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'Logan' Breakout Dafne Keen on Audition Embarrassment and Her X-23 Future

1. She comes from a film-friendly family. Keen is the daughter of British actor Will Keen (The Crown, Wolf Hall) and Spanish actress Maria Fernandez Ache, with multiple directors and writers in her extended family. “I remember spending entire school holidays in rehearsing spaces, watching my mum and dad working, and followed them around on tour or on film sets all the time,” she tells Heat Vision. “I went to see Hamlet, which they directed about 10 times, and I always loved it. I remember I used to listen to the actors rehearsing and try to remember all their lines while I played with the color filters they put in the lights.” From her parents, she says, she’s learned about “being truthful, and the most important thing being telling the story, and all working together for the same thing. I love that.” (x)

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// I swear, I have a queue set up so this ooc won’t go on for much longer but I was re-watching Tamatoa’s scene on higher volume and found out something pretty interesting:

Tamatoa chirps!

Well, more specifically, it’s called ‘stridulation’, which is noise caused by rubbing against the inside of a hermit crab’s shell. Some hermit crabs will chirp when frustrated or annoyed. Which made sense for the scene since it was heard when Moana was trying to get Tamatoa to talk about himself and he started to look severely annoyed (’Are you just trying to get me to talk about myself?’). And of course, coconut crabs are just enormous terrestrial hermit crabs. Awesome little addition, Disney!

To hear Tamatoa’s chirp, go to 7:00 in this video: X

To listen to real-life chirps of hermit crabs, here’s a video: 

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A thought; Lance singing Disenchanted by MCR or A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope because they came on back to back while I was reading Langst and the thought of either happening hit me so hard the tears came prematurely

Well I was there on the day, they sold the cause for the queen,” Lance voice rang out loud and clear. Unaware of the four others entering the room, his head phones having blocked out all the noise they had made while coming in. Keith raised a hand to stop Pidge, Hunk, and Shiro. Lance’s voice was clear, unwavering, “And when the lights all went out, we watched our lives on the screen- I hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene.” 

The strangest part about hearing the Cuban sing, was how still he was while doing it- they all noticed it. Normally, Lance was always moving, even if it was just tapping his fingers or shifting his weight to his other foot. But this, this was new. They watched as Lance let out a sad chuckle, muttering some words that no one could catch in spanish before raising the ipod and pressing skip on the song. 

Lance voice broke as he started the next song, “A- A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you and me could end up together,” A breath, “It’s like wishing for rain while you stand in the desert-” 

The next part was sang slow and soft, too soft for the rest of the Paladins to here. When Lance’s voice finally picked up, he stood, “I don’t wanna waste the weekend- if you don’t love me, pretend. A few more hours than its time to go…” 

He glided to the window unnaturally graceful, even for Lance. He sang the next part softly, “ And as my train rolls down the east coast, I wonder how you keep warm. It's too late to cry, too broken to move o-” 

He turned, and was met with the looks on his fellow paladins faces. His hands were shaking as he took out the headphones, “How much did you guys hear?”

To be the voice of unpopular opinion, I actually fucking love Zack Snyder’s version of Superman over the other (movie, not comic) version’s of Superman. When I originally watched Man of Steel, I did not like his portrayal and the movie itself, because it felt like it ended with no consequences/ramifications for the coming-out of Superman and the destruction of Metropolis.

I mean, yes. He was taken into custody by the government, so there was sort of some response to his coming out, but in all the other film version of Superman that I have seen, it never really addressed the actual human response to an alien being hidden among us. I mean, think about the impact that would have on us as humans. The idea that we are not alone in the universe, the questioning it would raise toward religion, the fear, etc?

So, when I finally watched Batman v. Superman, I began to appreciate the DCEU-verse. It finally took the political route that most of the previous Superman movies ignored, and yes, while most people don’t like this dark and gritty version of the famous hero, Batman v. Superman is what truly made me love the hero.

And hearing about that deleted scene from BvS where he tries to listen and find his mother, but all he can hear is cries for help and other noise, so he just breaks down? And people thought it was too dark for him to ignore the pleas for help, but damn.

That’s it.

That’s truly it, because even though Superman is a man of steel, he is also just a man.

A man named Clark Kent.

The boy who grew up in the wheat fields of a small town in Kansas. The boy who went to school and watched cartoons. The boy who fell in love and who cried.

The boy who was made of steel. The boy who grew up human. The boy who became a man.

The man that is an alien, and yet, a man who is human.

I’m just trying to say that these movies made Superman more real to me, you know?

Alex just watched Man Up

And boy does she have some thoughts. @texasblues @whatif-animagineblog, @kaitymccoy123 and I were off-handedly discussing this film the other day and lo and behold I finally took the leap.

May I point out some moments where I simply melted:

- literally that entire sequence where he just babbles when the first meet. He’s smiling *that* smile and I just died.

- when he kissed her shoulder at the cantina

- literally everything with that scarf (up until Sean had it, then it just got weird). I just… I don’t know why but I absolutely loved that so much and it made me feel feels.

- when he was practically begging her to ask him to stay at the train station

- when he brushed her off at the bar when they were dancing because he started feeling feels

- the dancing scene


- when he helped that poor teenager who was vomiting in the sink, like hello??? Real MVP much?

- the way he chugs his beers like a madman, like, please

- when he fixed his hair outside the party house

- when he teams up with that kid to find Nancy, that kid was adorable okay?

- when he made that speech

- when he’s like “don’t make those noises I’m almost at the end”

- when he finally got to kiss her

- when they ended up in the bathroom

- the glimpse of his shoulder in the bathroom scene… like how 19th century of me, I know, but still

- “idiot”

- “blue pieces”

Just… ugh. It was so great. I mean, some of the humour made me cringe a bit, but I really loved it and I think I’d watch it again.

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Lampost licking noises

Since we’re having such a great time listening to Cullen’s beautiful noises, I thought I’d add this as well. I needed some “background noise” for a cutscene and ended up editing a bunch of Alistair’s fighting, breathing and talking noises together… Yes, I felt slightly ashamed when I made this. 

The scene in question can be watched here: 

[ENG] Sechskies Allure Interview (2/2)

[Kim Jae Duck]

You got a lot of new parts in the . What’s your favorite part?

I like the rap part in “Couple”. Tablo wrote the rap, and I think it’s pretty and it suits me well. There’s a part where we all draw a rainbow on stage, and that was Jiwon hyung’s idea.

Are you finally over the deprivation of MVs?
To be honest, I never had that much feelings against our MVs. Old MVs have some cons, of course, since they were filmed at our office or were a mashup of other videos. But I think they turned out pretty well. This time, I tried harder because I wanted to keep showing better sides.

How was the filming?
What I liked the most about it was the fact that I went to Japan with the members. It was disappointing that we didn’t really get to spend much time together except for when we were eating because of tight schedule. We had to wake up at 3~4 AM, get ready, film, and we couldn’t even stay out for long because it was cold. I wanted to watch other members awkwardly filming the couple scenes, but I couldn’t. I watched the indoors ones, but they all did well when they started shooting.

Any memorable episode?
Snowflakes were as big as the \500 coins, so we watched it snowing. Jaejin, Suwon, and I finished first, so we went to Sapporo’s beer factory to get a drink. We also went to a park together, and Jaejin made chimpanzee noises there, which was really funny.

Is the team activity different from before?
I think individual personalities and styles are the same as before. But everyone did get more mature. We all have a lot more responsibilities now. We did what was asked without thinking much back then, but now, we all try to participate voluntarily.

Do you feel that there are a lot of new fans?
When I read fan letters or go to filming sites, I see a few young fans. I think it’s cool. I want to tell them, “You’re sad that you’ve come to know us so late too, right? Since you’re late, please like us more, and let’s be together for a long long time”.

Do you feel the difference between 20th century fan culture and 21st century fan culture?
The most obvious one is camera. Back then, there was no camera even on cellphones, but now, they bring huge cameras to take pictures of me. Not only are they good at taking pictures, but they’re also good at editing them, so sometimes I get surprised looking through my SNS. Also, back then, fans crowded around us when they saw us, but now, they don’t approach us. They just take pictures from far away. But one thing that hasn’t changed is their eyes. Regardless of age, everyone still looks like a young girl because of their innocent eyes full of excitement.  

Do you read all the comments on your SNS?
Yes. Fans leave comments that can encourage me and make me laugh. There are touching ones. By reading those comments, I try to fix my mistakes. I think it’s good that I can always show improvements through those feedback.

Fans call you ‘Duck-Chael’ (Jaeduck+Michael). Isn’t the angel image sometimes burdensome?
It was Michael that came after my name? (laughs). But everyone likes nice people. It’s good that people view me in that way. But did I really seem that nice? I have weaknesses too, but I guess fans see more of my strengths.

What was your favorite move when you were in charge of choreographing?
It was mostly Jaejin who made the choreography, and I just helped on the side. It’s already 20 years ago, so I don’t even remember which choreographs I participated in. I think “Road fighter” was really cool, and “Pom Saeng Pom Sa” was very upbeat. But the recent choreos are more fun. The new “Com’ Back” and “Chivalry” choreos have completely different styles from before.

How did it change?
Before, we almost always danced right on the beat, but nowadays, you split the beat a lot. It gets awkward sometimes because my body’s not used to it. The dance itself did get harder, but it’s also that my brain can’t follow as quickly as it could before.

What was the most exciting moment since the reunion?
I think the most memorable ones are of course guerrilla concert on and our recent concert. At Yellow Note concert, they played a video of our fans singing to “Couple” and that almost made me cry.

Your style changed the most since the reunion. Do you like it?
At first, it was hard to accept. It’s not easy when everything suddenly changes at once. But I just trusted the stylists, and I’ve heard that I look good in the style, which boosts me up. Depending on the style of my clothes, my attitude and facial expressions also change. I like such changes.

Have you gotten used to doing photo shoots?
It’s still awkward. But there’s always an excitement at photo shoot sites. You get to meet new people at a new environment. It’s new, but it’s exciting.  

I’ve heard that you filmed in Busan with the memebers. How did that go?
At first, it was a bit awkwrad because I wasn’t used to such setting, but as time went on, I got to have a lot of fun. I think I would’ve had more fun if it wasn’t being filmed. I try not to be conscious of the camera, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I do think it could’ve been better without the cameras.

Do you have any plan of travelling with the members, apart from filming?
We’ve talked about it, but as of right now, carrying out our schedules is the most important.

Do you have any member that you want to form an unit with?
I think I’ll be able to show stronger sides with the black kies members, Jiwon hyung and Jaejin. We’ve been on stage together just as three, and I liked it. I think it’ll be fun.

[Jang Su Won]

You were the second most active member, after Eun Ji Won.
It might seem like I did a lot because of the robot acting, but it’s only been 2 years since I started doing individual activities. I try to be honest and accept everyone’s opinions on variety shows, and I think people like that side.

Robot acting could’ve created a bad reputation, but it was an opportunity for you.
At first, people did criticize me. Then people started laughing, and it became my charm. My personality and attitude changed a lot because of it. If I kept being criticized like I did in the beginning, I would’ve lost all my confidence, but I was lucky. If this happened in the past, I could’ve been forced to leave the industry for a while. Luckily, it became an opportunity for me.

I’ve heard that you played a big role in the reunion.
As time passed, I started to miss the times we were together more. I was a Sechskies member for only 2 years and a half, but back then, it really felt like I was just having fun with hyungs and friends that I liked. I always thought that if there’s a second chance, I want to have more fun with it.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of idol groups that work together but aren’t close.
I think some friends nowadays want get more attention than other members in the group. There’s no one in Sechskies that wants all the attention in variety shows, or wants to do individual activities like acting or going solo. I think that’s why we never felt like we were in a business relationship.

You were the only person that kept in contact with all the members even after the break up.
I keep relationships a broad group of people I don’t really cut anyone off just because that person is different from me. Unless there was a fight or some harm done, I keep in contact.

Such quality must’ve been helpful in your business.
Yes. I finally understand why adults say connection is more important than money.

Isn’t it hard to both own a business and do Sechskies activities?
I’ve been thinking that recently. I can go to my restaurant once a week at most, and recently, I could only once or twice a month. If the CEO isn’t there, management gets neglected even if there’s a manager. I didn’t know things would get this big in terms of scale, so I had opened up two restaurants. I did it just in case I don’t get work, but it’s now worrisome because we’re getting more work as Sechskies.

You said in that drinking with Eun Ji Won is uncomfortable. Is he more careful after that?
Not at all. That person is never careful to his dongsaengs. He’s only weak to people who are older or stronger than him. (laughs)

You’re the maknae in the team, but don’t you have desire to lead people?
Now I like taking care of people and taking them to places, but when I was young, I liked being with hyungs even if it’s a little uncomfortable. But as I’ve aged, I don’t like it if it’s uncomfortable no matter where hyung takes me. I don’t mind being the one to pay if I’m eating with dongasaengs that I like.

You called a person who nags while drinking a fogey.
Even people who are normally quiet tend to nag after drinking, calling themselves life sunbaes. If I keep repeating myself and nagging a lot, then I’ve become a fogey. I try not to nag or make it uncomfortable for dongsaengs. Even if I do, I only do it once.

How do you want to age?
I want to age fine, instead of trying too hard to look young. I want to look my age, but still have some charm. Just looking young as a “frozen man” isn’t as important. I don’t want to dye my hair pink and pretend like I’m young, like someone.

Are you targeting a specific member?
No, it was just an example, hahahaha.

Were you always blunt like this?
I never showed this side on TV, but I always was in waiting rooms. When filming for a show, I had to wait until other members talk first. Sometimes, I just stood there without coming up with any answer in my head because I felt like my turn wasn’t going to come. Back then, I only sang and other members did the talking.

Weren’t you disappointed that you didn’t have as many opportunities to show your talents?
No. I’m introverted and I don’t think I have that much talent. It was only recently that I started talking on variety shows, because I had a lot of things that I had to do on my own. Even when I talk on shows, I have to first think “What if I say this?” I don’t think I have talent in speaking well.

You’re good at dancing and singing, but sometimes those get covered up by the robot character.
Performances that I had mistakes in on were rehearsals. But I think they just aired the rehearsal instead since it’s not a music program. The robot image does get in the way sometimes, but it’s an image that I’ve created, so I have to bear with it. It’s not easy, but I try not to be stressed about it.

There are a lot of edited videos of your past performances and recent performances. It shows that Jang Su Won is constantly improving.
I don’t really watch either of them. The old ones are too bad and embarrassing. I’m not the type to monitor performances and analyze. I just try my best day to day.

In what aspect are you going to improve more?
Jekki is my one and only goal right now. It’s only been half a year since we made a come back, and we only have one new song. We still have a lot of time left. I want to make better songs, and I want jekki to be more global. Wouldn’t it be possible since YG has a lot of resources? I want to focus on jekki activites without thinking about anything else.

Were you always this ambitious?
Catch me on variety shows saying some nonsense, if this all fails.

[Lee Jae Jin]

Is there a reason you got rid of your SNS account?
Because there’s a Sechskies official website now. I wanted the fans to all gather there instead of being spread out on various platforms. I want other members to get rid of their personal accounts too.

Your hair is blue today.
I just got it done today. To be honest, the members have been suggesting that I dye my hair blue again, in a mocking way. I think they thought that I wouldn’t do it. I had pushed it off until now, but I finally did it.

You’re the only one who did V-live regularly.
I told everyone that I’ll do it every week since other members weren’t interested. I said I’ll do it whenever I go to my art studio, which I go to at least once a week. If you watch the first episode, I literally just draw. Since I can’t really read the fans’ comments while drawing, my professor at the studio chooses a couple of them to ask, and then I answer.

The way you were so focused on drawing in a sleevless shirt showing arms, was like a scene from a movie.
V-app is a live broadcast and I don’t even have a script, so there isn’t really anything to do. It was just my most natural state. In the summer ones, I had to wear sleveless because I get hot really easily. I didn’t really think ‘oh since I draw with my right hand, my right biceps are going to look nice’.

Did you focus on art after the military dischargement?
It hasn’t been that long since I started drawing. In 2010, I had a chance to join YG’s design team. Ten of my pieces made it into Big Bang’s album. And in 2014, when my nephews were older, the company’s director suggested that I should study art. But I really just like going to theme parks and Jeju Island with my nephews. I don’t really spend that much, anyways.

Fans told you not to marry, and you responded with “Then we’ll just cohabit”. Both are taboos in idol culture.
Why does all that matter at this age? I think living together is better than getting married. I don’t have to legally change my address.

You’re good at “fan training”, like deleting your picture on SNS 10 seconds after posting it. You should be good at that stuff, even in relationships.
Not really. You know how people always check up on eachother when in a relationship? I answer if the other person asks, but I never ask first. It’s not like I’m going to run to the place anyways. It was out of respect, but they thought I was uninterested in them.

Contrary to your carefree personality, you ran away when Sechskies was about to disband and hid. It was unexpected of you.
I came to Seoul from Busan when I was in second year in high school. I thought when we disband, my life in Seoul ends. Everything that was right in front of my eyes was about to disappear and I didn’t even know which was going to disappear first, so I was anxious and frustrated. And it took me especially long to become close with the members. Looking back, the members were so precious to me. So I disagreed to dreaking up, but some released their solo album in less than a year, and everyone was living well. (laughs)

You released three solo albums too?
I personally really don’t like those albums. I was just going to enlist after disbanding, but my mom kept saying “why don’t you release an album too?” after seeing other members doing so. I had to release it because of her.

Are you satisfied with the remake album?
Things that reflect an era get old, eventually. So the remade versions are better than the old ones, of course.

You had a yellow badge on you on .
I was working out when the Sewol tragedy happened. I was watching it live on TV, and I was frustrated. I clearly remember thinking “Why don’t they save the kids?” I was really heartbroken. I put the ribbon on to remember the deaths of the young students.

You’re known as the ‘4D, alien’ one, but do you have a member that you think is weirder than you?
Hm. I’m not interested. I don’t really care if there is or not.

Then are you only interested in your nephews?
No! I’m the most important to me. Of course, I blend in well without thinking I need to be the most noticeable, when I’m with my members.

You were in . Have you read some bad comments?
Yes, I read them because I’m curious. Sometimes, I stare at them blankly. I ask myself, “Why do these people put an effort of logging in, just to comment some hateful comments, and dislike the article? Do they really hate me enough to slap me when they meet me in real life?”

I heard you researched where the fans lived and chose the intermediate area as where your birthday party was going to be hosted.
Thanks to that, I found out that Daejeon is the best place for fans from all over the country to gather. I know which pubs are good, too.

Until when do you plan to do Sechskies activities?
I think we would have to see how things go in 2017. I’ve asked the members, “Do you think we’ll do this until we completely lose popularity, or until someone makes a big mistake?” But since we’re old, Sechskies won’t disband again because of individual activities. I am pretty sad that I don’t have enough time to draw for my exhbition, but right now, Jekki is my everything.

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Am I the only one who got really worried when Kimberly opened up the scissors & just kinda held them for a sec w/ no background noise? That coupled w/ the talk about running away, & with the deleted scene where Jason asks her if she was serious and she said 'dead serious'?

ahh you for sure weren’t the only one !! i genuinely Froze in the cinema before she cut her hair as i’d made sure to not watch any trailers or see any posts or gifs before going in (i’d heard there were Too Many Trailers and that basically everything was spoiled so,, didn’t risk it. i’m very glad i did that tbh) and whilst it was unlikely they’d do that in power rangers… it was real scary

also, they definitely knew what they were doing with that scene. the scenes prior had a battle going on, or a car crash, or an argument, or the chatter of detention. it was a big and uncomfortable contrast and i think it really brought attention to kimberly’s headspace. plus, the camera zoomed in and it was noticeably shaking, which could add to the audience understanding how kim felt.

she also completely shut off after being told she was being “cut out” - so much so that she didn’t even flinch when she heard the sudden and loud noise of scissors being stabbed into the wall.

it also helped to emphasise kim’s metamorphosis - the silence ends when she pauses, and it’s a very upbeat song. the lyrics i guess are kinda more applicable to pre-movie kim, but obviously the whole thing isn’t played so it could’ve just been used to indicate the change.

(also again with the change - at the end of the movie, the song over her other mirror scene is full of pride and self celebration and it was shared with moments of the other rangers as to just being for her and that’s Big.)

sadly i’ve only seen the deleted scenes with kim’s locker and the one with trini’s name so i can’t judge that super well but it really sounds like they wanted us to Grasp kim’s shame and her self-hate and everything, as well as her impulsiveness as a trait or a symptom.

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i just made an inhuman noise and fell off my bed because i mentally call you chandler like 90% of the time (the story behind this is that i was watching friends on the plane back from israel and i saw a scene with joey and chandler that reminded me of us and our friendship and so i just sorta started referring to you as chandler or the chandler to my joey lmao) but like i legit just fell down when i read that omg

ok, so this made me giggle for several reasons. number is because apparently the ;ant few weeks when you’ve seen me you’ve been all ‘Ah yes, Mms friend Chandler.’ Also because in my irl friend group from my teens years ( a few of us are still tight ayyyy) I was proclaimed to be the chandler of the friend group (we’re vv similar). PLEASE TELL ME WHAT SCENE

also my new tag for you is going to to be ‘the Joey to Chandler’ cause we’re best friends and so were they and Frankie I love you so fucking much

Thoughts about the BLAME! movie

So I watched the BLAME! movie that came out in Netflix a few days a ago, and as a fan of the original manga, my feelings about the movie are a bit mixed. 

For starters I liked a lot of stuff. The art style was really cool, they nailed the music and the voice acting was brilliant(I watched the Japanese version) I made weird hype whale noises like pathetic fanboy when Killy first fired the Gravitational Beam Emitter, when Cibo first appeared and changed into new body, and when Sanakan appeared. Like dam I had a huge grin on my face when I saw the these characters again. 

Most of the  fighting scenes were good. I liked how in a few scenes they.. how shall I put it… there was a feeling in the manga that some of Killy`s punches and movement were really heavy, and they managed to get that across really well in the movie. The fight against Sanakan was pure hype. I think a bit of a missed opportunity in the movie was when Sanakan changed her gun to her version of the GBE. In later parts she has a shotgun version of it, so I would have liked that instead of a more bigger version of her normal weapon, she would have used that. 

Cibo was fucking tall, as she is in the manga, at least in the beginning. I liked how she, and rest of the characters looked. It was faithful Nihei`s orginal work.

Now to the parts that I did not like. I think there was a bit too much focus on the tribe and their members drama. I would have liked way less that. I guess some of it was needed, but it was kinda odd.. There is very little dialogue in the original work so to see them talk that much was… eh. I felt like it took time away from other more cooler things. 

I don`t think there was any romance stuff going on in the original work during the village arc/part, so to see that there was some of that stuff… was kind of eh.

I think they could have done more with Cibo. She is usually hacking, fighting and helping Killy and others to proceed, so to see her just chilling in the netsphere was kind of a let down. I guess I would have liked her to have a more active role?

The movie was a mix for me, but I think I am going to re-watch some of the scenes that I really liked. I really recommend reading the original manga! 

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Im watching force awakens for the first time since theaters and every time i saw kylo i made a very loud screeching noise and my mom literally texted me and told me to be quiet and stop fantasizing about adam driver

BOIIIIII! oh gosh I remember going to see it in the theatres when it came out, and by that time I had already fallen in love with Adam Driver bc I researched him and so when the interrogation scene came on I literally punched my friend and squealed (but it was ok bc the rest of the theatre was doing the same thing)

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I'm confused, A.D wanted to know who killed Cece, but it seems that this A watched the fight and knew that Mona killed Cece, because 1) because the cece has flowers in the hands, who put? Why was she on the floor?Because Mona looks like after killing her she was shocked and ran off, and I do not think she made it look like a suicide, but maybe someone watched the fight and tried to protect Mona? Or try to cover the liars?When Alison was leaving after arguing with Cece and I heard a noise, was

I don’t think that AD watched the fight. I rewatched the scene and I think someone else was present when Mona and Charlotte had the fight and Mona killed Charlotte, but they didn’t show us the whole Charlotte being thrown from the bell tower and the murder being made to look like a suicide, so I think that may be to come!

I believe the noise Ali heard when she was leaving the church was that of Mona. If Mona didn’t throw Charlotte from the bell tower I think it was someone else who found the body and threw it off and made it look like a suicide because that person believed maybe one of the girls did it and staged it as a suicide to protect the girls. 

Just My Luck

Summary: You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. All you wanted was to find a payphone at a local airport. Little did you know that the avengers had decided to go to war there.

Pairings: none??

Warnings: CACW spoilers, bad language.

A/N: I’m not sure if this has been done, but I wanted to write something funny.

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Stranded. Forgotten. Lost. Yeah that’s what you were- lost. You were supposed to be on a plane back to your lovely hometown, and your phone GPS sent you to the wrong airport. Walking into the airport in search for a payphone, yours was dead, you suddenly realized that the airport seemed oddly vacant. Brushing it off, you traveled to the nearest payphone and called your roommate.

“Yeah I don’t think I will be home by tonight. I will reschedule my flight. No I didn’t do this on purpose, I want to be home in my bed right now. Okay I will call you when I know the-” You were stopped short by a noise. It sounded like metal crashing against metal, like in the movies your brother forces you to watch. Staring out the wall of windows you were startled by something unrealistically big flying upwards. Cautiously you made your way over to the wall only to see a large group of people fighting. 

“What the hell?” You spoke silently watching the scene unravel before you. You suddenly had an epiphany of who they were, well who most of them were, when you saw the red body armor and the U.S colors on a circular shield. Standing there in astonishment. You proceeded to identify all of the other players.   

Black widow. Scarlet Witch. Hawkeye. Iron Patriot. Falcon. Vision? Is that his name? You thought, but continued. The Winter Soldier. You remember reading about himThere is another guy in red and blue, looks like he has a spiderweb design, who the hell is that? There is also a guy dressed as a cat, wait a cat? One guy keeps disappearing and reappearing, he looks like a robot- kinda.

“Holy shit, what is happening?” Was all you could say, but your mind was coming up with a billion questions. Suddenly out of thin air a truck exploded. You ran, you wanted out and you wanted answers. Why were the avengers fighting each other? Is this some type of of training? If they are training why are the destroying an airport? Who the hell is the cat guy? 

You finally snapped out of your mental questionnaire and looked up to see two men running, and by men you mean the Winter Soldier and the Falcon were running directly in front of you. 

CRASH. The man in the spider web suit came flying, well I guess swinging, through the windows. Without hesitation you ducked behind a wall and watched farther. They battled each other, two against one. The handsome metal armed man swung an at the spider, but was stopped short. His face read exactly, what you was thinking. His face read, “What the heck, who is this guy?”

In that moment, you knew.


You ran. Again you were running,and you knew this was the most cardio you had done in months and were not complaining. You ran straight into a stall of the women’s bathroom and hid like a child hiding from a bully who was about to steal your lunch money.

After what felt like ages you looked out of the bathroom window, but you wish you hadn’t. The man that disappears was suddenly the size of king fricking kong!

In that moment you decided that your only form of travel was going to be driving or walking.  

“How do I get the fuck out of this airport?”

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Bts reaction to you swearing for the first time

You: Shit

Jin: Wh…what? (you’re kookie)

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You: Damn it.

Rapmon: No, you can’t say that.

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You: Then I said fuck you.

Suga: Wait what?!

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J-hope- Yall were arguing about why you got home so  late.

You: You know what, it is way too late for this shit.

J-hope: Say that again?

Jimin- Yall were making out, that’s all lol.

(When he kisses your neck) You: Fuck…

Jimin: he was a little shocked but got used to it once yall got into the moment.

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You: V can you just shut the fuck up, I’m on the phone.

Taehyung: laughs cuz he made you mad, but stops making noise.

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(Watching a fight scene): Oh shit!

Kookie: Giggles cause he finds it funny.

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ishimarus bad choice.

all i have to say is this scene legit made me jump idk why, not only because the wording i felt was so abrupt, but the voice sound effect ishimaru makes in this scene, its not just a little yelp like he makes,-he full out starts screaming at you, literally the same exact voice sound effect screaming noise thats used when he watches mondo die. also the new sprite thing has been proven false, however on a second note he sounded a lot more vicious in this scene to me in the japanese version, but of course the way NISA translates some of ishimarus lines in the game they tend to make scenes with him less awkward and more casual…

as for “yandere” like 2chan seems to label him? 

well imo, after playing this scene and looking at this part in his good end where he pretty much forces naegi to become a polictian with him even when naegi objects? 

yeah could be a little.

Well I’m Not NOW! - How #setlock Helped Me Understand the Collaborative Nature of Storytelling in Sherlock

One of the things I am enjoying about the Sherlock meta, which is vastly different from my past experiences with meta for Harry Potter, is the amount of analysis which discusses cinematographic elements and reveals just how much storytelling in a visual medium like this is a collaborative process. Having had the chance to experience filming at setlock this past summer has led me to appreciate just how much more is going on inside of every scene and just how many different people are responsible for the source material some of us enjoy analyzing.  

Twist and Diffuse - Claire Pritchard, dirties up Shezza’s face on the set of HLV.

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Oh my freaking goodness, how awesome is Humans?!!

I’d seen a few gifsets on here and it sounded interesting so I bought the DVDs of Season 1… and wow! I started watching it last night and I carried on today and I’ve ploughed through 7 episodes already and have just 1 left to go!

It’s sooooo good! The concept is really interesting, the characters are intruiging and well-rounded, the way the story is developed is really gripping (I’ve had a good few “Oh shit!” moments where I realised where it was going), it’s just totally enthralling and has me utterly gripped.

And then there’s Leo. Oh my… poor Leo. I mean, he could have been written specifically to fulfill my particular “tortured hero” kink. He’s dark, he’s brooding, he’s grumpy, he’s angsty, he’s in pain. FFS he has a permanent open wound in his side so he can charge/connect to stuff. He’s deeply emotionally damaged, having lived through some really awful stuff and burdened with a digital memory that recalls everything in explicit detail, detail that a human cannot emotionally cope with. He’s permanently hunched and drawn, physically withdrawn from the world/other people, his trauma almost palpable (has anyone else noticed this? He never stands up straight, he’s always kind of hunched over a little, like he’s subconsciously trying to physically make himself smaller/withdraw from his surroundings).

And yet, despite all this, he cares deeply for those who mean most to him and will sacrifice everything to look after them/keep them safe.

And then they went and had Colin Morgan play him. I mean, it’s like they WANT to kill me with feels! 

And ooooh the Leo whump is just deeeeelicious! Guh. Unconscious, bleeding Leo, stuttering back to life when given a charge (oh the little whimpery noises he made in that scene in episode 2 as his limbs jerked and his breathing hitched), those incredible blue eyes fluttering open, dazed and unseeing… gah!!

I can’t wait to watch episode 8. And I’m SOOO pleased there is going to be a season 2!!