the noisiest couple

Well, That Escalated Quickly

For @riversong-sam and her awesome 800 Followers Drabble Challenge. Congrats Sam!

Prompt: “They’re so cute when they’re asleep”

Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 324

They always fight at the end of a hard hunt. Dean just keeps his mouth shut because their bickering is amusing to him. Sam and Y/N basically just whine and complain about each other, to each other. Fortunately it never got past shouting. No throwing things or hitting. Which was good, because if Sam ever laid a hand on his girlfriend, he’d have to kick his ass.

By the time they’d gotten back to the motel, they were yelling so loudly Dean wondered if they were gonna end up sleeping in separate motel rooms that night. He’d decided he’d had enough of their childish bitching, and decided to catch a shower. He took his time, soaking up all the hot water, hoping that would send a message to Sam and Y/N. Fighting leads to no hot showers after a hunt. Was it a dick move? Probably. But he didn’t care. He enjoyed himself.

By the time he emerged from the shower, freshly clean, he didn’t hear anything. No yelling, shouting, throwing of random objects, it had gone completely quiet from the motel’s noisiest couple.

Dean got dressed into his pajamas and was rubbing a towel through his hair when he opened the bathroom door and walked into the main area. And there he found you and Sam cuddle together in bed, under the covers, completely passed out with Sam to your back. Y’all didn’t even bother to get undressed completely. Just took your shoes off and fell asleep. One of Sam’s arms was wrapped around your chest and the other wrapped around your stomach. Your hands were holding his close to your person. Dean couldn’t help but smile.

“They’re so cute when they’re asleep.”

Dean finished drying his hair, removed his shirt and crawled into the other bed, turning off the nightstand lamp and getting comfortable inside the covers and blankets. It wasn’t long before he was sound asleep with the two of you.

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