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Anonymous said: hey bb could you write zach dempsey x reader where the reader is like 5'3 but is the big spoon? thx ilysm

a/n ; this is super short, cause I thought it should be short and sweet ya know. 

word count;  340

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“Zach, hurry up.” Y/n whines and makes grabby hands at her boyfriend, who just rolls his eyes at her antics. Y/n is a pain when it comes to cuddles because it is all that she wants. Cuddling 24/7 is probably what she wishes for at any chance. As she continues making whiny noises, Zach takes off his jacket and lays down in his bed next to her.

“Hey.” he mumbles, turning his head to the side to look at Y/n who’s watching him, holding her head up with her hand.

“Hi.” she says smiling lazily, and boops Zach on the nose. “I’m glad you took a quick break from studying for the biology test and decided to come cuddle with me.”  she mumbles before launching herself on him and hugging him, pressing kisses onto his face.

“Y/n! Stop.” Zach says laughing, trying to stop your from continuing with your “torture” .

Stopping Y/n pushes Zach onto his side and hugs his back, making him the little spoon.  She kisses his cheek one last time, and run her hands up and down his arms lightly, causing goosebumps to appear on his skin.

“I love you.” she murmurs into his ear and squeezes him reassuringly. She hears Zach sigh happily and her heart  begins beating quickly, loving how Zach allows her to hold him and reassure him that she will always love him and be there for him.

“I love you too.” Zach says sleepily, as Y/n runs her hands through his hair .

Hours later Karen, Zach’s mom knocks on his door, telling the couple to come down to dinner. When she hears nothing from them she opens the door, and sees Y/n holding Zach tightly while they both sleep. Smiling to herself, she closes the door, but not before taking a picture, and leaves walking down towards the kitchen.

She’s truly happy her Zachary found Y/n, as she brings out the best in him, and makes him happier than she’s ever seen him.

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That was an amazing read and I have no words except for thank you (and also I now have the though of what if Wally and Mick had been Involved at least once or twice before everything goes down and the quiet "I know him, he's nice we may have fucked before.")

Whoops I fic-ed.

“Haven’t you only met Heatwave once?” Joe asks, in the car on the way home from their latest teamup with the Legends. “You two seemed awfully chummy.”

Iris makes a soft noise that indicates both that she’s interested in this topic and that she will contribute to the interrogation, and turns in her seat to study

Wally, in the back seat, has never felt more like a youngest child.

“I knew him before.” says Wally. “He and Len would keep the gangbangers and the dealers away from the high school.”

Joe makes a satisfied little noise, obviously content with the answer. He shouldn’t be.

It’s a lie. A believable one, but a lie.

Iris knows. She makes ‘you better tell me the truth later’ face and then turns around with a satisfied humph.

The thing is, Wally knows Mick - rather more intimately than he’s willing to tell his father. You know Queer As Folk? Yeah. Wally’s Justin. Mick’s Brian. Complete with Mick picking Wally up under a lamppost in Keystone Boystown on Wally’s first ever night out and then blowing his mind in bed before finding out Wally was still in his Senior year of high school.

Hasn’t stopped them from fucking a few more times since then. A few, very memorable, exceedingly pleasurable times since then. Len, who was honestly more like Debbie Novotny than anyone would willingly tell him to his face, had walked in to the apartment while Wally was eating breakfast after the third time he and Mick had hooked up, and sighed.

“Alright, so you’re staying.” he said, and then took the seat opposite Wally and did the Parental Grilling™ and started talking grad schools and college payment and Wally moving in if his mom got worse. Which, of course, didn’t happen, because Wally found out about his Dad and Mick and Len got on a timeship, thereby ending the relationship as far as Wally had known.

The very pleasant fuck in an empty lab while no one was paying attention to them had certainly disabused him of that notion, as had the communications plug-in for his phone Mick had given him. The two hours between when they get home and when Barry gets back from drinks with Oliver gives Wally ample time to think about something.

He asks Barry where Len is almost as soon as he walks in the door.

“Apparently Cold and Heatwave used to White Knight around the high school.” says Joe, off Barry’s confused look. Well, Len used to pick him up from school, sometimes, and he’d helped with loans and made Wally study snacks, so that totally counted, right?

And then Barry tells Wally Len’s dead.

“I’m sorry, I have to leave immediately.” says Wally. “Have the Legends left yet?”

Barry shakes his head no, and Wally runs until he’s on the Waverider and can hear the discussion going on in the next room.

“Who’s going to make sure Mick doesn’t do anything dumb?” asks Sara, and that means they’re planning a mission and Mick isn’t there, and also What the Actual Fuck Is Happening Here On This Day.

Wally flashes into the room and slaps Sara upside the head as hard as he can, and then flashes out of retaliation distance.

“What the Actual Fuck Is Happening Here On This Day?” Wally demands. “No, seriously, what do you think you’re doing?”

The whole team is staring at him, plainly confused. And that is the last straw.

He’s out of breath and sure he’s red-faced by the time he’s done reaming them all out about Mick’s mental health and missing “brother”, and then he sees Mick standing in the doorway.

“Sunshine-” says Mick.

“I didn’t know - I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” Wally says. “We’re going there right now and I am going to speed him out of there, and then you are going to smack him for me and we can have a group hug afterwards. Gideon, you can plot us a course, right?”

Gideon does, despite the protestations of Sara and the Professor and Ray and the other white guy who’s name Wally hadn’t bothered to learn.

They land back in Central with Len and go for breakfast at the Motorcar, and Len makes his usual half-joking comment about buying the place, although he sounds more serious about it than usual. They’re halfway through pancakes, Len on one side of the booth and Wally under Mick’s arm on the other, when someone clears their throat next to the table.

Joe’s face is gathering thunderclouds.

“You were lying! I knew you were!” says Iris, gleeful.

“What did you tell them?” asks Mick, obviously amused.

“That you and Len used to kick the gangbangers off campus.” Wally grumbles. Lenny, the asshole, laughs.

“That’s definitely better than the real version, Sunshine.” he says. Wally attempts to stab him with his fork, only for Mick to haul him back over the table and into his lap.

“And what is the real version?”

“We might have fucked a few times.” Wally mumbles.

“Including yesterday in the Labs.” says Mick cheerfully, because he doesn’t know the meaning of shame or self-preservation.

Joe is murderous right up until he realizes neither Barry nor Iris is backing him up. In fact, they both look rather shamefaced.

“What did you do?” Joe sighs.

“Lenny.” says Wally, around a mouthful of pancakes. “Last Christmas.”

Joe flops into the seat next to Len and buries his head in his hands. Lenny pats his arm a few times.

“Shall I tell you how Wally and Mick met?” he asks.

“NO!” yell Wally and Mick, in unison.

Chloeslut: Training and Breaking Continues

Chloe, or chloeslut, as her abductor had a started calling her, whimpered silently as she heard the dungeon door open. She had already learned that lesson early. After her first whipping, he told her that she would remain in this pit until she had been fully trained, and the first lesson the slave needed to learn that she was not to make a sound and certainly not speak, unless her master gave her permission.

 The first night he returned she whimpered, knowing that she was probably going to face more agonizing pain, and tried to beg for her freedom. He rewarded that whimper, and request, by viciously beating both of her breasts. He told her, “if this cunt is too stupid to obey a simple order such as silence, then I shall give it something to whimper about.”

The next night she made sure that she didn’t make a single noise.

After that it was the same thing day, after day, after day.

He would come and whip her, or hurt her in some other way, he’d rape her in all three of her, “holes” as he called them. Put her to impossible tasks, designed, he told her, to break her will to resist. Then he’d feed her, a disgusting gruel that he said served the purpose of keeping her nourished, and then he’d leave.

Chloe had tried to keep track of the passage of time, but he had put a helmet on her face early into her captivity and hadn’t removed it since. It had an opening for her mouth, so she could be fed, watered, and mouth raped, but it left her in total darkness, and made it very difficult to hear anything.

He told her that a slave did not need to see or hear to obediently fuck and suffer with its holes and body.

He demonstrated that fact to Chloe repeatedly since telling her that.

As he entered the dungeon, she made sure to be in the exact position that he required.

Kneeling, with her ass on her heels, and her legs spread wide. Her arms were bound behind her, wrist to elbow, making sure that she arched her back. Her chain was pulled tight from her collar to the wall, as if she were straining to greet him, and her mouth was open wide.

It’d taken several nights of repeated beatings to teacher this position. Once he came in, the first thing he did was stuff his cock down her throat. The first evening blowjob. This performance would dictate whether she would suffer normal training discipline, or extra harsh.

She also learned through several failures that while normal discipline was agonizing, the discipline she suffered from a failed blowjob was a horrific hell that she never wanted to experience again.

The thought of the electricity on her opened vagina still gave her nightmares.

Once she finished, he undid the bindings that held her ankles to her thighs, and forced her to stand. She inhaled sharply at the stretching of the muscles, but didn’t actually make a true sound. He smiled at that, at the fact that she was learning.

He examined her quickly and efficiently, making sure that there was no evidence of any damage from the bondage. Once satisfied there wasn’t he examined her overall appearance, nothing that the hormones and injections he was forcing into her were already beginning to have positive results and her once, gorgeous, but relatively small 34B breasts, had begun to grow and were a very satisfactory C nearly D cup.

A few more weeks and he’d be able to begin milking her on a regular basis to get her producing milk and enlarge them even more.

He pushed those thoughts aside as he pulled her to her feet and said to her, “I have good news for you slave, it’s time to take care of your piercings.”

Chloe started to shake. When she’d gotten her ears pierced, it was so painful she couldn’t even imagine doing it anywhere else. When her friends were out getting their bellybutton’s pierced and even their noses, Chloe shied away from it and was always quick to make excuses.

Her master had informed her that she would be given a full set of piercings. A full said to him was nose, bellybutton, nipples, two piercings in both sides of her labia, and, most frighteningly, her clit.

The breasts were bad enough. She wasn’t sure, how he was doing it, but she knew her breasts were growing and they were incredibly painful, and sensitive.

Telling her he was planning to pierce her clit as well, was enough to make her nearly passout and now telling her it was time , she almost broke her discipline and started to beg for mercy. But she held on, barely. Only the memory of what she would suffer if she did try to speak allowed her to maintain her silent.

She had well learned in the time she had been in his dark dungeon, whipped in raped repeatedly, that mercy was never a possibility.

Soon, Chloe was strapped, tightly, into something that felt all the world like a gynecology chair. She tested her bonds, and strained against them until her master brought his hand down sharply across her pussy, “stay still slave. If you’re squirming makes me fuck one of these up you’re going to be very sorry. After all, technically I don’t see reason for you to have a clit. So, I could just as easily remove it if your inability to stay still becomes too annoying.”

Those words froze her into complete immobility. Like a statue made of granite, she promised herself not to move. The master, started with her nose. She felt the forceps grip her septum and held her breath as she next felt the sharp pain.

She couldn’t help but whimper, but he said nothing, simply slipped the ring into it, and clamped to close. She heard the snap and he said, “these rings are solid. Once closed they cannot be removed except by being cut. That’s unlikely since they’re made of a high-grade titanium. For all intents and purposes, they are permanent, and I suggest you get used to them.”

The next 30 minutes was an agonizing hell. He pierced both of her nipples, and ringed them next, telling her that she would sometimes wear silver bells, once he moved her on to pony training.

She couldn’t fathom all he was telling her, and her mind was overloading and shutting down again. This was something she’d experienced repeatedly in the past weeks of her pain and suffering.

Through it all she tried to maintain some since of herself, but with each passing day. With each violation, each humiliation, each painful whipping, and agonizing rape, she felt herself slipping further and further away.

She felt herself becoming exactly what she said he would. She wanted to fight but it seemed to hopeless.

She hated herself more and more each day because of that weakness.

Unaware of her inner dialogue, and with little chance he’d care even if her knew, her owner quickly and efficiently pierced both of her labia, and smiled when she wasn’t able to stay silent for those.

In fact, she was now crying almost constantly under her helmet.

He continued to ignore it in lieu of finishing what he was doing and simply continuing his work.

Finally, it came time for the final piercing. Deciding to have some fun, he did this one a little differently.

Chloe was getting more and more terrified as he progressed and finally, she knew it was time. He was going to put a horrible, painful piercing in her most sensitive area and there was nothing she could do about it.

She was pulling against the straps almost constantly now, her fear of the needle she knew was coming overriding her fear of a threat of losing her clit completely.

Then suddenly, incredibly, she felt a vibrator, against her clit.

Her body responded instinctively, growing aroused. Her whimpering, at that point had a different tone, as did her crying.

This was another thing he did, forcing her to orgasm, even when she didn’t want to. He’d explained, as he did about everything he did to her because he wanted her to know what was happening to her, that he liked making her cum because it was another way to demonstrate he controlled her body, now, not her.

No matter how often she tried to resist them he always turned out to be right, wringing orgasm after orgasm out of her body, whenever he wanted to, with frightening ease.

This time was no different, and she couldn’t help the growing arousal.

He began to pull on the new piercings and her nipples, and, amazingly, it just drove her arousal higher.

Her thoughts, while incoherent, occasionally drifted to lucidity enough to ask herself, "how could she be getting aroused by this? What kind of a slut was she?”

If he could have read her mind he would have smiled, his training was doing exactly what it was intended to do, make a question her own self-worth, make her consider herself a slut. From there she would eventually see herself as nothing but a whore, and then a hole, and then eventually nothing.

Once he had achieved that he would be able to rebuild her and do exactly what he wanted.

But that was for later, for now, he was using her own body’s arousal against her. He had learned to read her body well at this point, and knew what she was approaching orgasm.

Then, when she was just at the edge he pulled the vibrator away, quickly grabbed the engorged button with the forceps, and drove the piercing needle through it.

The scream of agony was something she could have never held in and she twisted and bucked against her bonds as she did so.

Fortunately, the piercing was already finished, so he didn’t need to worry about it being ruined.

Once her struggles had started to diminish, as exhaustion was quick to set in, he ringed her clit as he’d done with the other piercings, sealing it into place permenantly, just as he had done with the others.

With that done, he grabbed the new clit ring and twisted it viciously.

This renewed her screams and he said, “now you’re done slave. With these piercings in place I can control you even more efficiently than I have already. Do you really think you would be able to resist if I pulled on this,” and he yanked on her clit piercing once again.

Chloe realize, frighteningly, that was true. While he had shown brutal efficiency in controlling her in the past, now, with these piercings in place, he would be able to control her like an animal.

She would never be willing to resist anything, a simple twist of one of her nipple rings, or even more frighteningly, her labia or clit piercing and she would do anything that he instructed her to do. She realized that he had just pushed her further into exactly what he said he was going to turn her into.

She realized that he was turning her into a slave, and there is nothing that she could do about it. It was the first time she’d truly understood and accepted that reality and she felt her will collapse under the weight of it.

For the first time she called him, in her mind, her master, and she, she wasn’t Chloe, anymore, she, was chloeslut.

Her head dropped in defeat.

Her master released her from the piercing chair and quickly strapped her into another. He stuffed her cunt with a dildo and then began to whip her newly pierced cunt lips and clit.

The pain was incredible and she couldn’t help but scream. All while her master was saying, “this slave was told to be quiet and it failed. This slave was told what the price of failure was and is still decided to be disobedient. Is still deciding to be insolent. This slave obviously needs more training.”

Through it all she shook her head, desperate to tell him that she would obey, that she was trying her best but he had gagged her, before starting, with a ring gag, that made any intelligible words impossible.

Finally, after an eternity, he released her and dragged her back to the wall where she usually slept. He said, “the slave doesn’t deserve its mattress tonight. And instead it will be punished extra.”

She almost whimpered again at this point but the whipping, still fresh, kept her silent.

20 minutes later, she almost would believe the whimpering wouldn’t do much harm considering her situation. She was strapped on her knees, to something that she had come to learn was called a Sybian.

It was a vibrator that the master often liked to use to force her to orgasm.

Of course, she was never given permission to orgasm, so any orgasms she had were later punished. She knew that if she was being put on this thing, her master intended extreme extra punishment for her for her failure to obey.

She was proven right when he said, "this slave is going to spend the next two hours like this. I’ve made sure it is well lubricated, but it needs to learn its lessons. When I come back, it will be punished for the orgasms that I know this disobedient hole is going to have. Maybe after that, it will be ready to finally demonstrate that it is able to obey such a simple order as to fucking be quiet.”

With that, chloeslut’s bondage was finished, and the Sybian turned on.

She didn’t see her master turn and walk away as, while he’d removed her helmet to wash it, he’d still wrapped her head to keep her blind. As such, she didn’t see him stop at the door and turn back to watch her body as it was slowly vibrated to the point that her resistance was overwhelmed and she came in the whimpering cry of surrendered anguish.

He smiled, she’d only been here a few weeks, and she was already adapting beautifully.

Typically, he needed to train something for at least two months before one of his acquisitions was even rudimentarily prepared for the block.

If she kept going at this pace, he might be able to cut two weeks off the regular training schedule he used.

He probably wouldn’t, she was entirely too much fun to punish and torture, but who knows, with the right offer he might do so.

With that thought, he opened and shut the door, and went up the stairs, plans running through his head.

In another couple of weeks, he would begin her pony and puppy training.

He could not wait to see her dressed as a full pony, pulling a cart, or blind on her elbows and knees in a full latex puppy suit. After that, he was sure that her breasts would be ready for the milking machine. If they weren’t, that would just be one more thing he would be able to punish her for.

One way another, she would be a fully trained puppy, a fully trained pony, and a fully serviced hucow when she was sold.

She was going to earn him a substantial amount of money, so he would make sure that she performed flawlessly.

im literally terrified of my science teacher

okay here’s why:

1. She’ll give you a warning if you yawn or stretch in class.

For example, one of us yawns, first warning. another yawns, second warning. another yawns, they’ll be the one to receive the punishment which is kinda like lowering your conduct grade or not giving you recitation points

2. stRICT AF

3. make a noise and she’s give u a goddamn death glare i mean it

4. she makes everything seem scarier and harder

5. she put my anXIETY™ to the test by making me pick up small plastic balls by only using masking tape and 2 paintbrushes in front of the whole class and expected me to think of a working strategy in 1 minute (also she almost made me cry since the class was laughing at my stupidity™ or something)

Imagine a group of humans and aliens talking about their home worlds while in the ship’s canteen. One world is covered entirely by water (the crew members from there have to wear special masks to help them absorb the oxygen they need from the air); one is full of rare minerals and littered with what, on any other planet, would be precious stones and one is carpeted with dense vegetation and has the more biodiversity than any other planet.

Once they’ve all finished talking about their own planets, everybody turns to the humans and asks them what Earth is like. They’re only doing it to be polite though. They haven’t heard much about humans (except the usual stories, and only fledglings believe in those) and they can’t really believe that these fleshy bald looking things come from anywhere even remotely as interesting as their own planets.

There’s a pause and then one of the humans speaks up, “well, I come from a part of Earth called ‘England’ and, to be honest, it’s nothing like as cool as your planets sound. It’s alright though. We got some snow last year, so I’m hoping that we’ll have some this year as well when I get back.”

“Snow?” one of the water breathers asks, hissing slightly through their mask, “what’s that?”

“Frozen water that falls from the sky.” The human explains, “it’s really fun to play with. It’s only called snow when it’s soft though— when it’s hard it’s called hail. Nobody likes hail, you can’t do anything with it and it hurts if it hits you. I looked up during a hail storm once,” she adds, “when I was a kid. Huge hailstones and one hit me right in the eye! Hurt like Hell.”

“Is your planet really cold then?” one of the aliens asks, sounding doubtful since nothing has looked less equipped to deal with cold weather than a human.

“No,” she says, “not everywhere. England’s pretty cold, but in the Summer sometimes we get heatwaves. Last year I went out in one and forgot to wear suncream and got sunburn all down my arms.”

“Your planet’s sun… burned you?” a horrified creature asks, “was it painful?”

“Not really, just stung a bit,” she shrugs, “it was fine once the skin started to peel.” (At the back of the crowd that has now amassed around their table a voice says “I didn’t know humans moulted.” and another, horrified sounding voice replies “that’s because they don’t!”) the human continues on regardless. “It was really annoying actually, because it meant I couldn’t go out for a bit without wearing a jacket. Then when my burns had finally healed, I wanted to go to the beach, but when I got there there was this huge thunderstorm and I had to go home again.”

“Thunderstorm?” the word is whispered, mainly because the person asking secretly hopes the human won’t hear them so they won’t have to know.

“It’s when the clouds get all dark and it starts raining,” the human explains and everybody sighs with relief. Most planets have rain. “The clouds make these really loud banging noises,” she continues, “that’s the thunder, and electricity shoots down from the clouds— that’s called lightning. Sometimes people get hit by it, a few people even survive. I once—”

But one of her human friends cuts her off. “God,” he says, “you Brits are so boring, always talking about the weather!”

While she argues with him, the creatures seated around the table stare at them in astonishment and start to give a little more credit to those old stories. Because, though they look pretty harmless, a species would have to be tough to be able to survive on a planet where a person could be pelted with ice, burned by the sun and nearly electrocuted by the sky and then have another person describe those experiences as boring!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much noise Yang Xiao Long must make whenever she moves.

I mean…. 

New jacket? Zipper.

Boots? Zip ‘em up. 

New sleeve thingies? zIPPERS



And that’s ON TOP of a robo arm, to boot. 
Can you just imagine? Yang Xiao Long, charging into battle, and all her enemies can hear….


This child has an obscene amount of metal on her, even if you don’t count the arm. 

little under-appreciated peridot moments that i love
  • “IS THIS YOUR BIZARRE ICON??!??!?!?!!?!?!” (holds up image of a crying waffle)
  • “the fusion experiments are developing properly….a few have even emerged early-EYOOHA
  • That little noise she makes in that moment in Catch and Release where she’s in the bathroom yelling at the Crystal Gems and she’s lying down on top of the towel bar holding a plunger and she almost slips
  • (Steven: I know you use my tooth brush!) “n….no……..well, Yes-”
  • (voice cracking immensely) I h A V EN>T  Cr A C K ED!!!!1
  • when she keeps holding the drill the wrong way in Back To The Barn
  • the one scene that she has in Steven’s Birthday
  • the face she makes in It Could’ve Been Great when Steven says “Just look at that view”
  • That scene in Message Received when Steven locks her in the car and we see her from inside the car and she looks like this
  • That moment in Log Date 7 15 2 where Garnet catches her wearing the alien boxers and she rips them off in the most dramatic way possible
  • W H E N S H E H U G S S T E V E N I N G E M D R I L L
  • That moment in Same Old World where she makes exaggerated sound effects while telling their story about drilling the Cluster
  • Her little hand gestures in Barn Mates
  • The cute little cartoony smile she makes in Barn Mates when Lapis asks her if she’s okay
  • When she puts the tablet on her arm in Too Short To Ride and it looks like she’s dabbing
  • When she keeps saying “ow” very flatly while Steven and Amethyst are trying to stretch her in Too Short To Ride
  • That lil moment in Beta when she’s talkin all casually about the Beta Kindergarten and she just twirls a tuna can in the air using her metal powers while she talks
  • In Gem Harvest when she’s trying to get the Pumpkin Dog to say “clod”
  • In Adventures In Light Distortion where’s talkin about how she can change the settings on the Ruby ship and it’s indirectly confirmed that she changed the settings of the entire ship from The Return so it would be green like her
  • The loud yelling she does when she’s levitating the cars in The New Crystal Gems
  • The fact that she can levitate cars in the first place
  • The way she says “Look at it! It’s great!” in The New Crystal Gems while presenting the new car wash sign to Greg
  • The entirety of her role in The New Crystal Gems
  • Her wet hair in Room For Ruby. I legit screamed when I first saw that
  • In Room For Ruby when she rolls around in the dirt with Steven and Navy???? so pure
  • When she tries to console Lapis in Room For Ruby
  • just…her????? i lov peridot so much
Praise Kink

In which Harry is incredibly nervous and y/n knows just how to calm him down.

A/N: WELL I did it. Barely.  I managed to get this finished before Harry’s single dropped so that I’ll be able to freak out in peace tonight.  I hope you enjoy because this is… kinda filthy.  LOVE YA BUY SIGN OF THE TIMES ON ITUNES!

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strilondes & co stupid s’mores post

Karkat: his marshmallow is engulfed in flames. dave keeps telling him to take it out. this only makes him more stubborn. shut up I’m doing this my own way. he has created charcoal. it is disgusting. he’ll eat it anyway because dave will make fun of him if he doesnt. dave makes fun of him for eating it. he cannot win

Dave: he keeps making his marshmallow touch other marshmallows. except karkat’s because it is on fire. everyone regards this with benign amusement except john who keeps telling him to knock it off you damn doofus you are going to knock them off into the fire. challenge accepted. they are passive aggressively trying to knock each other’s marshmallows into the fire. in an inexplicable turn of events roxy wins. they didn’t even realize she was trying. dave blames john. john blames dave. roxy feels bad and makes them both perfect s’mores after. they accept this, begrudgingly. roxy sits between them. she puts her arms around the both of them. leans forward and innocently asks if there are any other challengers. no one accepts

Dirk: perfectly roasts his marshmallow. burns his hands pulling it off the stick. pretends that this didnt happen. is annoyed by how it is impossible to eat a smore without getting marshmallow shit all over his face. no one look at me. fuck, everyone is looking. rose is raising her eyebrows at him. jake is grinning at him. just eat it. come on

Jake: bets karkat he can eat more of them than he can. they lose track of who is winning somewhere around number nine. karkat accuses him of cheating b/c hes breaking off the graham cracker pieces outside the lines so his are smaller. jake calls him a whiny soft gut wiggler. karkat mashes a half melted marshmallow into jakes hair. they eat six more each and then bond over a mutual inability to endure even a whiff of the scent of marshmallow or chocolate without gagging for months thereafter

Rose: likes her marshmallows slightly burnt. makes fun of dave for barely toasting his. dave scoffs at her. you just like ur marshmallows the way you like your soul, black and shriveled. rose grins. why thank u dave. youre so sweet. she makes aggressive eye contact as she consumes half the smore in one bite. graham cracker and marshmallow go everywhere. god damn smores and their notorious structural instability. dave and roxy snort when they laugh. rose wipes her face with a paper napkin, balls it up and throws it at them. at least my marshmallows are warm inside. yours are cold & nasty and that’s the facts

Kanaya: doesnt super get it b/c lets face it sweets are kind of ???? when you’re a vampire who constantly craves the coppery taste of questionable liquid sustenance. she eats four anyway because it seems to be The Thing. It’s actually not the worst thing in the world. she slowly collects all the dark chocolate. these are mine. jane asks where tf the dark chocolate bars all went. kanaya looks up, a half melted marshmallow speared on her fangs, sucking the melty fluff out of the middle. it was definitely not me, she says, around a mouthful. uh. yes of course not, jane agrees. she sits back down. her eyes are v. wide. no one questions it again. kanaya privately delights at her good fortune. her story is rock solid and no one suspects her at all and now all these delicious bitter bars are hers and also half rose’s because she’s pretty sure that’s how human marriage works ?? ? ..?

Roxy: puts 7 marshmallows on a stick and creates a toasted gradient. eats the marshmallows directly off the stick. dirk informs her the noises shes making as she does this are borderline obscene. please stop. roxy makes aggressive eye contact as she eats the next one in line like a fuckin marshmallow corncob. dirk throws a marshmallow bag at her. roxy asks him if the marshmallow stick hes using has any relation to the one lodged up his ass. jake chokes on his 14th smore. jane apologizes on their behalf to everyone else present. roxy queues another 7 marshmallows, smirking

Callie: collects one (1) smore from everyone b/c she wants to try out everyones styles. she compliments them all effusively but secretly likes jane’s the best. she cant believe shes finally found this, a sweet that she can also roast mercilessly over an open flame. truly these are gods gift to cherubs. she eats them steadily with no sign of stopping. ppl begin to notice. they become concerned. they are running out of marshmallows. callie. callie we had like ten times as many bags as any reasonable group of people could ever hope to go through in one sitting. what is happening. callie waves them off. she’s still crunching away. she is Content

My favourite part of this is,

  1. ‘Caydie’
  2. The entire point of this Quest is basically Amanda asking us to ‘Please be friends with this lonely loser.’
  3. ‘CAYDIE’
worst behavior || nursey + jack


He doesn’t answer him, typing away at his keyboard in a way that’s visibly agitated, or at least irritable. What are normally soft, smooth clicks against the mac’s surface are now harsh, broken-sounding; each near-slam of his slim fingers makes a sharp clack in the quiet of the haus’ living room.

“Nursey,” Jack says again.

The continued silence makes it clear that he’s being ignored. Inwardly, he sighs.

“Twenty-eight, your captain is talking to you. Answer, now.”

At this, the typing stops. Nurse looks up at him, slowly, and his face is so uncomfortably nondescript and blank that Jack cringes a little inside of himself.

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