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Power Rangers Ninja Steel “Return of the Prism” Preview Streamed

The official Power Rangers Youtube channel has updated with a new sneak peak trailer for the premiere of 

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See? The knee-high boots, the tights’ pattern, well, I ’m sure you do see..

I don’t usually post here anything I didn’t draw, but I so totally want to share this with you guys (because I suspect there are SPvsTW and BH6 fans among you) and technically this is still my picture <3

anonymous asked:

4 with tfa prowl please?

You were absolutely determined not to get caught.

That blasted mech had it out for you, and you were going to make damn sure you didn’t get found. Creeping around, you made absolutely certain you weren’t seen – if that happened, it’d be game over.

The only problem was, you weren’t exactly sure where Prowl was; that ninja was a sneaky son of a gun, and since he’d all but melted into the shadows earlier, you’d neither seen nor heard him. It was frustrating, and you were constantly on your guard.

The Autobot base was empty, and you knew that the bots wouldn’t be back for another several hours, which was great – well, not for you, but probably for Prowl.

You knew he enjoyed a good hunt, and you were the perfect prey.

For a moment, you let your guard down, to check the main room for any sign of the ninja bot. He was nowhere in sight, and you let out a quiet sigh of relief. You hadn’t even taken two steps out from behind the wall you were ducked behind before you were swept up into a pair of large hands and held close to said mech’s chassis.

“Found you, [Name].” He practically purred, and you let out a resigned huff, trying to free yourself from his grip. Prowl didn’t even take notice as he sauntered back down the hallway towards his room. Your wiggling went entirely ignored the entire walk, until your ‘sparkmate’ was sat under the huge tree that grew in the centre, cradling you against his chest gently.

“Prowl..!” You whined, a pout on your lips as you gazed up at him, “Let me go..!”

He smirked a little, that infuriatingly smug one he did when he knew he had you cornered, and simply shook his helm. You let out a loud sigh at that, before returning to your wild thrashing, with the hope that he’d be forced to let you go. As much as you wanted to cuddle with him,  you had things to do, and your bag to find. The giant douche had taken it from you when you initially refused him, and hidden it. You doubted you’d get it back until you’d given him what he wanted.

Won’t you just hold still?” He grit his denta, smirk still curling at his mouth as he brushed a digit softly against your back. You flopped in his servo, sticking your tongue out at him, “Ugh, fine. Can I get my stuff back, though?”

He seemed to think for a moment, before pulling you closer to his warm chassis, and his engine rumbled contentedly,

“I think it can wait.”

My punk-samurai - big redesign of Zoey, her story is change too but about it other time…

Name: ???

Nickname: Zoey

Species: Cybertronian but born in Vestial Imperium

Sex: Femme

Age: 25-35 Stellar Cycles

Fraction: Current Autobot


  • Specialist firearms
  • Ninja-bot / Samurai-Bot
  • Guard Watcher (Autotrooper) in Autobot City

Sparkmate: Prowl (yes, THIS Prowl)

Family: ???

Character: Rude, unpolite, malignant, honest

Story: work in progress


  • Fan of Heavy Metal and Rock
  • She have a Cybertronian dog - Techno

skyxburst  asked:

(ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c)

send “ (ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c) “ to snuggle with my muse

 “Skyburst-san!!!!” Quickly and without further due, the ninja bot cling onto the larger mecha’s leg as he snuggled against it with his embrace. The antenna on his head was rapidly moving with much excitement. A laughter fill the room as he took a deep sigh, relaxing against her frame. 

“So, warmmm~” 



If it is okay, may I ask please if you could screen shot the before and after of that crazy cool weapon shown in Bro-Money? Preferably in a separate post. I just think that reveal of what it does is cool and I would like to show it.

Here are some refs! I also including some of the screens I had saved of it from season 1. Incase anyone wants to compare the slight changes/improvements.


Happy Valentine’s Cycle from the User World, where ISO light-lines are [beautiful, omg?] and little ninja bots are adorably flirty. Yes, she knows what she’s talking about. Yes, I’m tagging @designation-eckert. Cheers._