the noise inside


- Harry Potter theme GAHHH

- fantastic beasts logo pew pew

- cue grindelwald with hair like the malfoys???

- newt whispering to his suitcase to stop his beasts from making noise inside

- hugs suitcase GAHHH

- luggage gets checked, lock keeps flipping open lmao

- what the hell is tearing up the city holy shit there are rips in the ground and omg what what what

- portentina casually eats a hot dog


- niffler activated

- niffler gets loose in the bank

- newt tries to get back that furry beast

- jacob discovers occamy egg

- casually brings egg into interview with him about bakery loan

- “hey mr british guy, i think your egg is hatching”

- casually apparates with a no-maj to the bank vaults to get the niffler which is promptly stuffing it’s belly with a goddamn gold bar. really.

- jacob is so confused

- newt tickling the niffler to get it to drop all it has stolen awwww

- casually apparates with a no-maj outside the bank

- jacob whacks newt on the head with suitcase HAHAHA

- porpentina whisking newt away to MACUSA (what the hell)

- lift elf???

- wand polishing elf???

- porpentina works in the wand permit office after being demoted hmm why was she demoted from an auror hmmm

- graves comes to talk to her, opens newt’s case to find baked goods

- dun dun dun him and Jacob swapped cases

- mad rush to find jacob

- jacob gets attacked by creatures, demiguise, occamy chick, niffler, erumpent and billiywig escape

- “a moth i think” newt you’re not filling anyone

- niffler be hiding in the wall sneaky little bastard

- so graves befriended credence who he thinks to be a squib

- credence gets called a freak by shaw HOW DARE YOU ASSHOLE

- “I’m not supposed to be bringing guys home”

- queenie just casually reading everyone’s minds

- queenie being adorable

- queenie making the strudel gahhh

- boys get made hot cocoa

- newt casually just stepping into his suitcase like its no big deal, asks jacob to follow

- starts feeding all his creatures AHHHHHH

- thunderbirddddddddddd

- is the reason he came to america in the first place omg

- mooncalves look like baby llamas with huge eyes omg adorable

- graphorn’s be licking his face like

- “mummy’s here” save my soul please

- newt getting all sad about his creatures being in foreign environment, nooo don’t be saddd

- finds niffler in a jewellery shop

- trying to be a stand

- good lord

- sequence of newt flying round the shop on cabinets and spinning on a chandelier what even

- accio niffler

- they get showered in jewellery and get caught by cops

- and then a lion

- an actual lion

- shows up

- what the hell???????

- girls hear noise from Central Park

- “but we made them cocoa…”

- newt strapping jacob into protective gear, “your skull is susceptible to damage”

- erumpent cornering a hippo because it wants to mate HAHAHA

- newt performing a mating dance to get its attention

- at this point i didn’t know how to react with all the weird things he was doing bless adorable newt

- cue running across the snow and ice and capturing the erumpent

- dun dun dun here comes tina (porpentina) who turns them in (WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY)

- obscurus kills shaw at his rally dun dun dun

- they get arrested and newt cries out for his case and its contents not to be harmed continuously. i started tearing up, he really loves his creatures, it was heart breaking

- he looks absolutely shattered when he’s being interrogated by graves who discovers the obscuris he’s been holding onto after separating it from its host before she died

- graves assigns both newt and tina death penalties

- the way they issue the death penalties is awful

- they make use of one’s happy memories to drag them into the veil of sorts. it’s terrifying.

- credence gets whipped by his mum my poor boy nooooo

- porpentina got demoted because she tried to attack his mum


- newt sends out swooping evil to rescue tina

- at the same timeeee

- queenie rescues jacob yay

- cue heart to heart between queenie and jacob over owls and pigeons lmao


- they casually go to some club

- newt spells his tie into a bow so cute

- “never seen a house elf before”

- “my uncle’s a house elf”

- cue giggle water oh my god

- dun dun dun newt pretends to sell pickett and rescues him after


- credence is given a deathly hallows pendant to contact grave good lord

- demiguise looks like old lady with really long fur holding handbag full of candy oh my god cute

- “it’s babysitting” holy shit demiguise be looking after the huge occamy chick ;-;

- flying cockroach

- tiny teapot

- they all go into the suitcase

- cue newt’s really old photo of his really old friend from hogwarts who was a LESTRANGE

- dun dun dun credence discovers the child who is the obscurus aka modesty (is she really?) and finds a wand

- mother proceeds to break wand WHYYYYYYY YOU AWFUL CULT WOMAN

- all hell breaks loose (mother dies YASSSSSSSSSSSSS)

- graves finds credence, completely betrays credence, realises credence is the obscurus dun dun dun plot twist as an obscuris can’t live past the age of ten :o

- cue newt trying to save credence

- cue tina following him

- cue Jacob not wanting to be left behind

- andddddd fight sequence go!

- i swear to god MACUSA don’t know how to take goddamn orders. they flipping killed credence. newt could have saved him. good lord.

- another plot twist, graves, isn’t graves

- newt be like uses his creatures to stop graves and tina has grown pretty close to the swooping evil huh

- reveal yourself dude

- dun dun dun (so many of these omg) GRAVES IS GRINDELWALD (JOHNNY DEPP DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN)

- so now that the whole city knows about magic the world is screwed right? nope.

- cue thunderbird that showered the whole city with a venom that when properly diluted can be used to obliviate someone.

- newt saves the day

- newt is so affectionate towards the thunderbird i cannot even help my soulllllllll


- cue newt bumping into jacob again at the can factory and swapping their suitcases so he gets one full of silver occamy egg shells to start his bakery


- queenie visits bakery, let me cry

- newt be like ties string round his suitcase to stop it from opening erm, that’s not gonna work friend

- has to leave new york

- “how would you feel about me giving you a copy of my book in person?”

- tina is so happy that she’ll be able to see newt again


excuse any spelling errors i watched the show yesterday and i rushed this when i woke up HAHAHAHA

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1 Supercat

Raindrops held to the trees like Christmas lights, clinging to each branch as the fog settled over the busy National City street. The steady hum of taxis and people shouting in the distance couldn’t hold a candle to the noise Kara felt inside her head. She and Cat had walked six city blocks together. It was the farthest she’d ever known her former boss to travel on foot, especially in heels that lifted her well off the ground, making her calf muscles flex and hips sway against the tight fabric of her skirt. Kara tried not to notice, but it had always been impossible.

They were almost back to the hotel. Neither wanted the night to end, that much was clear.

“Are you coming up?” Cat twirled, letting her purse swing a bit before planting her free hand on her waist. She was a few bourbons in, just enough to take the edge off, but not so far gone that she didn’t know exactly what she was doing.

“Cat…” Kara sighed, running her hand through her hair, pushing her glasses up on her nose before sliding her hands into her coat pockets. “I don’t know if that’s…”

“What?” she squinted, challenging. “You think my intentions aren’t pure? I’m not that drunk…”

“Yes,” Kara laughed a little. “You are.”

Cat shrugged, both of them blushing at the truth.

“Fine,” she breathed, stepping an inch forward, reaching out, tracing her finger along the edge of Kara’s lapel. “Are you saying…you weren’t hoping things would end differently this time?”

“I…” the younger woman faltered. “…don’t really know…what I was hoping.”

“Hmm,” Cat mused. “Care to hear what I think?

“Always,” Kara nodded slowly.

“I think…” she began, leaning back against the wall. “…we’ve been doing this dance for far too long, you and I. Too many years, too many missed opportunities and…secrets…left unspoken. Too many other paths…other people…”

Kara swallowed, cringing at all the wrong turns and redirections, the silence, so much unforgivable silence, that had kept them apart. It nearly broke her back then, and it was doing a good number on her now. That, and the way Cat kept talking, making a speech to end all speeches, even as her beautiful green eyes began to water, her skin flushed, fingers playing with the loose ends of her leather jacket, the way she always did when she was trying to look more confident than she was.

“Cat?” Kara finally interrupted, taking one small, very important step forward.

“What?” Cat whispered.

“Please,” she pleaded, biting her lip hard. “Just…stop.”

“Why?” Cat glared. “So you can run away again? Is that what this is…”

“Me?” Kara gawked. “I’m not the one who…”

“Come on, Kara,” Cat dared. “We’ve been together all night and you’re still wearing those ridiculous glasses, talking to me like I don’t know exactly who you are and what you stand for and how absolutely brilliant and brave and incredible you are and have always been, instead choosing to play small, pretending like you aren’t just as riled up, like you don’t want exactly the same thing I…”

Kara stepped closer now, a bit more forcefully, taking a deep breath as she defiantly pulled her glasses from her face.

“Is this what you want?” she exhaled. “Honestly? Because…I’ve wanted do this so many times…so many times…and it kills me to think…to know…it’s never going to be enough to make you stay.”

Cat’s lips fell open, eyebrows crinkling as she faced her own part in all of this, that she too had caused them both pain, that she was ready now to fix it.

“Yes,” she admitted. “It is enough. It always…always has been.”

“Fine,” Kara sighed, licking her lips as she took another step forward. “Then…stay.”

Cat swallowed, tears stinging her eyes as she clenched her teeth.

“Come over here and make me,“ she breathed.

Kara was on her then, taking her in, pouring every bit of truth and forgiveness and longing into Cat’s full lips, pushing her back against the wall, sucking and lapping against her pout until Cat allowed her inside, tongues slipping and speaking, saying more than words ever could.

Characters’ quotes about new pets

(Images courtesy of Klei forums user Instant-Noodles)

Rock den (critter crafting station):

Wilson: Is there something in there?

Willow: Is there anything cute in there??

Wolfgang: Wolfgang hear little noises inside.

Wendy: Oh. The abyss is staring back at me…


Wickerbottom: A perfect hollow for nesting animals.

Woodie: Anyone home?

Wigfrid: Tis a peculiar boulder.

Webber: It looks warm in there.

Maxwell: Am I being watched by that rock?

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I don’t know why I didn’t think about This before, but its probably because im not a sea witch myself, but anyways here me out. Since I do live at the beach I occasionally go out to pick up shells and I do find the occasionally sand dollar.

When I was younger my grandmother told me how the little rattle noise inside the sand dollar was caused by the little doves that lived inside them. And if you found a broken sand dollar with one of the doves inside you could make a wish and let the wind blow your wish away back into the sea.

So I may be wrong on this but the so called doves are broken off pilers inside the sand dollar that broke after the sand dollar had died and dried up.

So don’t be discouraged when you find a broken sand dollar or if one of yours breaks. Plus you can make the sand dollar into a powder and use it for protection or circle castings. And I don’t recommend that you break your beautiful sand dollar because you want to make a wish, but its up to you. And as a side note not all sand dollars have these, and are found more in bigger ones.

So that’s all I have to say! Feel free to add anything if you want.

The Picture Journal w/ Finlay MacMillan

  • What capability would you rather have, a photographic memory or the ability to impersonate anyone without practice? Photographic memory sounds cool. But only if when I blink (to take the photograph) I can hear a small internal shutter noise sound effect.
  • You’ll soon be appearing in the psychological thriller The Dark Mile, concerning two holidaying women seeking R&R but finding anything but… Inverting the central premise, have you ever been in a situation that you utterly dreaded only for it to turn out to be just the opposite? I was home alone and absolutely shaking with terror once. It was the middle of the night, I was extremely tired but I couldn’t sleep for hearing this very low, deep, wheezy breathing noise coming from inside my bedroom. The lights were off but I was too scared to even get out my bed to look around to see what was making the noise. I couldn’t move. I may have cried a little bit from exhaustion. But I plucked up the courage and decided to face whatever it was. And I found, under a mountain my toys/dirty washing – my Darth Vader mask with sound fx included. I was overjoyed and not only was I happy there wasn’t some dying animal lurking in my bedroom, but I found one of my favourite ever toys. I’m still glad I found it, it only happened last week.
  • Do you have a go-to joke, if so what is it?
    Q: What do you call a fish with no eye?
    A: A fsh.
  • What’s your worst ever instance of buyer’s remorse?
    A suit that looked like it would fit me perfectly off eBay but I when I tried it on I almost drowned in it.
  • If you could have been in an acting class with any actor within a 15 year age-difference of you, who would you pick? Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems like a really cool guy, especially with his new production company ‘HitRecord’, it’s impressive.
  • What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever broken? My car *grrr*

  • What is the strangest or most baffling thing you’ve ever found or seen?
    At 8 I found a cat’s skeleton that had been crushed between two rocks in Spain.
  • What doomsday scenario have you thought the most about in terms of how you would react/survive (i.e. zombie apocalypse, asteroid e.t.c)
    For a zombie apocalypse you will need a headquarters with good protection, weapons, source of food, medicine and transport to obtain all of the above (motorbikes and SUVs). An abandoned school or prison could work, as long as you ensure there’s no contamination inside of course.
  • How did you get your first scar?
    Fighting a ninja and a shark. At the same time.
  • You recently worked with Tim Burton on Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The trailers suggest that the story surrounds characters who unlock underlying powers – if you could drastically improve something that you are already capable of, what would you want to become ‘super’ at?
    I would love to be an amazing lead guitarist, currently I don’t play anything that exciting, just chords etc. I really like Eric Clapton’s acoustic version of Layla.
5 facts about Kip Kinkel

1.) Kip had been interested in explosives and guns since his childhood. In fact, after the shooting, his neighborhood had to be evacuated due to the number of functional explosives found in his home.

2.) He was a big fan of Nine Inch Nails; in fact, Kip’s famous line “Goddamn these voices inside my head” is derived from the NIN song “The Becoming”, which states, “Goddamn this noise inside my head.” Kip misheard the lyrics.

3.) He’s fucking cute. Literally goddamn. So adorable. He’s just so goddamn handsome. Like, he’s so attractive. Honestly, just fuck me up man.

4.) Kip was on Thurston’s football team, although he was a mediocre player and tended to sit on the bench rather than play.

5.) Kip was also a fan of Marilyn Manson. Lyrics from Manson’s song “The Reflecting God” were framed on a wall in his bedroom. The lyrics in question were “No salvation, no forgiveness” written numerous times over and over.


(Requested by Anon)

The lights were off and there wasn’t any noise coming from inside. The burglar could only assume that no one was home.

They kneeled in front of the door and silently picked the lock with precision. This wasn’t their first time breaking and entering.

When the lock clicked open the burglar mentally patted itself on the back. Time to make the biggest score of my life. They thought.

They silently creeped in and looked around for anything they could’ve tripped on. Not that it mattered really.

The second they took another step, the lights flickered on to reveal all seven members of the family, all watching the burglar. A few looked amused while others looked infuriated. I would be pissed off too I suppose.

“I would invite you to come in but it seems you have done so already. Might you explain why you’re here? I’d hate to jump to conclusions.” The father raised an eyebrow at the still frozen form of the burglar.

“Uh… I’m here to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?”

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hello~ i love your fic recommendations and if it's not too much trouble can you recommend mckirk fics (on ao3 or ffn) that deal with insecure (and pining) jim? if they have smut, preferably with bottom jim. thank you so much! i love you <3

omg thanks!! <3 dont worry it’s no trouble :D

Do I love you so much that I’m willing to let you go?

A Kiss Between Friends

Yet There’s Still This Appeal + sequel there’s a drumming noise inside my head

Playing Yenta

I think of you whenever you’re not around and you rest your bones somewhere far + sequel How you’ve changed my world, you’ll never know (fem!jim)

In Your Veins

5 Times Jim Kirk Didn’t Do A Goddamn Thing and 1 Time He Did

Show Me


5 times Jim proposed marriage

also everyone should check out this awesome fic that @spacekirk tagged me in :)))

Recipe for Better Days

Originally posted by wonhontology

jooheon x reader 


676 words

@verky nymph wished– Hey, could I get 99. with Wonho or Jooheon? :3 

Hi Love! Thank you so much for your wish, and I do hope you like it! ^^


#99  Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

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Drunk (In Love) (Young!Remus Lupin x Reader)

Request: This was not a request, I was just inspired by a movie quote I have seen weeks ago so yes, Drunk! Remus :)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,023

A/N: I’m extremely happy that I can finally post some shit!

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

Gryffindor common room was empty since it was nearly 2 a.m. in the morning. You had been studying to your Potions test for hours now, praying that your coffee would keep you awake for another hour. You yawned and shifted on the couch to sit on a comfortable position. You were feeling sleepy and the warmness coming from your cozy sweater and the fireplace wasn’t helping you at all.

While you were trying to keep your right eye open, staring at the page blankly, you heard noises coming from inside that caused you to jump. Now you were awake. You threw the books all over the table in front of you and got up, curiously examining the room. Just when you thought you were just hearing things out of exhaustion, you saw a boy walking towards you. You opened both of your eyes widely to understand what was going on when the boy fell down to the ground. Now, you were terrified. You quickly ran towards him.

You grabbed his head and tilted it to understand who it was. You gasped when you saw it was Remus Lupin. Your crush since the day you stepped into Hogwarts. “Oh my god, what the hell had happened to you…” you whispered, staring at him anxiously, not knowing what to do. You sighed when he replied to you. “I fell,” he giggled in the most adorably way that it was possible. You couldn’t help but smirk at the scene, his hair was all messed up, he was giggling uncontrollably and his dazzling eyes were making your heart beat faster than ever.

“Remus, are you drunk?” You asked still smirking. You saw his cheeks were getting redder as he realized what was going on. He didn’t answer your question for a while then shut his eyes: “No, I’m not drunk, I’m Remus,” he sighed and looked at you like you had asked the stupidest question on earth. Now, you were the one who was laughing. “Ok, let’s carry you to the couch as if it’s possible considering you are three times bigger than me,” You sighed and grabbed his arm. He didn’t say a word and got up quickly.

“Look, to be honest I have zero experience about dealing with a drunk person, so please can you tell me where the hell James and Sirius are? I don’t want you to die or something,” you explained as he threw himself to the couch. His eyes were shut and now he was grinning: “They made me drunk.” Then he opened his eyes, staring into yours deeply. You didn’t know what to say or do, you were blushing like crazy, even though you knew he was drunk and wasn’t aware of anything. You quickly stared down at your hands and sat down beside Remus. “Oh okay well then-“

“Do you have chocolate?” He asked you in the most serious voice possible. You stuttered because he was leaning onto your face, very closely. You stared down at his amazing lips and bit yours, trying to control your urge to kiss him right there. You shut your eyes and stuttered: “I-I must have-“

He leaned back to the couch, opening the space between you two again and cut you off: “I crave chocolate so much right now,” he sighed and stared at you. “You smell like chocolate. I love chocolate.”

You couldn’t help but smile and blush. “I-I… Thanks…” There was a quiet moment between you two that made you pretty uncomfortable so you broke the silence: “How did you get drunk, or why?”

He was clearly scared by your question since he was nearly falling asleep. “I can’t remember,” he yawned. “I was crying because of-“ Then he stopped in the middle of his sentence, staring into your eyes like they were magical. “…you.

You were confused, why would he cry because of you. “Me? What did I do?” His eyes were barely open; he pulled you closer until there your noses were brushing each other. You gasped, not having a single clue about what to do. Your face felt like it was burning and his hands running in your hair slowly wasn’t helping you to calm down. “I got you flowers,” he grinned. “What-“

“But I couldn’t give you them- Wait,” He searches something in his pockets crazily. When he found the thing he was looking for he slowly pulled it out of his jacket and gave it you. A bouquet which was horribly crushed by Remus when he fell down probably. “I remember now,” he whispered. You were starting to think that he was just making things up since he was hella drunk. “Remus, what are you talking about?” You asked, biting your lips nervously. He giggled then whispered: “I love you silly! But you are so oblivious. I love the face you make when you are reading a book that you love, I love it when you get nervous while you are talking in front of many people and play with your fingers, I love how everything is perfect about the way you are-“

You were nearly crying now, you felt your like your heart was out of your chest but you were also feeling so warm. However, you couldn’t believe what he was saying since he was drunk off his ass:  “Remus, I don’t think you know what you are talking about. I’m pretty sure you will regret this when you are sober in the morning. We should-“

Before you could finish your sentence, you felt his soft lips touching yours and giving you an ecstatic feeling. A tear ran down on your burning cheeks. His hands were all over your hair, making it messier than it already was. You tasted the alcohol on his lips which made you feel warmer. He smiled into the kiss and you slowly broke it. Even though that was the slowest kiss that you ever had, you were breathless. “Yes, tomorrow morning, I’ll be sober but you’ll still be beautiful,” he whispered, slowly closing his eyes. You lay down beside him, snuggling your face into his chest, slowly falling asleep.

littlemunchkitty  asked:

Can you do scenario where the Sakamaki boys walk in on there adult daughter having sex in the mansion with a random guy just for the hell of it.

Shuu : 

He would walk into his daughter’s room when he’d hear some strange noise from the inside of it, never one second thinking that she’d be having some guy having sex with her. As soon as he’d open the door, Shuu’s eyes would widen and he’d tighten his hold around the doorknob. With an unrecognisable expression, he’d just close the door, hearing miles away the way his daughter would freak out and tell the guy to leave. Even though she’d be surprised that his father didn’t freak out, Shuu would still wait for the guy to get out of the mansion before getting rid of him.

Reiji : 

He would definitely be the type of dad to stand by the door, picking on his glasses and just waiting till the guy puts some clothes on while his daughter would hide her face underneath the sheets, concealing her embarrassment. He’d keep a firm eye contact with the person who had, less than a minute ago, tried eating his daughter out, and wait for him to leave her bedroom. The only thing Reiji would say to his daughter, “Never again.”

Ayato :

Would be the type of father to throw himself on the bed to physically push that guy away from his daughter, not caring that both of them would be naked. He’d throw him aside and become rather violent. Eventually, his daughter would have to stop Ayato from running after the guy, who she’d never see again in her life.

Kanato : 

He would drop Teddy to the floor, stare with wide eyes at the scene. The guy having sex with his daughter would not so quickly notice Kanato by the door, and actually think of him as the daugther’s brother. Huge mistake because Kanato’s reaction would be to do something extremely dangerous, such as throwing a burning candle to the bed and try to burn that guy up. 

Laito : 

Laito’s sudden, low and threatening voice would surge out of him and break the sexual tension going on between his daughter and the guy who would both just notice his presence in the room. Laito’s daughter would definitely freak out and once her boyfriend would be gone, Laito’s comments would be a never ending nightmare. “Couldn’t you choose someone with a bigger penis at least? He looked pretty unexperienced to me, don’t you think?” And so on…

Subaru :

Would. Break. Every. Wall. Chan. In the mansion. He’d practically throw the guy out of the window and still wouldn’t be satisfied. He’d also practically, even though he wouldn’t like it, send her to uncle Reiji to check whether she’d be pregnant or not, worrying if the guy was too rough and demanding with her. He’d be extremely unstable at such times. His daughter would never dare to bring someone home after that.