the noel alphabet

aphrodite is a girl who sits
in in colors of pastel
pink and creamy white, those silky skirts
gathered around her ankles. ivory
fingers play with a string of
pearls around her neck, pulling at the thin
thread that holds them
together —- a silent threat to cause
a spillage.

her lips curl at the corners, each layer
a shade of rose. a single ring decorates her 
right index finger, and she brings
it to her lip, tapping

she is made of white
roses and closely cropped
locks of gold, a band of seashells
decorating her crown. 

—– THE GREEK GODS ALPHABET / aphrodite | noel v.

ares is the boy with messy brown
tresses, who spends hours a
day tending to those bleeding knuckles
he acquires…. there’s never
a straight answer
for them. nothing more than

“i got into a fight” then silence
as bandages rustle and twist
round and round
each finger. he’s the boy
you can always

find covered in crimson
blood, small beads of
sweat lining his
brow as he once again
touches that scar on the side
of his cheek.

he’s something of a broken
marble statue —– cracking and
cracking by his own hand.

—– THE GREEK GODS ALPHABET / ares | noel v.