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Calling All Cadets: "Aquabats, Please" Netflix Push

Calling all Cadets. Calling all Cadets.

So, we all know how much we love The Aquabats! Super Show! and want to see more episodes. For the last few months The Aquabats have been asking us to “gently remind” Netflix how much we want to see the show, which resulted in them putting up season one after they took it down. Horray-a-for us!

BUT, we still need a big push if we want Netflix to see that there is enough demand for them to pick up the show and order more episodes. That’s where you come in: it’s time to make our voices heard, all in a row, to let them know how wide an audience The Aquabats can reach.

I am going to make a single video to put on youtube so that we can all tweet and link it to Netflix. I need you - yes you - to record a four second video where you say “(The) Aquabats Super Show, please!” and send it to me at ninjkabat (at) gmail dot com (keep the spam bots away…). I will take all of those clips, mash them together into one video, and then spread it over social media like wildfire. The tweeting campaigns are wonderful, but having the face-to-face connection of “oh, these real people want the show” will have a much bigger impact on the people who make decisions at Netflix.

So put on your cadet gear and get recording. You can use your computer’s camera, your phone, a real camera, it’s all good. One of the keys is that we want a huge variety of clips if possible, so get creative. Make a clip of you in front of your computer, shouting from the top of a waterfall, sitting in front of a fire with your family, getting your little 5-year-old cousin to say it, doing backflips at the park, anything! Just as long as it’s shorter than 4 seconds and you say “(The) Aquabats Super Show, please.” If you’re feeling really creative, you can send in two clips if they are super different from each other, like one in full cadet gear and one with your whole family.

For the tech specs, most file types are ok, but especially mp4 (most phones use this I think) and avi are awesome. I think iPhones use mov, which won’t work, but maybe you can convert it to avi yourself or I could see what I can do. I’m going to be making the video in widescreen 16:9, but if your video is a different aspect it’ll just letterbox it. Send me your cadet name and I’ll include it at the end so that everyone gets credited.

The deadline is Sunday, Feb 8. But don’t wait. Just do it now!

TL;DR: Send a 4-second clip of you saying “The Aquabats Super Show, please” to ninjkabat (at) gmail dot com. Do it now. Don’t wait and say you’ll do it later. IT’S GOING TO BE SO AWESOME.

Thanks a bunch, homies. Stay Rad.

(legalleeze: by sending me the clip you give me permission to put it into one giant video of all the clips, upload it to youtube, and spread it on social media. I will not be monetizing at all, so you won’t be getting paid. This is just for the glory of The Aquabats.)