the noise filter is my friend


“Are we not going to talk about it, then?”

“About what?” Céilí sipped her tea and typed another message on her phone, not raising her head. Ellery gestured uselessly between them. “About what happened on Christmas day.”

She blinked and looked up. “Nothing happened on Christmas day. I remember you dropped the keys off and then I was terribly, violently ill and felt sick for the rest of the day.” Her phone beeped and she picked it up, chuckling at the snapchat filter that had been used.

Ellery made an exasperated noise. “So it’s just going be like that - wait.” He frowned and made an undignified lunge over the counter to pluck the phone out of her hand. “Is some guy sending you nudes!?”

“No.” She took it back. “That’s the university professor my friend is shagging. Do you like the look of him? I could get his number for you.”

“Fuck you, Fitzgerald.”

“No thankyou.”

When you are on a tumblr break but your phone tree is burning up with notifications how they HELD HANDS how HARRY IS PART OF OT4 AGAIN how the serenading and the happiness is next level….

We started with Lairport in Feb. No pics together. No touching. And now we have a firm handhold and eternal fond and happiness on their faces.

And I see anons complaining like… are you kidding me???

Take a tumblr break then you have some perspective my friend because all you will see is happy pics and gifs and the noise is filtered out because the bs won’t get to you. ONLY.FACTS.

And fact is my friend is that Larry is the realest.