the nine family

  • Gomez: Don't let Wednesday fool you, she's not that scary. She used to do ballet.
  • Lucas: No way!
  • Wednesday: Which gave me the physical skills I need to strangle you with my feet.
My Autobiography
  • Me: *goes downstairs and gets criticised for being sarcastic and rude to family members even though I'm going through depression*
  • Me: *goes upstairs to avoid being criticised and is criticised for being rude and antisocial by family members even though I'm going through depression*

I’m genuinely surprised by how much I love the characters in Deep Space Nine. They’re all just so good. Benjamin Sisko is such a good dad, Odo is so sweet, Kira Nerys not only has the cutest smile in the world but is also so brave, and Jadzia is a weird lovable nerd. Worf is a softie as always, Julian is not only completely adorable but also so kind and caring, Miles always acts grumpy but is actually surprisingly nice, and Quark is even endearing sometimes in his own terrible kind of way. And Rom and Nog? Adorable too. And Jake? He’s such a good kid. They’re all so good and I love them.

it really warms my heart that as much as there’s an example of bad and hurtful parenting (jake’s biological father) on b99 (the effects of which are actually acknowledged and addressed), there are several more examples of amazing fathers like terry and charles whose children will grow up never doubting for a second that their dads care about and love them, or father figures like holt, someone who clearly grew to respect and care about jake. 

and we know without any doubt that jake will be just as much of an awesome father, and i just love the normalization of healthy parenting and openly proud, caring fathers on the show.