the nonbinary one

I just want to give a shout out to my chronically ill nonbinary folks.

Especially to those of us whose illnesses are heavily associated with our assigned at birth sex.

To those of us who don’t find “*condition* occurs more frequently in *sex*” statements reassuring.

For all of us who have trouble finding support groups that welcome and respect us as nonbinary people.

To each of us whose symptoms cause us increased dysphoria (such as hair loss, unexpected body hair growth, heavy/painful periods, etc).

Your illness doesn’t invalidate your gender.

anonymous asked:

do you think its okay to be upset about all the posts about how the gems are lesbians? because im. pretty sure they're nonbinary, and you can be nonbinary and a lesbian, sure, but i just. im nonbinary and i look feminine and i like girls and i see this and i keep freaking out because all i hear is 'im actually a girl, im actually a lesbian, no one is ever going to think im a nonbinary person, no one is ever going to see that' and. am i being lesbophobic for being upset over this? (sorry to bug u

That’s perfectly ok, and that’s how I’ve been feeling too for a long time, but the fandom is so transphobic I haven’t felt safe enough to say anything about it. 

Like fucking “but they are female coded” are they now. Why. Cus they “””look female”””? Cus they use she pronouns???? Cus I “”””look female””””” and I’ve used she prounouns. I’ve been called mum. I ain’t a fucking woman or a lesbian though. Honestly the whole idea of them being “female coded” is transphobic as fuck.

Let me be clear to anyone who is going to have a mard about this post, I’m not saying you can’t HC the gems as lesbians. What I am saying is insisting that they must be and it is canon and no one can think otherwise because X reason is more often than not hurting non-binary folks.  


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