the nomadic pack

Nomad - A Collab

Pack light and be;
to move on about along
tides - shifting left and right

how a heart navigates
around the world,
in search of,
its reverberate beat.

Take to heaven
with what little voice left;
these lungs gasping for air

scream a thousand names,
whisper millions of secrets
to the wind, adrift across
a vastness of one’s love
gaining distance;

Let thine ego fall
at the feet of
the mountain range;
a cashmere blanket
over dewy grass

surrender worldly tensions;
dandelions swept away
by wild winds and wilder whims

Take to the gnarly branches
swinging - left and right -
a monkey at home

Yours is a nature
inclined to unite
with nature at large

This fresh collab has been done by @mattsjustaroundthecorner and myself