or you don’t. The rest is just icing on the cake. Those who’ve been here from the start, other than, as always happens, getting new pieces of information as time went by – because no one can predict the unpredictable, and no one already knows everything about the past – have always said the same things. So there’s no confusion to be had. 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

If you can’t discern between sensible/coherent/mature and nonsensical/flipflopping/drama queen people talking, that’s a different problem, and it’s not one we can solve for you. You’ll have to do that on your own. Observing the behavior of the second category should solve the matter pretty quickly.

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I feel like with Teen Wolf being officially over & Posey having nothing to do, he's going to start kissing more guys & eventually try to fake come out again. He needs the attention. This app already sounds like nonsense. Like, why would anybody pay for shit that he would otherwise just post on his twitter or instagram?

Exactly, lol, like his career is gonna be busy enough to update monthly off of SM, lol!

I’m a few days late, but this whole tumult over @knightinironarmor‘s post finally drove home why so much Tony critique falls flat to me: it’s almost all seated in ableism/mentalism and is therefore invalid right out the gate.

Some notes before I get started:

1. I’m going to stick to responding to the posts that Nat herself responded to; if I branched out from there, I’d be here all night, I don’t doubt.

2. I’m also going to stick to the MCU, because that’s the context of the original post. All the gate-keepy “been reading comics for x years and I therefore know more than you” nonsense has not only already been addressed but is irrelevant in a discussion about MCU Tony.

3. I’m not a psychologist or LSW or otherwise formally educated in psychological analysis. I do, however, have both generalized depression and anxiety and therefore have firsthand experience with unhealthy thought patterns and how those can manifest, as well as how neurotypical/mentally healthy people can interpret and react to those manifestations in ways that aren’t necessarily constructive or well-informed.

4. I admittedly have not read the post in full, but Nat herself addressed quite a bit of this in her own response to some of this commentary, especially the nature of altruism. I swear I’m gonna read the whole thing soon, and I highly recommend that y’all do, too~

So – the TL;DR version is that Fandom needs to work on not conflating mental illness with character flaws. For more of my thoughts and observations on the subject, read on.

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Why are you so obsessed with Chiam being fake? leave them alone dude.

Hi anon

Going to start this reply from the last comment and then reverse.

1. Leave them alone? I have never, nor will I ever hassle Liam or Cheryl or anyone associated with them.

What I say is my opinion on my blog and then sometimes in tags on reblogs of other posts.

In the highly unlikely event anyone associated with them ever read this nonsense, then that’s up to them but it’s my blog to say whatever I want.

Why are you troubled by it?

2. I’ve always said our opinions on what’s going on will vary from person to person. That’s fine.

I’ve already said before why I believe chiam to be fake. Why when simon cowell appears to be involved in supporting the story and the sun broke it. It reeks of fake.

When Max Clifford, now in prison for sexual crimes, said on camera these things happen in a documentary Cowell was heavily featured in.

When the body language and facial expressions and the way it’s been conducted reeks of discomfort for both of them. Not just Liam.

Why should I keep quiet? Why would I? If in the final analysis I’m wrong so be it but as things stand I don’t believe I am and I never encourage harassment or anything like that.

If you would like to talk about it, come off anon and have the courage of your own convictions otherwise I will police myself not someone on anon

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There's this post going around my dash saying that since Harry was a Horcrux, he caused the Dursleys to become horrible people (going by how the locket affected the Golden Trio, I'm assuming). This seems like abuse apologism to me, especially the sentence "It's all Harry's fault" that the OP uses, but what do you think? Does this theory hold water?

Both in terms of abuse apologism and narrative consistency that post is basic nonsense. First of all, the books start out before Vernon and Petunia even met Harry and they were already terrible. We also meet Vernon’s sister Marge, whose level of awfulness is consistent with Vernon’s despite never having met Harry. Thirdly, Harry was a baby when Voldemort imprinted on him. Literally no part of that is his fault.

Also, being near a horcrux isn’t what lets it corrupt you. Being hyper-focused on a horcrux does. Pouring all your energy into a horcrux allows it to corrupt you. Ron was wearing the locket while they were obsessing about it. Ginny wrote her deepest emotions in that journal. Vernon and Petunia abused and neglected Harry, but no one would ever accuse them of paying too much attention to him. 

There’s also the point to be made that the other horcruxes were made on purpose and built to last. Voldemort took out large chunks of his soul and put them in objects with no souls of their own intentionally. With Harry, it just so happened that a little tiny fragment latched onto Harry, whose own essence overpowered it really easily. Any corrupting influence they might have gotten from Voldemort’s fragment would have been cancelled out by Harry, who spent seven books proving his whole essence was by far more powerful than the shadow of a ghost of Voldemort inside him. 


detailing the dvadesu and aphobiakills interactions in the past day

1. dvadesu’s date mate is schnoox, who is known for publishing their anons’ (including minors, who were literally scared and begging them not to) IPs. dvadesu reblogged those doxx posts, stating “lmao” and similar (sreenshot from AK’s blog)

2. like in 1, aphobiakills has been saying that telling same gender couples not to show PDA in our own safe spaces is homophobic, since it’s the only place where we can be ourselves without risk of harm. a point many of us have made, yet dvadesu and their followers are focusing on aphobiakills and making them out to hate survivors (screenshot from AK’s blog)

3. aphobiakills has been dealing with this for quite some time now. dvadesu must have seen this post, yet keeps choosing to engage, despite simply blocking adults that would argue with them (screenshot from AK’s blog)

4. not only do they actively keep engaging, but they see it fit to mock AK on top of all (screenshot from DD’s blog)

5. i @ dvadesu, they, who kept yelling about us not having gotten rid of leftbians earlier and ~thus allowed her to hurt minors~, doesn’t see anything wrong with harrassing a minor themselves days later (screenshot from my blog)

6., 7. yet more attempts to call out aphobiakills and putting words in their mouth that they have never said. ongoing smear campaign (screenshots from DD’s blog)

8. AK tells dvadesu to stop yet again, only to be ignored (screenshot from AK’s blog)

9. when told to stop, dvadesu blames it on “pettiness” because apparently blocking adults and harrassing children is “being petty” (screenshot from DD’s blog)

10. one of the rare hate suicide bait messages AK has published, which dvadesu must have seen (screenshot from AK’s blog)

11. sending suicide bait is inexcusable, but dvadesu uses it as yet another opportunity to take a jab at AK who has been receiving death threats and suicide bait messages in bulk, at an increased rate since this whole thing with DD started (screenshot from DD’s blog)

12. the latest post commenting on the situation from AK (screenshot from AK’s blog)

@justaphobethings @aphobephobe @aphobe-nonsense @discourseoutforharambe @crysta1-queer @wetwareproblem i dont know how many of you have me blocked and which of you are willing to do something, especially since i @ yesterday in the solar situation already, but don’t you think it’s time to put an end to this?

my sympathy for little mix and fans re: being asked about zayn all the time has completely run out. if you court this kind of attention, that’s what’ll you’ll always get. you lose the right to complain that your actual music is being overshadowed by this because that’s clearly what you intend. as someone pointed out before, almost every headline to do with this song references him and at this point, it is embarrassing that the song on its own isn’t enough to make these kinds of waves. 

again, this is disappointing to me personally because i was such a huge fan of lm. i own all their deluxe albums (though i’m wishing i’d not wasted my money on get weird because it wasn’t good and i don’t want to listen to most of the songs on it), paid $200 to see them + do the meet and greet on the salute tour (and would have had to pay for an hours long bus ride and stay in a hotel had the american leg of the tour not been cancelled), and generally invested very heavily in them. 

i was hoping for more from them after get weird because it was a step backwards from salute and even from their first album, dna. now it’s looking like that hope was greatly misplaced and it’s like. such a disappointment lol. they have talent and the ability to do better than this disingenuous garbage. i was ready to be supportive of this new era, but it looks even more childish than the last and i’m not trying to hear women in their mid twenties sing as song about faking orgasms that they didn’t even write. 

yes, perrie (and i’m talking about her specifically because this is obviously a shout out to her ex and hers alone) has the right to use her relationship in her music; all musicians do this. the issue is that this isn’t thoughtful or mature or a real look into the difficulties she might have had. it’s manufactured trash used to stir up controversy and perpetuate the villainizing of zayn in the media. 

zayn isn’t a saint and is guilty of plenty of things, all of which justify why people dislike him. i’m never going to dispute the troubling behavior and patterns he’s been complicit in. but i’m also concerned that since this whole debacle’s began, i’ve seen posts with thousands of notes accusing him of being an abuser, dismissing the extreme amounts of racism and islamophobia he STILL faces, saying he was lying about his anxiety or mocking him for it, and it goes on and on. like, i’m talking about really vile, unacceptable stuff you guys, not petty stan shit. 

it’s deeply concerning to me that this is the type of behavior people will readily engage in when someone they already don’t like is cast in a negative light in another situation. whether or not zayn lied about dumping perrie over text or couldn’t give her orgasms is irrelevant. his personal failings as a boyfriend/fiancee do not give anyone licence to dehumanize him and YES this is that deep. 

the lack of basic empathy people shows doesn’t just speak to the fact that they don’t like him. it also speaks to the fact how they might treat someone like him (a person of color, muslim, someone with mental illness, any combination of these things) if they don’t behave themselves. it concerns me as a fan, not because i’m particularly worried about zayn’s feelings (though as a fan i will readily admit i do care how he feels), but because i’m worried about the feelings of the people who relate to him on here and are made to feel like they’re bad or evil for supporting him. they’re the people seeing all of this, not him. they’re the ones who feel like they have to defend themselves at length for admitting he means something to them. i’ve never seen 1d fans or lm fans have to defend why they still like those bands and the people involved despite the reprehensible behavior they’ve all engaged in at times. 

it’s all very tiring and this happens on like a weekly basis lol. 

i’ve said before in earlier posts that my mental illness makes me concerned about how i’m perceiving reality and this weird gaslighting people who don’t like him do to his fans distresses me. i don’t want to feel crazier than i already am just because i like someone’s music, aesthetic, and most of their personality lol. i shouldn’t have to question whether or not i’m a good person because clowns on the internet don’t know what boundaries are when they’re engaging with something they don’t like and are willing to say anything to ‘win’ whatever nonsense argument they’ve started. 

anyway i’ve gone on a tangent and lost the train of thought i started with, but this is some of what i’ve been feeling for the past little while and i had to get it out.

the systematic marginalization of iris west

Let’s call this an experiment.

I got bored as I surfed through The Flash tags so I started keeping a list of all the shit people have already decided (read: largely made up) about Iris West and the Barry/Iris relationship as an excuse not to invest in or support them (usually in favor of the nonexistent romance between Barry and Caitlin Snow). I figured that someday we can look back see when the nonsensical memes with no basis in canon or rationality got started.

Some housekeeping:

Every last one of these posts has been posted to the tags. I have not gone looking for them specifically on any ship tumblrs or anyone’s personal tumblr, etc. or else this would be far longer and more infuriating, I’m sure. They have been posted directly to one or more of The Flash related tags that I follow (usually the general The Flash tag, the Iris West tag, or one of the various Iris/Barry tags, in some rare instances in the Caitlin Snow tag). I only note a Caitlin comparison when an original post did (you’ll see that this is most of the time). This is not a comprehensive list. It will never be a comprehensive list. I am an adult human with a job and a life to live. It is literally just what I’ve seen surfing the tags regularly.

It should be noted that there are numerous (NUMEROUS) statements regarding how Caitlin/Barry is identical to Oliver/Felicity and this motivates the poster to aggressively ship them. I do not include any of these as they do not generally reference Iris at all (though when they do it is to present her as the equivalent of Laurel Lance, which is considered pejorative). However, I am noting it here because of the implications of that omission and because the following facts seem relevant to this endeavor:

a) the only things the characters of Felicity Smoak and Caitlin Snow have in common are that they are part of the superhero support team and they are white women,

b) the relationships between Oliver/Felicity and Caitlin/Barry have no significant commonalities at all, and

c) the characters of Iris West and Felicity Smoak are far more similar in terms of personality and demeanor, and this has been stated to be an intentional reflection of Barry’s longstanding preference for Iris influencing his attraction to Felicity.

After Episode 1x02: The Fastest Man Alive

  • Caitlin’s character is more interesting than Iris. No reasons given. Shipping Caitlin/Barry presented as a consequence of this.
  • There is more of a “romantic spark” between Barry and Caitlin because they can bond over their “lost loves.”
  • Iris does not/cannot fundamentally understand Barry, the loss of his mother and father, and how it felt for him that “no one” believed him about his father not killing his mother. Caitlin can/will.
    • Note: This ignores that it has been stated that Iris is the one person who did believe Barry about his father not having murdered his mother.
  • Iris will love The Flash and not Barry Allen. Caitlin will, conversely, love the real Barry Allen.
  • Barry has more chemistry with Caitlin than Iris. Presented as objectively factual.
  • They have no investment in Iris West and, in fact, she is annoying. No reasons given. Shipping Caitlin/Barry presented as a consequence of this.
  • Iris and Barry have nothing in common, whereas Caitlin and Barry have many common interests and are on the same “wavelength” and as such would be a “power couple.”
  • Caitlin is a “more solid female character” than Iris. No reason given.
  • Barry leaving Jitters where he was hanging out with Iris in response to Caitlin calling and giving him the impression that Multiplex is at Star Labs is implicitly an indication of how much he values Caitlin over Iris and the opportunity to discuss his mother’s death with Iris.
  • Iris dating Eddie is too predictable and sometimes she seems too clueless, but other times very savvy. Implicitly is the weakest character because of this.
  • Desire stated for a scene in which Caitlin and Barry are solving a problem while speaking in scientific terms. Iris is present, both “clueless” about their conversation and jealous of Caitlin.
    • Note: This isn’t directly mischaracterizing Iris or her relationship with Barry, but I felt that outright wishing humiliation on her in service of Caitlin/Barry should be noted.
  • Preference for loving Iris/Barry stated, but it is incestuous. Shipping Caitlin/Barry is presented as a consequence of this.
  • Iris has “friendzoned” Barry and as such is not acceptable as a love interest.
  • Iris/Barry is “too obvious.” Shipping Caitlin/Barry is presented as a consequence of this.
  • Immediately upon seeing Caitlin and Barry together they were the obvious “endgame” and it is inexplicable why anyone would think that Iris/Barry should be such.
  • Caitlin and Barry will become extremely close friends and he will confide in her like he never has with anyone, specifically Iris. Barry and Caitlin are changing each other and will continue to do so as Barry “leaves behind” the life he already has, and implicitly Iris.
    • Note: This is less any sort of meta analysis or explication than a baseless fabrication, fanfic style, but it was presented as character/relationship analysis, so I’ve listed it.
  • Barry/Iris is vanilla whilst Caitlin/Barry is interesting. No reasons given.
  • Iris is “basic” and “just a love interest” which is why people connect with Caitlin more. Caitlin/Barry implied to be a consequence of this.
  • Barry/Caitlin is “more compelling” because Iris sees Barry as a friend.

Consistent themes: Iris is boring/vanilla/uninteresting vs the deeply fascinating Caitlin; despite knowing Barry since childhood and being his best friend in the world her affection for him, her commonalities with him, and her knowledge of him will inevitably pale in comparison to Caitlin’s; Iris and Caitlin are considered inherently to be in direct competition such that preferring Caitlin to Iris as a character necessitates shipping Caitlin with Iris’s love interest despite a Caitlin/Barry romantic storyline not currently even existing at all.


hyacinth-halcyon  asked:

(just to preface, I am asking out of genuine curiosity and a desire to learn your side of things and have no intent of degrading or mocking you regardless of your answer) May I ask why/in what ways you feel the "tumblr kemetic community" needs to grow up? If you want to know the reasons why I am curious it's because I want to hear another side of the argument. Because so far the only reason I hear is non-kemetics yelling how they don't like it.

Hi Hyacinth-halcyon,

Now there’s a hell of a question. (Not sure which was more difficult, this one or the one about suicide in AE. Probably this one.) I’ll try to answer it as best I can though since you took the time to ask, and politely so at that. :)

The culture here is one that encourages immaturity of thought and religious practice. It’s also the worst sort of echo chamber. Much of what goes on reads less like a true fandom of the gods and more a fandom of self. It’s a ‘community’ focused on hyper-individualism, which doesn’t make it much of a community at all. (That also happens to make it practically antithetical to the AE concept of ma'at, but nobody wants to hear that because these days everybody has their own ~~~personal~~~ interpretation of ma'at which is unique to them.)

I have NO problem whatsoever with taking joy in one’s relationship with the gods and having a laugh with them. My own relationship with Wepwawet is full of it and we are extremely close. But there’s having a laugh and then there’s the really quite bizarre infantilization (and in some cases outright degradation) of the gods and the relationships themselves which seems to be a mainstay of the “kemetic fandom.” I don’t get it. What is the appeal of it? How is it funny? It’s one of those things which says much more about the practitioner than it does the gods. It speaks to their own immaturity. And of course I acknowledge that everybody starts out that way. That’s how life works. The problem is that it isn’t a culture which encourages anyone to grow past that stage. In fact it seems to actively resist it, with the aforementioned echo chamber telling everyone that their childishness is just as good (nay, BETTER!) as someone else’s maturity. It’s like a kemetic Neverland. And that really isn’t as appealing as it sounds.

One of the worst things to come out of that environment is the way people get treated when they have a differing opinion when it comes to the status quo, irrespective of how rational that opinion might be. Sure, there are definitely some genuinely horrible individuals out there who need to be dealt with, but there are a lot of very good people who also end up in the cross-hairs. At best, they’re dismissed - at worst, they are met with quite hostile abuse, accusations, and threats of being put on a “watch list.” And then there’s those times when somebody fairly high up the food chain decides they simply don’t like a person anymore. Perfectly good people who are both knowledgeable and devoted. I’ve witnessed that one a couple of times now. Behind closed doors, “I really wish X wasn’t in the kemetic community anymore. I wish they would go away. They annoy me.” ETA: And then start ostracizing them. (Sorry, just realized I had left that bit out.)

And then there’s the tendency tumblr kemetics have of saying they want more knowledge and information - the same knowledge they then immediately reject when it contradicts their personal experience. And woe be to the person who dares suggest there might be anything like a “better way” when it comes to practicing the religion and honouring the gods.

I’ll shut up now because I can already feel the hate mail. I will not be reading any of the responses to this post because I’ve said my bit and I know everyone will take it ultra-personally, and go on the defense, and start attacking me, and all that tedious nonsense rather than taking a moment to look at themselves and examine the kind of culture they have in their “kemetic fandom.”