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Advice for New Voice Actors: A Guide from Codot

I’ve been getting quite a few messages asking for advice in the Voice Acting field, so I’ve written a bit of a guide! I hope it’s helpful.

First off, I would have never considered myself to be an expert on something like this, but then I realised I’ve been doing it for about twenty years now, so I guess I have SOME advice I can pass along.


Nothing pulls a listener out of the world you’re trying to create like those pesky pops in your recordings (Tuhs, Kuhs, and Puhs), or those sharp “Ssssss” noises that slice through the mic. Luckily, they’re fairly easy to prevent. BUT HOW?!? I’M TELLING YOU HOW! SIT DOWN! The best advice? Get yourself a pop filter. They’re relatively cheap and very effective (however, if you are BROKE AF like I was when I started recording, get an embroidery hoop and some dollar-store panty hose and you are SET. No joke – that was my first pop filter. I held it between me and the mic and it WORKED). Now sometimes a filter isn’t enough – if you’re really yelling it out, a filter will not save you. In these cases, you wanna make sure you know where your plosives are, and tilt your head accordingly. You only have to move a few degrees to avoid it – just put your hand in front of your mouth when you rehearse and you can feel where your air is coming from. Just don’t do the whole performance pointed away from the mic – it will hollow your sound out.


You do NOT need top of the line gear to sound good; your performance is what makes or breaks you. That said, you can’t use a headset microphone and expect studio quality. For the best quality (without breaking the bank), I recommend microphones from the Blue line – Snowballs and Yetis specifically. They’re both designed for podcasting, plug DIRECTLY into your computer, and sound incredible! I still use my Yeti every once in a while – it’s a great piece of tech!

WARNING: These microphones, although amazing, rest on your table. That means you will have to pay attention to a few things – not touching the table while recording, not moving around in your chair while recording, and (most importantly) watching your computer placement! If you’re using a laptop, it will undoubtedly be sitting beside your mic and your mic will HATE IT. You may not hear the fan on your computer, but your microphone will. Vibrations will ruin your recordings, BUT there’s a solution! Well, two actually: You can fold a towel up, place it on the table, stack a few books on top of the towel and sit your mic on top of that, OR you can move your computer to another surface. It really depends on your space set up. Just make sure you have a USB long enough to reach the mic to the computer and you’re set.

Now, there’s the issue of reverb in your chosen room of recording. Almost every room will have an echo in it, and you will pick it up. You can prevent this a few different ways - you can spend hundreds on soundproof foam (took me a while to save up for that, totes worth it), you can record inside a closet (brilliant idea, enclosed, clothes absorb echo), or you can drape a blanket over you and your mic (gets warm fast, but it works!). Whichever way you choose, you will notice a boost in quality - the less ambient noise you have going on behind you, the better. All ambient noise in my recordings is put in AFTER I’ve finished editing my clips. It’s the same for any production - if you rely on your actual background noise for ambience, you will not be able to edit yourself properly as the cuts become too noticeable, ESPECIALLY if you’re recording a dialogue.

A quick note about SOFTWARE: I always use Adobe Audition – I enjoy the look and feel of it, and have never really used anything different. However, it’s not free! If you want a great, FREE program for audio recording, I wholly recommend Audacity! It’s a brilliant, powerful, and free program that will give you great results!


There has always been one thing I love about Voice Acting over Acting – No one has to LOOK AT ME. I’m not insulting myself here, I’m just saying sometimes you have to make some STUPID faces to get a voice you want. Voice Acting is incredibly freeing in this regard – you can be ANYONE or ANYTHING, and that is very exciting!

I can’t make this point enough times – in most cases, you’re doing this solo, so DON’T BE MODEST. It will hold up your performance – if you hold back in any way when voicing, you’re only hurting yourself. Sure you may feel silly doing certain things, but no one listening will think that. Some voices give me fifty chins, some cross my eyes, but if I didn’t do it, every character would sound the same.

Now let’s talk about PACING! My Friend and Mentor (may she fight well in Valhalla) gave me the best advice in this regard; she said, “If it feels like you’re going too slow, go slower.” Too often we feel we’re keeping a proper pace when recording, but the truth is we are rushing it. In an actual conversation, you haven’t rehearsed – you rarely know EXACTLY what you’re going to say to someone else, so your dialogue should be no different. Your character needs time to think, to react. If you ever want a moment of high tension, you CANNOT rush it. You need the pauses and the breaths, or else it just becomes unrealistic.



Having clean audio has become a relatively new addition to my work – I used to simply use the Noise Reduction effect on my recording and call it a day, but it doesn’t get rid of the new bane of my existence: MOUTH NOISE.

We do it. Everyone does it. I did it five minutes ago and I’m gonna do it again. We smack our lips, we flick our tongue, we click our teeth, we make stupid noises when we’re not talking, and the MIC WILL HEAR IT. My best advice is, after reducing the noise in your audio (all programs have a basic preset to kill the dead air noises in your recordings – google it to find how to your respective noise reduction), highlight the sections between your audio and reduce the volume to ZERO. Just kill the noise between your speech (the whole sentence, not silencing between every word, that would be crazy) – you can leave the sound of your inhales in if you want, but even they can be taken away for a cleaner sound. Just make sure you don’t chop your words off – especially the ends of your words.

Make sure you clean your audio BEFORE you add ANY form of reverb or echo! Otherwise cleaning is impossible.


Voice Acting isn’t easy. Nothing infuriates me more than actors talking about how they like Voice Acting because it’s “EASY”. If it’s easy, you’re not trying hard enough. You have to convey thoughts, feelings, and ideas ALL WITH JUST YOUR VOICE. Anyone who says it’s easy is a fool.

Always try your best to create something you feel proud of. You take as many takes as you need, but never compromise your quality for the sake of just getting it done.

If you can’t get a voice down right today? Do it tomorrow.

Above all else: HAVE FUN WITH IT

I hope this has been helpful to you – if you have any questions about specific things/things I may have missed, shoot me a message!

Codot xx

autumnnday  asked:

Could you please explain Ne and Ni in a simple way? All the ones I found online are always too abstract and scientific for me... Thanks in advance!!

It’s hard to put an abstract intuitive perception into words, but I’ll try. :P

INTJ friend says: Ne is an extroverted function and draws energy from the objects in the user’s environment. Ne sees potential ways an object can behave and/or develop. Healthy Ne is reined in by the accompanying Si, which, through personal experience, helps the Ne user choose cognitive paths that correspond to the current reality.

ENFP Mod says: An example of this would be a Ne-user reading a book, and not only seeing how the story might play out in future chapters, but also having semi-related (but not identical) ideas pop into their own mind for the story they are writing. They were stumped all day, but the very act of engaging with another person’s ideas has re-stimulated their own ideas and ‘solved’ the problem for them in their mind. This can include people; they may be pondering a person in their life and how to help them move toward a better version of themselves (Ne) and see or read or hear something that ‘applies’ to the person and they believe will help them… and/or that grounds them in Si / reality, because they can use Si to look to past behaviors and patterns, to determine if this new ‘self’ is POSSIBLE for this person or if they will not move toward it.

INTJ friend says: Ni is, unlike Ne, not a function used to measure potential or to ponder simultaneous potential interpretations of objects and events, but rather as a way to apply transcendent meaning, which, to an outsider, may seem like object-distortion or devaluation. Introverted intuition, especially in a dominant position, functions independent of objective reality and looks inward for meaning. If well-developed, it can produce observations that are singular and intense, but not multi-faceted.

ENFP Mod says: Using the same example, a Ni might be reading a book, and rather than truly absorbing what is on the page, they ‘push away’ from the book itself in their mind in order to ponder whatever higher abstract patterns, ideas, or concepts appeal to them; so they may walk away from the book, and have a different idea of what the book was about, than what the author intended, because they interpreted it through their own personal symbolism or concept. Like, an INFJ friend has described to me that she has a hard time looking back on history and seeing people as individuals, even when she focuses on them; they tend to become part of a ‘greater whole’ or ‘ideal’ in her mind. Ni cannot walk away from something without squeezing deep internal meaning from it, which may or may not be even remotely like the object itself – in other words, it may see a raven in a circular ink splotch. A good / healthy high Ni can produce incredibly deep conclusions, thoughts, or even future predictions, but they are always SINGULAR … they are narrow and sharp, rather than broad.

From my own experience interacting with them, Ni types have a hard time thinking in multiple directions or in seeing something a different way, unless there is a Ne user there to present different perspectives and/or possibilities. This is why my NFJ friends have always said to me, “I never thought of it that way, and WOULD never think of it that way, so I appreciate you, because you are one of the few people who can challenge my thinking.” And it’s why, when I need someone to narrow down my possibilities, I go to my NJ friends – because they will listen, filter out all the ‘white noise’ and focus on giving me a single piece of advice and/or help me get away from Ne thinking of too many opposing arguments in order to see the ‘truth’ of a situation.

- ENFP Mod

  • me in the future with a banging house, car, career, and friends: *bringing a girl home for the first time* hope you don't mind a little white noise in the bedroom ;)
  • her: oh, no not at all!!
  • me: *swings open my bedroom door to reveal a lovely room completely lined with large heated, filtered, and aerated fish tanks* paradise~
Desire // 2

Jungkook | BTS | M | 4,708

Part 1 | Part 2

I just want to apologise for this absolute mess - my life has been very busy right now and I haven’t had a chance to write in a while. I began writing this just after the first part was posted (which was a long time ago) and just rushed to finish it in the last few hours because I realised just how long it had been since I posted it. There are probably a lot of mistakes in this and it probably doesn’t make sense, but here it is and I hope you like it!

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This is my (super late) Secret Santa gift for @whatsbrokencanbefixed . I was really excited when I found out I got you so I decided to do two things: a winter themed/ future Bughead engagement mood board and a little short story to go with it!. This is my first time writing something so I hope you enjoy it!!! And Happy Holidays!! 😘😘

Also a special shout-out to @sweaters-and-crowns and @paperlesscrown for being the most supportive friends and calming my nerves down about writing something and sharing it. I love you both to pieces 💜 💜 💜 .

Betty woke up thanks to the sunlight filtering through the curtains. She checked the time and rolled over to her side looking for warmth, only to find the other side of the bed unusually empty. She sat up and carefully listened for any noises that would reveal the whereabouts of her roadtrip, and life partner, Jughead Jones.

After a couple of minutes of not hearing anything, she decided to get out of bed, bundle up and go look for him. There had been a snow storm the day before, so he couldn’t be too far away from the cabin they were staying at. She decided to check the kitchen first - he was always hungry after all. The little kitchen was empty at first sight, but once she reached the coffee machine she found a little note typed in Jug’s typewriter.

She grinned as she read the note. He had organized a scavenger hunt through the woods around the cabin. After throwing on a couple more layers and her new snow boots, she stepped outside, immediately finding the first clue hanging in a nearby tree.

In no time, she found the entrance to a meadow, a little natural tunnel that had been decorated with little hearts with pictures of the two of them through the years. She started tearing up as soon as she saw the first picture: The first photograph showing a 5 year old Betty and Jug, covered in mud and smiling at the camera.

As she walked through the tunnel, she could see pictures of all the life milestones they had passed together. Pictures of their first day of school, their elementary school graduation, some of Christmas time when they were kids. She also found pictures of their high school days together: the two of them smiling at the Blue and Gold, sitting at a booth at Pop’s across from Archie and Ronnie and one of their high school graduation day. 

Towards the end of the tunnel, she could see pictures of the two of them moving into their first apartment at NYU, selfies from their late night studying sessions and one from last Christmas, standing in front of the Rockefeller center christmas tree. The last picture was the most recent one, taken only a couple months ago at their university graduation. The two of them beaming with pride and adoration for each other.

With eyes swelling with tears, she finally stepped into the meadow and gasped. In front of her, the phrase “ Will you marry me” had been written in the snow. She frantically scanned the meadow looking for him, her eyes finally landing on his signature crowned beanie. She sprinted towards him, as fast as she could considering the amount of snow on the ground, and threw herself in his arm.

With a choked voice he said: “So is that a yes?

“Yes Juggie, a million times yes

He retrieved the ring from a snowman built nearby, making her giggle a little bit. With shaking hands, he placed the ring on her finger and pointed at the mistletoe hanging above their heads. After taking her mouth in a searing kiss, he pressed his forehead against hers and whispered: “Merry early Christmas babe”

quizzikemen  asked:

For the prompt 8/ "Why are you so jealous ?" with your babes ❤

This… got away from me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She had not signed up for this. Despite its slowly growing status as a trade hub, Skyhold still lacked a great many things: running water, fresh fruit, and, in many places, ceilings. Yet, to Athi’s dismay, there seemed to be no shortage of paperwork.

Restless and exhausted, she tossed down her pen and leaned back in the plush red armchair, flexing and extending her stiff fingers and twisting her wrists at harsh angles. The creak of the chair’s wood frame drowned out the cracklings in her joints, but she felt every one. Surely, hours had passed and she could leave the rest of her mostly organized pile for tomorrow. Surely.

She blearily looked around to readjust her eyes. Sunlight filtered in through the west-facing window, illuminating countless dust motes which hung weightless in the angled diamonds of light now stretched across the worn wooden floorboards. Long since tuned out, the chattering of Leliana’s ravens flooded back into her awareness, as did the sway of rich ivory fabrics and scented oils.

“You won’t get out of doing paperwork by fouling up the job, you know.” Dorian’s hearty, melodic voice cut into the noise. “Believe me, I’ve tried.”

Athi stared up at him in confusion. “But I haven’t—”

“Your pen, my friend.” He reached down and picked up the implement, depositing it with a clatter into the inkwell. Athi groaned as she saw the small, but spreading, puddle of ink which now marred the top few pages of her pile, and hurried to stem the flow.

“It seems you’ve been betrayed by a writing implement.” Dorian sighed dramatically. “Oh, how exciting your life is!”

She briefly looked away from her small disaster to glare at him. “Can I help you?”

“I seriously doubt it. My problems are, after all, incredibly complex.”

“Don’t test me, pretty boy,” she warned. “I am hungry and tired, I just ruined a half hour’s worth of work, and I will absolutely take it out on you.”

Dorian looked affronted. “Pretty boy? Honestly, I am grateful that you recognized my stunning good looks, but you could at least try to be less disparaging with your compliments next time.” Athi rolled her eyes in response.

“Regardless of your attempts to shoo me away,” he continued, leaning against the bookcase, “I’ve only come to remind you of the time, which happens to be the usual one for supper. I’ve noticed you tend to forget about it. Now, before you take that as a slight, please keep in mind that I have done this because I am a good person, who deserves better treatment than that which I’ve recently received.”

Athi shook her head, but smiled at his poorly masked thoughtfulness. “I’ll inform Josephine—see if we can’t get a new Inquisitor around here. Perhaps one more inclined to appropriately flatter handsome men?”

“Well, not all the handsome men. My goodness, we’d have a veritable menagerie of peacocks strutting about! No, I suppose we shall have to suffer your half-hearted accolades. For now, at least.”

“Such a martyr,” she teased, moving toward the door. “Will you join me?”

Dorian gave a dramatic sigh and walked over with another flourish of his hands. “Oh, I might as well. You’ll need someone to entertain you while you eat, I suppose.”

“That’s exactly it.”

As they passed by the balustrade, the sound of faint feminine laughter drifted up from the room below.

Solas’ study.

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Making your Choice, Part 2 Drake x Mc

So, I got a lot of love for Part 1, and what was really just me being pissed off with Drake has progressed to a Part 2. Thank you to all that read, like and comment. So here is Part 2, from Drake’s perspective. Probably full of the usual typos etc. as currently have my 3 year old sitting next to me writing Christmas cards, while her 2 year old brother eats Play Doh. So yea, writing about that Marshmallow is a little escapism for me.


I sat there, alone in the dark for a long time after she’d left. I knew I’d hurt her, the strangled sound of a muffled sob had filtered down the corridor she’d disappeared into. The noise had stung, pouring salt into the open wounds she’d torn with her words. Part of me was screaming internally for not going after her, but the more rational side was allowing me to process her words, and discover if there was any truth in them.
This has always been down to you. Am I worth you losing Liam?
Was this why I had kept her at arm’s length? I thought I was allowing her the option of choice, but subconsciously was I working out if she was worth me losing my best friend? The fact that I was even having to consider this made me realise that there was probably some element of truth in what she had said. It was making me feel pretty shit. I’d spent much of the time I’d had feelings for Riley beating myself up for falling for the girl Liam liked, no, loved. After years of trying to protect him, I would be the one who could potentially break his heart. I ran my fingers through my hair, feeling restless, needing to move, needing a purpose. She had been right, I didn’t want to lose Liam. But, she was wrong, I couldn’t lose her either. I needed her, and she had always been worth it. She claimed my thoughts, night and day, and the fact that she was so open about her feelings for me had made me open in ways I never had before. I downed the rest of the whiskey she’d left, mind made up and needing the courage the liquor provided.
I stood up, having had enough of thoughts, the time was for action. I made my way soundlessly along the corridor until I found her room. I tried the handle, and found it unlocked. I crept in, before pushing the door shut again. She was lying face down on her bed, still fully dressed, but the gentle rise and fall of her back told me she’d fallen asleep. I had been counting on her being awake, I felt like a bit of a creep for sneaking in whilst she was unconscious. I’d only come straight in so as not to alert any nearby guards. I began backing towards the door, when she snorted and turned her still sleeping face in my direction. I couldn’t help but let out a snort of my own, loving the unbecoming act on her. How did she make snorting sexy?
She awoke abruptly, and when she opened her eyes, I could see the red and the puffiness that told me that she had indeed been crying. She also looked livid, I’m pretty sure I was close to getting hit. Sighing, she pulled her knees to her chest, and gazed at me with a resigned expression.
“Just get on with it Drake, I’m tired.” She started playing with a loose thread on the bedspread, and I couldn’t help but watch the action, hypnotised by every little thing she did.
“Riley, I’m sorry, you were right.” The use of her first name registered and she lifted her gaze, the thread left in peace. I sat down on the bed next to her, but left a gap to give her some space. Her arms were still tightly locked around her knees, and even though I had caught her attention, she still didn’t look particularly eager to see me.
“The great Drake admits he’s wrong, wow, how often does that happen?” her voice is unbelievably flat, and has none of its usual warmth.
I smiled feebly, “Not as often as it should Tanner.” I had never been good with words, and sorry just wasn’t enough. I wanted to find the words to tell her that she was the first thing I thought of in the morning, and the last at night. That everywhere I went, everything I saw, smelt, ate, heard, I instinctively knew if she’d like it. That her very presence melted my core and I was a nicer person for knowing her and being at the receiving end of her tenderness. But I didn’t. I just sat there, waiting for the softening of her eyes that wasn’t coming. She needed so much more than sorry. I lifted my hand and gently traced the outline of her face with a gentle finger. She froze, but leaned slightly into my touch once she’d recovered from the shock. I traced around her ears, her mouth, her eyebrows, memorizing everything I could about her, and relishing that she hadn’t pulled away.
“You’ve always been worth it Riley. I don’t want to push you away. Please…Please help me. I don’t know how to share how you make me feel.”
She unlocks her arms from her legs and kneels on the bed, gently placing her arms around my neck. I close my eyes, savouring the feel of her touch.
“Then show me” she whispers.
I dip my head, and softly touch my lips to hers. I take my time, savouring the taste, and the feel of the girl in my arms. My girl, I realise, cursing my stupidity at not realising this sooner. She’s never looked at Liam the way she does me. My hands pull her closer, we’re flush against each other, and I continue kissing her, her jaw, her cheek, her neck. Reluctantly, I pull away, leaving us both panting heavily. I lean my forehead against hers.
“I’ve been an absolute jerk Tanner, I know. But if you’re truly happy to have me, I’m yours, and have been ever since you threatened to knock Olivia out”, she chuckles lightly, but raises an eyebrow at me.
“Here comes the Drake ‘But’, go on” I roll my eyes, and cup her face gently.
“But” I exaggerate slowly, earning a thin smile from her. “Please let me do right by Liam. I know there’s a chance I’ll lose him forever, but if I handle things right I might not. Don’t you ever question again that I will ALWAYS choose you Riley, I love you”.
An enormous beam breaks out on her face as she assaults me with kisses peppered everywhere.
“I love you too, Mr. Walker, and I will always choose you too, even if sometimes you are a self-absorbed, brooding Jerk!”
“Hey!” I say with no real conviction, and bring her close, enjoying the calm before the inevitable storm.

Just what I need, part 2

Harry Styles - 1195 words

And so Harry gets introduced. Liam might not seem like such a nice guy, but it is a Harry short story and someone has to be the dick. This time it is Liam.

Part one can be found here.


“Ah there she is, damn girl it’s been forever. Have you lost weight?” Naomi pinches the skin near my hip and I wince before slapping her hand away harshly, a growl leaving my lips.
“Nice to see you as well, Naomi. And yes I did, wasn’t able to eat properly for weeks.” I roll my eyes as I recall the fever and stomach aches and the overall ‘let’s just sleep all fucking day’ mood I experienced in the last week and a half. I walk with her past the dancing or animatedly talking teenagers to our friend group occupying one of the booths in the back.

“Y/n, risen from the dead!” Niall chimes as he stands to his feet to haul me into one of his warm bear hugs and I chuckle as I awkwardly pat his shoulder blade. “Hi Niall, missed you too.”
“Where is lover boy?” He raises his eyebrows multiple times but when I reciprocate with just a simple eye roll, his face contorts into something that resembles pity.
“Again?” “Again.”

“Annie, how are you?” I smile at Niall’s girlfriend, Annie, pressing my lips to her cheek as I let my nimble fingers squeeze her shoulder briefly in acknowledgement. I always enjoyed Annie’s presence, even though she was quite a shy one and took forever to open up to either of us. Although I think that was Naomi and her big mouth’s fault because she could scare any person away, even if she didn’t want to.
“Lovely to see you again, Y/n. I’ve missed you, Naomi was mean.” Annie smirks before winking at Naomi who holds her hands up in protest and I send my other friend a small glare before bursting into chuckles and standing to my full height again. I didn’t realize how much I have missed each and every single one of them until now, that I have them all together again. Some, like Annie, didn’t have finals in the last month and were able to just enjoy the company of other people like Niall, who only had two exams. I almost think about hugging Annie again for good measure but I’m sure they’ll think I am completely and utterly insane. Maybe I am a little. You go completely mental when you’re cooped up in your flat, all by yourself, for almost two months straight. I would know.

“Y/n, I don’t think you’ve met Harry Styles already.” Niall states as he steps aside and my eyes meet with the most dazzling eyes I had ever had the privilege to experience.
“Y/F/N   Y/L/N.” I hold out my hand with a small smile gracing my lips, and by now I was thankful for the dim lighting of Louis’s bar so Harry couldn’t see the deep, dark blush I was sporting just now.

“Harry. I’ve heard so much about you already, finally I can pinpoint a face to it.” Harry smiles and when his hand touches mine for the briefest of seconds, I think I am already drowning in his eyes.
“I can say the same for you. Only good of course.” I let my hand drop to my side once more and awkwardly turn to take a seat across from Harry, next to Annie.

“Y/n, your usual?” Naomi asks and it takes me a while to register her presence as I catch myself staring at Harry. I swiftly turn my head and Naomi winks at me before impatiently starting to tap her heel against the old, battered up wood. “Uh, yeah, ‘s fine.”
“So don’t tell me Liam is already on a date with that beloved Mr. Richards? He might as well kiss up miss Alma’s butt as well.” Niall groans and glares in my direction, although I know it is meant for his one of his best friends.

“I’m always getting the same excuse. You know how important it is to me, babe.” I over exaggerate on the ‘babe’ and Annie snorts beside me, holding her hand in front of her mouth to muffle whatever noise might come through. “Allow me to speak freely,” Niall starts but waits until I nod my head at him to continue, “If he keeps this up, there might not be a relationship to come home to?” You would think that I’d put on a filter if I were a night out with our mutual friends. But they had seen the way Liam acted, how he acted around pretty girls and even better – the way he did when he was drunk. It wasn’t like he overly aggressive or anything. But I had the tendency to not keep my big mouth shout, ending in a screaming match between us both, in the middle of my hallway, or Niall’s, every single time he had a drink. Which was often. Niall knew how much effort this relationship sometimes cost me.

“You’re hitting the nail right on the head. I am thrilled for him to grasp such opportunities, but I’m not some desperate housewife that is going to wait around until he has lived his life. As much as I love Liam, fuck no.” I feel Harry’s eyes burn into the side of my skull and let my gaze wander over his, seeing his eyebrows furrowed as if he were in deep thought.

“Liam has changed. And not for the better.” Niall nods his head along with me and Naomi appears in sight again, a platter filled with our favorite drinks balancing on her right hand. “Liam will come around, don’t worry Y/n.” “I’m not worried about anything.” I counteract immediately. I don’t want these people, my friends, to think I couldn’t survive without Liam. When we first started college, well Liam a year earlier than me, I was already his girlfriend and by his side. These people have never known any different and sometimes I believe they think I cannot exist without Liam. There was a time I believed that same statement was true. But during the last two years, having to take classes alone, try to find a job as a waitress and doing an internship at Mr. B, I had traded my caterpillar look for my butterfly wings and I had never been this steady in life as I were now.

“Great to hear,” Naomi states chirpily and she throws a wink my way and I know she did that on purpose to drop the subject all together for the night. “So Harry, did you find a new flat by now?”
My ears perk up in interest when I hear Harry mumble  no as he brings the beer bottle to his lips.
“Kind of getting desperate now, I have to be out by the end of the month.”

My fingers curl around Annie’s thin wrist and I squeeze it to gather her attention. A hum leaves her lips and she stares at Harry for a second more before her eyes flick to me and I lean in.
“He was an okay guy? Right? Not complete insane or anything?” Annie nods her head and her eyes widen, her hands clapping together as if she were a retarded seal, gathering everyone’s attention.
“Y/n has a room for rent.”

You can read part three right here.

Lots of love,
L. xox

Oookay mainly just throwing this together for the lovely mantraswag, but for anyone else who’s curious, read on for bOH’s Guide To Quick And Dirty Screenshot Editing! (under a cut because it’s image-heavy obviously)

Disclaimer: obviously this is only the way I do things, I know everyone has their own workflow and preferred look, and obviously Photoshop has about 20000 ways to accomplish the same thing, but these are more or less the steps I follow for all of my edits!

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When I was a child, I had this theory of the Clone Wars that I only shared with my one friend who made a lego Millenium Falcon. I thought the Jedi faced off against evil Jedi Clones. Bear in mind, you’ve got to filter this through the mind of a 9 year old, so there was a lot of me making explosion noises with my mouth. To this day though, I still think that’s a cooler concept than what we got. 

I want to do a series of paintings based on how ungodly annoying tinnitus and visual noise are. I loose sleep over it. If you’re familiar with the sounds that any kind of battery charger makes, or that high pitched whirring a lot of televisions put out when they’re turned on, that’s very close to what I hear in my head 24/7, and it is subjective as only I can hear it. I also have visual noise…and it looks like a low opacity noise filter on everything. After doing a lot of reading on what little info there is, visual noise and tinnitus are often paired up for many people. I hate it. Its not painful, but my tinnitus is so ‘loud’ at times, it seems like it should be. I have no idea what silence is. I’m not sure where the tinnitus stemmed from, but I am certain is was because of very loud music that played frequently for years(which was beyond my control.)Sometimes there seems to be two or three separate pitches, sometimes one. A part of me feels everyone may have visual noise to some degree..they just never notice it. I asked a few of my friends one night If they saw any type of noise-like filter, and they did…admitting they never noticed it before. It may be the same with most ignoring their nose in their visual field…while some acknowledge it. Idk, I could be terribly wrong and there are people that see noisless. I can’t even imagine what that’s like. If you’re ever in a dark room, if you see countless noise dots…or whatever they are, that’s visual noise. I see it in any lighting condition, though brighter areas tend to have less noticable noise..probably because my noise ‘color’ seems to be lighter. It shows up most at night and on black. I have good vision and I can hear fine as far as I know. Above all, both are incredibly irritating.


“Are we not going to talk about it, then?”

“About what?” Céilí sipped her tea and typed another message on her phone, not raising her head. Ellery gestured uselessly between them. “About what happened on Christmas day.”

She blinked and looked up. “Nothing happened on Christmas day. I remember you dropped the keys off and then I was terribly, violently ill and felt sick for the rest of the day.” Her phone beeped and she picked it up, chuckling at the snapchat filter that had been used.

Ellery made an exasperated noise. “So it’s just going be like that - wait.” He frowned and made an undignified lunge over the counter to pluck the phone out of her hand. “Is some guy sending you nudes!?”

“No.” She took it back. “That’s the university professor my friend is shagging. Do you like the look of him? I could get his number for you.”

“Fuck you, Fitzgerald.”

“No thankyou.”

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13 with Luke?

13 Luke

You’re my best friend, nothing more

Luke, me and the boys were sitting on their tour bus couch, Luke and I watching while the other 3 boys played Super Smash Brothers. I grabbed my phone and started playing around with the filters on snapchat and pointed the camera towards his face. Luke was too fixated on the the screen and the intense game between the 3 guys. I giggled to myself at the sight of him wearing the pretty flower crown, and tried to take the picture not realizing my sound was still on, and the loud clicking noise came on. Luke instantly snapped his head at me and a look of confusion washed over his face. I put my hand on my mouth and and tried to stop myself from smiling.

“What’s so funny?” I shook my head and pursed my lips, but Luke didn’t buy it.

He reached his long arms over to me and tried to grab my phone out of my hands.

“Luke no! Stop!” I laughed while he continued to grab at my phone.

“You better delete whatever picture you took!”

“No it was a cute one! I swear!” He was now on top of me and we both had a grip on my phone. We were both laughing so our grips weren’t as strong and I could practically feel his breathe on my own lips and I couldn’t stop smiling at the sight of his smile.

We didn’t realize it but all 3 boys had finished their game, Calum being the winner, and they were all smirking at us. Luke cleared his throat and sat up straight again, me doing the same thing and put my face close to my phone as I scrolled through Instagram. Calum chuckled and set down his controller and crossed his arms.

“Having fun their guys?” Ashton and Michael laughed along with Calum.

“Of course, I mean, Y/N is my best friend, nothing more. We’re suppose to have fun right?” He elbowed me in response and laughed. I faked laughed with him but not going to lie, hearing that I’d only ever be Luke’s best friend hurt. Ever since high school when we first met, and we both absolutely had no friends, I always admired Luke in many areas. I loved the way he laughed any joke someone said, how he would give me the longest and tighest hugs as if he was afraid of letting me go, I loved the way he eyes lit up whenever you asked him about his music and his YouTube channel. And let’s be honest, Luke is one handsome fellow, and always has been in my eyes.

I continued to look down at my phone with one of my hands underneath a pillow and one holding my phone, looking through pictures fans had tagged me in with the guys. I could feel a sudden presence of heat next to my hand, and I looked down at it. Luke’s hand was right there, skin to skin, and I could feel his arm hairs touching me. He was looking down at our hands and tried to smoothly place his in mine, intertwining our fingers underneath the pillow. Luke looked up at me and slightly smiled. I could feel my face going red and locked my eyes on the screen, feeling Luke’s thumb rubbing over mine. He leaned in closer, the boys to busy focused on the new game they were playing to notice, and he whispered to me, “Shhhh don’t tell them.”

When you are on a tumblr break but your phone tree is burning up with notifications how they HELD HANDS how HARRY IS PART OF OT4 AGAIN how the serenading and the happiness is next level….

We started with Lairport in Feb. No pics together. No touching. And now we have a firm handhold and eternal fond and happiness on their faces.

And I see anons complaining like… are you kidding me???

Take a tumblr break then you have some perspective my friend because all you will see is happy pics and gifs and the noise is filtered out because the bs won’t get to you. ONLY.FACTS.

And fact is my friend is that Larry is the realest.