the nonsense posts have started already

On 2017, No-Platforming, and This Blog

As some (or many!) of you may have heard already, as of today, there is a push starting to no-platform people who hold the ahistorical and insulting opinion that aces and aros should not be included in the LGBT+/MOGAI/other acronym of choice community.

This does not mean that we will stop debunking the harmful rhetoric they use, or the misinformation they try to spread. It does mean that we are not going to spread their posts, and give a wider platform to their nonsense.

With that in mind, I fully intend to keep running this blog as usual (which, unfortunately, has to mean something like “sporadically, when I have both time and energy”). However, it means that I will not be reblogging from people who feel they get to decide who to exclude from our community.

Which means I have a request for all of you.

As of today, please do not reblog exclusionist rhetoric or hateful, inaccurate posts (whether these posts were originally made by exclusionists or are add-ons to another post) to tag me into a discussion. Instead, please send me links, or simply topics that you want me to address, and I will continue to make original posts about them.

You can do this via ask (by saying, for example, “hey, can you look at post/155251105407 on historicallyace’s blog and do a historical accuracy check?”), via Tumblr IM, or via fanmail (if that’s even still a thing? I haven’t gotten any fanmail in a long time and tbh I need to check the settings for it on this blog). If I’m not responding quickly enough, because like I said, I’m only here sporadically, feel free to message me on my main, which is currently @snowenby (but if you’re finding an empty blog there, check back to the original version of this post because I will update it as my URL changes).

Let’s all have a wonderful, peaceful, and historically accurate new year!

Y’all are so predictable… Stiles says something random in the trailer and the whole fandom comes up with nonsensical meta to back him up.

Smh, half of the shit y’all are posting doesn’t make any sense. I’m really curious, you say Scott trusted people and bad things happened? Where in canon is that a true statement? And when the hell did Scott ever trust Derek? Y’all shat on him for the first two seasons because he DIDN’T trust your fave; so how are y’all going to turn around now and say he did?

That goes for Peter, Deucalion, Gerard, Chris etc because Scott never trusted them either - he used them to his advantage in those situations. I swear this fandom will bend over backward just to suit some annoying ass sidekick rather than actually trying to understand canon.