the noble ancient house of black

When Sirius gets sorted into Gryffindor, Regulus spends the whole year at home listening to his parents rail against Gryffindors and talk about what a traitor his big brother is. So the next year when it’s his turn to put the hat on, he tells it firmly that he must be a Slytherin. The hat simply responds, “You’re braver than you think,” before it shouts “Slytherin!” Regulus gets up and he can see the disappointment in Sirius’s eyes as he makes his way to the cheering Slytherin table.


We need more posts about why Andromeda Tonks is incredible and you should bow down to her

  • The second eldest Black with so many expectations already on her young shoulders when she began her education at Hogwarts.
  • Slowly unlearning all the blood prejudice and classism her family raised her on; getting into fights with Bellatrix and her cousins because of it.
  • Meeting Ted and liking him, amazed that he sees past her family to who she was. Both knowing when their relationship becomes public knowledge it will be bad, and trying to prepare the best they can.
  • When her family was informed everything goes to hell. Her parents threaten disownership, her sisters act like she isn’t there. Andromeda knowing she can’t live like this, and knowing what she was about to lose.
  • Marrying Ted Tonks in a muggle ceremony because she knew none of her family would come. Several days later receiving a letter written by her father’s secretary informing her that she was officially removed from his will, was disowned, and that Walburga had already scorched her off the family tapestry. They do not contact her again.
  • The First Wizarding War had already begun, rapidly gaining momentum after she was married. Learning that Bellatrix had taken the mark and was moving into Voldemort’s inner circle. Swallowing back the fear that her own sister would have no qualms murdering her husband.
  • Realizing as the war ground into them that not only had she lost all her family, she now had to face the possibility of losing Ted and Nymphadora as well.
  • Then Voldemort was defeated on October 31, 1981 and she thinks she can finally breathe again.
  • Gradually coming to terms that she was still isolated from her family; Bellatrix was in prison, so was Sirius (which was harder to accept than anything the rest of her family did), Narcissa wouldn’t speak to her, most of the wizarding world still saw her as a Black and a Slytherin. Even though the war had ended she had to keep fighting.
  • Nymphadora finished school and decided to become an Auror. Which wouldn’t be so terrifying if there wasn’t so much happening in England and at Hogwarts; strange whispers from wixes that supported Voldemort.
  • And then Sirius escaped Azkaban and all hell broke loose again. Because what if he went after her? Or Ted? Or Dora? And it’s a year filled with restless nights.
  • She had to hold back her fear and panic as she heard about the Quidditch World Cup because Dora was there fighting Death Eaters and there was nothing she could do to protect her.
  • Albus reinstating the Order and asking Dora to join. And Andromeda could only watch and listen as her friends and child and people she loved ran head first into danger over and over again.
  • She’s happy that her daughter had found love; but somewhere deep inside there was that fear. Because he’s a werewolf. And the hair prickled on the back of her neck knowing what he could do, remembering all the things her family said.
  • And the war gets worse, her daughter and son-in-law hiding in their tiny house. Hiding members of the Order between missions, hiding muggle-borns who were now considered fugitives by the Ministry, fully aware that should they ever be found out the consequences would be Azkaban (if they were lucky).
  • Molly flooing her at nearly midnight and there was blood staining her apron and Andromeda couldn’t breathe, so sure it was Dora’s. And the sigh of relief that came when she learned it was George. Hearing from Hagrid how close her daughter came to dying; how close all of them were. But Harry was safe. The mission was a success, and that is what they all need to focus on now.
  • And then it happens all too quick and too fast. Death Eaters come and they are taken to be ‘interrogated’. Trying to be strong as she was tortured, blocking out the screams coming from other rooms as she says over and over that she didn’t know anything.
  • Coming home and finding Dora there, telling Andromeda that she was pregnant and Remus had gone. He returns, in time, but she couldn’t help feeling the anger bubbling in her chest.
  • Having to find the strength to be strong for herself and for her daughter as she hugged her husband tightly, telling him to be safe. Both of them aware that he may never come home. Having to stay strong as her daughter and son-in-law fight, as her world comes to shit.
  • Hearing about Harry and Ron and Hermione and thinking they are only children. And the heavy expectations placed upon their shoulders.
  • Finally falling apart as she heard over the radio static that Ted was gone, her world shrinking down to the ache in her chest.
  • Smiling through the tears as her grandchild is born; Teddy, a sweet boy with blue hair and his father’s smile.
  • Holding tightly to this small child as her daughter and son apparated to Hogwarts. Knowing in her heart her daughter was gone before word even reached her. Trying to celebrate with the rest of the wizarding world, but all she could feel is grief.
  • Yet she managed through all that to raise Teddy. Sweet, kind Teddy who was as much a part of Harry’s life as he was hers. Seeing the best parts of those she had lost shining through in him.

Andromeda Tonks is made of iron, do not dare tell me otherwise

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Latin phrases or just phrases in general?

omg this is a cool question, let me try to recall some of my favs:

  • per adua ad astra, and all it’s variations (per aspera ad astra, sic itur ad astra, and so on). they’re all various ways of saying “through hardship, you will go the stars”. Idk, ever since I first learned the phrase, it’s always stuck with me as one of the most beautiful expressions.
  • Veni, vidi, vici- I came, I saw, I conquered. It sounds imposing and powerful and like something i’d have tattoed on myself if i was a battle-scarred warrioress.
  • semper ad meliora- always towards better things. I like it simply because a) it sounds nice to say (which is a common factor for all my favorite phrases, tbh) and b) it’s inspirational, as cheesy as that seems.
  • Auribus Teneo Lupum- “I hold the wolf by the ears,” this one is actually an ancient proverb.
  • bellum se ipsum alet- “war feeds itself”
  • capax infiniti- “holding infinity”
  • luctor et emergo- “I struggle and emerge”
  • dum vivimus, vivamus- “while we live, let us live”
  • “ita vero” is a phrase I always wish I could have courage to throw out in casual conversation, since it just means “thus indeed” and it’d be hella eloquent to use it while trying to sound smart.
  • lux aeterna- “eternal light”
  • nec aspera terrent- “they do not fear the difficulties”
Cygnus Black failing at the family tradition of naming names

Cygnus Black III: ‘‘I name you Bellatrix in honour of our family’s affinity for the stars.’‘

Cygnus Black III: ‘‘I name you Andromeda, in honour of our family’s affinity for the stars.’‘

Cygnus Black III: ‘‘I name you…hmm shit…umm…’‘ *starts sweating*

Cygnus Black III: ‘‘I name you…hmm. I name you Narcissa! Because I’m out of cool star names and with the idiot names they’re giving to space objects these days…Ffs I can’t fucking name my child Galaxy 3C48.’‘