the nikki


I was telling my friend @nikki-nak-noos about this AU I like for IT where Pennywise is just trying to be friends with the Losers and Georgie, but it still does bad things. Her response was, “oh, so it’s Lilo and Stitch then”, so then I had to draw this.


Lab Rats AU. in this au all of the kids have unique powers that they were “born” with and are kept in Campbell corp Labs to examine their powers and behaviors to determine if they will be a threat to mankind or save it.

Subject M-1-24 :   Pyrokinesis - sets things on fire with the smallest hint of contact. heat increases if angered or confused, so much so the heat is close to that of the sun. to calm his anger give him his teddy bear or contact with his “friends” . but if all else fails let him continue his rant in the “cooling” station. when done with exhausting himself out after throwing his tantrum. give him plenty of water , food (preferably spicy) and rest. 

Subject N-5-9-12:  Electrokinesis - has the electric power of 5 cities combined. but needs to recharge when done demonstrating his power. give him a good book,food and isolation from the other subjects.  

Subject N-9-9-11 : Enhanced Speed - can run faster than the eye can see. enjoys jumping around so make sure there are pads to cushion her fall. and give her 3X the recommended amount of food to replenish her energy as she goes through it very quickly.

(i thought i t was a cool idea idk)