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Did Richard Nixon ever meet George W. Bush?

Yes. George H.W. Bush was Ambassador to the United Nations and then Chairman of the Republican National Committee while Nixon was President. In Bush’s excellent book, 41: A Portrait of My Father (BOOK | KINDLE), he described his first meeting with Nixon:

“My first time meeting Richard Nixon came when my father brought me with him to an ecumenical church service that the President held in the East Room…The idea of a church service in the White House struck me as unusual. So did the President. When I shook hands with him, he seemed somewhat stiff and formal. I had voted for Richard Nixon, but I didn’t feel very warm about him.

Part of the problem was that Nixon’s style of leadership did not seem to fit the times. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Americans were grappling with race riots in major cities, the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bobby Kennedy, an unpopular war in Vietnam, and a changing culture in which drug use was becoming prevalent and women were demanding their rightful place in society. A country looks to its leaders to set a mood, and the rattled nation needed a President to project optimism, unity, and calm. Instead, Richard Nixon came across as dark and divisive. His White House, led by senior aides H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, seemed cold and conspiratorial. And that was before the news broke about secret tapes and enemies lists.”

Incidentally, in one of the most fascinating and overlooked stories in Presidential history, George W. Bush actually went out on an awkward and all-around terrible blind date with President Nixon’s oldest daughter, Tricia. Bush’s father had tried to play matchmaker, and George W. reluctantly agreed to go on the date when some of his flight school buddies bet him $50 that he didn’t really have a date with the President’s daughter. George W. Bush wrote later that the date was pretty disastrous – he took the President’s daughter to a place called the Alibi Club, at one point he spilled red wine all over their dinner table, and Tricia Nixon actually had to ask him not to smoke when he lit a cigarette as they were eating. However, President Nixon was out of town, so George W. didn’t meet him that night when he “pulled up to the White House gate in my parents’ purple Gremlin, which was outfitted with Levi’s jean seat covers.”


Unsolved Murder
The Death Of Chanel Petro-Nixon

On the 18th of June 2006 in New York, 16 year old Chanel Petro-Nixon had left her family home after enjoying fathers day. Nixon was on route to Applebee’s to apply for a job, she was never seen again.

Days later her body was found in a trash can

Media highlighted certain items that were missing. Nixon was wearing a pair of Jordan’s retro 14 in white and pink. The trainers were missing as well as her mobile phone.

Chanel’s family has doe many walks and have raised money but no one has ever been charged with the murder.

This case remains unsolved

Which female singer would be the Easy boys guilty pleasure?

•Winters- Colbie Caillat. Much more of the calmer and family friendly female singer. Winters is all about family friendly
•Nixon- Lana Del Rey- Angsty music about alcohol and bad relationships, fits Nix.
•Lipton- Sia. Nothing more to say
•Speirs- Beyoncé, cause, like Speirs himself, she’s Queen B!
•Luz- Is not ashamed of loving female singers, so he has a lot, but Ariana Grande and Katy Perry are one of top favs.
•Toye- Madonna, due to the fact of Luz’s love for her, he got into her music.
Webster- Adele. Web is emo, so he needs is sad poetic romantic music shitz.
•Perconte- Shakira. Luz may or may not have walked in on Perco dancing to “Hips Don’t Lie”
•Bull- Taylor Swift. The men were shocked finding about this.
•Liebgott- Rihanna. Web and him have arguments of who’s the better singer of there favorites
•Roe- Regina Spektor- Not a popular pick, but he doesn’t care, cause let’s be honest her shitz gooood.
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Robert Francis Kennedy (November 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968)

The hope that Robert Kennedy offered the country was specific: that Americans’ belief in their integrity and decency could be restored. His assassination on June 5th, 1968, the night he won the California primary, and only 82 days after he had announced his candidacy, represented not just the death of another Kennedy or of a promising young leader, but the death of this hope. This lead to the most dramatic display of public grief for an American citizen who had never been elected to the presidency, when a twenty-one-car funeral train, it’s engine draped in black, carried Kennedy’s body from his funeral in New York to his burial in Washington, with crowds of over 2 million people forging a 226-mile-long chain of grief and despair.

Many are still haunted by Kennedy’s phantom presidency. Two decades after his death, Ralph Bartlow Martin wrote, “I have no doubt at all that if nominated he would have been elected. And if elected, a great President, maybe greater than his brother.” As Kennedy lay dying, Jack Newfield told John Lewis, “I can feel history slipping through my fingers.” Four decades later, Lewis says, “I thought that if this one man was elected president, he could move us closer to what many of us in the movement called ‘The Loving Community.’ ” Former Kennedy aide Peter Edelman still believes that his presidency “would have influenced the tone and direction of American politics for decades.“ That his presidency would have left “a far more decent, a far gentler country than we are today.” Political commentator Mark Shields, who worked for him in the Nebraska primary, says, “I’ll go to my grave believing Robert Kennedy would have been the best President of my lifetime.”

RFK’s murder lead to the DNC’s nomination of incumbent VP Hubert Humphrey, who would then go on to lose the 1968 election to Republican nominee Richard Nixon.

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infinity pool + smack talk + man cave +++ winnix

a small modern au, i hope you like it!

“This is really something,” Dick said, and Nix winced. It was just like Dick Winters, to say something with such inoffensive a tone to make it completely scathing.

“My father hired the best engineers to build this,” Nix said, hoping that his own tone of voice was scathing too.

He dipped his toes into the infinity pool. It was built into the terrace of the frankly opulent Nixon family summer home, and Nix watched how the water continuously fell over the edges of the pool to create a borderless illusion, with a soft slurping noise where the water was sucked back into the pool.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Dick mimic him, gingerly putting a foot in the water. Nix briefly regretted inviting him over for the summer, because it had led to this - both of them stripped down to their swimwear, without the restriction of army life and locker room bravado to maintain distance.

“Feels like we could have used some of these engineers over in Afghanistan,” Dick said, taking one long step into the pool. There was a gentle sloshing of water over the  edge to account for his mass, and Nix followed him.

“I don’t need to hear this kind of smack talk,” Nix said, a shiver going down his back as he was enveloped by warm water. “These engineers were put to the very best use. Don’t you feel relaxed?”

In the half light of dusk, Nix couldn’t be sure if Dick was smiling or not.

“Very relaxed,” Dick said, and Nix was almost positive there was mirth in his voice. “So relaxed, in fact, I might stay here while you go back to keep your father company.”

“Do not,” Nix said, and moved in the water to grab at Dick. “I repeat, do not make me go back into that man cave alone.”

Dick defended himself halfheartedly from Nix’s attack, and it somehow turned into wrestling that put both of them underwater, grappling slowly and ineffectually in the warm, moving water.

They emerged for air simultaneously, breaching the surface to heave in deep lungfuls of it. Nix turned to Dick, whose red hair was plastered to his skull, making him look like a bedraggled Irish setter.

Nix was about to say it to his face when he realized how close they were, and the words died on his tongue. The pool wasn’t deep enough that they needed to tread water, but when Dick kissed him, Nix felt like walking on clouds.


September 1960: John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon talk after their first debate.

I think that the most important part of the campaign was the debates, and, I think the first particularly. President Kennedy spent two days preparing for it. He went over questions and possible answers and over his opening statement. Nixon had built up, during the campaign, the idea that he was the only one who could stand up to Khrushchev, that a man of maturity was needed. The first debate indicated that not only could John Kennedy stand up to Nixon, he could better him, and so it destroyed the whole basis of Mr. Nixon’s campaign in one night. I think that was extremely important also in giving President Kennedy exposure to 70 million Americans, which he could never have received otherwise.”  –Robert F. Kennedy

Open When You Miss Your Family.

Dear Nixon,

       I know that although you’ve been through a lot of shit with your family this past year, you’ve got to miss them every now and then at least. If nothing else I know you’ve gotta miss Chandler. I know that you love him and your whole family, and although you and I don’t agree with a lot of the shit they’ve done, they did try to raise you right. And they did a damn good job even with their shit parenting sometimes. Because you are a beautiful, wonderful, magnificent, lovely, caring, perfect human being. Give them a call if you want, even if you just need a short talk with them, I’m sure that Chandler would love to hear from you. But whatever you want to do. Your rhino family misses you bunches too. 

I love and miss you so very much.




The Disneyland Monorail was the first transportation system of its kind in America. It was based on a system built by the ALWEG company and discovered by Walt Disney while traveling in Germany. The monorail first appeared in Disneyland Park in 1959 with its “Googie” architecture, a space age look that was enormously popular during the 1950s.

The current version of the Disneyland Monorail combines the sleek styling of the 1959 classic with new technologies and subtle design changes, bringing a retro-futuristic look and contemporary feel to the timeless Disneyland icon.

Four sisters. 40 portraits over 40 years. Read the New York Times story and see Nicholas Nixon’s photo series of the Brown sisters at MoMA this fall.

[Nicholas Nixon. The Brown Sisters, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1989. Gelatin silver print. 7 11/16 x 9 5/8" (19.6 x 24.5 cm) The Museum of Modern Art, New York. The Family of Man Fund © 2014 Nicholas Nixon]

Choose Your Own POTUS Vacation

Everyone needs a summer vacation, including the Presidents! On Monday, August 10, take a trip back in time to choose your own adventure and vacation with 13 of our Presidents.

Vacation starts August 10 over at @USNatArchives on Instagram!