the nine sisters

  • Hamilton: Alright, give me your hair dryer.
  • Angelica: What?
  • Eliza: What are you talking about?
  • Hamilton: Don't you carry one in your purse?
  • Eliza: Have you ever met a human woman?
  • Hamilton: *calls Peggy*
  • Hamilton to Peggy: Hey, do you carry a hair dryer in your purse?
  • Peggy: Of course. I'm not an animal.
Childhood Cancer Awareness Week

I encourage you to learn a little about Childhood Cancer. It is the main cause of death by disease among children past infancy. Roughly 16,000 children a year are diagnosed, and roughly 2,000 of them die.

So many families are affected by this a year. If you can do anything to help any of these children or families- I encourage you to help, even if it’s simply hanging out with someone who’s family is going through this.

Please don’t ignore gold. 🎗

Actually, it’s moments like this that make me really, really love Charmed. Scenes like these spark a sort of… hmm… not nostalgia, but specific longing.

Living, as adults, with sisters or really close friends. Hanging out in snuggly clothes. Discussing stuff, important, world-saving stuff. But also talking about dates, and feeling the flicker of new love, and being with people you know so well, and who know you well in return. Being in a house you’ve grown up in - a house that, by the way, happens to be a freaking mansion. Their lives can suck, but how badly do you want to be them anyway?

That’s when you know it’s a show that speaks to you.

Thalia: We need to catch this punk.
Artemis [skeptical]: He’s 83 years old.
Thalia: You don’t outgrow punk, m'lady.


You abuse the word.
You have never measured its weight.

You say it with a lightness
that ignores my
twenty-nine year old sister
playing with Barbie dolls
and unable to run her own bathwater
for fear she might scald the skin
off her thighs.

You say it with a lightness
that ignores my family’s celebration
when years and years of work
finally paid off and my sister learned to read
the year her brother, four years younger,
started high school.

You say it with a lightness
that ignores the woman who
would not let her daughter
be near my sister because
she thought my sister’s brain
might be contagious
and you say it with a lightness
that ignores my sister’s furrowed
brow when she overhears the word
you think she does not understand.

You say it with a lightness
that ignores every stare
my fearless sister walks under.

You say it with a lightness
that ignores the boy in my sister’s class
who bruises his temples with his fists
because he is frustrated hunting words
his tongue doesn’t understand how to form:
words like “toothpaste” and “basketball” and
“I don’t know how to tell you my body hurts.”

You say it with a lightness
that ignores the boy in my sister’s class
who dies at twenty-two because his body
was born stamped with an expiration date
sooner than yours and
you say it with a lightness
that ignores my exhausted mother
trying to tell my sister what death is.

You say it with a lightness
that ignores everything else my sister is:
her love of rocking chairs and dancing,
fleece sweaters and Mexican food;
her fear of thunderstorms
and the sound of people fighting.

You abuse the word.

You do not know better
than to disrespect its weight,
but I hope,
after years and years of work,
you too will learn.


The Sisters Of Mercy - Nine While Nine ( 1985 )

It’s easy to make lines funny when you’re playing them to Andre. And the way that he’s playing that character, which is really quite deadpan and grounded, makes me want to be more annoying. I feel like at best, I’m America’s younger brother. My comedy is basically founded in annoying my sisters because I was the youngest and I wanted attention, so I’m bouncing around in a circle like a little yipping dog and poking at them and thinking of different ways to say the same thing over and over again until they finally laugh. And I’d say that is pretty indicative of my comedy career and style. So to have Andre there, who is as we say in episode, basically a statue, like an unmovable object, it’s fun. It makes me want to up my game and try and find cracks to sneak in through with silliness, and break the veneer. And I will say, I have made him break a couple of times. It’s been wildly satisfying.

Andy Samberg

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Footage of Kate and Pippa Middleton as bridesmaids to their uncle Gary Goldsmith’s wedding in 1991 accompanied by dashing brother James.

Footage shows the Middleton girls dressed in matching pink bridesmaids dresses and floral crowns with older sister Kate, nine, cheerfully waving for the camera, while a grumpy-looking Pippa, seven, grimaces and fidgets with her headdress.


John William Waterhouse “The Danaides” 1903  
Via Flickr:
John William Waterhouse (1849-1917) English Pre-Raphaelite painter. Oil on canvas Private collection In Greek mythology, the Danaides were the fifty daughters of King Danaus of Argos, who were all married on a single occasion to fifty suitors, the fifty sons of Danaus’s twin brother Aegyptus, king of Egypt. At their father’s instructions all but one of them killed their husbands on their wedding night. The one remaining husband killed Danaus and the forty-nine sisters are condemned to spend eternity having to draw water from a well and pour it into a vessel from which it continually escaped. In the classical tradition, the Danaides come to represent the futility of a repetitive task that can never be completed.


Happy Holidays! I know we haven’t been active for a little while, but life is extremely busy atm, and I’m really trying my best to keep the blog updated. Christmas Eve was not so long ago, and this year, we celebrated with my twin sister and her little family. And that was quite the challenge with nine children, and my sister being 22 weeks pregnant, was very exhausted. However, all of the children were behaving well. We actually stayed over to the next day, and yes, it was not easy to find room for all of us, so sleeping comfortable wasn’t really a possibility. Nonetheless, here are a few more photos:

Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of everyone, and many photos were very blurred. I mean, we had nine children in the small house, and two of them were down with a cold and were sleeping for most of the day/evening. Emily and William both had too much energy to stand still for a photo, but you can see them running in the background, haha. But despite not being able to show photos of all the fun we had, it was an amazing Christmas Eve, in good company and with great food!

Thank you! Maegan, Samuel and kids. @mummamae.


THUNDER THURSDAY #32: Remembering Princess Leia

Hey folks, Paul here for Thunder Thursday. This week I was deeply saddened to read of Carrie Fisher’s passing (and that of Debbie Reynolds as well), and I wanted to write a little Star Wars memory from my childhood.

When I was little, I spent a lot of time with my friend John, and one night his family had mine over for dinner. While the grown-ups were downstairs talking, John and I were upstairs playing as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

We were sneaking around like we were on the Death Star, and I thought it was just the two of us playing… until I rounded a corner and saw my sister, Sadie, holding a plastic ray-gun like Princess Leia.

I was maybe six, which would make Sadie about nine. My big sister was (and is) the coolest person in the world to me, so I loved the fact she would play with us. It also made a lasting impression on me that this kind of fun wasn’t “just for boys.”

This week I’ve read lots of comments from women saying that Princess Leia meant a lot to them as kids, that she was one of the first characters who made them feel empowered, and that Carrie Fisher’s outspokenness in real life gave them a voice.

This is a terribly sad time for her family, her loved ones, and her fans, but there’s some comfort to be found in the legacy she left behind.

So! Hug a loved one today, have a good New Year’s this weekend, and here’s hoping for an optimistic 2017.

The images above are from STAR WARS: A New Hope (© 1977 20th Century Fox) and STAR WARS: The Force Awakens (© 2015 Walt Disney Studios).